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Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac Movie Recap

Like I’ve promised (though it’s rather late), here’s the recap for Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. This write-up has been “hibernating” in my PC for quite a long time already, and I’m glad I was able to publish this before the year ends!

Note: This is my very first entry for Movie Recap category. Hope this won’t be the last.

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Q10 Episode 2

I know many are anxiously waiting for this recap. Sorry but English subbed Q10 videos are really hard to search out these past weeks.

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Flames of Desire Episode 13

This is how a dead-drunk MinJae looks like. How come he’s still cute?

Sibling rivalries. Secret Meetings. Forbidden love.

This episode is much, much better. Our beloved angst is so back!

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Flames of Desire Episode 12

The whole family is just tooĀ  freakin’ rotten. Greed and envy runs in the blood. Seriously, from Grandpa to grandkids?! Good thing we have MINJAE!

Frustrations. Bitterness. Sacrifice.

There’s a notable downgrade of angst in this episode. šŸ˜¦ And that’s the saddest part. Hope to get more angsty-angst next time. Sorry. It took me like forever to finish this.

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Flames of DesireĀ EpisodeĀ 11

Tears fall like rain. We definitely need buckets!

Answers. Deliverance.Ā  Hope.

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Drama Preview: Secret Garden (Posters and Trailer)

I just love falling stars… reminds me of Meteor Garden.

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Sad, sad day for team kevjumba :(

Let us offer a moment of peaceā€¦. and tons of happy, happy thoughts for team kevjumbaā€¦ It really broke my heart to see them eliminated. Why Amazing Race? Whyyyyy?

So, basically I’m done watching Amazing Race for this season! Hmmp!

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