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Down with Love Episode 15 Recap

I’ve been reading my previous recaps and it’s quite embarrassing to know that there are a lot of grammatical and typo errors. Please just be kind and let it go.*puppy eyes*

I’m so loving this episode! Finally, I’ve seen how Yang Guo got very, very, very, very angry. Haha! There’s a lot of sweet and cute Yu Ping-Yang Guo scenes.  A parade of kissing scenes as well. But the best kiss is between Yu Ping and Ke Zhong. Haha! And I’m so boost up watching Zhi Hao and Yang Duo’s heart-to-heart talk. Yay! And lastly, I can’t help but commend Ke Zhong for a gentlemanly performance. For me, he’s the best second male lead ever!

DWL Episode 15 starts-off with Yu Ping frustratingly thinking of the near-kiss experience. He continues to feel bad, considering it was that dratty close! But then again, the show must  go on and he continues with  the regular staff meeting.

Good news seems to rain like gum balls for Yu Ping since their new case proves to be a piece of cake. Yu Ping asks Yang Duo to photocopy some docs. And while she’s away, the other staff nosily asks Zhi Hao about the progress in his relationship with Yang Duo. Zhi Hao smiles timidly. To avoid any confusions, I’ll just call the  staff  A,  B, C, so on and so forth.

Staff A complains he lost quite a bit of betting money just because Zhi Hao is not doing his best. Yu Ping lends Zhi Hao some hand and reprimands Staff A, he even suggests to stop betting and help Zhi Hao instead.

Staff B jokingly replies that pursuing Miss Yang is truly a Miss-Yang-Possible, a name-spoof of the movie Mission Impossible. Implying that wooing  her is as impossible as fixing the hole in the ozone layer. Hahaha! Yu Ping and the staff laughs.

Staff C then shares a 100% infallible tactic- the Fake Illness Trick. Some of the staff aren’t convinced though. But Staff C reasons that women innately love to take care of things. Thus, if a man fakes vulnerability the woman’s maternal instincts will naturally turn into love and compassion. He even brags that he stole his wife’s first kiss because of that.

Staff B bets that Yang Duo will not fall for that trick coz she already sold her maternal instincts online. Hahaha! Zhi Hao and Yu Ping laughs along but deep inside they apparently consider the odd trick.

Zhi Hao tries to test the waters and casually asks Yang Duo on what she’ll do if ever he’s running a fever. Yang Duo frankly tells him that she’ll call the Minister of Health to place him in quarantine. Hahaha! Zhi Hao seems to expect her answer though. When he bids to continue working, Yang Duo receives a disturbing  fax message.

It seems like Yu Ping is not the only one thinking too much about the near-kiss. Yang Guo is a bit bothered about it too. She even ridiculously imagines the kiss with a meat bun. Daddy Yang sees her bizarre behaviour and worriedly asks what happened. Yang Duo defensively retorts that nothing happened between her and Yu Ping. Her rather self-conscious answer gets Dad Yang’s complete attention and teasingly pry. Before he grills her with his persistent questions, Yang Guo gets a phone call from Yu Ping.

Yu Ping mulls over the Fake Illness trick and put it into action. He calls Yang Guo and pretends to be sick. He feigns hyperventilation and further exaggerates that his pupils are dilated. Hahaha! Boys! They’re just too cute when in love, aren’t they! Of course, Yang Duo is panic-stricken and decides to come by and take him to the hospital.

Yang Duo anxiously tells Dad Yang about Yu Ping’s sickness and hurriedly prepares to take off. Dad Yang mumbles that though Yu Ping is a good lawyer, he’s still a greenhorn when it comes to swindling. Hahaha! Seriously, when a person is hyperventilating and his pupils are dilated that means he’s about to die, right?!

Yang Duo seems to forget something and went back inside. What else would she forget? Of course her hair clip!  Duh?! Dad Yang yells: “And if he really can’t make it, just use your clip to pinch him a little and he’ll feel much better then”. Haha!

On the way, Yang Guo remembers the time when Yu Ping says she’s cute wearing a hair clip. She smiles. Ahh! So that’s what the clip is all about.

Outside Yu Ping’s house, Yang Guo bumps into Yang Guo and Zhi Hao. The two sisters were kinda puzzled seeing each other there. Yang Guo explains that she received a call from Yu Ping saying he’s sick and all. Yang Duo wonders why two people seem to take ill after the  meeting and looks at Zhi Hao suspiciously. Zhi Hao reasons that it’s because of the polluted air.

Though a tad reluctant, Yang Duo tells Yang Guo about Ke Zhong’s financial problems. She shows Yang Guo the fax message stating that the creditors want to seize the Qi family’s properties in Taiwan. Yang Guo worries about Ke Zhong and goes off hurriedly.

Before Yu Ping gets busted by looking too normal, he puts on his disguise- a mask and a sunglass! Haha. I understand the mask, but the sunglass?

He excitedly opens the gate, just to be greeted by Miss Yang and Zhi Hao. He immediately takes off his mask when Yang Duo asks about his guise.  He automatically reasons that it’s because the sun is too strong. Zhi Hao laughs silently in the corner. Haha! Somebody knows that somebody is faking it. Yang Duo explains that her sister went off for an urgent matter and tries to touch Yu Ping’s forehead to test his temp. Before she could do so, Zhi Hao butts in and reminds her of the documents. Yu Ping seems to be troubled after reading the papers.

Yang Guo rushes to Ke Zhong’s office. He greeted her with a ready but a rather fake smile. She honestly tells him that she already knows about his family’s situation and offers some help, more like some comfort. Ke Zhong assures her that it’s not that serious.

Just in cue, Ke Zhong’s mom comes for a visit. She happily greets Yang Guo and excitedly tells her that the reason she’s in Taiwan is to settle Yang Guo and Ke Zhong’s wedding and to meet with Yang Guo’s father. Yang Guo is rather stunned. Ke Zhong wants to tell his mom the real deal, but Yang Guo  cuts him off saying that they already talked about it and decided that it’s too early for a wedding.

Qi Ma Ma is a bit disappointed and demands to know why. Yang Guo replies that it’s because her father is traditional and doesn’t want that she marry before her elder sister. Still, Qi Ma Ma insists on having a meal with her son’s “future father-in-law”.  Thinking of Qi Ma Ma’s wellfare, Yang Guo agrees.

Yang Guo’s gas tank is running low, and so, Ke Zhong ends up dragging her motorcycle in the nearby gas station. On the way, Ke Zhong expresses his  gratitude for Yang Guo’s concern and for keeping Qi Ma Ma’s pride intact.  Yang Guo worriedly asks if they still have enough money to cover for their expenses. Ke Zhong confidently says the he didn’t really rely on his family for money in the first place. Moreover, his father offers divorce beforehand, making sure that he and  Qi Ma Ma won’t be dragged paying the debts.

As for their relationship, Ke Zhong promises that he’ll find an opportunity to properly explain it to his mom. Yang Guo kindly replies that it’s not an urgent matter to discuss and they shouldn’t do something that might upset Qi Ma Ma even further.  Ke Zhong adds that though he doesn’t want Yang Guo’s pity, he still appreciates her care . Yang Guo nicely answers that she’s just returning his goodness and he should stop blaming himself.

Their conversation is then interrupted by a phone call from Yu Ping.

At the Yang’s, Yang Duo struggles to convince Dad Yang in having a meal with Qi Ma Ma and Ke Zhong. She tries various reasons but Dad Yang remains unmoved. Yang Duo comes to the rescue and out talks Dad , threatening him that if he wouldn’t agree he’ll have to pay the NT$1 Million debt from Ke Zhong. Dad is left with no choice but concede.

Okay, so I was wrong. In Episode 13, I mistakenly thought that Ke Zhong and Yu Ping’s friendship will go down the drain because they became love rivals. But Episode 14 proves to be otherwise. With Ke Zhong facing a financial setback, Yu Ping is ever ready to extend a helping hand.

Yu Ping explains that he only needs to buy some time while he thinks of something to help Ke Zhong getaway from the creditors. Ke Zhong politely declines, saying that he should bear his responsibilities. Yu Ping is aghast and convinces him that he doesn’t have to pay his dad’s debt  coz all he has is the fruit of his own hardwork. Ke Zhong insists that he should try hard to clear his dad’s debt on his own, and he feels accountable for those creditors. Exasperated, Yu Ping grumbles that Ke Zhong and Yang Guo are so alike- both puts theirselves in pain than watch others suffer.

Ke Zhong: But I still hurt her.

Yu Ping: Because of  Hui Fan. But you were the one suffering the most, weren’t you?

Guilty and moved, Ke Zhong thanks Yu Ping and humbly admits that he shouldn’t be forgiven. Before he could explain further, Yu Ping  gets a phone call.

Yang Guo calls to ensure that Yu Ping is okay. She apologizes for not visiting and reasons that she has an important matter to attend to concerning the Qi family. Yu Ping answers that he’s feeling better- fakes a cough- and he understands. Yang Guo wants to say something but seems to be extra restless. She beats around the bush and Yu Ping kinda snap. She nervously and speedily tells him that they shouldn’t tell Qi Ma Ma what happened and then hangs up.  It happened so fast that Yu Ping is still stunned to comprehend what she said.

Ke Zhong readily explains that Qi Ma Ma doesn’t know that he and Yang Duo broke up and modestly asks that Yu Ping understand that he’s not using Yang Guo’s kindness. Yu Ping swears that he doesn’t and changes the topic.

First thing in the morning, Yu Ping gives Yang Guo a visit. Yang Guo is a bit petrified seeing him, she keeps her distance and tries to have a rather calm conversation. Somebody’s up for some scolding!

But Yu Ping seems to be far from being calm and drags Yang Guo. Yang Guo attempts to avoid the dialogue but Yu Ping won’t be outsmarted. He clarifies if the phone call means that she and Ke Zhong will have to pretend being a couple. Yang Guo timidly confirms and deliberately assures that it’ll just be an act for Qi Ma Ma. She pricks his conscience and asks how can he hurt Qi Ma Ma during these depressing times. With a fierce glare, Yu Ping forces a casual reply: “Do I look like a petty person to you?” Hahaha.

Unwillingly, Yu Ping consents but warns Yang Guo to keep the act on an acceptable level. Yang Guo seems not to understand. Yu Ping then gives an example using movie ratings: PG, PG 13 and Restricted. Yang Guo is rather dense and can’t seem to relate movies with dating. Yu Ping is forced to give her a lesson on the real-fake boyfriend do’s and dont’s.

He asks for Yang Guo’s hand and holds it, saying that holding hands is a definite no-no. He hugs Yang Guo, implying that hugs are a no-no too. And not only that! He swiftly gives her a smack on the cheeks. Clearly, kisses are forbidden. Haha! Clever! He’s totally taking advantage of her!

Yang Guo gives him a reply smack and asks if that is something she must only do with a real boyfriend. Yu Ping fancies for another kiss and says that it just happened so fast that he can’t decide. Haha! But Yang Guo is tad embarrassed and runs away. Yu Ping yells that he is still upset but laughs right after.

Sister Act! Yang Guo gripes while Yang Duo puts mud on her face. Yang Duo defends that it’s not mud but yellow dirt- the most natural skin moisturizer. Yang Duo reads the expiry date and is alarmed knowing that it’s one year expired. Yang Guo dismisses her worries, saying that muds don’t expire! Haha!

Yang Duo reasons that if Yang Guo already agrees putting on a show, she must try doing a good show and  advises that Yang Guo forgive Ke Zhong. Yang Guo is quick to retort that she never blamed him, only Yang Duo and Dad Yang were the one’s overreacting. Yang Duo replies that they’re just worried for her.

She then asks if Yang Guo really liked her boss. Yang Duo holds her silence. And silence means yes right?! Yang Duo grows fretful and utters that her boss is hard to please and demands perfection in everything. She adds that Yang Guo can never win any argument coz he’ll put on the law, evidences and stuffs. Being with him, Yang Guo will either die in anger or exhaustion. Haha!

Yang Guo honestly counters that it’s just how Yu Ping is at work. When not working, he is nice, warm, kind and caring. Everything’s clear and simple with him. She doesn’t need to know what he’s thinking because he openly says what he wants, not like Ke Zhong.

Dreamy-eyed, Yang Duo voices out that Ke Zhong like that because he’s understanding and always puts other’s feeling in front of his.

Yang Duo: When you’re with someone like him, you’d never have to worry about anything, because even if the sky were to fall, he’ll be there to hold it for you.

Yang Guo notices the sudden change of breeze and asks why she seems to side Ke Zhong. Yang Duo is swift to deny and changes the topic, commenting that the mud has indeed expired for a long time.Yang Guo is frenzied washes off the mud.

The next day: Yang Guo nags Dad Yang to hurry! And he appears looking like this. Haha!

Of course, Yang Guo is outraged seeing his over-the-top costume. But he won’t be swayed and boasts that he was able to swindle a lot of people with the disguise. Yang Duo doesn’t seem to play along and demands that he change to a more normal outfit. Dad Yang seriously explains that he’s just dressing up to avoid being looked down by Qi Ma Ma. Yang Duo objects saying that Qi Ma Ma isn’t a person like that and if ever he’ll try weird things in front of her, she’ll tear his eyes out. Haha! Dad then text somebody. I guess that somebody is Yu Ping!

And so Qi Ma Ma meets the Yang family…

Realizing that Qi Ma Ma looks like his late wife, Dad Yang is dumbstruck. He thanks her for the invitation, of which, Qi Ma Ma modestly replies that she should be the one thanking them for letting her son date Yang Guo. Dad Yang responds that his daughter is born with a naive and foolish personality. He mockingly adds that Prince Charming Ke Zhong on the other hand may have developed his unique personality from his mom or while he was growing up.

It’s meant to be an insult but Qi Ma Ma thinks otherwise. She comments that people always treat each other with mutual understanding. And since Dad Yang admires Ke Zhong so much, Ke Zhong may respect him as much. Dad Yang is appalled but concedes.

The future-in-laws take their seats. Qi Ma Ma openly admires Yang Duo’s beauty and even offers to help her find a boyfriend. Yang Duo kindly declines, saying that her career is more important to her. Qi Ma Ma insists that a girl should find happiness in marriage and family. And besides, Yang Guo doesn’t want to marry before she does.

Just then, Yu Ping shows up hesitant and obviously, not in the mood to see the what he is about to see. Dad Yang, however, excitedly calls him out and happily introduces him as his godson! Haha!

Dad Yang showers Yu Ping with admiring remarks, saying that Yu Ping has a kind heart and though he’s a lawyer, he would never think of weird ideas to hurt other people unlike others (a cruel innuendo to Ke Zhong). Dad’s overtones earned him a stomp on the foot. Yang Guo  provides some backing and says that Dad means is though Yu Ping knows the law, he never lies or cheats others.

Qi Ma Ma just then, has a rather odd idea to “tighten the bonds” between Yang Duo and Yu Ping. Huh! And so everybody feels quite uneasy, except for Qi Ma Ma of course. Haha! And what  follows is rather awkward and quite distressing meal for the rest of the crew.

Yu Ping casually remarks that Yang Duo is already his assistant. Yang Duo afffirms that Yu Ping doesn’t encourage personal relationships at work. Qi Ma Ma, however, is ready to defend and takes Ke Zhong and Yang Duo as a good example. She adds that Yu Ping and Yang Duo looks compatible together. The ever cool Yu Ping brushes the topic off and suggests a toast. Qi Ma Ma isn’t about to give up just yet and comments that the more she looks at Yu Ping and Yang Duo, the more they look like a couple. She jokes that  she and Dad Yang may expect having grandchildren next year. Feeling embarrassed, Ke Zhong butts in and warns Qi Ma Ma to stop.

After the meal, Yang Duo and Dad Yang are amused on how similar Qi Ma Ma is to Yang Ma. Dad Yang remarks that Qi Ma Ma reminds him of his wife’s elegance. Yang Duo worriedly asks if he has plans on pursuing Qi Ma Ma. But Dad is swift to deny and assures that his love for Yang Ma is beyond words and is irreplaceable.

Qi Ma Ma then invites Dad Yang for a walk with the “couple”. All the while, Yu Ping remains to be in a foul mood. Dad Yang then guarantees that he’ll keep an eye on them.

At the office, Yu Ping is unusually in a daze worrying and ends up slightly burning himself. Yang Duo reasonably advises that if he’s too worried, then he should just follow them. Yu Ping feebly denies his obvious anxiety, saying that Dad Yang is there to be on guard. But Yang Duo is rather unsure of her Dad’s loyalty and informs him that Qi Ma Ma looks like their mom and there is a danger that Yu Ping’s best ally may change sides.

Meanwhile, the future-in-laws and future-married-couple walks along the sea sides of Dan Shui, enjoying the scene and the comfortable weather. Ke Zhong breaks the silence and apologizes for using much of Yang Guo’s time. Yang Guo kindly guarantees that she’s also enjoying the walk.  Ke Zhong promises that he’ll tell Qi Ma Ma everything after her trip from Canada. The friendly conversation comes to  a halt when Yu Ping calls.

Yu Ping casually asks where they are. OH! Somebody’s going to be a stalker today! If it’s gonna be Jerry, then I don’t mind. 🙂 Yang Guo tells him their location but immediately hangs up when Qi Ma Ma called for her.

And so Yu Ping starts his quest to find and “stalk” the ” fake couple”.

The future-in-laws and the fake couple settles in a restaurant. Dad Yang brags about being the famed “sharpshooter Yang of Dan Shui”. Haha! As he brags, the fake couple looks like this.

He demonstrates his skill and aims the cane at Ke Zhong’s left eye, saying that he can easily hit the left eye without damaging the other even if he’s 1 km away. Another innuendo for Ke Zhong! Haha! Yang Guo warns him though and shoves he’s cane.

Qi Ma Ma, however, is amazed of Dad Yang’s impossible stories and asks that Dad Yang play a shooting game at the nearby arcade. The fake couple readies to join but Qi Ma Ma suggest thats they just stay and have a time alone. Dad Yang concedes but threatens Ke Zhong that he’s a sharpshooter.

Somehow, Yang Guo already rises above her edgy feel and suggests that she order him his favorite drink, fresh milk latte without sugar. This strikes a chord and Ke Zhong muses that he didn’t expect that she’ll remember that. Yang Guo spells out that there’s no way she’ll ever forget coz it took her a long time to figure out how he likes his coffee and every time she asks him, he always reply “anything”.

Ke Zhong: Perhaps I was just waiting for someone who could tell what I was thinking, without me having to say anything. That’s why even though it was just a coffee, I was really touched…perhaps…the person I was waiting for was you.

Yang Guo: Qi Da Ge…the person I was waiting for already appeared. The person, who without caring whether I’m rich or pretty is gonna love me forever and really knows how to treasure me. So, I can’t let him pass me by.

Ke Zhong: Don’t end up like me…feeling nothing but regret now that I let you pass me by. I don’t mind loosing against Yu Ping. Because I believe that he’ ll definitely knows how to treasure you more than I do. Yang Guo, I wish you much happiness.

Aww, 😦 !

Right on cue, Dad Yang and Qi Ma Ma returns with the prize. It seems that Dad Yang is really a sharpshooter? Huh? Is this a joke?! Haha!

Qi Ma Ma is a bit disgruntled on how the “fake” couple looks so “uncouple-like”. She takes action and forces them to hold hands.

And so Ke Zhong and Yang Guo walks while holding hands. Just then, Yang Guo receives a text message from Yu Ping: “Hey! Didn’t  I say that holding hands is a no-no!” Haha! Yang Guo nervously looks around. When Ke Zhong asks what she was looking for, she acts as if in a burning itch. Ke Zhong, somehow  grasps that Yu Ping is just around and goads him further.

He invites Yang Guo to have some fried ice cream. He mischievously wipes Yang Guo’s lips. And so, Yang Guo receives another jealous-coated text: “If you can hide in there to eat, at least wipe your own mouth”. Haha!

Ke Zhong fuels Yu Ping’s jealous streak and puts his arm across Yang Guo’s shoulder. Haha! Yu Ping, hiding behind the tree, mumbles that Ke Zhong is a human in a beast disguise and gives him a phone call just to take his hands off Yang Guo. Ke Zhong , however, doesn’t seem to buy his lame excuses and loudly reminds Yu Ping that they already agreed on having a fair competition and hangs up. Yu Ping grumbles that Ke Zhong is the one who is not being fair for bringing the mom card.

Yang Duo is overly jumpy and asks if Yu Ping mentioned that he’s nearby. Out of the blue, Ke Zhong asks if she wants to know how much Yu Ping loves her. Yang Guo is taken aback and doesn’t know how to react. Ke Zhong suddenly gives her a kiss on the cheeks. Before Ke Zhong could have a repeat performance, Yu Ping drags Yang Guo  to his side and gets the kiss instead.The two guys were hilariously sickened and disgusted. Haha! Eeeewww!

And just then Qi Ma Ma and Dad Yang sees the fuss. The trio is caught in action, and Ke Zhong bears the responsibility to explain everything to Qi Ma Ma later. Ke Zhong: “Seeing you guys happy, I’m as happy as the other guy”.

Zhi Hao and Yang Duo time!

While back riding, Yang Duo recalls her friendly advice to Ke Zhong to just give up the impossible pursuit. In voice over she says: “I’m really a coward.I can certainly tell other people to give up, but I can’t bring myself to get my head out of the clouds and take my own  advice”.

And a miracle happened. Yang Duo invites Zhi Hao to dinner! Zhi Hao is stunned, shocked, astounded, surprised. Haha! Should I use more words?! He suddenly stops driving  and faces Yang Duo.

Yang Duo: You don’t want to eat left-overs?

Zhi Hao: I’ll eat…I’ll eat anything.


Back to Yu Ping and Yang Guo.

Yang Guo is fuming mad. Dad Yang sidesteps and leaves Yu Ping to deal with her obvious anger. I so like this cute banters. 🙂

Yu Ping: Hey!

Yang Guo: What?!

Yu Ping: Why aren’t you talking?

Yang Guo: Didn’t I say “what” just now?

Yu Ping takes a deep breath and teasingly bumps Yang Guo.

Yang Guo: Hey! What do you want?

Yu Ping: Give me your hand.

Yang Guo:Why would I do that?

Yu Ping: Hey! That’s just weird! You’re fake boyfriend can hold your hand but your real boyfriend can’t?

Yang Guo: I was planning to go home today and let my anger cool off over night, but since you want to talk things out …Fine, let’s talk! You were following me today, why did you do that for? Are you out of your mind? Huh! *strikes. Do you have any idea of how very, very, very, very, very, very mad I am?

Yu Ping: Were all those “verys” really necessary? I followed you because I want to protect you.

Yang Guo: And why would I need to be protected? Let me ask you something, did Qi Da Ge hit me? Would he have been capable of hitting me? Would Qi Ma Ma bite me? Would she? *then bites him. Haha! Protecting me you said. I think it’s more like you don’t trust me.

Yu Ping: The reason I can’t trust you is because you didn’t tell me the truth. Why didn’t you tell me that you were all meeting today for a lunch. Do you know what it means when two families meet together?

Yang Guo: We were just putting on an act, okay?

Yu Ping: What do you mean putting on an act?

Yang Guo: Had I known that you’re going to react like this, I wouldn’t have told you anything!I’m so mad at you. Why don’t you stop and think about what you just did? Thanks to you, Qi Ma Ma found out the truth under horrible circumstances! Don’t you see how embarassing it was? Don’t you see how shameful it was? Why are you so bad!

Yu Ping: I didn’t do it on purpose.

Yang Guo: I’m really going to die of an anger attack…You bring the meaning of “being deliberately troublesome”on a whole new level.

Yu Ping: Fine.Fine. Okay, I made a mistake, I’m sorry. But I only did it because I care about you.

Yang Guo: If this type of excuse could really be used, what if I were to say that I wanted you to be on my back and call from now on cause I care about you? Would that be okay?

Yu Ping: Sure.

Yang Guo: Then..then.  what if I want to check your cell phone because I want to find out who has sent you a text message because I care about you? Would that be okay?

Yu Ping: That’s not  a problem.

Yang Guo: Then..what if *And then Yu Ping cuts her rants with a kiss.

Yu Ping: You know? When I saw Ke Zhong almost kissed you, my heart beats so fast that I thought I might die. *then kiss again. That day when you came to me to help you learn those magic tricks for Ke Zhong and you told me that you only held hands with him, I could have died from happiness. *then kiss again. I just care about you this much. If you feel like I do and cares for me this much too, I’ll gladly meet your demands whatever that might be.*then kiss again. So many kisses! *faints.

At the Yang’s. Zhi Hao and Yang Duo are already done with the dinner. Zhi Hao volunteers to wash the dishes, but Yang Duo declines coz of some frugal issues. Zhi Hao is about to turn-on the TV but remembers that it’s a waste of electricity. Haha!

He then looks around and sees the design book- the one that belongs to Lawrence aka Ke Zhong. Yang Duo somehow learns that he’s touching her “favorite” book and possessively grabs  it, scolding him for getting it wet. Zhi Hao apologizes for not knowing  the book is important to Yang Duo. Yang Duo denies and as proof , she snappily gives the book to Zhi Hao.  But then again, she changes her mind and hesitantly ditches the book in the trash instead. Zhi Hao won’t be fooled and in no doubt declares that the book belongs to “that” person.

Yay! And the moment I’ve been waiting for!

Zhi Hao: I know what it feels like. I also had someone I liked so much, to the point that I treasure and kept every little thing that she left behind.

Yang Duo: And why did you stop liking her?

Zhi Hao: Because she had someone else by her side. Back then I truly believed that I’d never want to experience love for the rest of my life.I never imagine that six months later..*smiles…I would meet you. *Weeeeee….. That’s why…I believe that time will let you forget this pain too.

Yang Duo: And how long will that take?

Zhi Hao: *speechless

Yang Duo: Sorry…Why am I being so silly? There’s absolutely no meaning in asking you this question.

Zhi Hao: There is! Why wouldn’t it be? We could both work in finding the asnwer. For instance, I could do something fun with you whenever you’re sad. Whether it’s acting silly or even getting scolded by you…Because I’m sure like that you’ll be able t forget the whole thing much faster.

Yang Duo: What if I were to be honest with you…and told you that I don’t like you would you still do that? *Noooooo

Zhi Hao: Yes. Because I like you and that’s enough for me. Miss Yang please give me an opportunity. I’ll use all my strength to help you forget that person. *Yeeeeeeessss.. *then hugs.

Qi Ma Ma is still depressed knowing that Yang Guo is already with Yu Ping. She finds it hard to accept though and blames Yu Ping for everything. Ke Zhong insists that he is at fault. Qi Ma Ma is rather adamant and reasons that it’s obvious the he likes Yang Guo, so he mustn’t let her go. Ke Zhong affirms the he does love her but concedes defeat: “Mom,I lost my chance with her and it’s time for me to congratulate them”.

And so the next morning, Yang Guo is in super good mood. She wakes Dad and Yang Duo with  a super loud alarm clock with a rather “blissfull ringing”. Haha! Everything’s upside down when in love.  Yang Duo is super enraged when she recognize the clock. It so happens that she planned to it sell online.

Just then, Yu Ping calls Yang Guo and Zhi Hao calls Yang Duo. Everybody is quite busy early in the morning! The two guys seems to be in one mind and brings breakfast for the family. Dad Yang is proud for the two guys.

Dad Yang: My two sons-in-law certainly know how to respect their elders. We won’t have to worry for our meals anymore. *Haha!

Yang Guo is super happy when Yang Duo confirms her relationship with Zhi Hao and becomes a bit melodramatic, sensing that Yang Duo is going to be married off. Actually she’s excited knowing her sister is about to take off with her future husband. Haha!

The killjoy Yang Duo then demands Yang Guo find a decent job, and stop lazing around since she’s already happy with her love life! Haha!

And so the future sons-in-law and the Yang family happily digs their breakfast. It’s a super nice scene actually! Is it me, or am I using the word “super” so many times already?

Yang Duo reminds Yang Guo to find a job and went off to work with Zhi Hao. Yu Ping, somehow goes against the idea and offers to pay Yang Guo twice as much if only she’ll unemployed.  Lucky! He worries that they’ll end up having no time for each other, just like what happened between him and Hui Fan.Yang Guo refuses to be a “parasite” and jokes at the thought of Yu Ping being a sugar daddy.

Zhi Hao and Yang Duo arrive at the office. Just then, Staff C asks for the draft he made Zhi Hao write yesterday. Yang Duo seems to loath seeing the other staff makes a servant out of  Zhi Hao  and declares that they should not pass their work to Zhi hao anymore or else they’ll end up like papers cut into pieces. *for emphasis she tears the contract in two.

Yang Duo: And if you are indeed unable to draft it yourself, it’ll be NT$ 5, 000 a piece! Haha!

The rest of the staff is confused with her odd behavior and unbelievingly asks Zhi Hao if they are already together. The staff rejects the thought though and Staff C continues to demand that Zhi Hao send him the soft copy ASAP! Zhi Hao is not a bit startled and confirms that he and Yang Duo are indeed dating. However, NT$ 5, 000 is too much so he’ll just give them a friend discount and charge them NT$ 3, 000 only. Haha!

I’m a tad sad knowing that this is the second to the last episode. 😦 I guess everything must come to an end someday. Hope to see a fairly good drama next time. 🙂

First Impressions: Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

Okay, just to let everybody know, I decided to keep track of this jdorama simply because of Kanata Hongo.  I’ve been waiting for his small-screen comeback like forever! And at last, the most anticipated news had arrived…All Hail Yankee-kun to Megane-Chan!

I’m not a major fan of the leads and to be frank, I have zero-knowledge of the manga. Thus, I don’t have any expectations or pre-empts, whatsoever. It’s a rather good thing for me coz I don’t have to deal with any  feelings of dissatisfaction or disappointments, if ever there is, later.  Even if KH doesn’t play the more important male protagonist , I’m at ease to see my favorite bishounen in action. Good to see yah again Kanata-kun!

See?! He’s just too adorable as Izumi Gaku, isn’t he? 😀

I’m not berating Hiroki Nariyama or anything. In fact, I adored his acting skills in Orange Days and in my all-time favorite Gokusen 1. But when I first learned that he’ll be a “high school” delinquent in the drama, I somehow doubt if he’ll pull the strings together. You can’t blame me though, I’ve watched him portray much older roles before. After ep. 1, I can say that he did give Daichi Shinigawa‘s character some justice. I dunno if it’s because of his sharp and strong facial features or because of his past acting experience, but somehow he hits it bullseye. 🙂

As for Riisa Naka (Hana Adachi), I don’t really have much to say about her. Just to be honest, I haven’t seen any of her dramas before or if ever I’ve seen one, I haven’t noticed her. Sumimasen Riisa-chan. Anyways, watching her in the drama just makes me laugh out loud. She upgraded the words “persistently annoying person ” to a way higher level. She screams, she crawls,  she stares… Okay, in short, she pretty much does everything  that are totally unexpected for a girl.

Well, I’m looking forward- not the exaggerated and desperate anticipation but more of the hopeful and optimistic type– to this drama. It’s too early to give a comment but still I’m hoping for the best. So far, so good.I dunno if there’s gonna be some romance, but I can tell that there’s chemistry. Before I forget, the humour is two-thumbs up superb!

The jdorama kinda resemble Gokusen in a way or two. And it’s a plus factor for me, since I love school-comedies and stuffs. First, it centers around the rather quirky life of a misjudged  rumble-rousing juvenile delinquent. Second, it has a meddling, unwavering, funny and at the same time weird female lead. Third, it has a lot of over-the-top  fighting scenes. Fourth, the female lead has a not-so-secret past. I can go on and on but I’m going to cut the list short and ends it here.

Who knows, maybe I’ll make an episode recap or at least a summary of it? I’m still on Episode 1 though that means I have so much of catching up.

Down with Love Episode 14 Recap

Okay guys! Here’s the recap for DWL episode 14. Sorry for the long delay. I’ve been caught up with work lately. Lots of electoral obligations to fulfill plus my PC’s giving me a terrible headache. Arggg! Just my luck!

Just as I thought, this episode marks the beginning of the “love competition” between the ex-bestfriends, now love rivals, Ke Zhong and Yu Ping. I’m pretty thankful for the noticeable speedy development in Yu Ping-Yang Guo romance. I’m a bit sad seeing the kids go.  Though I feel sympathetic for Ke Zhong, I’m crossing my fingers that he won’t turn to Yang Duo after being dumped. I’ll never forgive him if he’ll come between Yang Duo and Zhi Hao! Neveeer! And while I may not happily and proudly admit, but I’m so missing the bratty Hui Fan right now. Hahaha.

Episode 13 ends with Ke Zhong begging for a private conversation with Yang Guo, of which the latter agrees. And then the moment of truth continues…

Ke Zhong begs for Yang Guo to accept his apology. The ever good-natured Yang Guo tells him she’s not a bit angry of what he’s done. At first she’s hurt, but thinking it through, she realizes that they are two odd balls that never could be and never would be. She owns up having fault in hastily accepting what he offered and not thinking beforehand that she’s not a good match for him,thus, it’s not entirely his mistake coz they are both in the wrong side. Ke Zhong reasons it’s not like that. But Yang Guo interrupts that she understands that he’s not the kind of person who uses other’s weaknesses.

Yang Guo: Up until now, I’ve always worked hard trying to match up to other people and along the way, I forget what I want and even lose perspective of who I really am.Like when you asked to date me, I was just so touched by the things you said and did for me that I impulsively decided to go for it. And I wholeheartedly decided to make this relationship work, without really considering whether you truly like me or not.

Ke Zhong: It’s precisely you are like that…cute and kind that I ended up falling in love with you. Please believe me.

Yang Guo: Then, why did you ask Hui Fan to be with you after you supposedly fell in love with me?

Tssk. Smart girl! Ke Zhong is caught off-guard and is rendered speechless. Yang Guo smiles  and assures him that it doesn’t matter. Though it was all just an act, she still felt his goodness and care. At least, the happiness was real. She thanks him for the good memories, extends a friendly handshake- her way of saying the last farewell to their “staged relationship” and wishes that he finds someone who he’ll truly love. Ke Zhong reluctantly takes her hand, of course, taking the handshake means he’ll never be allowed in her life or at least he’ll only be just a friend. Yang Guo smiles and happily hopes that they both do their best in the future. As Yang Guo left, Ke Zhong feels down and miserable, regretful for the outcome of things. I guess, what they say is true: you’ll never appreciate what you have until it’s gone.

At the office, Ke Zhong continues to feel gloomy and torn.  Seriously, if he goes on like this, I think he’ll end up in a mental ward. He walks down the memory lane and remembers the time when Yang Guo puts up a Magic Show for him. He sighs at the thought. He sees the hand-knitted gloves and this time remembers the time when Yang Guo gave it and says she’s too stupid to realize that the gloves were not in proportion. Ke Zhong sighs again and mutters: “I’m the stupid one”.

Just then Yang Guo comes by the office. The unexpected re-appearance lifts Ke Zhong’s murky mood and beams with delight. But before Yang Guo can explain, Yan Ling appears, pops his balloon of happiness and says Yang Guo’s there just to collect her things and then she’ll never come back ever again. Ke Zhong is dumbfounded. So much for expectations!

Watching the two friends pack, Ke Zhong can’t resist but sadly ask Yang Guo if  they’ll remain as friends. Yan Ling  butts in and insultingly scoffs, if that’s how he treats his friends then how much more does he treat his enemies. Yang Guo warns Yan Ling not to say offensive words but Yan Ling won’t hold back saying Ke Zhong is just like Ah De, they call it love when it’s useful but when it’s not they just want to be friends. Hahaha! Is it cruel or what?!

Yang Guo warns again, this time she threats that if Yan Ling won’t stop she’ll be upset. She turns toward Ke Zhong, thank him for the work he offered and returns the blue apple, the one he made out of Yang Guo’s hand-made sweater for Ah De. Again, Ke Zhong is left bowled over. Realizing that he’s totally pushed back, Ke Zhong runs after Yang Guo and tries to talk things over with her. Just as he goes out of the building, a motorcycle accidentally hits him and knocks him off.

Yang Guo sees the accident and instinctively rushes towards Ke Zhong. She asks if he’s okay but he seems not to mind the injury saying he has truly fallen for her and begs for another chance. Now, it’s Yang Guo’s turn to be stunned. The realistic, almost bitter, Yan Ling overhears the conversation and drags Yang Guo away. Ke Zhong shouts Yang Guo’s name, but all he gets is a reluctant and pitiful look from her. In the end, Yang Guo leaves and Ke Zhong sits on the ground looking regretful at the blue apple.

As usual, Zhi Hao drives Yang Duo home. Yang Duo pays him the fare but Zhi Hao won’t accept. Of course, Yang Duo insists just to avoid any romantic misconceptions. Huh? Why are there so little Zhi Hao-Yang Duo moments in this episode? Why? Why?

Inside, Daddy Yang is so furious about Ke Zhong’s rather desperate appeal for a second chance. Clearly, Dad Yang strongly rejects any chance for reconciliation and even swears he’ll never permit Yang Guo to make up with Ke Zhong as long as he’s alive. Yang Duo hears the irrational declaration and asks what’s Dad so angry about. Yan Ling keenly relays what happened earlier. Daddy Yang is hopping mad that he heatedly spits out: “how can a person be so low as to ask for another chance to rob again after getting all he wants”. I paraphrased this one.

As expected, Yang Guo defends Ke Zhong, explaining that deep down she knows that Ke Zhong is also going through a hard time during the whole frontage. Yang Duo circumspectly asks if Yang Guo wants to patch up with Ke Zhong. Yang Guo half-heartedly smiles, and denies it’s not like that. She’s just too scared to try another romance and wants to be alone. Well, I can’t blame her. Two successive heartbreaks would drain anyone’s heart.

Daddy Yang is a bit concerned and advises Yang Guo not to mind too much about it. He adds that there are people who truly loves her and looks after her in the side corners. And all she needs to do is pick the right one carefully and everything will be just fine. Yang Guo is quite determined to be single though. Dad is outraged!

Yan Ling interferes that Dad is being ridiculously elusive. She gives the game away and tells Yang Guo that Yu Ping likes her.  FINALLY! Someone’s intelligent enough to tell her! Yang Guo is stunned and won’t believe the mind-boggling reveal. She speaks out it’s impossible coz she’s not he’s type. Yan Ling proves her wrong and asks that if Yu Ping doesn’t like her then why is he always good to her. Yang Guo counters it’s because she saved his life once and now thinks of her as part of the family. Yang Duo argues that Yu Ping treats her more than just a family, just like the time he neglected his job just to keep her company when she was sad. Yan Ling adds that he even spends a lot of money just to find the magic ball. Still caught in a daze, Yang Guo says she didn’t feel it. Daddy Yang explains that she’s just blinded and adds that if he doesn’t really like her then why would he extend great efforts just to be with her, comforting and protecting her in times of need.

Right on cue, Yu Ping and the kids arrive. Yang Guo feels a bit awkward with the recent info overload and the rest of the pack exchange meaningful looks.  Giving the blossoming couple a time alone, Dad asks Yu Ping to buy them food, pushing Yang Guo to join him.Yu Ting wants to tag along but the other’s won’t let him. Hahaha!

On the way, Yang Guo thinks to herself and weighs the possibility of Yu Ping liking her. Absentminded, Yang Guo is nearly swiped by a car. Thankfully, Yu Ping is there. He hugs Yang Guo to safety and scolds Yang Guo for daydreaming. Yang Duo abruptly pushes him away and denies that she’s daydreaming. Yu Ping then gives Yang Guo the delicacy that she wasn’t able to eat during the “food trip”. Would you believe that he bought it online? One point for extra effort! It’s sweet for guy to remember such details. 😀

Back at his house, Yu Ping wonders what Yang Guo was thinking. Yu Fei comes by his room and relays the news that Ke Zhong wants to make up with Yang Guo. She asks him straight if he likes Yang Guo. Yu Ping is taken aback and is speechless for a while. Who wouldn’t be with that unexpected, uninhibited question?

Just in time, Yu Ping gets a phone call. He instructs Yu Fei to watch her little brother while he’s away to meet Ke Zhong on the nearby park. Before he comes out, Yu Fei boots his confidence, saying that though she likes Ke Zhong, she still sides Yu Ping so he must work hard and give his best.

Show down begins. At the basketball court, the two plays a rather serious, one on one basketball match. So serious that they played as if their lives and future depended on it. Clearly, the match demands a far greater stake- Yang Guo’s heart.The two friends are equally adamant to win the “price” and thereby, agrees to have a fair and square “battle”.

On the way back, Yu Ping pulls the string together and sums up the courage to confess. He calls Yang Guo but Yang Duo picks up instead. Without asking who’s on the line, Yu Ping blurts out his feelings: “Listen,I love you so much and I ddn’t even know when I started to fall in love with you”. Yang Duo is stunned but can’t resist squirting a few teasing giggles. Yu Ping realizes it’s Yang Duo and exclaims her name in embarrassment. Yang Duo laughs out loud after being busted and offers to relay the message to Yang Guo, of which, Yu Ping refuses.

After the phone call, Yang Duo murmurs that her boss is so uncreative in confessing his feelings. She imitates Yu Ping’s lines and Dad Yang overhears the sappy dialogue. He criticizes the silly lines but when Yang Duo tells him that it was Yu Ping’s confession, Dad takes a swift about-face and commends Yu Ping for being direct and straightforward.

Yang Duo bleats at Daddy Yang’s indecisive nature.Dad defends that he only wants Yang Guo to be happy. Yang Duo responds that she also wants Yang Guo to be happy but the issue is not whether Yu Ping likes Yang Guo but the other way around. Dad Yang is a tad bolted to know that Yang Guo may not like Yu Ping afterall.

Just then Yang Guo comes out from the shower and asks if they were arguing. Dad assures they’re not and gives a ridiculous excuse. Dad and Yang Duo continues to talk things over. Yang Duo insists that they shouldn’t get involved in Yang Guo’s love affairs and let her decide on her own. Dad Yang points out that the last time they let her decide, she ends up picking a heartless guy. Then the phone rings again. This time from Ke Zhong but Yang Duo and Dad thinks it’s from Yu Ping. Dad and Yang Duo eavesdrop.

Yang Guo: Thank you for your good intentions. I’ll think about it. It’s getting late and I have to rest. Good night. *Then hangs up.

Ouch! Just a few lines but killed all intentions. Upon hearing those cold lines, Yang Duo wraps up their argument saying Yu Ping really doesn’t have a chance. Dad Yang is dismayed and calls Yu Ping to give him a little push.

Dad tells Yu Ping not to be discouraged coz Yang Guo is just having a hard time dealing with the heartbreak. Yu Ping replies that he hasn’t called Yang Guo yet.

P.S. Yu Ping is just outside Yang’s house.

Dad Yang encourages Yu Ping not to be shy and gives him a fatherly advice. Okay it was not a heartwarming advice but this is Dad Yang! He may seem a little silly but it’s from the heart. Hahaha!

Daddy Yang: When I was pursuing Yang Ma, she used to throw eggs at me whenever she saw me but… I always give her a welcoming smile and would say “Be careful, don’t hurt your hand” or “Come hit me one more time”. Stuffs like that, see? After seeing how silly I looked, she went ahead and married me. *Hahaha. Even Yu Ping smiles at this revelation.

Dad Yang asks Yu Ping how much he truly likes Yang Guo and whether he’s already giving up after so many rejections. Yu Ping honestly answers he can’t put it in plain words.

Yu Ping: To be honest, up until now, I though that only career achievements were the only things that matter.

Yay! This is when Yang Guo comes out! She sees Yu Ping talking on the phone and stops midway.

Yu Ping: I just never knew before that a person’s smile could make me so happy. As for your question of whether I’d give up after being repeatedly rejected, I already lost her once because of my hesitation, so I don’t really want to think too much about things this time around. And even if everyone were to find out that Yang Guo has rejected me a thousand times, I really don’t want to give up anymore. *Awww…girly squeels coming out. Weeeee!

Hearing the almost confession, Yang Guo losses her grips on the coin she’s holding, getting Yu Ping’s attention. This is kinda awkward! They just stared at each other. Yu Ping intently looks at her while holding the phone and Yang Guo looks back feeling conscious and shy.

Yu Ping asks if she heard everything. And thank God, she didn’t deny it and nods. He asks if what’s her answer. Yang Guo, this time, think things through and answers she doesn’t know.

Yang Guo: Even if everyone keeps telling me that you like me, I just have a hard time believing it.

Yu Ping: Why?

Yang Guo: Because I know that the women you like are the very pretty and popular type like Hui Fan. So, how could you possibly like an ordinary girl like me?

Yu Ping: You are not one bit ordinary. In my heart, you are much better than anyone else.

But then again, Yang Guo made up her mind to take things slow, she thank Yu Ping for saying those words, but she isn’t over the betrayal incident just yet. She doesn’t want to rush things through and ends up using him. Thus, she prefer that they remain friends. Hmm, quite logical if you’ll ask me.

Yu Ping can only agree. He promises to wait until she learns to accept him but until then he’ll readily accept all that she can give. Awww. He further assures that no matter what she may say, they will always be good friends.

Yang Guo sighs, and pitiably look at Yu Ping’s droopy back. She gets back inside the house, only to be startled by the eavesdropping duo- Dad and Yang Duo. Yang Guo exclaims her annoyance and walks away. The duo just laugh it off.

Zhi Hao-Yang Duo time?!

Yang Duo is having her solitary lunch break when Zhi Hao redeems his time to persuade her. He timidly sits beside her and tries to open a conversation, asking about Yang Guo. Yang Duo replies Yang Guo’s just doing fine and somehow manages to make the situation a victory. She voices out her sentiments saying that it’s not a strange thing coz Yang Guo always has a nice personality and smiles all day to everyone. And in return, everybody loves Yang Guo, unlike her. Yang Duo even thinks to learn from Yang Guo.

Zhi Hao is a bit appalled at the idea and says she’s just fine the way she is and confides that everybody has their own type – like him. He confidently declares his admiration towards Yang Duo. A little suspicious and unbelieving, Yang Duo mockingly asks if he admires her love for money. Zhi Hao readily agrees and the way he looks at it, her love for money isn’t a big deal coz everybody loves money, it just so happen that she’s a natural at that.

Yang Duo insists that she’s the ultimate penny-pincher. Zhi Hao defends that it’s something she must do because their colleagues takes advantage of their boss’ money. Yang Duo smiles and frankly divulges that she also takes advantage of other people’s money, like when she gets ketchup and free stuffs from convenience stores and food galleries. Zhi Hao replies it’s not taking advantage but rather being careful of money. Hahaha. He always has answers for everything. I’m so liking you more and more Zhi Hao!

Touched but still unconvinced, Yang Duo smiles, saying that not everybody thinks like that. She quietly comments that it’s too bad since “he” doesn’t like a tigress like her. The side comment gets Zhi Hao’s attention and asks what she meant. Before she can answer, Ke Zhong appears.

Ke Zhong asks Yang Duo a time alone. Yang Duo warily consents. Still upset, Yang Duo insults Ke Zhong for having the guts to talk with her after what he did to her sister. Ke Zhong is undeniably strong-willed to win Yang Guo back, so he humbly begs for Yang Duo to help him show Yang Guo his sincerity. Yang Duo scoffs that after all his heartbreaking lies he still has the nerve to talk about sincerity. She asks him to leave before she say more horrible things. Ke Zhong leaves, still gloomy and desperate.

The kids are going back to their mom! And so they forcefully demands Yu Ping to call their Yang Jie Jie and invite her to send them off. With yesternight’s rejection, Yu Ping is having a hard time summoning his courage. Yu Ting can’t seem to take it anymore so he uses his adorable scary stare to outmaneuver Yu Ping. Hahaha! This is cute! The arrogant lawyer being bossed around by a kid! Hahaha!

With dire resignation, Yu Ping nervously calls her and thankfully, she agrees. Yu Ping is just so cute when he smiles and laughs childishly. It’s almost as if he won the lottery when Yang Guo said yes!

Since, Yang Duo won’t help him, Ke Zhong is left on his own. He decides to take a visit at Yang’s house. Poor guy, nobody’s helping him! He catches up to Yang Guo while getting she’s on her way out. Just in time, Yu Ping and the kids arrive to fetch Yang Guo. Yu Fei sees Ke Zhong and invites him to go with them. Of course, it’s a little ill at ease for the love trio. Ke Zhong knows his bounds and politely declines. Before Yang Guo leaves, Ke Zhong asks that they talk another time, like after sending the kids away. Yang Guo hesitantly assents to call if she has the time. Ke Zhong is ecstatic and says that he’ll wait for her no matter what.

At the airport, the kids and Yang Guo bid their goodbyes. The ever sharp and clever Yu Fei tells Yang Guo that even though her uncle is sharped mouth, he’s really really nice. Yang Guo says she already knows that. But the little girl insists she doesn’t.

Yu Fei continues to play the supportive niece and spills that her uncle begs them to stay longer than expected coz he likes Yang Guo to stay more often with them. Of course, Yu Ping is mortified and signals Yu Fei to cut it out. Yu Fei can’t be swayed and looks at him gropingly. Yang Guo looks at Yu Ping and all he could do is smile back in embarrassment. Yang Guo plays along and casually tells Yu Fei that if that’s really the case then she must thank Yu Ping for the extra time. Yu Fei nods knowingly and Yu Ting butts in saying that she can thank Yu Ping by being his girlfriend. Horrified by the outrageous idea, Yu Ping warns the kids. Yu Ting uses his adorable deadly stare and this shuts Yu Ping’s complains.

Yu Fei bluntly comments that Yu Ping is really slow and with how things are going he’ll never be able to persuade Yang Guo. Three strikes in a row, Yu Ping is horror-stricken and warns the kids to stop. Yu Ting concludes that with his uncle’s sluggish way of courting he’ll never win Yang Guo’s heart, thus, he tells Yang Guo to wait so that he’ll marry her instead. Yang Guo laughs at the cute but quite impossible proposal.

Yu Ping can’t handle the embarrassment anymore and drags the kids away. Scolding them for saying crazy thoughts. Yu Fei somehow gets away from his grips, runs back to Yang Guo and whispers something.

On the way back, Yang Guo and Yu Ping seems to be uneasy being alone together.  It’s kinda cutely wierd if you’ll ask me. Yu Ping tries to break the unseen barrier and casually remarks that kids watch too much TV. Yang Guo agrees. Yu Ping adds that they mature early. Yang Guo agrees the second time and from the lack of anything to say, adds that it’s because they watch too much TV.

Yang Guo lightens the mood, suggesting that they should just talk naturally. Yu Ping consents that he also doesn’t want to feel like facing a judge every time he’s with her. Yang Guo happily adds that she also doesn’t want to be a judge either. Yu Ping passively asks Yang Guo what Yu Fei told her. Yang Guo refuses to share the secret.

Yang Guo gets a phone call just while Yu Ping  mutters his courage to ask her out. Just when YP finally comes out with his lines, Yang Guo tells him that Yan Ling asks that she substitute a staff in the her workplace. Yu Ping is left to just give her a ride since she already agrees.

At the restaurant Yan Ling  persistently asks Yang Guo who she’ll choose between Yu Ping and Ke Zhong. Yang Guo grittily answers that she’ll not yet ready to date and just wants to take a break. The comic persistence at hold, Yan Ling voices that Yang Guo should not choose Ke Zhong coz betrayal is the worst mistake a man can ever make. Ooops! Someone’s still feeling sour.

Just then Xiao Lei arrives and pleads that Yan Ling  forgives him. Yan Ling is still fumingly mad that she hits Xiao Lei with the broom that cuts his forehead. Yang Guo tries to get the medical kit but Xiao Lei stops her saying that the small wounds is nothing compared to the hurt he caused Yan Ling. Xiao Lei reasons that after being with the other girl, he realizes that he truly loves Yan Ling. Yan Ling remains unwavering and says she’ll never be a dumb pig again and just believe all his lies.  She runs away and pushes Xiao Lei aside. Yang Guo tells him to chase after Yan Ling. Finally after his adamant pleas, Yan Ling takes him back.

The recently reunited couples then decides to watch a movie. They invite Yang Guo along but she gracefully declines. Alone, Yang Guo wonders that love is truly amazing, as it can change an angered heart to a forgiving one in a blink of an eye. She then thinks things through and walks absent-mindedly.

Yang Guo: Yan Ling said that love can withstand all trials. But is a love like that counts as true love? I admit that Yan Ling is emotionally attached with this relationship. How about me then? Am I also emotionally attached? If I was emotionally attached I should have been moved just like Yan Ling when Ke Zhong asked another opportunity to make up. But it doesn’t seem like I was moved, not even a little bit.

Again with the daydreaming, Yang Guo is nearly hit by a car while crossing the street. The driver angrily asks her if she wants to go back or forward. Hahaha! Yang Guo is still on the clouds and answers she doesn’t know yet- referring to her love life of course! The driver thinks she’s nuts and scolds her to hurry and move aside. Just then Yu Ping calls and Yang Guo regains her usual jolly mood.

Yu Ping’s call is about an anniversary event, something like “if you guess it right, then you can take it back contest”. There can only be 5 teams who can participate via draw lots, and so Yang Guo dreadfully anticipates for their number to be called. And yes! The last number is 9! Their number! Hmmm, how suspicious….something’s fishy. Lovey-dovey moments coming up!

Of course Yang Guo is overly thrilled and is ridiculously serious about the whole ordeal, even boasting that the opponents are way back weaker. Hahaha! Yu Ping, on the other hand, is rather supportive and gives Yang Guo an encouraging massage at the back. It’s funny when Yu Ping almost gets on a babyish brawl coz one team prods at Yang Guo.

Mechanic of the game: There should only be two members in a team. Total amount of groceries should be NT$ 8888. Teams are given 5 minutes to fill the push carts but can only take one piece per item. A little trick, just make the game a bit livelier, price tags were taken out.

Yang Guo continues to brag that she’ll definitely win coz even though without price tags, she already memorized all the prices, especially the toiletries. One problem though, she sucks big time in math. Hahaha!

Yu Ping lightly teases her “minor” stupidity, but plays along. The game starts and Yang Guo excitedly fills the cart. True to her word, she really knows the prices! Amazing! But then again, she’s not good in math, so she lets Yu Ping do the arithmetic. Yu Ping mentally calculates and poof! Gives the answers automatically just like a calculator! Yang Guo is awed. And now it’s Yu Ping’s turn to brag that he’s the 3rd smartest kid in the nation while he was yet in kindergarten. Hahaha! Show-offs!

Yu Ping and Yang Guo shares a cute and funny couple’s moment together. After a rather long 5 minutes of cart-pushing, couple playing and item-stuffing, Yu Ping and Yang Guo won the game. Would you believe it? They actually hit the exact amount! The whole NT$ 8888- Not one cent off- not one cent extra. Something is really fishy! This can’t be just a coincidence right?!

Yang Guo is extremely hyped up in winning and cheerfully packs the items. All the while, Yu Ping secretly speaks with the store manager, thanking the latter for the whole “facade”. The manager comments that Yang Guo is real lucky for Yu Ping to like her.  Once again, I’m right! Hahaha! It was Yu Ping who “creatively” masterminded the whole event! I just can’t help but admire the guy. Another point for creativity, eh? Yang Guo, just fall for him already!

At Yu Ping’s house, Yang Guo divides the items. She happily tells Yu Ping how she cheats the store manager in computing the wrong amount. Hahaha! Yu Ping murmurs that the manager is a lot dumber than she is.

When Yu Ping goes upstairs to change, Yang Guo remembers what Yu Fei whispered to her earlier. The little girls tips her off that there are a lot of little secrets about her in Yu Ping’s red cabinet, so she must check it out. Curious and thrilled, Yang Guo opens the cabinet, and then candies falls like rain. Oh yeah! Yang Guo is touched and smiles knowingly by herself.

Yu Ping rushes back down the kitchen and worriedly asks what happened. A bit embarrassed to see Yang Guo squatting and looking at the candies, he scorns why she opened the cabinet. and squats to get the candies. Yang Guo tells him what Yu Fei revealed to her and asks is he bought all the candies for her. Yu Ping honestly answers that because she likes candies, every time he passes by a candy store he’ll go in and buy some. But then he doesn’t have the courage to give it to her afterwards, so he’ll just stack it inside the cabinet. Yang Guo teasingly asks if all the candies were bought with her in his mind. Yu Ping just sighs in defeat and warily puts some of the candies in her hands.

Yu Ping: Now, you know everything. So, tell me what does your heart say?
Yang Guo: You said, you wouldn’t push me?
Yu Ping: That’s right, I did say that, but now I’m taking it back. Tell me.
Yang Guo: Tell you what?
Yu Ping: Tell me what your thinking about. Yes, I admit that I felt that I had a huge change with you before but today after I saw you with Ke Zhong…Do you want to return to his side?

Yang Guo seems to have a sudden headache and refuses to answer. She stands and tries to walk away but looses her balance when she steps on the candies. Yu Ping readily catches her and the two ends in  a quite intimate “kissing distance” position. And after a moment of confusion, Yu Ping smirks  wickedly and asks her if he must thank the candies for giving him “this” chance. Yang Guo is confused, or maybe tries to act confused, but in the end closes her eyes.

Yu Ping slowly…slowly lowers his head for the anticipated kiss, but the phone rings. Yang Guo is a tad frantic to pick the phone only to find out that it’s just a swindler’s call. Hahaha! Of course, Yu Ping is overly furious for the missed opportunity.

Night time: Ke Zhong is still waits outside the Yang’s residence for Yang Guo’s return. Daddy Yang is itchy in sending him away, and even suggests the he throws a bucket of water at Ke Zhong, just to scare him away. Yang Duo is the more rational of the two and offers to talk to Ke Zhong instead.

Yang Duo frankly tells Ke Zhong to go leave coz it’ll only be useless venture to wait. Even if he demonstrates his sincerity, it’ll still be impossible for Yang Guo to pretend that nothing happened and go on dating with him. Ke Zhong smiles sadly, expressing his regrets on taking Yang Guo for granted. He says sorry for pouring all his complains to Yang Duo, it’s just that all he can do is be guilty and sorrowful for his mistakes.

Yang Duo affably reply that they can always talk about something else, like jazz, classicism, modernism and current popular interior design in Taiwan. Ke Zhong is amazed that Yang Duo can still remember their talk outside the cinema. Yang Duo reminds him that he even helped her choose a nice bed. Ke Zhong cheerfully realizes that they already met before. In voiceover, Yang Duo adds that he even guided her out of the forest before that- only he can’t seem to remember.

Out of concern, Yang Duo offers a friendly advice.

Yang Duo: No matter how valuable a piece might be, if it’s unable to blend with the style, to insist on displaying will only make the incompatibility even more obvious. So it’s better to give up the idea gracefully.

Of course, Yang Duo is implying that Ke Zhong must stop hoping that Yang Guo will give him another chance. Ke Zhong still resents the idea of giving up but before he could reason out, his mother calls him agitatedly. With the frantic call, Ke Zhong is forced to go home.

On the way back to Yang’s, the ride was again a little awkward. Yu Ping , with a little confidence booster, timidly assess their relationship and asks Yang Guo for a confirmation. Hahaha! This sweett, witty, kinda immature lover’s quarrel just cracks me up. Their conversation is more like between an arrogant lawyer and a guilty suspect! Who would expect that even in wooing, Yu Ping will show his shrewdness as a lawyer?!  Hahaha! Poor Yang Guo.

Yu Ping: What happened just now between us,should be considered being in a relationship, right?

Yang Guo:I don’t know if that counts.

Yu Ping: How can you say that you don’t know? Give me a break! We were just a second short of kissing just now. If that’s not dating, then what counts as dating then?! Or are you with some other guy?!

Yang Guo: I’m not seeing anybody else. But…

Yu Ping: But what? There’s nothing to but around here. Listen, in legal terms, our intimate actions just now, would be deemed binding under love contracts. So don’t ever mention to me again such things as but, don’t know, counts or not. And don’t ever try to use those words to reject me coz they are just crap!

Yang Guo: But…

Yu Ping: Again with the buts?!

Yang Guo: I really do need to think about how to tell everyone.

The quasi “yes” lifts Yu Ping’s grumpy mood and cutely screeches!

At the Yang’s, the sisters are pretty much happy with the free items. Daddy Yang congratulates Yu Ping for a job well-done. Dad offers that if ever Yu Ping needs “professional” advice in his relationship, he’ll be sure to help. Yu Ping is overly grateful for the offer and jokingly asks if he could still have the same privilege if he already has another girlfriend. Daddy Yang revolts but Yu Ping assures that it would never happen.

Back to the sisters, Yang Guo asks when Ke Zhong went to go home. Yang Duo vaguely answers and skeptically asks if Yang Guo still cares for Ke Zhong. Yang Guo reassures that she worries because Ke Zhong is still a friend. Yang Duo changes the topic and scolds Yang Guo for being too stupid and didn’t choose the more expensive items since it’s already free! Hahaha! Yang Duo is Yang Duo, after all.

Hearing his mom’s fretting call, Yang Duo decides to visit Ke Zhong the next morning. When she sees his car, she hides and accidentally overhears the conversation between Ke Zhong and his mom. Basing upon their verbal exchanges, Ke Zhong’s family is suffering from financial distress. Somehow, they discover Yang Duo’s presence and Ke Zhong asks Yang Duo to keep it a secret from Yang Guo. Yang Duo worriedly inquires how he would explain to his mom if Yang Guo doesn’t show up. Ke Zhong smiles and answers he’ll just worry about it.

Drama Rewinds: Wonderful Life

After 3 years of searching, more like rummaging, I finally get a hold of Wonderful Life’s DVD copy! I’m feeling pretty wound up about it! It’s like accidentally bumping into a long-lost friend on a nice spring day! 🙂

I’ve watched bits and pieces of this K-drama a long time ago, but I was more like a passive, flaccid, apathetic viewer. Sad to note, that time, I didn’t find the drama striking enough to be an attention-grabber. 😦 After watching Eugene’s Three Dads a Mom, I somehow developed a nippy, compulsive feeling to look for a DVD of “Wonderful Life”. Yah, I can always watch it on streaming sites, but owning a DVD is a much more fulfilling challenge, right?

Thankfully, the search proves to be worthwhile!

I re-watched this drama yesterday with my sis until 2 o’clock in the morning. It’s quite an unusual experience coz my sis never ever miss her forty winks just to watch K-dramas. If not for our mom, nagging us to sleep, we’ll be watching until sunrise! Hahaha!.Imagine us panda-eyed, light-headed and in a haze the next morning or more like the next couple of hours. A poor and terrible condition if you’re bound to work by 8 am!

After burning our midnight candle though, we’ve only just barely finished watching Episode 4! Seriously, I really need a refresher course for this one. The more I re-watch, the more I ask my self “Did that really happen the first time?”. I’m really starting to doubt if  I have an on-off memory switch inside my brain –  How come I can’t remember some of the scenes?! But then again, this is what I get for not watching it by heart at first. I’m looking forward to  a lot of catching up and more candle to burn tonight! Aja. Aja- Fighting! Haha.

Re-watching “Wonderful Life” reminds me of Jang Geun-suk’s hit movie, Baby and I.  To say the least, it’s like the small-screen serial version. Not as funny but fairly entertaining as well.

What is the real wonder in Wonderful Life?!-One  of  my many questions about this drama.

The answer, I’m not so sure though.

In my humble opinion, the wonder comes from the odd concept of drawing in two extremely different and impossibly incompatible young couple together. The idea is rather perplex when these two couple choose to embark a long, and at times hilarious, journey towards an unexpected parenthood.

The wonder may also come from the simple fact that life is just wonderful and brilliant in all it’s twists and turns-  stuffed with ups and downs, misunderstandings and making up, funny and gloomy outcomes.

Or in the most undemanding answer: it’s from the  random and momentary feature of Louis Armstrong’s song Wonderful World throughout the drama.

And so the rain of add-on questions begin.

Will they love one another? Will they become mature parents for their daughter? Will Seung-wan ever learn to become a loving husband and a doting father? Will Se Jin realize her dreams? Will Chae Young let Seung-wan go? Will Do Hyun succeed in taking Se Jin away? Will I stop making obvious questions?! Hahaha!

With my busy schedule, not to mention all these stressful electoral responsibilities, I hope my sis and I can finish this drama before the year-ends!

Down With Love Episode 13 Recap

Finally! The episode I’ve been waiting for!

Suddenly, I have this uncontainable gutsy feeling to give this episode my very own  made-up title:

“The Fall of Hui Fan’s Evil Regime”.  Scrub it out, please!

I’ll stick with:“Revenge of the Magic Ball”. Ooops! Sorry, I change my mind!

I’ll go with: “Daddy Yang and the Cupid Within!”. Hahaha! Just bear with me guys, I’m feeling hyped up today. I don’t know why though. 😀

DWL takes a sudden, but very appealing, re-direction with this episode. Romance between Yang Guo and Yu Ping hits the fast lane. Hui Fan makes an abrupt change of hearts. Ke Zhong’s third-wheel character is becoming more and more apparent. More quirky, hilarious and witty romantic sparks from Yang Duo and Zhi Hao. The adorable kids shift from being “little devils” to “sweet angels”. Daddy Yang is funny as ever.

I’m excited for the next episode! I’m guessing it’ll be more on the  race  to win Yang Guo’s love and affection- a fair and square  battle royale for the love rivals, Ke Zhong and Yu Ping. May the best man win, eh! Yeah, I know it wouldn’t be a fair fight for Ke Zhong. It wouldn’t hurt to give Ke Zhong a tap in the back, right?!

And now, the Recap:

The episode starts off with Hui Fan feeling anxious about her acting “re-debut”. I don’t really know why she’s being too anxious about it. Duh! It’s not like she had a very very long break.

So, the manager then encourages Hui Fan not to be nervous coz portraying a woman in love is what she does best. She adds that being in  love is like the taste of  white chocolate –  pure sweetness! It’s more of a bitter gourd for Hui Fan though. With all the support and encouragement, still Hui Fan seems troubled: “But I seem to have forgotten already what it feels like”. Somehow, I am staring to felt sorry for Hui Fan. But yah know, she must understand that what she feels right now is not love but rather an obsession. The earlier she accepts the truth, the better.

The manager signals Yu Ping, who was standing at the corner feeling rather strained, to come and comfort Hui Fan. It’s funny how he mockingly raised his right brow, but still  he compels and consoles Hui Fan: “Don’t think too much about it, natural talent and flair can never be forgotten”. He smiles at her, takes her hands, give it an encouraging rub, and kisses it lightly.

The kids and Yang Guo are having so much fun at the amusement park.  Determined to build bridges between the kids and Hui Fan, she invites them to take a tour at the TV studio and meet with “Aunt Hui Fan”.

The kids strongly oppose. So, Yang Guo begs them to go coz  she hasn’t been in a studio. The kids didn’t take the bait.  Yang Guo changes tactics and tries to bribe them with popsicle. Huh! But the kids remain steadfast, leaving Yang Guo no choice but drag them all the way. Hahaha!

Back to the studio: Hui Fan takes some photo shoots while the manager and Yu Ping watches along. The manager blabbers about how pretty Hui Fan is and how she and Hui Fan matches up perfectly blah..blah…blah. Yu Ping passively listens his way through the seemingly endless prattle that goes on and on. Fortunately, he gets a call from a client.

Just as he left, Yang Guo and the kids came – missing Yu Ping by mere seconds. The kids are obviously annoyed and uninterested. So, Yang Guo persuades them saying Hui Fan will be happy to see them. The kids are still unconvinced, thus she tries again: “just think of this as an additional cool point”. Yet again, the kids are as stubborn as a bull.  In the end, Yang Guo  beguiles them with ice cream. The kids practically agree. Kids are kids after all, eh?

At long last,  Yang Guo succeeds in convincing the kids to go inside! But then again the success is short-lived as the security guard  poses another problem and wouldn’t let them pass. Yang Guo tries to reason out but the guard is a tougher hurdle to overcome. The kids are getting irritated, so she takes them to the nearby ice cream parlour first.

Hui Fan takes a break from the shoot and gets disappointed when she learned that Yu Ping went out. There has been a problem in the wardrobe, so the next photo shoot is delayed.

Yang Guo left the kids at the ice cream parlour and tries to sneak around the overly strict security guard. Luckily, she sees the staff with Hui Fan’s wardrobe and offers help to bring some of the clothes. The plan works and she makes her way to the studio as easy as pie!

Inside the dressing room, the manager tries to  talk Hui Fan over her rather foolish attempts to win Yu Ping back . Hui Fan is much too decided to be swayed and boldly declares she’ll do whatever it takes, even give everything up in a split second, just to reconcile with Yu Ping. Okay! Hui Fan officially lost her pride!

The manager then tries to give Hui Fan an option. She suggests Hui Fan choose Ke Zhong, who has been in love with her and also has the same qualifications. Hui Fan replies Ke Zhong is with Yang Guo and is already happy. Confused, the manager asks how can he be happy when going out with Yang Guo was just an act.

NOTE: This is when Yang Guo arrives at the dressing room and overhears the rest of the conversation. Poor Yang Guo. Please walk away. Please. I’m begging you. Please, just leave.

The manager continues: “That Ke Zhong sacrificed himself and went after her (Yang Guo)  because he was worried she might come between you and  lawyer Xiang getting back together. But he’ll break up with her once you guys are back together. Isn’t that what you said? “. Yang Guo hears the hurtful truth, stunned and dumbfounded, she looses grip of the clothes.

Hui Fan sadly counters that even if that’s the case, Yang Guo and Ke Zhong are really very happy. The manager reminds her that if Ke Zhong is happy, why did he ask Hui Fan to consider the possibility of them getting back together. Fearing that the truth will leak, Hui Fan warns the manager to stop talking. Just then, the manager sees the clothes on the floor and goes to where Yang Guo is standing. Busted! The manager sees Yang Guo teary-eyed! Okay, she heard it all! She heard it all right from the horse’s mouth! Hui Fan joins her manager and is put in a jolt seeing Yang Guo. The manager tries to do some damage control and says it’s just a joke! Yeah, right sistah! Yang Guo runs away in despair. Hui Fan follows her. Oh, somebody’s really really busted!

Yu Ping just finished his official business and calls Yang Guo  to check the kids. But since she’s busy running, she couldn’t pick up the phone. He calls Yu Fei instead. Yu Fei explains that they are at the ice cream parlour near the studio and complains not wanting to see Hui Fan’s photo shoot. Yu Ping asks the little girl to give the phone to Yang Guo. Right on cue, Yang Guo shows up crying with Hui Fan following behind. Yu Fei finds the scene odd and weird, so she extends her hand holding the phone for Yu Ping to hear the conversation.

Hui Fan: I admit…I admit that I was afraid that Yu Ping would like you, so I used Ke Zhong. I took advantage of his feelings for me and asked him to chase after you so that Yu Ping would give up on you. But that was all before you help me out so much, before I came to trust you completely. So Yang Guo, please belive me now, when I say that I sincerely blessed your relationship with Ke Zhong, please believe I’m being honest when I say that. Besides, Ke Zhong is really sincere towards you now. You have to trust him.

The big reveal is out!!! Heartbroken, Yang Guo cries  wretchedly and shakes her head in disbelief. In a dismal voice she begs Hui Fan to stop talking coz she doesn’t know who to believe in the moment.  Yu Ping hears everything and rushes over as fast as he can.

Yang Guo takes the kids home. While on the taxi, Yang Guo’s thoughts are miles away, harking back to the times when Ke Zhong was misleading her. She gets a frenzied call from Yu Ping, instructing her to be calm and wait for him in the house.

When Yu Ping arrives, Yang Guo already left.  Yu Ping goes to Yang’s residence and asks Daddy Yang where Yang Guo might be. Daddy Yang says he doesn’t know. So, Yu Ping worriedly asks if Yang Guo called. Daddy Yang hesitantly answers that she did. Yu Ping demands him to spill the beans, and tell him what Yang Guo said. Daddy Yang, naively answers Yang Guo called to remind him to drain the bath water or her sister will yell at her. Hahaha! Yu Ping is dumbstruck! That’s what you get from speaking seriously with Daddy Yang!

It’s awesome how this drama inserts humour in a very intense situation. Nice job guys!

So going back. Daddy Yang misinterprets the situation. And assures Yu Ping that he need not worry coz he decided to support him rather than Ke Zhong.  He lightly scolds Yu Ping for being sleazy and cunning while the other “love rival” is away for business. Before Daddy Yang gets carried away, Yu Ping tries to put sense into him, shaking his arms, calling him “Father-in-Law, Father-in-Law!!!”. Just when I thought Daddy Yang is too far-fetched, Yu Ping proves to be much more advanced! Hahaha!

Yang Duo-Zhi Hao romance time! Back at the office, Yang Duo accidentally pricks her fingers with the cactus. This gets on her nerves and angrily demands Zhi Hao to get rid of the cactus. Zhi Hao is, of course, frightened to get near the vicious Yang Duo so the other staff encourages him not to give up. Zhi Hao timidly, or more like nervously, stammers: “Mi..mi..miss Yang. Irritated, Yang Duo sarcastically asks: “What’s with the mi, mi, mi? Do you also go mi, mi, mi when you secretly stare at me?”. Zhi Hao readily denies:  “Of course not!..I just wanted to say the other day…”. Yang Duo presupposes he’s talking about paying for the lunch, she insultingly rebuffs saying it’s uncalled for coz if they just kept on repaying each others favour they’ll both end up on the loosing end. Ouch! When will this gal learn to say things nicely?

The other staff ridicules Zhi Hao for another ego-crushing failure. For the information of everybody, Zhi Hao isn’t dim-witted! He sure knows where to push the right buttons. Using Yang Duo’s weakness (money!) to his advantage, he  bargains a 50-50 split of the bet he’ll win if Yang Duo consents to go out with him.

Note: Each staff bets NT$500 that he’ll never date Yang Duo. So, we are talking about lots and lots of money here!

Just in time, Yu Ping calls Yang Duo asking where Yang Guo goes when she’s depressed. Yang Duo answers she must be with Yan Ling, stuffing and drinking herself to sleep. Yu Ping hangs up even before she finished talking.

So, back to the bargaining. The deal is too tempting for Yang Guo, so she agrees on the condition that they’ll only eat a lunch box meal and it’ll be a 70-30 split coz she’s the one who’ll be sacrificing much. The rest of the staff breaks in disbelief and Zhi Hao has the last laugh. Way to go, Zhi Hao!

While driving, Yu Ping recalls the time when Yang Guo asks her why he didn’t fall for her when he thinks she’s great. In voiceover Yu Ping wonders: “I’ve asked myself many times since, if things would have been different now had I confessed to her then? And I believed that there are no answers for it, but now I know that had I bravely confessed to her then, Yang Guo would not be in so much pain right now. So, no more. I won’t let another opportunity like this pass by”. For a wise and clever lawyer, Yu Ping is somewhat sluggishly dippy.

Yu Ping arrives at Yan Ling’s (LingLing) workplace. Worried, he asks Yan Ling if Yang Guo called her. And at last! The good news! Yang Guo did and she left a voice mail. Hearing the voicemail, Yan Ling seems confused. Yu Ping snatches the phone from Yan Ling and listens to the voicemail.

Yang Guo: Yan Ling, you said before that you couldn’t accept that all the happy memories you shared with Xiao Lei was fake and that even if he could betray you, then who would you be able to trust now. I can finally understand what you meant when you said that. But you are still luckier, you still have the will to push it all aside. But I can’t just do that.

All the while, Yang Guo wanders like a lost child and breaks down in despair and agony.

At Yu Ping’s place, the manager complains about the kids. Hui Fan seems worried for Yang Guo. Oh this is new! The little she-devil has a conscience?! The manager lightens up her mood, saying she shouldn’t worry coz after crying her eyes out, Yang Guo will definitely think things through.

Hui Fan suggests to call Ke Zhong and let him know. But the manager opposes and just then sees Yu Ping walks toward the house. She warns Hui Fan not to let Yu Ping know about the “little slip” or else Hui Fan will lose everything she worked for.

The manager greets Yu Ping cheerfully as if nothing happened. She tries to talk as lively as possible but Yu Ping seems not to notice. He eyed Hui Fan with raw contempt. The manager senses the pressure, so she bids her farewell. If I were Hui Fan, I should run for my life right this very moment. Run. Run, Hui Fan!

Hui Fan smiles innocently at Yu Ping, telling him that the children were well-behaved and all that stuff. Yu Ping can’t seem to take it any longer and asks Hui Fan to return to her hotel. Of course, Hui Fan doesn’t agree with that. She’ll probably put up a fight until next summer to protect her hide, but girl, didn’t yah know you’re already busted! Seriously, if looks could kill, Hui Fan might be dead right now.

Be ready for another cutting, not to mention pride-shuttering, words from Yu Ping.

Yu Ping: I already knew that your talent was exceptional, but I just hadn’t realize you acting skills were that superb.

Hui Fan plays the ignorant victim and asks what’s wrong. I’m sure she’ll deny everything even if it means dying! Hahaha! Calm but full of anger, Yu Ping tell it to her straight: “Ding Hui Fan, I know everything”. And by everything, it means pretty much everything!

Yu Ping: I know very well that because you were afraid that I would like Yang Guo… you used Ke Zhong’s feelings for you to get him to date Yang Guo… so that you and I could get back together again.

Hui Fan sheepishly asks if Yang Guo told him that. Yu Ping smiles mockingly before his temper blows up in unfathomable proportions.

Yu Ping: What is it that you still don’t understand? If Yang Guo was that kind of person, she wouldn’t just hide away and miserable alone!

Hui Fan: I understand. I really do understand. I regret doing it. I really, really regret it.

Yu Ping: Isn’t your regret a bit too late now? I will never forgive you if anything happens to Yang Guo, because there’s no way I could forgive myself, do you understand? What I regret most right now is believing that she’d be happier with Ke Zhong. I never did once imagine that it would be just the beginning of her pain.

Again, casting a line of sympathy, Hui Fan desperately begs for forgiveness.

Yu Ping: Right now, I can no longer even tell whether your illness is fake or real. So before I start hating you, just leave.

Yu Ping coldly walks away. Hui Fan is taken aback, reality really do bites as she realize that she already reached the end of the line.

Next morning, Daddy Yang and Yang Duo are beginning to worry about Yang Guo. Apparently, she is out all night. Daddy Yang remarks that when “this young man shows up around, he’ll have a serious talk with him for keeping Yang Guo out all night even before marriage”. Thinking Dad is referring to Ke Zhong, Yang Duo defends that Ke Zhong is away for a business trip. Daddy clear things up saying he isn’t talking about Ke Zhong but the man named Xiang. Yang Duo becomes a bit suspicious and asks what is Yu Ping’s say in the matter. Daddy Yang is quick to change topic.

A knock on the door disturbs their conversation. It’s Yu Ping anxiously looking for Yang Guo. The state of panic rises as Yan Ling joins the group and informs everybody that she wasn’t able to contact Yang Guo and nobody among their friends know where she is.

The news brings about uneasiness for everybody and Dad demands Yu Ping to explain what really happened. Yu Ping hesistantly answers that Yang Guo accidentally discover that Ke Zhong doesn’t really feel anything for her, and he’s just a pawn in Hui Fan’s scheme. Daddy Yang blames himself for not noticing. His guilt sinks lower as he realizes that Yang Guo may have already sensed the possibility of the scheme when she asks about the magic ball.

Upon hearing the words “magic ball”, Yu Ping gets an idea and leaves in a hurry. Yu Ping guesses that Yang Guo went to the old warehouse where she lost her magic ball. And yes! Yu Ping’s right! This is why he is a top-notch lawyer, he pretty much knows everything! Hahaha. Yang Guo is there, desperately looking for the ball. Yu Ping tries to stop Yang Guo in her seemingly hopeless efforts in finding the ball.

Yu Ping: Finding that magic ball won’t change the reality.

Yang Guo: You don’t need to remind me what’s real. I know what’s real! The reality is that I failed to see exactly what qualifications I have to offer as a girl. I failed to see my own limitations and dared to wish a love that others would envy.

Yu Ping: That’s not what I meant.

Yang Guo: I know but I have no confidence left in me. But, if I find the magic ball perhaps it’ll help me believe that there are such things as miracles in this world. And that there are still things that you can get if you just work hard on that. So, just let me try to find it, ok? I’m an idiot who can’t see things clearly for what they are. And that magic ball is my only hope now.

Okay, with a heartrending request like that would you have the heart to say no? Naturally, Yu Ping ends up looking for the magic ball himself. He gathers  and leads the village people, offering them a NT$ 10,000 cash reward for the finder. This is how a shrewd attorney works!

With a battalion of people thoroughly looking for the magic ball inch by inch, it would be impossible not to be found, right? Don’t bother to answer coz I’m right. Hahaha. The plan is a sure win. And as expected, somebody finds the ball. Yang Guo is really happy and Yu Ping is relieved.

Daddy Yang and Yang Duo still frets not knowing where Yang Guo is. Daddy is a bit hysterical on the matter when at last Yu Ping returns with Yang Guo who is still not in the mood to talk about what happened.

The next scene is quite weird. Howcome, after being totally heartbroken, Yang Guo seems to be okay. What happened? Did she suffer from temporary amnesia? Maybe, it’s just video editing. Yah, definitely the editing. No normal person would get over a broken heart that easily!

The sisters take the kids to buy some pudding. Yang Guo seems fine by then. Seeing how Yang Guo laugh, Yang Duo assumes she gets over the heartbreak already. But then she doubts if people who endures a big wound like Yang Guo are able to recover that fast!  I’m gald I’m not the only one thinking this is quite odd.  Yang Guo seems to play a pretty convincing act, so Yang Duo brushes off the idea that her sister is still in pain. With the discovery of Ke Zhong’s ploys, Yang Duo regrets having feelings for him way back when.

Back in the house: Daddy Yang boasts his skills in singing. He even gives a sample but all he receives are mocking responses. Even Yu Ping, smiles silently at the back. Daddy Yang is rather serious in proving his singing prowess so he invites everybody to karaoke. Of course, everybody eagerly agrees, except for the overly frugal Yang Duo. After a meaningful massage from Dad, Yang Duo finally consents.  With the knowing eye-to-eye messages, I have a feeling that Daddy Yang and Yu Ping are up to something!

So the gang spends the night away in karaoke. When it’s time to go home, Daddy Yang suggests that Yu Ping take Yang Guo home and the rest takes a taxi ride. He reasons that it’s impossible for all of them to fit in a small car. Yang Duo and Yang Guo won’t  concur but in the end, Daddy Yang wins!

Yang Duo remarks Dad is being weird. Yan Ling butts in and asks Yang Duo if she really doesn’t realize that Yu Ping has feelings for Yang Guo. This revelation gives Yang Duo a shock of the lifetime. Dad adds Yu Ping likes Yang Guo all along. Cute little girl, Yu Fei, sarcastically comments that Yang Duo is even more stupid than her sister. Yang Duo couldn’t believe that the little girl also knows the real deal. The adorable little boy, Yu Ting slots in saying the whole world knows about it, how come Yang Duo is the only one who didn’t. Hahaha! Really Yang Duo, how come?

Alone, Yu Ping asks Yang Guo if she’s tired. He kept on talking but still Yang Guo doesn’t respond. He finds Yang Guo sleeping and wakes her up. Yang Guo answers she is indeed really tired in forcing herself to smile.

Yu Ping makes an abrupt, and dangerous, U-turn waking up Yang Guo’s senses. He annoyingly asks: “How much longer are you going to put up this act?”. Refusing to answer, Yang Guo asks back: “Is it good?’. Yu Ping honestly responds: “It is. Even I was almost fooled by it. I know you’re putting on this happy face, because you don’t want us to worry but that wasn’t the point in all of this”. Yang Guo counters: “Can’t I even fake a smile now? Perhaps, if I do it long enough, it’ll become real”. Yu Ping snaps: “Smiling like that for too long will only make you sick.Idiot”. He decides to take Yang Guo to a place where she can vent her frustrations.

Yu Ping brings Yang Guo on a hillside with a fantastically beautiful view. Yang Guo cries without bounds. Feeling guilty, Yang Guo asks forgiveness for not appreciating the view. Yu Ping sweetly assures there’s nothing to worry about and asks Yang Guo to think of it as a long vacation, like from the Japanese drama “Long Vacation”. Hahaha! I didn’t know shrewd lawyers watch classic dramas!

Yang Guo doesn’t have any clue what his talking about. So, Yu Ping adds it’s a drama that stars Kimura Takuya. Yang Guo teasingly replies she hasn’t heard of it coz it was aired a long time ago, slightly implying that Yu Ping belongs to an older generation. Yu Ping is a bit mortified and curiously asks if she watched “Meteor Garden”. Yang Guo is keyed up and blushes saying she watched the Korean version and Go Jun Pyo is really handsome. Hahaha! It’s kinda funny, she didn’t mention the Taiwanese version. She knows she’s sitting beside Jerry Yan, right?

Yu Ping is kinda mad, he goads to the fact that he really belongs to the “older generation”. Yang Guo cheers him up and suggests they can always watch the drama together and she’ll pretend she belongs to “his” generation. Yu Ping shares a bit of the dramas concept.

Yu Ping: Whenever people are sad or hurt, they should pretend to take a vacation. Because when you stop thinking about everything, you allow yourself to wander everywhere, and take a good look at things. And once you’ve finished recharging your energy, you can embark on your journey again.

Yang Guo happily agrees. She remembers how she loved having a vacation, going to different places, playing around and eating  everywhere when she was still young.

Yu Ping asks what she wants to eat.

Yang Guo contentedly answers: “I want to have ice cream on Yong Hang street. I want Taiwanese slush in one of the shops. Just one serving cost NT$100…so expensive”. And her voice fades as Yu Ping pampers her in a series of abundant food trip. It’s sweet how Yu Ping tries his very best to let Yang Guo forget the pain by stuffing her with lots and lots of foodstuff. (Awwww)

Back at Yu Ping’s place, the manager encourages Hui Fan not to give up saying Yu Ping might come around after a couple of days. Truly grasping the the impossibility of  it all, Hui Fan admits her defeat.

Hui Fan: It’s time to leave now, I only regret not realizing this earlier. I should be ashamed for all of this. As an actress I should have been able to see that I was playing the hated and negative character in the script, just by looking at the synopsis of this drama. The funny part was that I even fail to see Yu Ping’s point-of-view and foolishly believed that I was the only leading lady in his eyes. I need to be responsible now. In order to get off the stage, it’s necessary to have a beautiful background, right?”

At Zhang Huo, Ke Zhong sees a Yang Guo look-alike doll and smiles unconsciously. Hahaha! The doll even has Yang Guo’s fly away hair.

He happily buys the doll and writes an honest note: “Yang Guo, like this doll, you brought a smile and a sensation of happiness in my life”. (Awwww… If only you started it right dude, I’ll surely cast you my vote).

Just then, he receives the dreadful phone call.

Recognizing who is on the other end of the line, Ke Zhong hesitantly to answer but picks up the phone anyways. Ke Zhong coldly tells Hui Fan that it’s best not to contact each other unless it’s something important. This time around, Hui Fan is serious in owning up the whole dilemma. She  says sorry for unintentionally revealing everything to Yang Guo. She adds that she tried to explain everything, that Ke Zhong is already in love with Yang Guo, but she won’t listen. Upon hearing the news, Ke Zhong rushes back to Taiwan. Ke Zhong tries to call Yang Guo but he can’t reach her. In voiceover he begs Yang Guo to let him clear things up. Sorry,  I’m afraid you’re too late.

Back at the Yang’s, Dad looks at the clock and when he sees it’s already  2:30 pm., he laughs secretly. Daddy Yang candidly declares that he’s proud to be Yu Ping’s father-in-law. Hahaha!

Yang Duo is maddened for the fact that Dad allows Yang Guo to spend the entire night with a guy and is not a bit worried about it. Dad argues that it’ll be best for Yang Guo to start a new romance so she’ll recover from the pain of a broken heart. Yang Duo counters that things might end up worst and Yang Guo may suffer from on bad romance to another. She continues it’s not that she has no faith in her boss’ ability to handle a relationship, but based upon how he easily replace Hui Fan who is a beautiful actress, there is no guarantee that he will cherish Yang Guo forever. This made Daddy Yang reconsider his thoughts.

At long last, Yu Ping and Yang Guo finished their eating escapade and went back home. Yang Guo’s mood is much much better now. She smiles and laughs for real! Yu Ping light-heartedly teases her that not only does she seems a bit more cheerful but also gotten a bit chubbier. Hahaha! And he touches  her “huge” belly. Hahaha! Aren’t Yu Ping being overly familiar?! Way to go!

The happy and blissful air suddenly evaporates as they see Ke Zhong waiting at the doorstep.

Ke Zhong walks toward Yu Ping and Yang Guo. Yu Ping goes in front of Yang Guo, as if protecting her from danger. Ke Zhong calmly asks Yu Ping to let Yang Guo talk to him in private. Yu Ping wouldn’t budge and sarcastically retorts “What is there left to say?”. Ke Zhong holds his ground and answers back: “Before we break up, I still have the right to explain”. Yu Ping’s temper blows out of proportion: “And you have the nerve to talk about rights? You don’t even have the right to see her!”. Ke Zhong is determined for his explanations to be heard, so he shoves Yu Ping aside and grabs Yang Guo. On impulse, Yu Ping gives him a punch on the face.

Ke Zhong is knocked on the ground with a cut on the lips. The fake blood seems a bit exaggerated. Hahaha. Yang Guo rushes to stop Yu Ping from doing more harm.

Yu Ping: Haven’t you hurt her enough? She sacrificed so much for your sake, and this is how you repay her? I didn’t know that my best friend could be a slime ball!

Ke Zhong is rather persistent and walks toward Yang Guo again.

Yu Ping tries to give him another beating, but Yang Guo reflexively prevents him from doing so and begs Ke Zhong to go away.

Daddy Yang and Yang Duo hears the commotion outside. Dad ticks off the two men and Yang Duo grudgingly tells Ke Zhong to leave.

To end the tension, Yang Guo agrees to have a word with Ke Zhong alone.

Inside, Daddy Yang worries that with Yang Guo’s compassionate nature, she may be tricked by Ke Zhong again. Yang Duo assures him that if they’ll just stare at them, he’ll be scared to try anything foolish. Yang Duo turns to Yu Ping, who is silently considering things through, and asks if he’s sure not to go outside and see what’s going on. Feeling down, Yu Ping sullenly replies: “Yang Guo was right. We are all outsiders. If she wants to talk things through with Ke Zhong I have no reason to go against that”.

Yu Ping! This is not the right time to be a gentleman! He bids his farewell and goes home with the kids.

Down with Love Episode 12 Recap


Yay! Another funny and exciting episode for DWL. Finally, THE KIDS ARE BACK! I really missed those adorable “little devils”. Romantic flares between Yu Ping and Yang Guo tremendously back flips in this episode. But then it’s okay, at least there is a huge progress in Yang Duo and Zhi Hao’s budding romance. Plus. The KID’S ARE BACK! Oh, I already said that. Hahaha!

Moving on…


At the office: Being absentminded, Yang Duo accidentally cuts the coupon she’s holding, of which she reacted clumsily. Right then Zhi Hao enters the scene. I didn’t summarize any of their conversation. Brace yourself for a long  verbatim dialogue ahead.

Zhi Hao: Ms. Yang do you have a spare time?

Yang Duo:  Can’t you see I’m busy?

Zhi Hao: When do you think you’ll have time to spare?

Yang Duo: Just wait until I die, I’ll have time to spare then!

Zhi Hao: What I meant was if you’d have some time to spare after work?

Yang Duo: Do I look like someone who might die after getting off work to you?

Zhi Hao: I didn’t mean that…or are you…after work?

Yang Duo: Get to the point!

Zhi Hao:  I have 2 complementary tickets…just wonedering if you’d like to come and watch the movie with me?

Yang Duo: You must have some grudge on me…I feel like throwing up every time I see a movie.

Zhi Hao: But this is free!

Yang Duo: Then you better give me the tickets and I’ll sell it then we’ll share the profit.

Zhi Hao:  No. How about lunch?

Yang Duo: Are you trying to suck up to me. Direct bribe is faster. Give me NT$200, we’ll call it quits.

Zhi Hao: You still need to eat. How about I give you money to eat lunch with me?

Yang Duo: At your age, you still can’t eat lunch.? Mr Liang, Taiwan is not as dangerous as HongKong . And in case something happens, boss will represent you on court.

Zhi Hao: Ms. Yang you misunderstood…What I was saying is…Could you go out with me?


Hahaha! And this is the part when the other staff comes tumbling down from shock and disbelief! Goodness! They were listening all along! Hahaha!

Meanwhile, Yang Guo is anxiously waiting for a text message from Yu Ping.  Mumbling her complaints, she decides to make the first move and send him a message. Just then, her phone rings. Thinking it’s from Yu Ping, she excitedly answers- only to find out that it’s from Hui Fan.

At the meeting place: Hui Fan speaks her apologies for disturbing Yang Guo. Yang Guo casually answers it wasn’t a big deal because they were friends. Hui Fan didn’t comment on the “being friends” part and fell silent. Yang Guo then offers to order for both of them. Hui Fan says she doesn’t want to eat because she’ll throw up anyway. This makes Yang Guo anxious. Duh! Hui Fan doesn’t need pity, she’s just fishing for pity ! Hui Fan frankly tells Yang Guo that she is the reason why her relationship with Yu Ping hits a bumpy ride! Oh my, what kind of logic is that! Blaming other people? Get it  straight girl, the guy doesn’t want you already!


Hui Fan: I never thought that I’ll beg you for help. Remember I asked you to take good care of Ke Zhong? It’s just that your method always require help from Yu Ping. He treats you as if he had responsibility towards you. He rushes to help whenever you’re in trouble.

Yang Guo defends she doesn’t also want Yu Ping’s help.

Hui Fan: I am not blaming you… but forgive me for being selfish. I can’t accept 3rd party in our relationship.

Feeling sympathetic towards Hui Fan’s ” self-centered dilemma”, Yang Guo offers help in resolving the issue.

Later, on  the way to Yu Ping’s office, Yang Guo  can’t help but think about her conversation with Hui Fan. She gathers up her wits and came up with Plan No. 1: rekindle Hui Fan and Yu Ping’s old flame by setting up a dinner date.

Along the way to the office, she shares an elevator ride with Zhi Hao who is holding a cactus. Yang Guo unintentionally pricks her finger as she and Zhi Hao pushed the  button at the same time. Zhi Hao says sorry and Yang Guo gladly accepts. Yang Guo then asks about the cactus. Zhi Hao answers “it is a gift. Cactus plants absorb radiation, thus, it helps improve the health of people who often  use computers”.

Yang Guo smiles kindly but in voice over she says: Hope you’re not going to give that to a girl! Hahaha!

So, that was how Yang Guo and Zhi Hao met. When Zhi Hao knew that Yang Guo is actually Yang Duo’s sister, he becomes overly accommodating and puts an effort to serve her coffee and fruits!

When Zhi Hao was busy preparing the snacks, Yang Guo had the time to chat with the other staff. She asks them why Zhi Hao’s accent is strange. They answer it’s because he comes from HongKong. They jokingly add that Zhi Hao is the saviour of all the men in the firm or rather the saviour of all men in the whole world! He may be energetic but he is a  fool to go after Yang Duo. Yang Guo is actually happy for her sister and smiles when she sees the cactus placed on her sister’s table. Aw! How sweet.


Yang Guo teases her sister about it, but immediately followed Yu Ping at his office when she sees him. She is on high verve and jests that her sister and Zhi Hao are very interesting. Yu Ping puts on a Noh mask (a Japanese expressionless mask) and asks her why she came. She timidly invites Yu Ping  for a double dinner date with her, Ke Zhong and of course, Hui Fan. Still acting distant, he answers that if that’s the only reason why she came, she shouldn’t have bothered because he decided that he will refuse to contact Hui Fan until she’s ready to understand that  they already broke up.

Yang Guo, however, refuses to abandon her promise and mutters to herself: “Hui Fan begged me to help her in this matter, I will not give up!”

Back at Yang household, Daddy Yang is busy reading Chinese horoscopes. Awhile later, Yang Guo comes home with Ke Zhong. However, Daddy Yang seems to be detached  and impassive. When Yang Guo attempted to offer Ke Zhong water to drink, he barred her saying  he already drank all the water. Yang Guo tries to serve up fruits instead, but Daddy Yang is really being such a meannie, and says she shouldn’t try to use the fruits because they’ll bring it to the graveyard.

Sensing the hostility in the air, Ke Zhong flashes an understanding smile and bids farewell. Yang Guo sets up on her hysterics right after Ke Zhong left. Dad casually  responds : ” why would I be nice when he isn’t being polite with you anyways”. Puzzled, Yang Guo asks why. Dad lovingly answers: “As a father, all I ask  is for my girls to marry good people. Someone with another girl on his heart is not what you need”. Yang Guo accuses him of eavesdropping. Dad doesn’t bother to defend himself and says: ” I’m not about to give my daughter as a second-hand dish just because I owe him a little money”. Yang Guo refuses to listen and denies  she is a “second-hand dish”. Changing the topic, Yang Guo excitedly relates the new-found discovery in her sisterlove life. Dad, however, finds it impossible to believe that someone is interested in Yang Duo. But Yang Guo insists and continues to blabber about the new lawyer, saying that the suitor is putting much effort when he learned she was Yang Duo’s sister.

Finally, Dad believes and eagerly offers a prayer for Yang Duo.  Dad is too happy that he suddenly decides to pray for Yang Duo’s success in marriage. Yang Guo, however, grumbles that Dad is being unfair, whining that dad is overly willing to marry her sister off without even knowing who the guy was but he is too rude and unreceptive towards Ke Zhong.

Dad patiently explains: “You’ve grown to a bit foolish so you’re easily tricked by others,your sister on the other hand likes to take advantage of people, so that means he can’t be that bad. So whoever comes along he’ll definitely be accepted. Hahaha! How funny for a father to talk negatively against his own daughter? Nice going Daddy Yang!



Yang Duo then comes right on cue. Yang Guo and  Dad smile mischievously and greet Yang Duo with enthusiasm. The comic Daddy-daughter  duo happily praises Yang Duo for having a suitor that gives off cactuses as a courting present. They even jointly commends the suitor for being really brave and strong since he has the guts to go after someone as tremendous and cunning as Yang Duo! Hahaha…from an outsider’s point-of-view this may sound as an insult. Yang Duo mockingly replies that they should also congratulate the guy for being able to withstand her bossy habits and ninja-like beatings. From which the comic duo cheers up  saying she’s speaking of him in such an unequivocal manner. Infuriated, Yang Duo shrieks “Nonsense!”, keeping Dad and Yang Guo from their squeals and thrills.

The two immediately shuts up but laughed silently after Yang Duo made her exit. They are indeed on high spirits and cheers:  “Well soon have good days! The tigress will be marrying off the family! CACTUS! Hahaha…this family is weird!


In the office, Yang Duo cheerfully makes a do-it-yourself card while baking some cookies using the oven toaster. Somehow, in this drama, Yang Guo gets paid without doing any official work. How lucky! 😀

She excitedly let Ke Zhong taste her hand-made cookies. Moved, KeZhong reminds her not to trouble herself cause he already knows she cares for him. She happily replies it’s okay, she only needs him to play critique whether the cookies taste good or not. Ke Zhong willingly complies saying, the cookies are good but a little burned. It’s not enough for Yang Guo, so she hurriedly went back to the mini-kitchen and re-works.

Alas! Bratty and immature Hui Fan appears. She asks Yang Guo about Yu Ping’s reaction. Yang Guo reluctantly answers he is still upset and assures the situation would get better with time as she’ll try her best to help. All the while, Ke Zhong looks worried.

Yang Guo encourages Hui Fan to write something on the do-it-yourself card. Yeah, the one of which Yang Guo diligently made. She says she’ll give the card to Yu Ping along with the hand-made cookies. She explains that  gifts make people polite and encourages Hui Fan to cheer up and do better  things together. So this is the Plan No.2:! Make cards and bake cookies, then let Hui Fan take all the credits! Oh please! Stop helping her Yang Guo. She’s just a devil in disguise!


Next scene: Yang Guo walks Hui Fan to the elevator. Before Hui Fan steps in, Yang Guo wishes her good luck. Hui Fan turns around, hugs Yang Guo and says: “I never thought that you will be the one helping me until the end”. Yeah right! Hui Fan you’re not asking for help you’re already manipulating the poor gal!

Yang Guo is moved and advises Hui Fan: “Pull yourself together, so your health will improve”. And with that they parted.

Totally aware of Hui Fan’s hidden agenda, Ke Zhong asks Yang Guo  if it is okay helping Hui Fan, since for him, it’s  just a waste of time. Yang Guo smiles and reasons out that it’s okay because Hui Fan is very pitiful, and she really needs help. Ke Zhong couldn’t help but just smile back.

Next Scene: Yang Guo carefully stacks the cookies in a cute  jar.


Next Next Scene: The cute jar is placed on Yu Ping’s table. He reads the card and throws it away like trash. Camera zooms on the card which reads: Hui Fan made this cookies herself.

Next Next Next Scene: Yu Ping eats his dinner alone. I wonder why he eats in the dark though. He receives a text message from Yang Guo that reads: Hui Fan wants to remind you to bring umbrella tomorrow coz it’s suppose to rain. So  this is  plan no.3: text Yu Ping to death under Hui Fan’s pretenses! Ha!

Yang Guo executes plan no. 4: Wait for hours outside Yu Ping’s house and be like the stalking Hui Fan. As she sees Yu Ping’s car, she casually  greets him. Yu Ping then wears the Noh mask the second time around and bluntly asks” What’s the matter?”. Yang Guo replies: “Nothing, its been a long time since I came to your house” and offers her services to fix anything broken. Yu Ping then rudely counters: “There’s nothing to fix, I always throw broken things”. Still refusing to give in, Yang Guo continues that he should let her take a look at it first before throwing. Yu Ping feigns annoyance and asks heartlessly: “Aren’t you worrying too much?”


Offended and hurt, Yang Guo voices out her concerns.

Yang Guo: Why are you being like this? It seems you haven’t learnt what it means to be frugal the way you waste too much. But that’s right! If you don’t treasure things like feelings, why would you treasure anything else.

After saying her piece, she walks away but Yu Ping runs after her, grabs  her, turns her around and the two delivers chunks of emotional outbursts.

Yu Ping: You’re talking to me about feelings? Can you take back feelings? You might be able to do it, but I can’t.  Sorry! And one more thing.. you can’t even begin to understand my relationship with Hui Fan so could you please stop interfering.
Yang Guo: Fine! All you need to do is say that ‘I’m a busybody, there was no need for you to be so mean. I only did it cause I want you to be happy too. Why can’t you understand my feeling?
Yu Ping: You are the one who don’t understand my feelings!  Just worry about your own happiness from now on and… Stay away from me.

WHew!!! That is pretty intense.


On the comic side: Yu Ping drives his car inside the house, leaving the angry Yang Guo behind. He sits at the table, looks at the cookie jar and get on with the funny “talking-with-camera” dialogues. This kind of scenes happen frequently throughout the drama. Hehehe…nice…nice!

Yu Ping: Who else other than you could have baked this many cookies, you idiot!  How do you expect me to believe that Hui Fan made this herself! The sad thing is would I have still received this present from you if it hadn’t been for Hui Fan?

Then, he roaaaars!  Yeah, literally roars at the camera and eats the cookie with a heavy heart. After some time, he walks to and fro. I think he’s thinking. 🙂 He calls Hui Fan after.

At Yu Ping’s office: Hui Fan waits for Yu Ping. This time she’s feeling good vibes. Her eagerness, somehow, shows. I can’t blame her though, it was the first time after the break-up that Yu Ping called her. Hmmm, something’s not right!

And I’m right! Yu Ping didn’t call her to reconcile. He called to set things straight. Dude, how many times do you have to tell this brat to stop! Is it possible that her brains are already clogged up?

Yu Ping: Can we stop wasting time? We just can’t go back to the things were. And no matter who you use to try to convince me, it’ll still be impossible.

Hui Fans  seems to have developed an instant hearing-problem and continues digging for the sandwich she prepared. She offers some for Yu Ping but the later refuses.

Yu Ping: Hui Fan,  can we stop involving other people in our problem. When you asked Ke Zhong to try to convince me before, I couldn’t say anything coz you guys are old friends. But now don’t you think is going a bit overboard to go after Yang Guo? Trying to use her kindness to help you do all this? I never thought that you were the kind of person who would do anything to get what you wanted. In any case, I hope this is the last time we ever talk about this matter. Because no matter who you ask or who you call, it just won’t work”.

All the while, Hui Fan keeps on eating the freaking sandwich! Why don’t you just shove it down you throat? ” Who says it won’t work? You called me right?”
Desperately, Yu Ping begs Hui Fan to stop being immature.

Hui Fan, seems to be officially deaf and chews on the sandwich… and then she chokes!  Hahahaha.. serves you right! I’m so loving the sandwich right now! Moving on, yes, she chokes and everybody panics. Duh! She just choked for Pete’s sake!

Media men crowds the hospital. I wonder if they’ll be making a buzz if they knew, Hui Fan just choked herself?! So, Hui Fan’s manager gives a scripted explaination on why Hui Fan was brought to the hospital. Saying things like her talent is just visiting the hospital for an over-all physical check-up, blah blah blah.

When they were alone, Yu Ping explains that Hui Fan was suffers from depression and eating disorder. I still believe she just choked! The Manager then blames Yu Ping for everything, saying Hui Fan is lying half-dead because of him. Is it only me or this manager is being such a b****?!

Feeling guilty, Yu Ping takes care of Hui Fan.  The manager’s harsh words keep on boggling his mind as he watch Hui Fan sleep. Right on cue, Hui Fan wakes up. Yu Ping cordially advises that she should take more rest. Hui Fan is nothing short of stunned, rendering her speechless. Yu Ping asks her what’s wrong. She answers she’s just happy seeing his concerns. She holds his hand and says she misses the “old” him. Clearly, she feels optimistic about the sudden change in Yu Ping. Yu Ping just gave forced, half-hearted smile.

Yang Guo calls Yu Ping to know any developments in Hui Fan’s health. Yu Ping coldly answers her that  Hui Fan needs a long rest and his taking care of her in his house. Yang Guo asks if that means their back together again.  Disappointed, Yu Ping asks her back if that’s just the reason why she called him. In a wounded voice he adds: Isn’t that what you wanted? And ends the call.


Alone, Yang Guo mutters sadly to herself: “That’s right. This was the ending I wanted. Now, you are happy. I am happy. Everybody is happy. Isn’t that really nice?”

Yang Duo and Zhi Hao time! I’m loving this cute couple so much!

At the office, the other staff were lazing around, letting Zhi Hao do all the work! Poor dear. Yang Duo sees all these and asks him how can a good person like him be a lawyer. Zhi Hao smiles timidly. When Zhi Hao left for home, Yang Duo murmurs: It has only been two weeks and he has already given up. Well, at least he got the message. Yay! someone’s breaking down her walls. 😀

But wait! There’s more Yang Duo-Zhi Hao moments!

Riding  his motorcycle, Zhi Hao offers Yang Duo  a ride home. Yang Duo refuses and reasons  she doesn’t want to take advantage of him. Zhi Hao contradicts, saying the  ride is definitely not for free! He gives her detailed computation of her daily fare which amounted to NT$76. He then draws her in by charging her NT$40 for the ride. So, with a little math, she’ll eventually save NT$36 everday! Hahaha… You’re such a genius Zhi Hao! Of course, the frugal, penny-wise Yang Duo grabs the opportunity. Success!

On the way home, Yang Guo relates to Ke Zhong how she gave Yu Ping a rap on the knuckles for being a cold-hearted, heartless opinionated lawyer. Hearing the almost unbelievable story, Ke Zhong laughs admiringly.Yang Guo continues that although she initially thought Yu Ping is cold-hearted and rude, it took her awhile to discover that deep down he really is a considerate person. Ke Zhong seemed troubled with the revelation. He is about to ask something but Yang Guo cuts him off as she excitedly went down the car when she sees  Yang Duo and the cute lawyer Zhi Hao!

Yang Guo cheerfully greets her sister with enthusiasm. Ke Zhong joins the fun and teases Yang Duo for getting herself a boyfriend. Yang Duo furiously refutes, spelling out that Zhi Hao is just a new collegue who happens to give her a ride. Zhi Hao, however, insists on collecting the NT$40 charge. Eager to get rid of Zhi Hao’s presence, Yang Duo droves him away  saying she’ll pay him tomorrow.

Yang Guo is being adamant on inviting Zhi Hao inside the house, draging him by the arms. Yang Duo wouldn’t be persuaded and pulls Zhi Hao’s other arm. The two sisters makes a human tug-of-war out of Zhi Hao, pulling him back and forth.


The situation is getting a little out hand, so Yang Guo calls out Dad for help. Witnessing the wacky scene, he asks what’s going on. Yang Guo shouts Cactus! Dad gets the idea Cactus! Hahaha… Dad and Yang Guo nicknamed Zhi Hao Cactus!  He eagerly bids Zhi Hao to come inside. However, Zhi Hao declines. Yang Duo’s temper is running rather short as she deafeningly shouted: I SAID STAY! Hahaha… This scare the hell out of Zhi Hao, and he obediently walks inside. Yang Guo invites Ke Zhong as well. All of them went inside, except for Yang Duo who childishly stomps her feet on the ground: Hey! “How come no one is asking for may opinion!”

Inside, all of them are gathers on the table as Dad serves ginger clamp soup. Dad tells  Zhi Hao to remember that ginger clamp soup is Yang Duo’s favorite dish. Hahaha…oh dad! He’s really  serious in marrying Yang Duo off.

Ke Zhong notices Zhi Hao’s weird accent, so he asks if Zhi Hao is from HongKong. When Zhi Hao confirms, Dad interjects that HongKong is great! The products are good and the food are fresh. The best place for Yang Duo! Another hint of the eagerness to tie the knots for Yang Duo. Yang Duo goes gaga and warns Dad to stop the nonsense!

Yang Guo continues the conversation and asks Zhi Hao if he has other siblings. Zhi Hao answers he is the only child. Again, Dad remarks that only children are usually very responsible and obedient and is very suitable. Hahaha… another hint!Yang Duo again warns him.

Now it’s Ke Zhongs turn, he asks if Zhi Hao has a girlfriend. Zhi Hao readily says he has none. Dad butts in again saying that’s good because Yang Duo also has no boyfriend. Yang Duo reaches her limit and declares she’ll throw Zhi Hao out if they continue rubbing on the subject. The rest of the gang, concedes to chage the subject.

With Yang Guo’s insinuation, Ke Zhong asks Yang Duo about Yu Ping. Yang Duo makes an unclear answer saying she doesn’t know but he has been staying at the office alone, working late just to take care of Hui Fan. This gets Yang Guo anxious, worrying Yu Ping’s about gastric problems. She adds that she wanted to call but she is afraid to bother them.

Daddy Yang then turns his attention towards Ke Zhong and asks about his extremely close relationship with Hui Fan. Now, it’s Yang Guo’s time to warn dad. Ke Zhong answers that Yu Ping, Hui Fan and him are classmates so naturally, they are close  friends for many years. Dad redirects the question to Zhi Hao: “Mr. Liang, you wouldn’t happen to have a female friend with whom you’ve been friends for many years, would you?” And the two sisters shouts a thunderous: “DAD!”

Now, Hui Fan visits her doctor for a check-up and drug prescription. The manager and Yu Ping are there as well. Privately, Yu Ping asks the doctor when will Hui Fan recover. The doctor answers it can’t be determined because recovery period for anorexia defer from person to person. And though Hui Fan seems to improve a bit, keeping her emotion is still of utmost important.

Outside, Hui Fan instructs her manager to arrange simple jobs for her since she’s getting bored doing nothing.When  he manager left, Yu Ping invites Hui Fan for a walk. The thing is the invitation is more like a courtesy- some kindness that must be done for a “sick” person.

Clearly, Hui Fan is the only one enjoying the walk. They pass by the basketball court where Ke Zhong and Yu Ping usually play and they reminisce the good all days. Hui Fan suddenly holds Yu Pings hand and lays her head on his shoulders. Feeling uncomfortable, Yu Ping shakes off her grip. It’s a rather blunt reaction but girl you can’t really blame the guy! Just consider he is just forcing himself into this facade for your sake! Hui Fan is hurt but still says she is happy that Yu Ping is thoughtfully caring for her. Yeah, that’s right you should be thankful and just walk away already will yah!

Meanwhile, Ke Zhong and Yang Guo just came from an official business deal at Ke Zhong’s former university. Ke Zhong keeps on laughing and teasing Yang Guo for her unusual outfi. Finally! I came to see Yang Guo wear an office attire!


Just by luck, Ke Zhong and Yang Duo accidentally meets up with Yu Ping and Hui Fan. This scene is kinda awkward! They are actually talking almost 5 meters away! The tension is building up for Yu Ping and Yang Guo. Even Ke Zhong feels a little disturbed. And somehow, only Hui Fan doesn’t feel anything! Hui Fan invites them for lunch but Yu Ping is clearly not into the idea. So, the two couples went their separate ways.

As Yu Ping walks away, he wretchely says in voiceover:

Yu Ping: From now on, we need to be like two paralled lines so that we won’t have to cross each other’s path again.

Aw…how heartbreaking! Huhuhu… Next?! Series of flashbacks for Yu Ping!

Next day, Ke Zhong packs for Hang Zhuo to check on his project there. Yang Guo is being hyped up and reminds him not to forget about the dozens of presents she prepared for everybody!Yang Guo walks him off. She even carries the bag for him! What is she really? A porter?

Yang Guo chatters all the while, keeping Ke Zhong reminded that is his mom asks if she was practicing her manners and training, he must say he is. Ke Zhong asks if she really was practicing, Yang Guo honestly says she hasn’t but because she keeps on dreaming about his mom’s training, it’s just like doing it for real. She even wakes up covered with sweat just because of the dream. Hahaha!

When Ke Zhong left, Yang Guo cheers herself up: Yang Guo, you are on the climax both your romantic life and  career! You grab a hold of it, you hear?… But how come I’m feeling a bit unsteady then? (oh! I know! I know! :D)

Just then Zhi Hao came looking for her. He actually wants to solicite advice from Yang Guo on how she persuaded her boyfriends heart.Yang Guo shyly corrects him, saying Ke  Zhong liked her first so he was the one who courted her. Haha! He changes the question, and asks her how Ke Zhong managed to move her heart instead. Yang Guo suspiciously asks if he is sincere. He energetically swears yes! And Yang Guo whispers something in his ears. It’s a secret.

Dad-Yang Guo bonding time!!! At home, Dad and Yang Guo is having a not so serious talk about Yang Duo’s love life. Dad asks: “You want your sister to fall in love with that cactus guy? Yang Guo answers: “That’s right! And if he aims for everything that she likes, it’s bound to work! And they both laugh cunningly. Dad asks again: But aiming for what she like is hard, do you even know what she likes? Yang Guo instantly answers: “Money!” Dad is a little hesitant about it: “Oh, please! everyone in Taiwan knows she likes money! How about anything else? “Yang Guo thinks. She gets a book and shows it to Dad. “This is sister’s favourite book, the answer must be found here”. Yang Guo flips the pages and finds a calling card with a name that reads “Lawrence”- Ke Zhong’s English name. The same name is written on the back of the book. Oh snap! What of she finds out that Ke Zhong is her sister’s dream guy?! Thankfully, before she discovers anything else, she gets a frenzied call from Ling Ling.

LingLing’s hysterics came from the fact that she saw Xiao Lei cheating on her. Yang Guo tries to comfort LingLing, saying that Xiao Lei is not the kind who can cheat on her. But LingLing refuses to listen and decides to erase the couple’s tattoo she had.

Getting rid of tattoo’s isn’t a simple thing, so LingLing ends up complaining how it hurts. Yang Guo unsympathetically blames her for the pain because she did it to herself! LingLing reasons out that she did it for love. But knowing she was cheated, it made her sad, realizing that all the happiness was fake. Yang Guo consoles not all men are like Xiao Lei. But LingLing is still bitter and says 9.5 of 10 men are just the same.

On the way home, Yang Guo keeps on thinking about what LingLing said. She gets a little scared when she thought that Ke Zhong might be cheating on her too! Then a blissful call came…the children are back! Yeepee!



Such a happy reunion for the kids and Yang Guo. The kids are really adorable. Cute kids! They excitedly  greet Yang Guo. And from their interaction, the kids really missed Yang Guo a lot. The little girl even complains that her brother always annoyingly looks for Yang Guo. It was kinda cute when the children eagerly wants to taste Yang Guo’s home-cooked meals. Yu Ping just smiles behind the scene. While Hui Fan enviously looks at the happy trio.

I love the next scene! Yay! And I really really love the kids!

Everybody gathers up for lunch. Hui Fan starts a conversation, asking Yang Guo when Ke Zhong will be back. Yang Guo replies he’ll be staying there for a few more  days. Hui Fan requested Yang Guo to give her a call when Ke Zhong comes. And Yang Guo willingly agrees.

Little girl notices that Hui Fan isn’t eating, so asks quite frankly if Hui Fan doesn’t like Yang Guo’s cooking. Of course, Hui Fan clarifies it’s not the case. Yu Ping graciously explain that Hui Fan is not feeling well so she doesn’t eat much. Yang Guo offers to cook porridge for Hui Fan, but she says she’s not hungry and unnecessarily adds Yu Ping cooks porridge for her all the time.

Hui Fan wants to get the kid’s good side so she tries to bribe them with white chocolate. But oh! The kids are really sharp and brutally frank as well!

Yu Ting: Is white chocolate better than regular chocolate?

Yu Fei: Who knows but that’s the kind that couples eat. Do you know what a couple is? They are two people who are lovey-dovey with each other, so I don’t want to eat it.

Hahaha! And the kids act as if disgusted. Hui Fan feels insulted and bids to rest. Yang Guo reprimands the kids for being rude. But I can’t really blame the kids. They’re kids. Hahaha!

So, with Hui Fan out-of-the-way, the kids plan to spend quality time with Yang Guo and Yu Ping by playing computers. They even fight who they’re teaming with but Yu Ping ruins the mood, saying he has some work to do so he can’t play with them. As he walks away, Yang Guo thinks to herself: “Why do I feel like I’m growing away from Xiang Da Ge (Yu Ping)? Is he pulling away on purpose. Never mind. This is also good”.

Later that night, Yang Guo prepares the children to sleep. Yu Fei asks her then why Hui Fan is at her uncle’s house. Yang Guo asks: “Didn’t your uncle tell you”. Harsh as ever, Yu Fei replies: “Yes, he said she is sick. But she looks fine to me. How is she sick”. Yang Guo cautiously answers: “You’re aunt has a disease that grown ups get. And you have to look very closely in order to tell. So she needs someone to really take care of her in order to get better and that’s why your uncle needs to look after her for now”. Yu Fei casually asks again:” And how long will that take? And besides, why does she stay here?”. Yu Ting butts in: “That’s right! Can’t she take care of herself. I don’t like her”.

Yang Guo tries to persuade the children into liking Hui Fan. She kindly scolds them that they should be treating Hui Fan badly because she loves them. She even gives them chocolate. The children are still unconvinced. Yang Guo warns the children not to talk about those things when in front of Hui Fan. Yu Fei just sighed.

The ever observant Yu Fei then wonders why everybody keeps on asking Yang Guo about Ke Zhong. She accusingly remarks that the two are dating. Yang Guo brushes the topic off, saying Yu Fei shouldn’t be bothered with adult matters and thus, confirming the relationship between them. The little girl reacts violently:”But why? I thoughtyou’d be with my uncle? And Yu Ting sweetly adds: “That’s right,I’d really like you to be with my uncle. Or I could always marry you when I get older so that we can be together then”. Aw, so sweet, isn’t he?

Yang Guo laughs at the thought. But Yu Ting insists that he really doesn’t like Hui Fan. And Yu Fei, seconds the motion. Hui Fan overhears the conversation. Yang Guo feels guilty. Remember, they’re just kids. And it’s Hui Fan’s fault for bringing extra blankets. Nobody wants her to do that! If she just stayed on her room, then she wouldn’t have heard it! But it’s okay. I still find it pleasure in seeing her hurt. Nyahaha!

Yang Duo-Yang Guo bonding time! The sisters name are confusing me already! Anyway, so it’s bonding time for the sisters. Yang Guo tells her about the awkward scene with the kids and Hui Fan. She kinda owns up the fault for hurting Hui Fan. Yang Duo scolds her for taking responsibility for everything all the time! Yang Guo reasons she’s just talking about a teeny-tiny bit of responsibility to get the kids and Hui Fan closer. Yang Guo gets ridiculously smarter as she explains further that if the kids love Hui Fan,  eventually her health will improve, and then Yu Ping will not have a reason to pile a bunch of work for Yang Duo, making her sister’s life easier!

Yang Duo is a lot smarter though, she disagrees with Yang Guo’s crooked reasons.”Those 2 kids Met Hui Fan long before they met you. The word “hate” is already implanted in their head a long time ago, so what could you do about it?”. Still determined, Yang Guo bites back:”Well, you can’t put it that way. Those two little devils hated me at first too. You even helped in negotiating  with them, have you forgotten already? Yang Duo admits defeat:”Whatever! never mind. You just love meddling with other people’s business”. Yang Guo changes the topic then and teases her sister about lawyer Liang. Hahaha! And so Yang Guo receives a sisterly beating from Yang Duo.

Yu Ping reluctantly calls Yang Guo. He politely asks her if she could accompany the kids the next day because he’ll be taking Hui Fan for a photo shoot. Yang Guo agrees and when the line was cut she mutters: “Did you have to be so polite?”.

That ends Episode 12. I’ve been working with Episode 13. Hopefully, I can post it tonigh. 🙂 Fighting!

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