Drama Rewinds: Wonderful Life

After 3 years of searching, more like rummaging, I finally get a hold of Wonderful Life’s DVD copy! I’m feeling pretty wound up about it! It’s like accidentally bumping into a long-lost friend on a nice spring day! 🙂

I’ve watched bits and pieces of this K-drama a long time ago, but I was more like a passive, flaccid, apathetic viewer. Sad to note, that time, I didn’t find the drama striking enough to be an attention-grabber. 😦 After watching Eugene’s Three Dads a Mom, I somehow developed a nippy, compulsive feeling to look for a DVD of “Wonderful Life”. Yah, I can always watch it on streaming sites, but owning a DVD is a much more fulfilling challenge, right?

Thankfully, the search proves to be worthwhile!

I re-watched this drama yesterday with my sis until 2 o’clock in the morning. It’s quite an unusual experience coz my sis never ever miss her forty winks just to watch K-dramas. If not for our mom, nagging us to sleep, we’ll be watching until sunrise! Hahaha!.Imagine us panda-eyed, light-headed and in a haze the next morning or more like the next couple of hours. A poor and terrible condition if you’re bound to work by 8 am!

After burning our midnight candle though, we’ve only just barely finished watching Episode 4! Seriously, I really need a refresher course for this one. The more I re-watch, the more I ask my self “Did that really happen the first time?”. I’m really starting to doubt if  I have an on-off memory switch inside my brain –  How come I can’t remember some of the scenes?! But then again, this is what I get for not watching it by heart at first. I’m looking forward to  a lot of catching up and more candle to burn tonight! Aja. Aja- Fighting! Haha.

Re-watching “Wonderful Life” reminds me of Jang Geun-suk’s hit movie, Baby and I.  To say the least, it’s like the small-screen serial version. Not as funny but fairly entertaining as well.

What is the real wonder in Wonderful Life?!-One  of  my many questions about this drama.

The answer, I’m not so sure though.

In my humble opinion, the wonder comes from the odd concept of drawing in two extremely different and impossibly incompatible young couple together. The idea is rather perplex when these two couple choose to embark a long, and at times hilarious, journey towards an unexpected parenthood.

The wonder may also come from the simple fact that life is just wonderful and brilliant in all it’s twists and turns-  stuffed with ups and downs, misunderstandings and making up, funny and gloomy outcomes.

Or in the most undemanding answer: it’s from the  random and momentary feature of Louis Armstrong’s song Wonderful World throughout the drama.

And so the rain of add-on questions begin.

Will they love one another? Will they become mature parents for their daughter? Will Seung-wan ever learn to become a loving husband and a doting father? Will Se Jin realize her dreams? Will Chae Young let Seung-wan go? Will Do Hyun succeed in taking Se Jin away? Will I stop making obvious questions?! Hahaha!

With my busy schedule, not to mention all these stressful electoral responsibilities, I hope my sis and I can finish this drama before the year-ends!

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  1. where did you buy a copy of wonderful life dvd?

  2. i want to watch this again where i can watch this ? because i really like this drama very fun and interesting.

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