My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 18 Recap


Professor Li is evil! I hate him. -_-

This episode is quite emotional. I love Jing Zhi’s lines, specifically the part where she was delivering her farewell speech. Tehehe! I was extremely touched. I don’t know why. 😀

Episode 18


Using Xuan Xuan’s phone, Jing Zhi texts Ye Chen to wait for her at the café they usually meet.  When Xuan Xuan learns of her bestfriend’s sly move, she freaks out and hits her head as punishment for being downright meddlesome. Though Xuan Xuan acts pissed, we all know she wants it. Women! However, the text went unnoticed as Ye Chen is busy with his work.

Ling Qiao thanks Shi Guang for vouching for him. He can’t help but comment that Shi Guang is a spitting image of his cousin, Shi Long. Shi Guang laughs and agrees, adding that though it may be the case, he and his cousin are not close.


Ye Chen’s phone is dead and sadly, he wasn’t able to read Xuan Xuan’s text before it went off. He goes to talk with Professor Li and the ‘good’ professor hands him important docs for the ongoing research works. He’ll be officially taking an indefinite leave and tells Ye Chen to contact him through e-mail only. Ye Chen then promises to take care of the lab while he’s gone.

Later that night, Ye Chen reads Xuan Xuan’s text. He immediately runs to the café but he’s 10 minutes late and Xuan Xuan already left. He then calls Jing Zhi, asking for her help with the misunderstanding with Xuan Xuan. Jing Zhi agrees but murmurs that she’s already broken and now she’s going to help others patch up.

Dad and Mom gives Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao a surprise visit. And since Ling Qiao is staying with Dong Dong, Jing Zhi panics and calls him to go home ASAP. When Dad looks for Ling Qiao, Jing Zhi blurts out that he’s in the shower. But Mom’s intuition and investigative eye tells her Jing Zhi is lying. Suddenly, the power goes off and with no Ling Qiao in sight, Mom’s suspicion deepens. Jing Zhi sticks with the lie and raises her voice in alarm. Turns out, she unintentionally raises her voice when lying which only proves Mom’s right. Luckily, Ling Qiao arrives on time, coming out of the shower as Jing Zhi is desperately trying to stop her parents from barging in.

With her parents gone, Jing Zhi heaves a sigh of relief. Ling Qiao offers to stay just in case her parents return for another surprise visit but since Jing Zhi is in a daze, she absentmindedly tells him there’s no need. Though disappointed, Ling Qiao is forced to leave.

It’s the last day of shooting for Xuan Xuan and Jing Zhi’s drama, however, Jing Zhi is nowhere to be found. Xuan Xuan notices her absence and asks Dong Dong where she might be. But Dong Dong doesn’t know, saying that all Jing Zhi said was she’s playing a game. Xuan Xuan asks if it’s really okay for Jing Zhi to be alone since she’s a certified badluck magnet and all. Dong Dong assures that it’s fine, his employer can’t be that ill-fated after all. Ha! That’s where you’re wrong buddy!

Jing Zhi is only at the pavilion, near the set. She’s mulling on why she indifferently talked with Ling Qiao. She tries to patch things up with him by sending her GPS location. Ling Qiao, who is relaxing at the stony beach, receives the text but dismisses it immediately as one of Jing Zhi’s futile attempt to get his attention. He convinces himself that ignoring Jing Zhi is for her own sake. But unbeknownst to him, Jing Zhi was attacked by an unidentified assailant after sending that text. Dun..dun..dun!

Ling Qiao remains apathetic with Jing Zhi’s ploy until he goes to a secluded warehouse and feels her erratic heartbeat. He stares at the cold storage room and immediately knows that Jing Zhi is trapped inside. He goes inside, fully aware that it’s a trap.


Indeed, Ling Qiao finds Jing Zhi, semi-conscious and freezing in the cold. He automatically drapes his coat over her and warms her hands. He then asks who’s responsible and she weakly answers that he is. He retorts, sarcastically admitting that he dragged her there to be a fresh frozen corpse together. Even in her fragile state Jing Zhi jokes that they will be the best looking frozen corpse in the world. Heh!

Jing Zhi then remembers that Professor Li kidnapped her. She tells Ling Qiao to leave and call the police. Unfortunately, he’s as helpless as she is because he’s been weakened by the cold. Professor Li, who is monitoring the storage room through CCTV, lowers the temp even more.

Jing Zhi urges Professor Li to talk and settle things but the latter is convinced that they have nothing to talk about. The professor lays down his plan, saying that if Ling Qiao’s body ice up, he’ll slit his throat just like what his enemy did 100 years go. But this time, he’ll make sure Ling Qiao won’t wake up anymore. Ling Qiao begs Professor Li to let Jing Zhi go since her body can’t take it anymore. But the professor doesn’t give a damn, telling Ling Qiao that he’ll only allow Jing Zhi to leave if she survives the cold, which of course is tantamount to not letting her go alive. Zzzz!

Jing Zhi had enough of the professor’s bullsh*t, so she pulls a wooden flank and throws it to the camera. She tells Ling Qiao to stop begging because she has no plans of leaving him anyway. She assures that it’s not his fault she’s there, adding that she’s just unlucky.

Hours passed and there’s no sign that Professor Li will change his mind. It’s getting colder and colder by the minute and Jing Zhi starts to lose consciousness. Ling Qiao hugs her tight, reminding her not to fall asleep or she’ll freeze to death. Jing Zhi tells him that before, she always finds him pitiful. Living on earth for 500 years and seeing his family and friends die one by one must be pretty lonely. But now, she wants to thank him for surviving those years, for changing history and walking to her. Now that it has come to this, she wants him to promise that he’ll continue living because in the future someone like her will be waiting for him to come. Ling Qiao ‘kisses’ (or rather gives her his healing blood) in an attempt to save her. But since he’s also freezing, it doesn’t work. He can only urge her to keep talking, hoping that someone will save them soon.

Xuan Xuan and Dong Dong goes frantic when Jing Zhi isn’t in the thanksgiving party and they can’t get a hold of her or Ling Qiao. They report it to Yan Zi, who immediately responds to the case. The police then conducts an investigation and learns of Jing Zhi’s last text to Ling Qiao.

Yan Zi’s group arrives to the warehouse, just in time to save Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi. They immediately arrest the professor and turn off the freezer. However, the storage room is coded and if they fail to key the right codes three times, the freezer will automatically lock for another hour. In desperation, Yan Zi asks Professor Li’s help but the latter remains unfazed by the critical situation. He even gave a wrong code. Yan Zi nearly punched him in the face for that. It’s clear that the professor will not cooperate, so Yan Zi turns to Ye Chen.  Good thing, Ye Chen knows the professor quite well. He deduces that since the professor is sentimental, he might have used his daughter’s birthday as the code. Yan Zi enters the number but still, it’s not the code either. Ye Chen then tells Yan Zi to use the current date. Thankfully, the door opens.

The professor is being transported when suddenly, a group of thugs ambush the police convoy and takes the professor away.


Upon knowing of the recent ambush, Yan Zi immediately goes to the research lab to talk with Ye Chen. There, Ye Chen confesses that Professor Li already knows that the dormant corpse is awakened. Most likely, the professor believes that Jing Zhi is somehow involved with the monster. He was even responsible for Jing Zhi’s knife accident on set. Indeed, the professor is acting strange lately but he’s not gutsy enough to raid a police car. Yan Zi reckons that Professor Li is teaming up with someone influential. He probes on, asking Ye Chen who else might have known of Jing Zhi and the dormant body’s connection. Ye Chen thinks of possible individuals, concluding that aside from the professor, there’s only one person who knows of the research results, the sponsor. Dun..dun..dun!


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