Hapimari: Happy Marriage!? Episode 7 Recap


I’m sorry that this post took too long. I actually started writing this post last October (Tehehe!) but since I can only get hold of low-quality videos for this episode that time, I put it on hold. After a few months I finally realized I’m too lazy to find high quality vids so here it is…Tada! My long overdue Episode 7.

This episode basically revolves around Chiwa’s insecurity, the Mamiya Group’s impending financial loss and a conceited ex-girlfriend. Add this together and we’ll make one shaky relationship.

Episode 7

We go back to the scene where Chiwa overhears Hokuto’s phone conversation with the lawyer. He assures that he’s not into extramarital affairs simply because he’s sticking to the plan and doesn’t want unnecessary glitches along the way. He’s just putting up with everything before reaching the top. This makes Chiwa doubt about Hokuto’s real feelings for her and so, their supposed intimate moment is unceremoniously pushed back, much to Hokuto’s disappointment.


Hokuto’s alleged extramarital affair with Misaki brought another painful blow in Chiwa’s already low self-esteem. She considers that maybe what she feels and what she has been hearing from the news is true, she really can’t win over Misaki.

In one interview, Hokuto shared that running a company is just like playing a chess game and employees are his chess pieces. This makes her ask herself if Hokuto only sees her as one of his pawns too. With all her heart she hopes she’s not.


The date is officially over. Hokuto is back to being the busy husband again but he promises to take a longer vacation with Chiwa after everything’s clear. Souma then arrives to pick up Hokuto and to give Chiwa her gift… a scandalous lingerie which according to her is a “weapon against giddy girls”.

On the way to the office, Souma tells Hokuto that Chiwa seems sad lately and he should be doing something about it. Hokuto defends that he already devoted all his time for her yesterday and it should have been enough. Souma is quite disappointed. If he thinks that way then he really is an amateur husband. Souma’s litany may have worked because when they passed by Chiwa’s house, Hokuto suddenly decides to pay Chiwa’s Dad a visit. Probably to make his wife happy?


Hokuto thanks Chiwa’s Dad for approving of their marriage and apologizes for the rumors. Of course being the best Dad in the world (note the sarcasm!), Dad assures it’s okay to have flings here and there. Eh?!

To supposedly make up for his negligence, Hokuto bares that he actually had plans of buying Dad a house next to them. Dad is pretty excited knowing this and asks if he and Chiwa will be having their honeymoon abroad. When Hokuto said yes, Dad grabs the opportunity and hints that he haven’t been to Las Vegas before. And so, Hokuto gladly invites him to join them to Las Vegas too.

Thanks to the rumors, Chiwa has been reassigned to her sales lady post. She’s busy working when she sees Dad soundly sleeping on one of the massage chairs. She immediately wakes him up and asks why he’s there. Dad answers that he’s just worried about her and Hokuto. Chiwa lies that they’re getting along well. She then accidentally notices his wallet and finds it full of lottery tickets!

She starts to panic but Dad eases her worries and proudly announces that he won some money which he will use to buy the massage chair. Chiwa sighs and reminds Dad that it’s impossible to fit a very huge chair in their tiny house. Dad had it covered though, telling her that Hokuto promised to buy him a house and in fact, it was  even Hokuto who gave him the money for gambling.

Chiwa gets pissed and starts scolding Dad for taking the money. It’s already embarrassing that they let Hokuto pay for their debts! They’re already making a scene so Chiwa tells Dad to just go home.

Chiwa visits Seiji in the hospital, defying Hokuto’s orders. She brought him some flowers but based on the big, beautiful bouquet already displayed in the room, someone came first. Seiji confirms that Misaki regularly visits him. He shares that Hokuto and Misaki has been together for a long time that he thought they’ll eventually get married. Chiwa asks if he wanted Misaki for Hokuto. He honestly answers that he doesn’t know. It’s always up to Hokuto to decide who he wants to marry.

Chiwa then confesses that Hokuto forbids her to talk to him. But she just can’t believe that he’s the kind of man Hokuto described him to be. Seiji knows. He can’t blame Hokuto though. Hokuto is manipulative, never shows trust, never makes true friends and relies on the power of money too much. Everything Hokuto has become is because of him. He taught his own son how to be heartless. That’s why he won’t ask her to understand Hokuto because it’ll only tire her out.

Hokuto is already home when Chiwa arrives. It’s obvious she’s deeply disturbed and frustrated from her little chat with Seiji. She weakly tells Hokuto that she can’t be the supportive wife anymore because she finds it hard to even believe him. Hokuto is getting tired of their situation as well. For the nth time, he insists that he didn’t cheat on her. Chiwa retorts that even so, he still kept the fact the he and Misaki were so close to being married. Hokuto snaps back, arguing that he married her and not Misaki.

Chiwa agrees but sadly, he married her only because the Chairman told him to. His father is right. He is a Mamiya after all. Everything is plainly business for him, even their marriage. Chiwa admits she visited his father, only to find a big bunch of flowers from Misaki there. Hokuto flares up after her confession but Chiwa maintains she’s just returning the favor since he also unnecessarily visited his Dad without her consent. She then tells him that she want to go back to her dad. Maybe Hokuto is already drained because he didn’t even try to stop her. 😥


At work, Hokuto gets an unexpected call from Misaki. He thought it’s about the gossip articles but instead, she has a far more disturbing news for him. Rene Clair is going bankrupt and she fears it’ll affect Mamiya Group. Hokuto assures Mamiya Group’s joint project with Rene Clair is already cancelled… or is it?

As expected, Hokuto’s evil cousin, Takayuki, didn’t follow his orders and still proceed with the collaboration. When Hokuto confronts him about it, he plays coy and denies he was instructed to do so. Hokuto reminds him that the meeting was properly documented and it’ll surely reveal the truth. Takayuki apathetically shrugs and throws the problem back at Hokuto. Although he did screw it up, people will still blame Hokuto because he’s the President.


Chiwa finds comfort in Yagami’s. She spills everything, from the arranged marriage down to the Chairman’s first love. She admits that at first, she didn’t mind having a loveless contract as long as it will solve her financial woes. But as time flies, she forgot all about that. She started to see Hokuto in a different light. He took her on dates and said she was his destiny. Hearing him say that made her heart flutter but still, she can’t stop thinking that maybe it was just an act. Maybe he manipulated everything.

Knowing the real deal, Yagami feels sickened by the thought that someone can use marriage in exchange for a higher position. He asks Chiwa why did she even agreed in the first place. She, in return, can only sigh. And to lighten up her mood, he invites her to come over to his place.

The duo is walking down the street when Chiwa receives a call from Souma. The latter relays that Hokuto is clumped up in a big trouble and he will be staying at the company for the whole night. As his wife, it’s her duty to bring him a hot meal. During times like these, she’s the only one who can support him. Chiwa is reluctant but later concedes.

She apologetically tells Yagami that Hokuto needs her by his side. Yagami understands. He even calls a taxi for her. Awww! She regrettably looks at him as the taxi starts to leave. Yagami just smiles and waves his hand. Awww! When she’s gone, Yagami drops his happy facade. Dejected and crushed, he watches her go.

Hokuto is busy calling other companies for help but still no luck. He’s starting to feel hopeless, until he gets a ring from Misaki. She has a proposal and it can solve his problem. Eh?!

Armed with a nice, hot meal, Chiwa goes to see Hokuto. Unfortunately, a pompous blockade named Misaki is already waiting for her there. Chiwa happily tells her that she brought gyudon for her husband. Misaki only smirks. If that’s the only way she can help Hokuto then she better leave and go home because clearly, she doesn’t have any idea about the severity of his problem. She’s useless. She’s only good at smiling in public, standing on the sidelines and in giving him gyudon after a single call. Ouch!

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