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First Impressions: Calling Big Star

As much as I would like to watch this drama religiously, I just can’t seem to find anything good in it. I already skipped the draggy parts but still, nothing. Well, I know it’s premature to condemn it as such. But, up until Episode 3, the story really develops way too sloooowww. I hoped that this drama will grow on me, but it didn’t.

All in all (Episode 1-3), the drama is just about Bo Ye (Mike He) being poor and his frustrating pursuits in finding the freakin’ lottery ticket. Even his “manga face” doesn’t allure me. Still, I think that he is much more effective in portraying the rich bad-boy image than the reluctant superstar. Mike He being poor, is just plain unbelievable!

The only redeeming factor in this drama is Ah Li (Chen Ke Zhai). I like his character: cool, simple, and easy going. I even think that he has much more depth than Bo Ye. And I also like the fact that he chooses to be a taxi driver than become a super rich heir trapped in an arranged marriage. You think he’s dense? Nope! I think that’s character.

It’s funny that everybody kept on thinking that he’s gay, especially De Xing (Charlene Choi).  And everytime he tries to correct the misconception, he always ends up getting “more gay” instead. Haha!

As for De Xing, she’s just a so-so character for me. Though she did break the stereotypical view of women drivers all over the world, I still feel that she’s missing something. Maybe some angst? I dunno. She’s just..arggg…I can’t even describe what is it that she’s lacking.

And Zhou Cai Shi? Need I say more about her? Honestly, I find her character weak and passive. I can’t even remember her name. She’s barely there, just a breeze passing by. Sorry. No offense meant.

With that being said, I prefer that the drama is just about Ah Li and De Xi’s romance. The more I watch, the more I feel that Bo Ye is the “outsider” and not the supposed “prince charming”. And the other female character (the one played by Zhou Cai Shi), well, is just a filler to complete the typical love-square.

Would it be too much if I ask that the drama focus on Ah Li and De Xing?! 🙂

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