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Hana Kimi Season 2 confirmed!

This may not be NEWS for some, but IT IS for me. Dang, I’ve been out of the circle again! I’m always late when it comes to news like this. Enough with the mindless complaining and on with the real deal.

Where was I? Oh yeah, so we already knew that there’s a Korean remake (Beautiful You), right? But a Japanese remake? Now, that’s a shock. It has only been what? 4 years since the first Jdrama adaptation? Isn’t it too early? But anyways, it’s still good news! And to top it all, it’s our very own “Kyuuto”, Maeda Atsuko, who’ll play the lead. Yay!

Well, the plot is basically similar (since it’s understandably a remake) but with a totally different cast, episode themes, scenes, teenage humour and story.

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Q10 Episode 5

Episode 5 straightforwardly addresses the usual teenage issue today: IDENTITY CRISIS.. the mind-boggling puzzle of knowing where you stand or whether you have a stand at all. :0

Now, I’m a little nostalgic. Youth! How quickly you’d left me? Come back and refresh my dried up memories. Oopsie. Having a moment here. Sorry, got a little carried away. Kekeke! 🙂

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‘My DNA says I love you’ Movie Recap

The title is catchy, but then, that’s just about it. The movie fell short of my expectations. I mean it was fun, but something was definitely missing. Can’t pinpoint what though. Maybe, the lack of connection between the leads? I dunno really. Some were saying it’s good. Well, I say it’s rather average.

PS: This is more of a rundown than a recap. 🙂

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Best of Times Movie Recap

This may not be the best movie ever, but it sure has some redeeming points. It incorporates a little of everything: comedy, romance, drama. It doesn’t attempt to push through the extremes and maintains an easy, unhurried pace. There are loose-ends and the chemistry is subtle. But nevertheless, it’s not downright bad.

The thing that I really appreciate about this drama is the interweaving concepts of irony. Here we have two couples (young and old). While the older ones want to hold on to their memories, the younger however, wants to forget. Ahhh, life with all its heartbreaking ironies.

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Bangkok Traffic Love Story Movie Recap

This is such a fun-watch. A perfect combination of innocent humor and giggly romance. The female character, Mei Li is such a darling!

“Bangkok Traffic Love Story”, somehow, mirrors every thirty-year-old woman’s battle for love. Fight-oh! Oh! Reminds me of Yankumi.

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Q10 Episode 4

Eeeehhh! A hug?! Now, I’m inspired. Tehehe. 🙂

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Hello Stranger Movie Recap

Gawd, how I love this movie. I love the leads. I love the plot. I love the humor. I love the drama. I love the twist. I love the ending. Aahhhh, there’s so much to love!

“Hello Stranger” will tickle your funny bone. It’ll touch your heart.  It’ll make you wonder.

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