My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 14 Recap


Okay, so this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Jing Zhi finally admits she loves Ling Qiao. And she’s very much proud of it. Kyaaah! I just hope he’ll reciprocate sooner. 🙂

Episode 14

Jing Zhi asks Xuan Xuan about the latter’s wedding plans. Instead of answering, Xuan Xuan informs Jing Zhi that she and Shi Guang will be hosting a charity banquet to eliminate the nasty rumor. She invites Jing Zhi to join in and warns her not to donate any of her used clothes. Haha!

Ye Chen and Yan Zi meets once again. I swear their meetings are becoming usual occurrences in this show that I’m already wondering if there will be bromance later on. Haha!

Moving on, Ye Chen comments that meeting in the rain is something only lovers do. Yan Zi responds by asking him if he thinks their meetings are dates. Haha! Well, the reason why he wants to meet there is because he enjoys watching the young soccer players, sharing that he envies their vigor and youthfulness. Ye Chen then remarks that Yan Zi has become overly dramatic. When the soccer ball nearly hits them, Yan Zi suddenly coughs up blood, rendering Ye Chen confused and concerned.

At the lab, Yan Zi spills that he was exposed to plutonium while working on a case and is suffering from lung cancer. He doesn’t want to be pitied upon so he kept it a secret and tried to live normally as possible. Ye Chen then deduces that it’s because of this that he rejected Jing Zhi’s proposal. Yan Zi confirms, saying that it’s unfortunate that his luck was up. He then pleads Ye Chen to keep this a secret.

Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi patch things up over a bottle of wine. Ling Qiao says sorry for blaming Jing Zhi. He owns up to his faults and admits that he regretted meeting her. But since fate brought them together, he is obligated to protect her at all cost. There will be times when he can’t be with her, so she must promise to persevere and protect herself until he comes. Jing Zhi remains silent and Ling Qiao feels her erratic heartbeat. He chuckles and concludes she’s being possessive again.

After drinking two glasses of wine, she musters up courage to confess. He’s wrong. What she feels is not simply possessiveness but love. There were times when she was confused about her feelings but now, she’s sure of it. She may be scared or angry at him at times but she never despised or felt wronged when she does things for him. She did it all willingly. She’s even happy to die for him. Yes, she’s possessive but she’s also willing to give.


With alcohol in her system, she boldly sits on his lap, making Ling Qiao wonder if she’s sober. But Jing Zhi only smiles and bluntly tells him that even though she loves him, he doesn’t meet her standards. She has a full grasps of reality and understands that a future with him is dim. Ling Qiao can’t agree more and tells her to end this folly, mainly, because it’s impossible for him to fall in love and spend his life with a normal woman. But Jing Zhi isn’t hearing any of it because she already fell asleep. Haha! Ling Qiao hugs her tight and gently reprimands her not to engage in excessive drinking anymore. Aww!

Meanwhile, Detective Zhang phones the enemy to report that Ling Qiao is already suspecting him so he can’t come over. However, he assures that everything has been laid according to plans.

Dong Dong notices Jing Zhi’s gloomy aura and asks if she had a fight with Ling Qiao. She answers that it’s worse because she told him she loves him but he instantly rejected her, saying that he cannot love a normal woman. For her, Ling Qiao is just making up excuses and takes the human-monster incompatibility way too seriously. She tries to fish for sentiments and asks if she isn’t charming enough. Dong Dong says that she is. But she’s not contented with his compliment because unlike Ling Qiao, he only knew few women. Haha!

Dong Dong then reminds her that she must protect Ling Qiao against media people at the charity banquet tomorrow or his real identity will be exposed. Jing Zhi guarantees that Ling Qiao’s identity is safe because the event is well-organized and media people are not after him. Speaking of the banquet, Jing Zhi just remembered that she has yet to find something for the auction.

Jing Zhi goes to her parent’s house. Dad worries she had a fight with his son-in-law but she assures they’re fine and she’s just looking for the drawing she did in 3rd grade. When Dad asks why she’s looking for the “ugly junk”, she proudly states that it’s her donation for the auction. Dad is too appalled that he offers to buy the drawing himself, just to save her from dire embarrassment. Haha! But Jing Zhi is confident someone will buy it. Besides, it’ll be auctioned together with her previous art teacher’s painting. Dad concedes and tells her that the drawing is under the bed. However, while Jing Zhi looks for it, she finds a box load of condoms and sexy lingerie inside. Haha! Gawd, Dad’s guilty face is so funny. Haha!

Jing Zhi wears one of the undergarments in the box, supposedly to seduce Ling Qiao. However, he isn’t even looking her way and only focuses on his favorite drama. His insensitive attitude irritated her, so she turns off the TV and continues with her provocative poses. But sadly, her actions only confuses him. Haha! She finds it absurd that he can’t take a hint and bares that people dubs her the goddess of men. But Ling Qiao differs and says that the society has very low standards. Haha! He adds that her antics are useless because he’s not attracted to her at all. Ouch!

When alone, Jing Zhi blames herself for making the fake relationship with Ling Qiao real. But then she doesn’t get why Ling Qiao is immune to her charms and postulates that maybe, just maybe, Ling Qiao is gay.

To prove her theory, Jing Zhi forces Dong Dong to seduce Ling Qiao in exchange of a salary hike. Haha! Though reluctant, he yields. Jing Zhi sets up a hidden cam and watches the scene upstairs.

Dong Dong immediately plays the seductress, making the unsuspecting Ling Qiao very uncomfortable. Haha! Since Dong Dong’s ‘suggestive’ pose doesn’t work, he gets ‘touchy’ which revolted Ling Qiao. Haha! As a last recourse, Dong Dong burns his finger with the iron and uses the ‘damsel in distress’ act. Being the good old Samaritan that he is, Ling Qiao tends to his burn. And since they walk beyond the camera’s view, Jing Zhi thinks of the worst and runs to prevent any intimacy between the two. Haha! Thankfully, she finds Dong Dong in the CR alone. He relays that Ling Qiao went out to buy medicine. With this, Jing Zhi is content to know that Ling Qiao is definitely not gay.

The next morning, Jing Zhi acts cute and ‘virtuous’. She even prepared a meal for Ling Qiao, saying that she’s just an ordinary woman and though she’s a goddess, she’s still very approachable. Haha! Ling Qiao laughs at her overconfidence and asks what her point is. Jing Zhi tells him that she’s trying to make him fall in love with her. And since he’s not gay and not intimidated by her ‘goddess’ status, she can’t comprehend why he isn’t attracted to her. Ling Qiao clarifies that she finds her charming and all, but the thing is, he lived for too long that he’s used to charm and finds living alone more comfortable.


Shi Guang picks up Xuan Xuan and compliments that she’ll be the most beautiful girl in the party. Xuan Xuan jokes that he shouldn’t be saying that because Jing Zhi will freak out. He then apologizes for losing his temper the other day. She also acknowledges her faul. And since everything’s well between them, they shake on it.


At the charity ball, Jing Zhi warns Ling Qiao not to wander around. They chat with Xuan Xuan and Shi Guang a little before going to the banquet table. Jing Zhi is happily picking up food when she notices Ling Qiao putting food on his own plate as well. Ling Qiao explains that it’s to blend in and he will just find a place to throw up later. So Jing Zhi purposely puts a big chunk of cake on his plate just to spite him. Haha!

All the while, Professor Li looks at them from afar. Shi Guang spots the professor and they casually chat. I wonder if it’s all an act. I really believe Shi Guang is the enemy. Zzz!

The auction starts with Shi Guang as the host. The first to be bidded out is Xuan Xuan’s jade bracelet. And to Jing Zhi’s horror it was sold for 1.5 million! Haha! She then turns to Ling Qiao for help. However, he is non-committal and asks what she brought. Of course she’s embarrassed to say it’s an ugly childhood drawing so she dismisses him with a “Don’t ask”. Haha! I think Ling Qiao already has an idea that it’s something tacky so he turns her down, reasoning out that people will condemn him for having a bad taste. Haha! She implores some more, even promising that she won’t force him to eat cake. Ling Qiao smiles smugly. He will agree if she promises him one thing.


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