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Okami Shojo to Kuro Oji (Wolf Girl and Black Prince) Movie Recap


I’m pretty sure I made it clear that I’m one heck of a Kento Yamazaki fan. Imagine my happiness when Okami Shojo to Kuro Oji Subbed Live Action Adaptation is already available online. Gawd, I literally cried happy tears!

I already did my homework and watch the anime version while waiting for the movie. The story-line is cheesy but I like it. Well, I like everything YamaKen so… no surprise in that. Hehehe!

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Orange Movie Recap


More than romance and friendship, I love that this movie brought light to two of society’s darkest issues- depression and suicide. It has a strong message addressed to both young and old, and that is “live a life without regrets”. Bottom-line is: let’s do the things we need to do while we can or it’ll be too late and the chance will pass us by.

There’s an intermixture of past and future events, so if you’re a hardcore realist and not a fan of time-travel and parallel universes then this is not the movie for you. But believe me, if you can look past all the fantasy, you’ll find “Orange” one awesome movie.

PS: I’m extra generous with the screencaps. It’s YamaKen we’re talking about after all. Tehehe!

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Heroine Shikkaku (Heroine Disqualified) Movie Recap


OH MY GOSH!!! I’ve been squeaking like a duckie for hours now. After the long wait, English Subs for Heroine Shikkaku are out! GAWD, it almost felt forever. I’m glad I didn’t give in to the temptation of watching it raw, or else, it wouldn’t be that satisfying, neh?

This movie is <3! It’s ridiculously funny and amazingly sweet at the same time. It just swells of cuteness and quirky fun. Unlike other live adaptations, this movie is far more relaxed.  The exaggerated manga-like acting adds to its over-all appeal. Kudos to Kiritani for nailing this one. Disqualified or not, she’s still the best heroine, EVER!

PS: Is it just me or is Yamazaki becoming a regular in this blog. Yep, I’m officially fangirling  here. Tehehe!

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