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Summer’s Desire Episode 12

~This would have made a lot of sense if only Ou Chen was awake!~

Well, there were many minor loopholes in this episode. But it’s okay, since there were many Awww-moments as well. My only major disappointment however is that this drama is nearly coming to its end. If I’m correct, 2 more episodes and we’ll have our bittersweet ending. *Sighs…but happy*

Before we continue, WARNING: Parental Guidance is advised! Haha!

Episode 12 Recap

After a long and thorough push, Ou Chen finally gains  Xiao Cheng’s consent to  undergo surgery. When Ou Chen left (without even saying a word again!), Xiao Cheng stares at the divorce papers and thinks to himself: “Ou Chen Ge, you really love sister right?”

I don’t know what happened, but Luo Xi is out of coma! Physically weak and hopelessly drained, Luo Xi thinks about Xia Mo’s brutal words and wishes with all his heart to die that very instant. Pal, I know it hurts, but suicide is really NOT the best way to deal with heartaches.

On the other room, Xia Mo still lies unconscious. The donor (Ou Chen) and his recipient (Xiao Cheng) bids their “courtesies” before the surgery. Ou Chen sweetly takes Xia Mo’s hand under the blanket and promises that the surgery will go just fine. Then, they both leave Xia Mo to Zhen En’s care.

Though it may sound impossible, but Shen Qiang finds some decency to tell Luo Xi the truth. She relays that Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng went to visit him and the marriage was all just a deal. In exchange of a kidney, Xia Mo agreed to marry Ou Chen. And then, Luo Xi goes crazy! He painfully removes all the tubes (or whatsoever doctors call it) and tries to go to the Operating Room. To stop the surgery maybe?

He was still flimsy and brittle, so he ends up slumping down the floor. No matter how Jenny and Shen Qiang tries to stop him, he just stubbornly waggle himself out of the room. In the end, Shen Qiang could only agree to take him to the O.R. herself.

The operation has begun and it seems that Xiao Cheng might not be doing too well. Zhen En cannot just stay where she was and went to pry about the operation. When she was away, Xia Mo wakes up. Somehow, Xia Mo knows about the surgery and goes directly to the Operating Room. She was sleeping all those times, so why the hell would she know that they are in the O.R.? Why-oh-why?

She sees Zhen En crying and immediately presumes that something bad happened. Thankfully, Zhen En is only having her over-reactive emotional outburst! Argg, I don’t really hate Zhen En, but all her bleating is just freakin’ annoying! Just as Ou Chen promised, the operation went well and Xiao Cheng successfully passed the critical point. Ou Chen is the first to come out of the room. And just in time, Luo Xi sees Xia Mo worriedly walking the operated Ou Chen to his private room.

And next is one of the saddest scenes in the entire drama. Luo Xi extends his hand, hoping to get Xia Mo’s attention, but Xia Mo is too preoccupied and didn’t notice him at all. As always, the suppressed tears are just too heartbreaking!

It sure took Xia Ge a shorter period of time to comprehend things, as he solved the puzzle and figures that Xiao Cheng is also his son. Xia Mo takes things as calm as ever though and guarantees that he shouldn’t be worrying about it too much since all is in the past. Xia Ge can only offer some long overdue paternal assistance. When Xia Mo walks off to check on Xiao Cheng, Xia Ge enters Ou Chen’s room and looks apologetically at his son (Ou Chen).

Finally, Xia Mo notices Luo Xi waiting outside the O.R. Their eyes locked and a moment of silence passed. Shen Qiang tries to push Luo Xi’s wheel chair away, but he stops her. Zhen En then offers to take care of Xiao Cheng and let Xia Mo talk things through with Luo Xi. Luo Xi flashes a hopeful smile, but Xia Mo crushes that little spur of hope with a simple “No need” and walks off.

Looking at the soundly sleeping Xiao Cheng, it’s as if  Xia Mo has been relieved from the heaviest of yokes. Originally she thought that nothing favorable will happen and never did she expected that the operation will go on smoothly. She has nothing to ask for now.  Xia Mo sees Zhen En drowsing off, so she tries to send her home. With them gone,  Xia Ge takes a look at his other son (Xiao Cheng). Outside the room,  he sheds some tears for his two sons who will never know the truth.

After paying his obligatory visit to his biological sons, Xia Ge passes by Luo Xi’s room. Shen Qiang is a tad angry that he came way too  late to see Luo Xi.  Xia Ge reasons that he visited two of his “friends” first. Shen Qiang is appalled. Are the two friends more important than Luo Xi? Xia Ge regretfully replies that yes, the three of them are equally important in his heart. But Shen Qiang is more observant than we thought. She continues to remark that something is wrong with Xia Ge lately. He doesn’t look  at Luo  Xi as warm as before. Xia Ge answers that he’s just exhausted and walks towards Luo Xi.

The next morning, Zhen En is pretty hyped up. She decided to document the successful surgery and finds out that Young Master is not in his room. She  loudly looks for Xia Mo, but instead she finds the most Aww-moment ever! The new couple sleeps side by side, while Xia Mo holds Ou Chen’s hand.

Meanwhile, Luo Xi is still gloomy and depressed. Well, I think it’s more like paranoid. He’s totally trapped in his own little world. He only plays the piano all by himself  and doesn’t bother to talk. Shen Qiang can only sadly lay her head at his back for some comfort.

Shen Qiang(In voice over): Can  you please be not like this? So many people love you. Why can’t you think it through?

At the hospital, Xia Mo catches Ou Chen getting dressed. She sees the surgical wound and worriedly asks if it hurts. Ou Chen frankly says it does. And Xia Mo unexpectedly asks again  of what could she possibly do so it won’t hurt as much. Then Ou Chen slowly hugs her. Ou Chen: If it’s like this…it won’t hurt.”

At home, Ou Chen is quite disturbed when he sees the servants busily setting picnic tables. He irritably asks what’s going on, and when one maid answered that Xia Mo instructs them to set these things up, he was relieved and let them work. Xia Mo overhears his near flare-up and asks if he’s not asking her why. Ou Chen smiles and answers that as long as she likes it, then he’s happy.

All those preparations was all because Xia Mo cooked pigeon soup for Ou Chen and Xia Cheng.  However, she’s a bit apprehensive about the soup’s “taste value” since it wasn’t cooked using the clay pot at their old home. Xiao Cheng kindly differs, saying it’s already tasty as it is and jokes about her sister’s excessive nutritional perfectionism. She may even pass as a nutritionist now. Xia Mo plays along and agrees that she indeed wants to be an exceptional nutritionist to take better care of them.

He then asks if she’s quitting showbiz, and Xiao Mo happily replies that she is. She’s quite happy to be with them everyday. Ou Chen just listens to their conversation, a smile plastered on his face. In a moment, he wonders: If Xia Mo reads those divorce papers, will she still say these words?”  Of course, she would! Why wouldn’t she?!

Meanwhile, Luo Xi eats heartily at home. Of course with the presence of Shen Qiang. However, he seems too oblivious of her. She’s like a ghost, invisible and seemingly nonexistent. She can’t take the obvious rejection though and asks if he has  really nothing to say to her.  And as a straightforward disregard, he just smiles and continue eating. Feeling rather insulted, Shen Qiang walks out.

Ou Chen is out of his mind, as he gave Zhen En a job.  Dude, Zhen En is a nice friend, but as an employee? Well, I think she’s bad investment. Sorry, you may find me cruel, but she can’t even handle Xia Mo’s career well!

Ranting aside, since Xia Mo won’t be working in showbiz anymore, he takes it upon himself to provide Zhen En with a new job. Zhen En is shocked that Ou Chen remembers a nobody like her. And her bubbly attitude takes some action, as she gets “too” chummy and remarks openly that Ou Chen changed. Before, whenever he’s around, she always felt like walking in a landmine. She teases him further on that maybe it’s because he finds living with Xia Mo really…really great. Haha! Ou Chen is cutely embarrassed but he won’t just admit it, would he? And he shuts her up with his  infamous death glare. Haha! When Zhen En left, Ou Chen smiles by himself.

Zhen En happily relays the good news to Xiao Mo. And for once, Zhen En did a nice job of acquiring a letter from Xi Meng, which she believed would build a stronger relationship between the new couple. Along with the letter is the key to Yin Xia’s studio. And the story about the green lace unfolds.

Meanwhile, Ou Chen is on the way home. But then, he remembers the clay pot at Xia Mo’s old place and decides to take a quick detour. And there, an unexpected “ex-rival” awaits.

Dun..dun..dun… the face-off.

Without beating around the bush, Luo Xi bluntly expresses his anger, saying if  only it weren’t for Ou Chen’s surgery, he would have punched Ou Chen in the face. He used to think that though Ou Chen’s actions were overbearing at least he was fair. He didn’t think that Ou Chen would use vile means to get Xia Mo.

But Ou Chen is quick to retort. Luo Xi thinks he’s shameless? Didn’t he  try to commit suicide to threaten Xia Mo? Well, that proves Luo Xi’s just as wicked. Besides, Luo Xi is wrong to think he’ll play fair.  As long as he’s with Xia Mo, he wouldn’t care if the method is over and above despicable. And to agitate Luo Xi some more, Ou Chen confesses that all the things he told during the “Battle Flags'” were just lies. Xia Mo didn’t promise him anything, it was Luo Xi who didn’t believe her.

Now, Luo Xi snaps. He gives Ou Chen a full swing punch. In anger, he spouts that Xia Mo doesn’t love Ou Chen. She never did and never will. But Ou Chen won’t be barred. Ou Chen scoffs that with Luo Xi’s emotional state, Xia Mo can’t endure him much longer. Luo Xi can only give her sadness.  He already lost the ability to love ever since he was abandoned by his mother. His heart was already dead. Besides sadness, what could he give her? Ou Chen knows his methods were unfair but at least he gave her the most needed kidney. Now calmed, Luo Xi concludes that what Ou Chen had said was all just excuses. Even if he does everything perfectly, Ou Chen would still find  a way to drag Xia Mo out of his grasps.

Ou Chen: Yes. Only I can protect her. Only I can give her happiness.

Luo Xi: Then…you think she’s happy now? Since young, Xia Mo has the ability to hide her feelings. The marriage was nothing but an act.  She treats you well? It’s only because she owes you. Because you gave that kidney, she thinks she needs to repay you. But, how can this count as real happiness?

Ou Chen: If  she’s not happy, I’ll give her another chance to choose.

Meanwhile, Xia Mo is bound to fulfill her new-found mission:  get Yin Xia’s (Ou Chen’s mom) portrait in the studio, thinking it would benefit Ou Chen. While she was looking at the pictures, Xi Meng’s voice over is played. He says sorry for what he’s done to Ou Chen. What he did is beyond repair and begs Xia Mo to save Ou Chen from his tragic fate.

It seems that Xia Mo has other plans in mind. She invited Xia Ge. And there, he confessed that Ou Chen is also his son. Xia Mo isn’t surprised. She was already suspicious when Ou Chen’s blood type proves to be a perfect match for Xiao Cheng. Just that she didn’t expect they are really brothers. She then offers to make some arrangements for the father and son. But Xia Ge politely declines.  He feels  sorry for Ou Chen and Xiao Cheng and he doesn’t have the right to be their father.  And so, to keep Xia Ge’s guilty heart at ease, she promises to take good care of them and hands in a duplicate key to the studio.

Bound to go home, Ou Chen mulls over on what Luo Xi said. And Luo Xi does the same.

Luo Xi: It was I who pushed you away. It was I, who using my own hands , destroyed our happiness.

Undoubtedly, Xia Mo is moved to see the clay pot along with the kitchen wares.  She looks for Ou Chen and smiles when she sees him reading some paper works. She grabs the documents out of his hand and offers him dinner.

But still, Luo Xi’s words kept hunting him. To confirm his doubts, he asks if  she doesn’t hate him  for forcing her to marry him. He demands to know what she really feels coz she appears to be too uncaring. Xia Mo smiles and says she’s not angry at all, but rather grateful that he saved Xiao Cheng. Ou Chen is clearly disappointed. So, it’s true. She’s only grateful? But all her pretensions isn’t doing him any good.  Her actions only makes him feel more he uneasy.

Xia Mo insists that she is indeed happy. Ever since she was twelve, so many things happened. And she made it through because he was always there. He understood. She doesn’t need to act happy in front of him.  On the contrary, she was always unaware of his affairs, even his work and family. Ou Chen is  shocked that she mentioned such a thing. And Xia Mo admits that Xi Meng told her his story, even the secret about  his parents.

Ou Chen is rather offended. He doesn’t need sympathy. And Xia Mo asserts that she’s not feeling sympathetic towards him at all. She just wants to tell him that though she  may not understand everything, at least she empathize with his feelings. They may have different story,  but they are both deprived of parental love.

Xia Mo: Our fate was all arranged. Lonely. Unsure. But all these have already passed. Now, we have each other. In the future, no matter what situation, we must face it together and overcome it. Find a solution together. We will always be one family.

Ou Chen: If we will no longer be a family, will you treat me like this?

Xia Mo: What are you talking about? I won’t let this family fall apart. We are already a family, so we must be happy. Okay?

Ou Chen concedes. Then Xia Mo shows him his mom’s picture, displayed at living room. She’s somehow proud of what she did. She comments that they really think alike. He gets her the clay pot, and she brings him the picture. All these while, Ou Chen remains silent. He looks at the picture with so much yearning that Xia Mo assumes it upsets him and suggests that she take it away.

Ou Chen: No. Her blood flows in my body. I’m just like her. If I can’t be with the one I love, I would also rather die. *Please not another suicidal!*

It’s cute how the “half-brothers” drink their medicines in synchrony. Xiao Cheng notices that he and Ou Chen Ge already have many things in common. Xia Mo cheerfully agrees.  And then the shocking news.

Luo Xi is backing out from showbiz. According to reports, since Xia Mo’s marriage, Luo Xi wasn’t able to land on new project offers. His manager then decides that the actor will lie low for a while. He is still not feeling well after the “accident” and will be back in three years. In a flash, Xia Mo reacted quite perturbed, and it didn’t escape Ou Chen, who intently waits to see her reactions. She immediately hides her feelings, smiles and volunteers to cut some fruits.

I don’t know where Zhen En came from, but she suddenly runs towards Xia Mo and informs her that Luo Xi will be leaving the country soon. We know that already! A farewell party will be held for him. Zhen En advises that he since Luo Xi still hasn’t able to forget Xia Mo, it may help that she talks with him to pull himself together. But Xia Mo cuts her off, saying that someday he will forget about her. Right now, all she has to do is stay away from him. And like all classic romance dramas, Ou Chen overhears again.

In a bar somewhere in Taiwan, Shen Qiang is drowning herself with liquor. She’s being accompanied by Xia Ge, who can only look at her in disgust worriedly. Luo Xi finds her in that horrible state and snatches the liquor away from her. Xia Ge reminds that she needs to take it easy and be more mature. And then,  all hell breaks loose.  All emotions explodes.

It hurts to admit that all these time she can only stand invisible between Luo Xi and Xia Mo. She can’t even set a tantrum. Xia Ge continues to reprimand that she calm down. But how can she calm down now. She turns a blind eye, knowing that Luo Xi only used her to agitate Xia Mo. She even begged Xia Mo to stay by his side just for him. And it’s quite understandable that she hates him to death. She walks out again. It’s funny that when she throws a feat, nobody cares. Not Xia Ge or Luo Xi. Not even me!

The next day, Luo Xi prepares to leave. But the preparation isn’t complete without him remembering the good old times again, as he looks at the lovey dove pics he had with Xia Mo.

Meanwhile, Xia Mo is busy being the doting sister and wife. She receives a text message, reminding her of Luo Xi’s farewell party. Just then, Xiao Cheng comes by and asks if she’ll attend the said gathering. Xia Mo deletes the message and says she won’t. And to fill up their schedule, Xiao Cheng recommends to watch some DVD’s. Ou Chen suddenly  butts in and says that he already rented a few DVDs for them. Xia Mo, however, refuses the offer since she must get Xiao Cheng’s clothes at their old place. Ou Chen offers her a drive but  Xia Mo declines the second time.

Next, Ou Chen finds Xiao Cheng painting outside. And he is quite happy to know that Xiao Cheng is painting Xia Mo. Ou Chen then asks for the said canvas. Xiao Cheng agrees. Before he goes inside the mansion, Ou Chen reminds Xiao Cheng not to tire himself and if  ever he needs something, he’s just in the study. Xiao Cheng sighs and jokes that what Ou Chen said are just repetitions of his sister’s dialogues. Ou Chen just laughs and continues to go inside.

Xiao Cheng stops him though. Little bro returns him the divorce papers, saying the he isn’t suited to keep those papers. Ou Chen is taken aback. He asks if Xiao Cheng wants him to give the papers to his sister instead. But Xiao Cheng honestly answers that he doesn’t know. Though Ou Chen’s method was extremely wrong, he also knows that Ou Chen loves  his sister very much. And lately, he notices that sister has been happy. Maybe, it’s because Ou Chen Ge was with her.  Xiao Cheng is rather grateful that he makes sister happy, and is proud that Ou Chen is his brother-in-law. That’s great! The “half-brother” blesses his “half-brother” in marrying his “half-sister”. And of course, Ou Chen couldn’t be more overjoyed.

Xia Mo is back to their old house. She gets some of Xiao Cheng’s things and along the way, she sees the key to Luo Xi’s place. She remembers that time that he gave the symbolic thing. But now, she’s resolved. She’s sorry that this time, she cant’ send Luo Xi off. This time, it’s really goodbye.

Now, I don’t know why the heck Luo Xi is waiting outside the house. Does it mean he ditched his own farewell party? Huh?

Luo Xi  did saw her come in, but thought he was just imagining things. Seeing the bags, he then hopefully asks if she’s leaving Ou Chen and decides to come back “home”.  She answers him with a meaningful silence. And thankfully, Luo Xi gets the message. He smiles and says sorry for saying something stupid. He slowly drags the trolley bag and offers a ride. But Xia Mo  automatically turns him down.

And then reality bites. At this point, he already has no right to send her back. Ou Chen won’t be happy and he apologizes for imposing. But Xia Mo gently replies that she was the one who did him wrong. Luo Xi, however, is being sorry not only for his stupid assumptions but for what had happened to them. That time, she went through the worst. Ou Chen kept on forcing her, and he on the other hand, kept on doubting. At first, he blamed her for not telling him. But thinking things over, he doesn’t have the right to demand her to trust him. But Xia Mo insists that he did nothing wrong and they would have broken up sooner or later.

Luo Xi: Must you be this cruel? You want to make it so clear to me? You really have to shatter my illusion just to be satisfied?

Xia Mo: I am already married. So for me, the most important thing after Xiao Cheng is Ou Chen.

Luo Xi: So, are you happy? The wedding was just a deal. If you’re unhappy…

Xia Mo: I am happy.

Luo Xi: Don’t lie to me Xia Mo.

Xia Mo: I’m not lying. I am very happy. This time, my days are very peaceful. It has been peaceful.

Luo Xi: Is peaceful happiness though?

Xia Mo: To me, yes.

Luo Xi: But you have loved me.

Xia Mo: Loved. *Emphasis on the past tense*

Luo Xi takes a deep breath. After a long pause, he tells her that even if she said that just to console him, he’s still very happy. She then wishes that he forget her.  Luo Xi assents. If that’s what she wants, then he will. But at least she must also promise not to forget him. Even when time passes, even if it’s just a little corner, she mustn’t forget him. For the last time, he embraces her and hopes that she finds happiness. Xia Mo kindly returns the good riddance.

This is the perfect time for Ou Chen to drop in. Why didn’t he just appeared when Xia Mo was confessing her feelings? Xia Mo is rattled. She tries to explain, but Ou Chen cuts her off. He drags Xia Mo away, and she looks over her shoulder to say her last goodbye to Luo Xi.

And next is a long, awkward silence ride on the way home. When they arrived, Xia Mo tries to explain straight away, saying the meeting wasn’t planned.  But somehow Ou Chen already knows.  Xia Mo then tentatively asks if he’s mad. In an indirect answer, he spits his stand: I forced you to split up with Luo xi, how can I be mad? And then she comforts him with a hug.

But still he refused to be comforted. Xia Mo explains that Luo Xi will be leaving and he will not bother them anymore. Thus, they should forget the past and live peacefully from now on. Ou Chen is quite reluctant. Is this the life she wants? Is she happy? And again Xia Mo convinces him that she is indeed very happy. But he really can’t bring himself to trust her and asks why. This issue is becoming a cycle! Ou Chen, she already told you she’s happy! Why can’t you just believe her?!

Xia Mo: Because I have a family. And I can be with my beloved family everyday.

Ou Chen: Would that be enough? Even if your family is me, you’ll still be happy? Even if I ask you to do things which you are not willing to do? Would you still feel happy?

His words seem to scare her. She can only stare at him. And Ou Chen takes her silence a confirmation of what she truly feels. She is NOT happy with him. He turns around and walks off.  Xia Mo stops him with a courageous “I can”. But then, when Ou Chen turns to face her, she instantly backs away. Seeing her response, Ou Chen tests the sincerity of her answer by kissing her. However, she isn’t ready for his forceful advances just yet. Thankfully, he has the strength to stop the savageness  and immediately feels guilty for what he has done.

Xia Mo: Sorry.

Ou Chen: The one that should be sorry is me.

Next is the famous bed scene. Xia Mo walks towards Ou Chen, takes her pj’s off. She even voluntarily undresses Ou Chen, who BTW is super stunned at her daring move.

Ou Chen: Do you know what you’re doing?

Xia Mo: Yes I do. I am your wife.

And next are scenes not suited for children. Haha! Skip…skip…skip…

The next morning, Ou Chen made a final decision.

Ou Chen (In voice over): I thought I could change myself. But in reality, I have always forced you time and again. All of these is because I thought I could give you happiness. But can I really give it to you? Perhaps you just need to leave me to be really happy. I am yours, and you are free.

He unties the green scarf from her wrist and walks off. So that’s it? Ou Chen are you just giving her up? This guy just wanted to get laid!

Of course, when Xiao Mo wakes up and sees the divorce papers,  she goes gaga and immediately looks for Ou Chen. She’s completely bamboozled and demands some explanation! Yeah, me too!

He can’t seem to  directly look at her and in a calm voice explains that  he’s just doing his end of the bargain. Xiao Cheng agreed to the surgery only because he offered to give her a divorce.  And he  was quite surprised when Xiao Cheng returned the papers to him last night. He felt like a death row criminal who got pardoned. But, his amnesty will only consequently extend her own sufferings. All these while, he’s really grateful  that she pretended to be happy for him.

Xia Mo can’t understand him at all! She was not acting last night. She was for real.  For the nth time, she insists that as long as he stays by her side, her heart is peaceful. In all sincerity she admits that she doesn’t want to loose either Xiao Cheng or him. But before Ou Chen could react, the dreadful news got delivered. Xiao Cheng collapsed. Noooo!

Summer’s Desire Episode 11

~Picture perfect!~

Love really knows no bounds. For love, Luo Xi tries to commit suicide. For love, Ou Chen uses such despicable underhanded means to keep his bride. And for love, Xia Mo can give up everything.

Last episode, it was established that Ou Chen and Xia Mo are definitely not siblings! So thankfully, we don’t have to worry about issues of incest or stuffs.  So far, we have resolved the following:

1. Xiao Cheng is Xia Ge’s son.
2. Xiao Cheng is Xia Mo’s half-brother.
3. But then, Ou Chen is also Xia Ge’s son.
4. Therefore, Xiao Cheng is also Ou Chen’s half-brother.

This drama is just plain twisted. I really hope nobody snaps and goes crazy in the end. Well, Xia Mo might. Who knows?

Episode 11 Recap

Sheng Qiang finally succeeds in striking a fatal blow at Luo Xi’s well-built walls. The harsh reality  sinks in. Now, he fully understands that Xia Mo is already somebody’s bride and he may lose her forever.  Without saying a word, he walks off. And right on cue, Xia Ge gets a call from Xi Meng.

Moved by his Young Master’s genuine love for Xia Mo, Xi Meng finally gives in and confesses to Xia Ge that  Ou Chen is his son. Of course, Xia Ge finds the revelation unbelievable as it is  senseless.  He gets riled up and warns Xi Meng not to make up some lies. But Xi Meng remains adamant, insisting that all of the news about Ou family were just fabricated lies.  And he decided to spill the beans coz he knows Ou Chen wants his “Dad” in this momentous occasion.

Meanwhile, Xia Mo and the rest of the gang are on their way to the wedding, when “somebody” blocks their way. And that somebody is…. (drum roll) Luo Xi.

And straight away, Luo Xi says his piece, taking all the risks and wishing for  some miracle. He knows too well that no matter how much he begs, Xia Mo won’t change her mind. No matter how hurt and miserable he might be, she won’t care. She won’t budge, not even a little.  But despite this, he hoped.

Luo Xi: I came to ask you to marry me.

Xia Mo: What are you saying?

Luo Xi: I came before you marry Ou Chen… to ask you marry me.

Xia Mo: Are you crazy?

Luo Xi: Maybe, I was planning not to come, because I knew that e it would’ve been useless. But last night I have a dream. I dreamed that… I died. Right before I die, I wanted to finish the things I want to do. Xia Mo, do you know a long, long, long time ago I already proposed to you?

Xia Mo: What nonsense are you saying? How can you die?

Luo Xi: Why not? Because in this world, there is nothing for me to live on for.

Xia Mo: Are you threatening me?

Luo Xi: If you  feel that way, then yes.

Xia Mo: But it’s useless because I love him.

And Xia Mo’s next words pierces through Luo Xi’s already broken heart. She spits that she indeed loved Ou Chen. Her feelings for him never wavered, never forgotten.  Besides, she already warned Luo Xi before. Everybody else deserves to be loved, but not her. She ‘s got a  heart of rigid stone and she will only hurt him more. Luo Xi refuses to believe such lies. He stood there, unyielding, firmly believing that Xia Mo loved him. It hurts to think that all those promises were lies.

Luo Xi’s tears falls silently. In a calm, dead voice he wonders if when he dies, Xia Mo will still marry Ou Chen. Now, it’s Xia Mo’s turn to get scared. Is he really going to die? Luo Xi flashes a mocking smile. He arrogantly assures Xia Mo that he won’t give up his life for her. The world is magnificent and beautiful, and she’s not worth dying for. He’ll definitely live well, patiently waiting for her regrets. So, she mustn’t expect that he’ll wish her happiness.

After Luo Xi went off, Xiao Cheng suggests that they tell Ou Chen to give her more time to think.  With his sister’s reaction, he senses that something is wrong. But Xia Mo shoves the topic off and smiles as if nothing happened.

Undoubtedly, Ou Chen is the happiest of all grooms. He is actually smiling now. Not the mocking, arrogant, forced smile but the real one. After a few more hours, she’ll be his wife. Finally, she’ll be with him forever. His vibrant mien is apparent for everyone to see.  He gladly welcomes every best wishes and congratulations. I really think he deserves to be happy! Team Ou Chen all the way!

While Ou Chen is exceedingly buoyant, Luo Xi is terribly suffering from hopelessness. He remembers every happy times, every promises made, every dreams built.

Like an excited little boy, Ou Chen runs towards his bride and carries her all the way through the long red carpet. But Xia Mo just can’t get Luo Xi’s words out of her system, as she appears troubled and disturbed. Ou Chen sees her puzzled reaction and assumes that she’s nervous like him. And so he shares that he’s actually tensed. He’s afraid that this is all just a dream. Xia Mo soothes his worries and consoles that even if it were a dream, she’ll stay by his side.

Luo Xi arrives at the shooting site and it seems he’ll be filming a very dangerous scene (they’ll be working with bombs and explosives).  Shen Qiang and other staffs continuously reminds him to be extra careful, but his mind  is  just wandering off to somewhere. To some wedding, maybe?

At the wedding, Xia Mo’s phone rings. Zhen En reads the caller’s name- Luo Xi. She just can’t let Xia Mo receive the call. Xia Mo can’t back out now. Xiao Cheng’s health is far more important.  With a heavy heart, Zhen En  rejects the call.

Ou Chen is much enthusiastic. If he could just fast-forward everything, he would. The ceremony is then momentarily interrupted by Xia Ge’s dramatic, slow-mo, shoes-first-then-face entrance. And when it was Xia Mo’s time to say her “I do”, the congregation fell silent. She seems so unsure and Ou Chen starts to feel perturbed. After a long agonizing minute, or two, Xia Mo finally drops the coveted two words.  Ha! Team Ou Chen wins!

After a few more failed calls, Luo Xi finally concedes defeat. His mind resolved. And then… BOOM! It all happened so fast. Luo Xi actually stepped towards the explosives!  The staff stood frozen looking at Luo Xi’s wounded and seemingly lifeless body. Shen Qiang’s cries echoes in the air.

Another picture perfect! The wedding ceremony is finally over.

Looking from afar, Xia Ge and Xi Meng discuss on what will happen next. Xi Meng asks Xia Ge  when will he tell Ou Chen the truth. But Xia Ge casually replies that they just have to keep it a secret. He resolves that Ou Chen is too high classed to have a father like him. And  besides, he was already used to being alone and he doesn’t know how to be in a family. Xi Meng can only stare at his retreating back. Xi Meng: “In the end, you could let it go easier than me”.

Wedding night. Okay, so this is awkward. Ou Chen waits inside the room.  Xia Mo just finished her bath and tells Ou Chen to prepare . But he has other plans. They won’t be doing “it” tonight. He’ll be staying at the next room. Xia Mo is taken aback. Xia Mo:  “You don’t have to do this”.  But Ou Chen already made up his mind. Since tomorrow is Xiao Cheng’s operation, they both need rest. And for sure, they’ll have more chances in the future.

Alone in the room, Xia Mo weighs if her decisions were right. She looks at Xiao Cheng’s photo  and is convinced that she made the right choice.

After hearing the news, Xia Ge anxiously rushes to the hospital.  Luo Xi is still unconscious and Shen Qiang’s becoming more and more hysterical.

Luo Xi’s words keeps haunting Xia Mo, even in her dreams.  She may not be the rigid stone that Luo Xi described after all. She constantly convinces herself that Luo Xi is just bluffing, nobody will die. Over and over she reminds herself that she is already Ou Chen’s wife and must not think of other people.

Day of surgery. Xiao Cheng is feeling confident and optimistic. He won’t die coz he’ll see Xia Mo and Ou Chen’s baby grow up. He then asks a favor from Ou Chen. He wants to know who the donor is and personally thank him for the kidney. But Ou Chen regretfully informs Xiao Cheng that the donor wants to remain anonymous. And maybe, it is the donor  who needs to thank Xiao Cheng for giving him a “chance”.

On the way to the operating room, the group bumps into the furious Shen Qiang. And out of anger, she tries to slap Xia Mo. Thankfully, Ou Chen blocks the hit. And Shen Qiang’s rage intensifies. She promises that she’ll never let Xia Mo live a good life. Karma will surely come. Hearing Shen Qiang’s spiteful words, Ou Chen then vows to make her regret everything she said.

But Shen Qiang is ready for battle. Nothing can scare her, not even Young Master Ou Chen. She directs her attention to Ou Chen and insultingly spouts that he was only caught in Xia Mo’s manipulative grasps. She didn’t marry him for love. Someday,  when someone wealthier and has higher status appears, she’ll definitely betray him. And by then, he’ll reap twice the pain that Luo Xi suffered today. This gets  Xia Mo worried. What the hell happened to Luo Xi?

Shen Qiang is quite surprised. Xia Mo is actually worried for Luo Xi?  That’s quite odd. And so she relays what happened. On the day she was married, Luo Xi got himself hurt during the filming. And it was all because of Xia Mo. He’s still unconscious and may not survive. He tried to call Xia Mo many times, but she never answered. If Xia Mo really had a heart, she must try to wake him up.

Knowing this, Xia Mo immediately prepares to leave, but Ou Chen stops her. With a determined look, Xia Mo brushes off his hand and goes to find Luo Xi.

Whether Shen Qiang acknowledges it or not, her last hope is Xia Mo. She’s hoping against hope that through Xia Mo, he’ll find the will to live again.

Xia Mo: How much do you hate me? Do you hate me this much that you have to use this kind of method to declare your victory? Do  you really think you’ve won? I didn’t care about you, even if you die, how would it hurt me? Can you really cruelly send me to hell like this? Wake up! Your lying here, not even moving, don’t you think you’re acting really stupid?

Hearing Xia Mo’s cold words, Shen Qiang is enraged. Just then Jenny comes by and overhears everything. Jenny defends that Xia Mo is also suffering, she’s actually hurt.  Shen Qiang is quite  sickened, how can Xia Mo be in pain ? She doesn’t even shed a single tear!

But Xia Mo is oblivious to her surroundings. She’s too preoccupied to hear Shen Qiang’s tirades.

Xia Mo: I know you’re just using death to get back at me. But you’re really being stupid, because even if you die, it won’t scare me, you know?

Guilt-stricken, Zhen En blames herself for Luo Xi’s attempted suicide. She knows that Luo Xi kept on calling Xia Mo’s phone. But then she never bothered to tell Xia Mo. She believed that Ou Chen can only save Xiao Cheng.  She thought that as long as Xiao Cheng is saved, everything is alright. But she ‘s wrong. Xia Mo married somebody she didn’t like and Luo Xi got in accident.

All the while, Xiao Cheng and Ou Chen overhears Zhen En’s emotional outburst.

Knowing her sister’s sacrifice, Xiao Cheng refuses the surgery. He’d rather die than suck Xia Mo’s happiness. Yes, he knows that her sister accepted the marriage coz she loves him very much, but nevertheless he won’t agree.

Xia Mo’s strength is drained. This is just too much! She breaks down and faints.

At the operation room, another soul is also torned.

Young Ou Chen: Where’s your family? Your family’s not here to accompany you? Besides that nurse there is no one. Didn’t you marry? Where’s your wife? There is still no one here. You are very immature to use this kind of method. Your last hope is also about  to be shattered. Even if you try your hardest, it’s all wasted energy. Just give up everything.  Accept your fate.

Ou Chen: No,  I won’t give up.

Just then, a frantic Zhen En bangs the door. Xia Mo fainted! The surgery is canceled. And Ou Chen instantly rushes to Xia Mo’s room. He’s a bit angry at Xiao Cheng’s  stubborn behaviour. But Xiao Cheng proves to be as hardheaded as her sister. Xiao Cheng: “I don’t want your help. I want sister’s happiness”.

Xiao Cheng walks towards Luo Xi’s room and apologizes. It’s all his fault. It was all  just a deal. In exchange of a kidney, Xia Mo agreed to marry Ou Chen. And now, sister is also sick. He touches Luo Xi’s hand, as if giving him support. Xiao Cheng: “You must get better and  take care of sister in the future”. And somehow Luo Xi fingers moved! Maybe, he’s not unconscious at all!

Outside the door, Zhen En and Shen Qiang listens to Xiao Cheng’s sentiments. Later that night, Shen Qiang sits beside the still unresponsive Luo Xi. Shen Qiang: “Luo Xi, if you never wake up, Xia Mo may not  also recover”.

Ou Chen holds Xia Mo’s hands. Ou Chen: “No, I’m not wrong. I won’t regret.  Xia Mo, as long as you wake up, I’ll do anything”. And just then Xia Mo awakens in tears. It’s as if she had been in the most horrendous nightmare. She calls out for her mother, begging her to save Xiao Cheng. He’s the only one she had left. And she’s scared to be alone.

Ou Chen lends his shoulders. He promises that he won’t let Xiao Cheng die. But somehow Xia Mo thinks she’s still in a dream. She sees him as Luo Xi. She stares right back at his face and in  misery asks for his forgiveness. It’s Ou Chen!!!

Of course, Ou Chen is hurt. He looks at her in pained disbelief. She continues her disillusions and remarks that maybe he’s punishing her. She hurt him for Xiao Cheng that’s why the heavens want to take Xiao Cheng from her.

Ou Chen: The one that must be punished is me. It’s me who used marriage so Lou Xi would get hurt. Xiao Cheng rejected the surgery. It’s all  because I’m too selfish.

Finally, she recognizes Ou Chen!

Xia Mo: The selfish one is really me. For Xiao Cheng, I know I would hurt Luo Xi, but still I broke up with him. I didn’t know marrying you can give the same amount of pain. I also knew that even with the kidney, Xiao Cheng can still die, but still I tried to follow that path.

Ou Chen: I don’t care. You weren’t wrong. The one who did wrong was me. It was I who wanted too much. It was me who was overbearing that.

Xia Mo: Maybe after I leave I could always be with mom and Xiao Cheng and Luo Xi, but only you Ou Chen. I’m sorry to leave you all by yourself.

This is just too sad. Everybody suffers from guilt. 😦

For Xia Mo’s sake, Ou Chen is driven to mend his selfish ways. He actually drafted and signed the divorce papers. This is funny. They just got married yesterday. And now, he’s actually planning a divorce? What’s this a 24-hour marriage? This is not Vegas people!

Well, as far as Ou Chen is concerned, a divorce is the only way for Xiao Cheng to agree with the surgery. But Xiao Cheng remains steadfast. He can’t agree to Ou Chen’s deal. He just can’t let him lose a kidney and lose Xia Mo too. It would be too unfair. And if Sister knew, she would feel worse.  And no matter how much Ou Chen tries to convince Xiao Cheng, he can’t seem to be persuaded. And all Ou Chen can do is beg for Xiao Cheng to save Xia Mo.

Ou Chen: All her pains were caused by me, and the only thing I can do for her is the surgery. I’m not asking you to understand me,I just wish that you would give me a chance. Give me a chance to pay her back.

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