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Far Away Love: First Impression & Summary

After surviving the 10-episode worth of backstory, this drama finally grew on me. No offense meant, but I really think 10 episodes is way too long for character and plot development. Yeah, there were sweet, subtle hints of the developing romance between the OTP, but like I said it was “too” discreet for me. I’m not really the most patient drama follower out there. So after Episode 5 and there’s still no sign of a sudden and vital turn in romance, I became restless.

Thankfully, the show redeemed itself with the very emotional, tear-jerking Episode 11. Quite frankly, the series kicked off from there. It was the push button that triggered my relentless interest and the main reason why I am compelled to devote a part of my time to write recaps for this drama. Anyhow, I wrote a short introduction of the leads and supporting characters, as well as a synopsis for Episodes 1 to 11 in this post. I will begin my episodic recaps on Episode 12.

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Drama Previews: My Amazing Boyfriend

My Amazing Boyfriend

Howdy! I originally planned on taking a leave from writing drama recaps. It has been 6 years since my last drama recap post. And yeah, it’s a considerably long time. But after watching the trailer of My Amazing Boyfriend, I’m having second thoughts. It’s a rom-com with a touch of supernatural, or supernatural with a touch of rom-com, either way, I like it. I’m interested with the plot and I want to know how it’ll end for an immortal and a mortal. There’s a 70% possibility that I’ll be making recaps for this one. Hopefully, it’ll be entertaining as I thought it’ll be. Fingers-crossed.

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First Impression: Joker Yurusarezaru Sosaken

This jdrama is refreshingly disturbing and brutally entertaining! Yeah, I also find my words contradictory, but what can I say? There’s a lot going on. Really, a lot! I’ve been watching crime jdramas for years now, but Joker sure stands out on this genre. I’ve always hated violence, but watching the first episode made me think twice. Just like its premise, this jdrama will surely make us understand the darker side of humanity.

Episode 1 opens with a bang. What crime could solicit extreme sympathy and hatred than a brutal murder of an innocent 8-year-old, right? Imagine, an 8-year-old child! He’s got a bright future, until a bloody psychopath sets his eye on him.  Poor child!  It’s not even enough that Kiuchi  killed Miku-kun, he even laughs heartily while hearing the mother’s desperate cries. And to top it all, Kiuchi will get away with it!  The very own justice system couldn’t even bring him  down. Argg..what’s happening with our world?

After watching the episode, I’m still torn between the issue of killing or not killing the freakin’child murderer! Can crime be stopped with another crime? I firmly believe that it can’t. But it really broke my heart, hearing the father’s sentiments. It’s quite revolting that even if there were enough evidences, justice can’t still be served. So, just for a second there, I wanted Kiuchi to be punished. If not by law, then by any other means.

Enough with the ranting about Crime 1. Got a little hyped up, sorry. All in all, the jdrama is quite intriguing. Some says the plot is similar to Dexter. But I don’t really care. I haven’t watch Dexter, so I can’t really tell. All I can say is, I love the complexity of the characters.And I love how the drama tackles the issue on injustice.

The lead Date Kazuyoshi (Sakai) is creepy. Haha! There’s no other word to describe him. Okay, so there’s another one, it’s weird. Haha! Creepy and weird! Not your ideal hero, ne? Well, he’s like that in front of his peers, but when he’s alone, all gentleness vanishes in thin air. His cruel understanding of injustice roots from childhood. So, to some point, you can’t really blame him for being brutal to criminals. He’s a man suffering from guilt and anger at the same time.

And then there’s the new recruit Asst. Detective Miyagi Asuka (Anne). She’s the complete opposite of Date. She never hides anything.  She’s the typical rookie,  idealistic and unyielding. Completing the trio is the happy-go-lucky Kudo Kenji (Nishikido Ryo). Though he appears laid-back, he seems to understand how things really work. He also wants justice, but he knows how to deal with reality. You can say, he’s the hybrid of the idealistic Miyagi and two-faced Date.

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