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Official Trailer: A Smile is Very Beautiful

Hi! Lemme just share this drama’s Full Trailer. Enjoy!

Far Away Love Episode 16 Recap


Marriage may not be far-fetched as Shen An successfully earns cookie points from Chu Xia’s parents. Well played Shen An. Well played indeed. 🙂

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Far Away Love Episode 15 Recap

Shen An remains relentless in pursuing his marriage scheme and his secret weapons are: persistence and a little bit of stalking. Haha!

PS: Sorry for the delayed updates. I’ve been busy with work lately. That, and my mind’s not working properly. Tehehe!

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Drama Preview: A Smile is Very Beautiful


Finally, it’s August! I’ve been literally dragging the days since I saw this show’s teaser. With much anticipation from fans, both for the stars and the novel, I believe this is going to be a success. The leading man and woman are equally beautiful and the story-line is something every millennial can relate to. If no one makes this a recap project, I’m sure up for the task. I already read the novel beforehand and it’s swoon-worthy. It even only took me two days to read it.

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Far Away Love Episode 13 Recap


Even in death, Ruo Nan shows her deep loyalty and love to Chu Xia. She’s a dear friend and she deserves respect. 🙂

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Far Away Love Episode 12 Recap


Welcome to my first episodic recap for Far Away Love. I suggest that you read my summary HERE so that you’ll have an idea of how this drama went so far.

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Far Away Love: First Impression & Summary

After surviving the 10-episode worth of backstory, this drama finally grew on me. No offense meant, but I really think 10 episodes is way too long for character and plot development. Yeah, there were sweet, subtle hints of the developing romance between the OTP, but like I said it was “too” discreet for me. I’m not really the most patient drama follower out there. So after Episode 5 and there’s still no sign of a sudden and vital turn in romance, I became restless.

Thankfully, the show redeemed itself with the very emotional, tear-jerking Episode 11. Quite frankly, the series kicked off from there. It was the push button that triggered my relentless interest and the main reason why I am compelled to devote a part of my time to write recaps for this drama. Anyhow, I wrote a short introduction of the leads and supporting characters, as well as a synopsis for Episodes 1 to 11 in this post. I will begin my episodic recaps on Episode 12.

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