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Queen Not Getting Off Work (4 Gifts) Episode 4

Just a thought: Again, still not as humorous as Episode 2. Sorry, I’m really stuck with that episode! Is it only me? Anyways, the next episode sure looks action-packed! Me, looking forward now. Yay!

How come I find RuoWei’s cycling a little awkward? :p

Episode 4

Where did we left off? Oh yeah…. right about here….

JiaLiang: You dare say you have no feelings for me? Fine. Then this morning, who was the one who hugged me so tightly in the backseat?
RuoTian: This morning, who was this crazy person who drove his motorcycle in the same speed as chasing a criminal?
JiaLiang: Then, this morning, who was the one who boldly went into my arms?
RuoTian: Quiet down a bit! What are you foolishly saying?

Attorney General passes by and this puts a stop to the comic bickering. Just to avoid other complications, RuoTian immediately puts the head-gear on and speedily rides on JiaLiang’s motorbike. And on with the first date.

JiaLiang brings RuoTian to his favorite bar. And there, they show off their “skills”.

Coincidentally, there’s this lonely girl and a guy who seems interested in her.  And to prove who’s better in logical assumptions, RuoTian and JiaLiang made a bet. JiaLiang believes that Mr. Interested Guy could win Ms. Lonely Girl’s heart. Of course, RuoTian takes the opposite end. If RuoTian wins, JiaLiang promises to wear her scarf while strolling down the night market, but if not, then she must agree to let him official date her.

RuoTian seems reluctant about the deal but just to preserve her pride, she goes along. So, what ya think happened? Our great police officer wins!

RuoTian: Police Officer Tong, thank you for sending me home.
JiaLiang: Hey, I’m off duty. Don’t call me Police Officer Tong. Just call me JiaLiang.
RuoTian: Tong JiaLiang, thank you for sending me home.
JiaLiang: Hey!
RuoTian: What? Did I call your name wrong?
JiaLiang: No, don’t call my full name out. Just JiaLiang and be a bit gentler.
RuoTian: You’re so fussy!
JiaLiang: Just see it is as a practice. What will it do to you? Don’t be so strict after office  hours!

And with JiaLiang’s persistent character and, not to mention, a little manipulation, he succeeds in getting a goodnight kiss.

RuoWei surprises everyone when she announced her participation in the bicycle competition. No matter how they dissuade her in joining, RuoWei remains resolved.

RuoYi: I think that girls who want to join this competition is crazy. I didn’t expect RuoWei would be one.

And the strenuous workouts begun. So it seems that when RuoWei is set for a competition, all her family and friends needs to take part in the whole training process. No one’s exempted! Okay, so Dad is. It’s understandable coz he’s old and has Alzheimer’s.

RuoTian is so tired after spending her weekend with morning jogs and all-day long physical workouts. To satisfy her sister’s relentless pursuit, she asks JiaLiang for some help.

And JiaLiang is more than eager to agree.

RuoWei, however, can’t help but notice JiaLiang’s well-toned muscles, which in result stirs RuoTian’s hidden emotions.

RuoWei: I said it pretty well.
RuoTian: What?
RuoWei: Top product. *Looks at JiaLiang*
RuoTian: What top product?

It’s kinda cute how RuoTian tries not to make a big deal out of JiaLiang’s brawny physique when in fact, she’s very much affected. Haha!

RuoYi visits XiaoBin and RenShao is clearly thankful for the kindness.

He’s kinda chatty and tells her about his family. His Dad is a rich business man and his Mom is a mistress. They were having such a good time way back but it all changed when XiaoBin was born. Their parents think of XiaoBin as a burden, so his Mom just left him in the hospital.

All throughout the day, RuoWei  acts cute and charming, which annoys RuoTian more and more. But then, she can only glares at her sister’s “ruse” behind a cup of coffee. JiaLiang, of course, is unaware of the tension.

When JiaLiang knew that RuoWei’s doing this for RenShao, he gets pissed.

JiaLiang: You women are really weird. Why is it that when women see RenShao Ting they become muddle-headed?
RuoTian: RenShao Ting is tall, handsome and talented. He doesn’t have any bad points. For RuoWei to like him, isn’t a surprise at all. I think it’s you men, who are weird.Why is that when men see RuoWei they become muddle-headed?
JiaLiang:Of course. RuoWei is pretty, knows how to act cute, and the way she talks is charming. Which man wouldn’t like her?
RuoTian: Right, right Officer Tong. We women should talk charmingly. You men really only use your bottom-half to think.
JiaLiang:I think you’re the one who’s weird.

JiaLiang then concludes that she’s just being jealous. He assures her not to worry coz she can act cute in front of him. He knows she’s tired after the long tiring day and offers his shoulder. Awww….

Since tomorrow’s THE day, RuoWei is quite busy conditioning her bike.

RuoYu: Sister, when I write a story, I’ll definitely want you to be the main character.
RuoWei: Ok, you must picture me out as a woman who is full of charm, never had any enemies and knows everything about fashion.
RuoYu:That’s not it. I already thought it through. I want to write you as a monster whose eyes can shoot laser beams in different rainbow colours and whose chest can fire out flying bullets.
RuoWei: ShaSha, you’re not writing a romantic novel?
RuoYu:What? I’m writing a science fiction!

Haha! I really thought it’s rather funny. It reminds me of my own little sister. We always have that kind of conversations.

Since RuoWei is a famous celebrity, RenShao’s assistant is quite worried for her safety (coz an accident during the competition may create a buzz and damage the company image). RenShao mulls over the remark and tries to contact RuoWei (maybe to retract the deal?). She’s not in her office and she’s not answering her phone, so RenShao decided to go the Zhang’s.

There, he meets Dad. And as they went inside the house, they smelled the leaking gas. To their alarm, RuoWei lies unconscious. RenShao performs CPR and they rushes her to the hospital.

Everybody’s worried for RuoWei. Medical findings state that she suffered from extreme exhaustion, causing her to pass out and thereby inhaling the poisonous gas. Thankfully, she’s fine now. RenShao feels so guilty that he admits defeat and agrees with the interview. But then, RuoWei can’t find victory in this circumstance and stubbornly insists on joining the competition.

The doctor advises that RuoWei take some more days to rest, but with the help of her friends, she manages to escape.

RuoWei is undoubtedly physically unfit, but still, she’s determined to finish what she started. RenShao is moved by her strength of character, so even though she finishes last, he grants her the interview.

The interview was such a success! The sales are high and everybody’s happy. Well, not everyone. RenShao angrily barges in RuoWei’s office and accuses her of being a fake and a liar. However, RuoWei is oblivious to what has happened and finds RenShao’s accusations uncalled for.

She reads the article (the one she supposedly wrote based on the interview) and instantly knew that the facts we’re altered to satisfy the reader’s preference. Now, she get’s riled up and confronts the Editor-in-Chief.

RuoWei’s temper really blows out of proportion. She’s so furious that she even resigns.

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