Okami Shojo to Kuro Oji (Wolf Girl and Black Prince) Movie Recap


I’m pretty sure I made it clear that I’m one heck of a Kento Yamazaki fan. Imagine my happiness when Okami Shojo to Kuro Oji Subbed Live Action Adaptation is already available online. Gawd, I literally cried happy tears!

I already did my homework and watch the anime version while waiting for the movie. The story-line is cheesy but I like it. Well, I like everything YamaKen so… no surprise in that. Hehehe!

Movie Recap


It’s a normal day at a normal high school. Students are busy with their usual chores and affairs. Among them is a group of girls casually talking about their sex rendezvous. One of the girls shares that her boyfriend wanted bondage play during sex. Naturally, the other girls are appalled, except for ERIKA SHINOHARA (Fumi Nikaido), who says it was a pity her friend didn’t go for it since it could have been fun. This piques the group’s interest and she continues to brag that she, in fact, did it with her boyfriend and surprisingly enjoyed it. Their interesting conversation is then abruptly halted when Erika’s phone rings. She excuses herself, saying it’s from her “darling” and hides inside the restroom.

Erika’s “darling” is her best friend AYUMI SANDA aka San-chan (Mugi Kadowaki). As usual, Erika instructed San-chan to call her and pose as her boyfriend. San-chan is totally against Erika’s charades, even advising the latter to just tell the truth for the simple reason that there’s nothing wrong in having no experience in love.


While on the phone, AKI TAZUKA (Elaiza Ikeda) and MARIN TACHIBANA (Tina Tamashiro) walks into the very restroom Erika is hiding. She immediately goes inside one of the cubicles and overhears her friends doubting if her so-called “darling” really exists since they haven’t really saw the guy. Now, Erika realizes she needs a lot more lying to do to convince her friends.

Erika shares this new dilemma to San-chan. Given the situation, Erika plans to solve this problem by taking a photo of some random guy and tell her friends it’s her boyfriend. Right on cue, a pretty boy walks down the street and with San-chan’s help, Erika successfully takes a photo of the guy. Problem solved!

The next day, Erika proudly shows the picture to her friends. But then her “perfect solution” poses another problem when one of her friends recognizes the pretty boy as KYOUYA SATA (Kento Yamazaki), who unfortunately happens to be a schoolmate. To Erika’s horror, her friends excitedly dashes to Kyouya’s class, wanting to talk to him. There, Kyuoya immediately recognizes Erika as the pervert girl who took his picture. And before he can say anything more, she drags Kyuoya away.

When alone, she tells him about her situation and surprisingly he readily agrees to be her fake boyfriend. In exchange, he instructs her to spin three times, give her hand and bark. Erika is clearly confused, so, Kyouya explains that he will only play along with her nonsensical pretentious act if she will be his personal “dog”.  Though unwilling, Erika does as she’s told. Kyouya is clearly happy with her decision and dotingly calls her “Poochie”. Haha!


Like what Kyouya wanted, Erika became his dog. One day, he messages her to meet at the cafeteria and buy him some drinks. Her friends, being major skeptics and all, follows her. They suddenly join them so Erika is forced to introduce them to Kyouya. Marin then shamelessly asks if it’s true that he likes bondage play and taunts the though he looks like a prince, he is a actually perverted. Erika tries to pacify the situation but Kyouya interrupts, squeezes Marin’s mouth and admits it’s true. He likes sticking a gag in her annoying mouth and tie her so tight that she can’t move. His unexpected outburst renders Marin and the rest of the gang speechless.  He then smiles and says sorry for making a scene.

Erika apologizes but Kyouya seems not a bit bothered by it and tells her to just shut up because as her boyfriend, it’s his duty to protect her. Erika is touched by his words… until he reminds her that she’s completely in his debt now. Ha!

Unknown to Erika, YUU KUSAKABE (Ryo Yoshizawa), a shy, nerdy-type classmate has a crush on her. She’s to preoccupied with her fake relationship with Kyuoya that she can’t notice his obvious feelings which is just sad.

It’s raining one afternoon and as his dog, Kyouya tells Erika to hold the umbrella for him. But he suddenly decides to run into the rain. Erika tries to catch up to him but he’s enjoying the rain way too much. Add in the music, some slow-mo and we have one of the cheesiest scene ever!

They end up staying at a restaurant where Kyouya’s only friend, TAKERU HIBIYA (Ryusei Yokohama), works. Takeru is pleasantly surprised that Kyouya has a girlfriend since according to him, Kyuoya isn’t even cute and says unnecessary things. Kyouya tells him to just shut it. Erika laughs at their banters. There, Takeru shares that Kyuoya’s parents are divorced and he’s staying with his Dad who is not always at home because of work. Seems Kyuoya doesn’t want Erika to know these things because he coldly tells her to go home, saying she’s an eyesore.

Erika relays Kyouya’s mean words to San-chan, who in turn, says she’s a masochist for keeping up with Kyouya’s sadistic ways. To end her woes, San-chan suggests that Erika break up with the him and find a real boyfriend.

The next day, random girls gang up on Erika for being Kyouya’s girlfriend. Thankfully, NOZOMI KAMIYA (Nobuyuki Suzuki) passes by and stops the bullying. The girls buzz off and Erika thanks him for his help. Before they part ways, Kamiya confesses that he likes her. Heh!

Kamiya texts Erika, inviting her for a date. Kyouya happens to read the message and warns her no get involved with Kamiya. Kyouya: You can’t wag you’re tail over another other than me.

Erika then reminds him that they’re not really an item so she can’t be guilty of cheating or something. Kyouya snaps back that she’s not in the position to reason out because he can always end the pretense there and announce to the world that they’re just faking the relationship. Erika gives in and promises not to go. But of course, Erika is too hardheaded for her own good.

After a day of just dating around, Kamiya and Erika ends up in a cafe, enjoying some snacks. Kamiya suddenly shares that he’ll be happy if they were dating in a romantic way. But of course, he knows that it’s impossible because she’s Kyouya’s girlfriend. Not wanting the opportunity to pass her by, Erika admits that her relationship with Kyouya isn’t real. However, instead of relief, Kamiya is pissed. He angrily tells Erika to forget everything. Right then, Kyouya walks in and tells Erika to go with him. But she can’t let it go and asks Kamiya if everything he did for her were lies. Without batting an eyelash, Kamiya answers that it was. He only wanted to prove that he can defeat Kyouya and since she’s so desperate for a man, it made the task a lot more easier than he thought. Having enough, Kyouya gives Kamiya a hard punch, catching the latter off guard.

Kyouya reprimands Erika for not heeding into his words. It seems he already knew Kamiya’s schemes and saw through her lie. Now that it comes to this, Erika worries that Kamiya might reveal their fake relationship. Kyuoya doesn’t mind though and warns Erika not to put him in the same situation again. Erika nods and blabbers that she just did it to have a chance at real love. Kyouya: Love in that state is just a delusion. There’s no point in getting depressed over a love like that.

Erika smiles and thanks him for his not so discreet attempt to comfort her. Kyouya then gives her a painful pinch in the cheeks. Kyuoya: You look like this that’s why people think it’s easy to attack you.


Kamiya, now sporting a busted lip, demands a nice chat with Kyouya, inviting the latter to team up with him he believes that they belong to the same “species” and can gather as many girls as they can if they work together. Thankfully, Kyouya differs and dismisses his crappy  opinion.

It’s winter break and Erika’s friends are busy with their own vacation. Kyouya hasn’t contacted Erika since the break so she spends her idle time with San-chan. Noticing her sour mood, San-chan asks if she’s sulking because she has grown a liking to Kyouya. Of course, Erika vehemently abhors the idea. She then receives a picture message from her friends with their boyfriends and yeah, she needs to send them pictures with her “boyfriend” too!

Next, we see Erika and Kyuoya on a date. She sincerely thanks him for coming and he nonchalantly tells her it’s nothing since he’s bored and wants to see his dog’s face. Noticing his weak state, Erika asks if he’s sick. He answers that he’s fine and tells Erika to just take pictures. They spend the day like a real couple, watching dolphin shows, enjoying the picturesque view and, as proof of their vacation date, he buys her a yellow turtle strap. Aww!

While eating some snacks, Erika notices a young couple sweetly feeding each other. Erika comments that it’s nice seeing two people in love. But Kyuoya doesn’t share the same sentiments and tells her that the couple isn’t in love but is more  concerned of publicity.

His bitter words make Erika wonder if he ever went out with someone because of love. He says that he never had because no woman ever seriously affected him and women, in general, are just inconveniences. Erika concludes that he’s the worst and that he thinks like because he’s strong. As for her, well, she’s scared to be by herself.

Winter break’s over and Kyouya is noticeably absent. Curious, Erika goes to Kyouya’s class and learns he had a cold. She feels guilty for inviting him to the date and decides to drop by his apartment. As expected, Kyouya refuses to accept her help but when he suddenly collapses, of course, he loses his say on the matter.


Kyouya regains consciousness and he’s clearly not accustomed to receiving help from other people because he thinks that Erika is just trying to get him in her debt. Erika defends that it’s not like that. ErikaIt’s just natural that you let other people look for you when you’re sick. Kyouya eventually gave in and tells her to buy him some fruits.

Later that night, Kyouya wakes up and sees Erika folding his clothes and cooking him some food. When everything’s done, Erika goes home with a smile plastered on her face. The next morning, Kyouya can’t help but laugh at the overly stuffed food that she cooked.


Kyouya is still absent from class so Erika panics and dashes to check on him. But it turns out, his fever has gone down and skipped a day to rest some more. She’s relieved to hear that and bids to go home. Out of the blue, Kyouya says “thanks”. Erika is  completely dumbfounded and shocked. She wasn’t really expecting to hear him say that. She even thought he’ll just call her annoying again. Kyouya laughs at her stupefied look and agrees she’s annoying but  compared to other girls, she didn’t harbor any ulterior motives.

Because of that confession, Erika rushes back to take his temperature again and firmly believes something’s really wrong with him. Haha!


Before she can take his temp, Kyouya grabs her hand and tells her to stop acting stupid. They stare at each other for a good minute or two until… Kakeru comes in to bring Kyouya some energy drinks. Haha! Way to ruin the mood buddy!

After that incident, Erika talks with San-chan and confesses that she likes Kyouya for real. It’s embarrassing to admit but she can’t lie to her feelings anymore. Ever the understanding friend, San-chan says that it’s fine since one can’t really choose the person to love. She advises her to confess. However, Erika is scared that if she does, she won’t be able to talk to him like the usual anymore. San-chan recognizes the possibility but the greater question remains, “Is she willing to just be his dog?”.

Kyouya is fond of dogs, real dogs I mean. He likes playing with them so Erika wonders why he won’t buy a pet dog for himself. He answers that it’s hard for him when it dies and besides, he already has a dog, referring to her.

Erika uses the opportunity to tell him that she likes him and that she doesn’t want to be his dog anymore. Kyouya, however, downplays her feelings as mere delusions. But Erika won’t settle for that and asks about his response. He tells her that he doesn’t know as well and that they should just let the time pass.

Erika is understandably annoyed at his response and vents her frustration to San-chan. San-chan sympathizes with her and wonders how she still loves Kyouya despite his insensitivity. Erika admits not knowing herself but she vows to do everything to make him turn her way.

True to her word, Erika asks Takeru’s help. She visits him at the cafe shop and there they notice two boys making a pass on a pretty but sharp-tongued girl. Takeru recognizes the girl as  REIKA (Nanao), Kyouya’s elder sister. Well, that explains the sadistic tendencies.

Erika introduces herself as Kyouya’s fake girlfriend who has grown to like him for real. Reika seems unfazed by her heartfelt confession and asks why she likes Kyouya. Erika answers that it’s difficult for her to pinpoint the real reason why. All she knows is she likes the parts of him which she hates and it doesn’t really make sense.

Reika frankly tells her that a relationship with Kyouya will not bring her happiness. He is downright self-centered. Erika refutes. Yes, he has a foul mouth but he’s not selfish, otherwise, he won’t agree to be her fake boyfriend. Besides, she doesn’t want Kyouya to change. Being with him is enough. Saying those things, Reika asks if she has no pride at all. Erika replies that she hasn’t. She’ll do everything to make Kyouya love her. In the end, Reika dares her to a dessert eating contest to test her seriousness. Heh?!


And after a series of nonstop desserts, Erika faints. Haha!

Reika calls Kyouya to inform him about what happened. She then give Erika her number and says to call her whenever. Aw, that means Erika got her approval, right? 

They are having a field trip and Erika is partnered with KUSAKABE. In case you already forgot about him, he’s the nerdy classmate who has a crush on Erika. The class is pretty hyped up and Erika’s friends ask if she’ll be going on a date with Kyouya during the tour . Erika got carried away and mindlessly says “yes”.

Thankfully, Kyouya is being cooperative and agrees to date her, which in his vocabulary means “strolling with his dog”. Tehehe! Nonetheless, Erika is happy and promises to prepare the perfect date.

Thanks to field trip preparation, Erika spends quality time with Kusakabe. She then begins to notice his handsome face behind the geeky eyeglasses and tells him to be more confident.

They’re planning their itinerary when Kusakabe asks if she’s planning to go to the  Love Lock Monument with Kyouya since legend says if lovers go there and put a padlock, they’ll always be together. Erika is doubtful if Kyouya will agree since he’s not really someone who’ll go to cliche dates. Kusakabe then shares that if it was him, he’ll do whatever it is just to make the person he loves happy. Erika sighs and says that his future girlfriend will be lucky. Ouch!

Kusakabe wanted to buy a birthday gift for a friend so Erika volunteered to accompany him. But surprisingly, Kyuoya shows up, making her cancel her arrangement with Kusakabe. Kyouya comments that buying a gift isn’t that special. He can just give gifts anytime, with or without occasion. He, for one, is the kind of guy who give gifts voluntarily. He can even buy her a dog’s collar if she wants. It’s obviously a joke but the idea of receiving a gift from him already makes her exuberantly happy.

Erika is excited to go to the Love Lock Monument with Kyouya. She even tediously decorates a padlock for the momentous event. Unlike her, San-chan, doesn’t share the enthusiasm and notes that it’s useless to  lock padlocks with him because it’s not clear if he has feelings for her. Erika is fully aware of her situation but she can’t just can’t ask Kyouya directly. She’s too scared that he’ll reject her. San-chan sighs and voices out that her tendency to overthink is basically the reason why she can’t graduate from a fake girlfriend to a real girlfriend. San-ChanNo matter how many fake beautiful memories you make with him, you won’t become his real girlfriend.

Finally, Erika finds the courage to ask him about their relationship. Kyouya turns serious and says that he has been thinking about it. He realizes that though he says those kind of things, he can’t possibly stay with a girl whom he didn’t like. His confirmation makes Erika ecstatic. She excitedly tells him that since their feeling is mutual, they’ll be going to the Love Lock Monument to celebrate and shows him the plan she made for their trip.

But her excitement is short lived when Kyouya laughs, asking until when he’ll play the act. Jerk! She was conned. He was just playing with her. Unable to contain her disgust, he shoves water at his face. If you were to ask me, she should have thrown the glass instead.

Hurt, devastated and heartbroken, Erika finds comfort in San-chan. Erika: You know what? I quit being the Wolf Girl.

Erika is serious in quitting the Wolf Girl role that she finally summons the courage to tell her friends that her relationship with Kyouya was a fake. She made Kyouya pretend to be her boyfriend just to fit in. As expected, her friends are disappointed and angry at her.

Coincidentally, Kusakabe overhears her confession. He informs Kyouya about it and asks if what she said was true. Kyouya refuses to answer him and retorts that his affairs doesn’t concern him at all. Kusakabe replies that it does because he likes Erika and he’ll do whatever it takes to make her happy. Kyouya acts tough and tells him to just do what he wants, become her man, be happy whatsoever because he doesn’t care.

The news spreads like wildfire. Erika became the perfect bully target. She even receives hate text messages from her “friends”. Before turning off her phone, she calls Reika and apologizes for being a disappointment.


Kusakabe followed her tour plan and eventually, catches up to her. While eating delicious croquettes, Kusakabe asks why she likes Kyouya. He knows their relationship was a fake but it’s obvious her feelings were real. It’s a million dollar question that even Erika doesn’t really know how to answer. Kyouya always makes fun of her, he’s sarcastic and mean but still, she likes him. She doesn’t understand it too but it’s the truth.

Kusakabe then proceeds to ask if he’s not good enough for her. He may not be cool like Kyouya. He may not be a better man but he knows he will never hurt her. He knows it’s too soon and he won’t demand for her answer now. All he wants is for her to let him make her smile.

Now we go to Kyouya’s whereabouts. He’s with Kamiya but he’s mind is off to somewhere or someone. They pass by  a jewelry shop and notices a necklace. He remembers Erika’s reaction when he said he’ll buy her something. Later that night,  while having some karaoke session with Kamiya and some random girls, he receives a call from Reika. She’s clearly angry at him for not telling Erika how he feels.

Last stop for Erika’s tour plan is the Love Lock Monument. This time, she tells Kusakabe that wants to go there alone. After everything, she still believes in Kyouya. She doesn’t want to deal with the what-ifs. He sadly smiles. He understands. He did say he wants to make her happy, right? Why do good guys get friend-zoned every single time?  

After Reika’s call, Kyouya finally gets to his senses. He starts looking for Erika. If only you took time to read Erika’s tour plan, you wouldn’t be running around for nothing you dufus! 

He bumps into Kamiya, who is not happy that he suddenly left. Kyouya doesn’t have time for his nonsense so he tells him to shut up and enjoy on his own. Determined to prove his point, Kamiya shows Kyouya his 300 female contacts. He boasts that with just one call, they’ll be coming in an instant. He’s definitely 300 time happier than him!

Kyouya finds his understanding of happiness pitiful. He asks if among those women, does he really have someone he wants to protect or maybe a woman who thinks that once she loses him, she hurts. He never expects Kamiya to understand until he meets a woman who really matters. He knows that because he was just like him before. All the while, Erika’s friends listen to the conversation.


Erika hurries to go to the Love Lock Monument. To her dismay, no one’s there. She then notices that the yellow turtle strap Kyouya gave her is lost. She looks for it, missing Kyouya in the process.

Kyuoya finally finds Erika rummaging inside the garbage cans. He scolds her for not answering her phone and dilly-dallying. She reasons out that she was just looking for the strap. It has sentimental value for her because even though it was a lie, she wants to cherish the memory they had together. Those were happy times and she felt contented. She badly wanted to stay with him but all lies must eventually come to an end. She should have quit being the Wolf Girls earlier.

Kyouya seems unfazed and tells her not to get cocky on him. He then fastens a necklace around her neck. He quips that he originally thought of buying her a collar but people might misunderstand.  He declares that she belongs to him and the necklace proves that.


Still, Erika doesn’t get what he’s trying to say. She begs him to tell her properly because she will never understand. Kyouya finds her too noisy and stops her whining with a kiss and a hug. Kyuoya: I love you. Okay , nothing’s more clearer than that.

He turns to leave but Erika can’t get over his confession and asks him to repeat what he said.  Kyuoya: I won’t say it, stupid dog.

Seems old habits die hard, neh?

The End. ❤

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