Hapimari: Happy Marriage!? Episode 10 Recap

At last, the truth is out! Well, at least for Seiji’s part. It’s a pity though that he died protecting Hokuto from the truth. This is, I think, the saddest episode. I wish they reconciled earlier and had more father-son bonding time.

Little by little, the mystery of Hokuto’s Mom’s death is being unveiled. It’s getting clearer and clearer that someone in the Mamiya family is the murderer.

Episode 10 Recap

Hokuto’s life is once again spared. People in the pedestrian lane didn’t even think something’s amiss so he probably didn’t bother to make a big deal out of it too.

Another good news is, Seiji’s emergency operation was a success and it helped in stabilizing his condition. Chiwa is relieved that Hokuto finally shows up at the hospital. But still, he can’t seem to see Seiji and bails out without a word. Chiwa tries to follow after him but Souma volunteers in her behalf.

Despite the operation, Seiji is still weak. No matter how much you spend, cancer is cancer after all. The moment he wakes up, he immediately asks for his elder brother, Satoru. He’s kinda surprised though that his family, except Hokuto, is gathered in the room. Chiwa informs him that Hokuto also came. She tried to stop him from leaving but she failed. Seiji says it’s fine. He understands. Hokuto’s hate and desire for revenge had been his driving force to persevere. But now, seeing the man he loathes weak and vulnerable, he’s scared. He then asks to talk with Satoru in private. Seems like Seiji already anticipated this moment. He is ready and reminds Satoru of something.

Chiwa returns home where Hokuto and Souma are waiting. Before Souma leaves, Chiwa urges her to tell the truth about Seiji and his Mom. Souma reveals that she’s Yoko’s close friend way back. She witnessed how Seiji and Yoko loved each other. However, the Mamiya family objected their relationship because of Yoko’s background. She was an orphan at an early age and  worked as a hostess for a living. And so, Yoko broke up with Seiji although she was already pregnant that time.

Life was hard for a single mother like Yoko in the suburbs. So when Hokuto was 5, she decided to return to Tokyo.  Seiji, on the other hand, was already separated from his wife. When Souma learned that Seiji is still in love with Yoko, she told him about Yoko’s situation. She thought it was the perfect solution for Yoko’s problem. However, the Mamiya family still didn’t want Yoko. They only wanted Hokuto to be part of the family. Seiji tried to protect them but to no avail. In the end, Souma realized, maybe the one who really killed Yoko was her. If she didn’t interfere with their lives, Yoko could still be alive.

Chiwa asks if that’s the reason why she stayed beside Hokuto. Souma answers it was purely coincidence that she got the job but she likes to think it’s Yoko’s guiding light that made it possible. Hokuto says thank you and assures her it’s not her fault. Chiwa then asks why Seiji didn’t tell them the truth. Souma assumes it’s because of guilt. He was, after all, the one who tore Yoko and Hokuto apart. Besides, if Hokuto knows his Mom died protecting him, he’ll be living in pain.

Now that’s everything’s cleared up, Hokuto finally finds the courage to face and talk with his Dad. He asks why Seiji didn’t say he was his ally all along. Seiji sadly replies it’s because, after all those years, he still couldn’t turn his back against his family. It’s the only way for Hokuto to succeed. Otherwise, he will be defeated by the family. He never doubted him though. He knows Hokuto can do it. Seiji reaches for his hand. In response, Hokuto eagerly holds it like it’s dear life. Seiji closes his eyes. Crying, Hokuto calls him Dad for the very first time. But then, Seiji’s gone.

Chiwa anxiously waits for Hokuto’s return. And when he passes by her, weak and distraught, she understands. He doesn’t need words to express his grief. She can only comfort him with a hug.

After Seiji’s burial, the Mamiya family meet to discuss about things. Turns out, Seiji left a will and he’ll be giving all his money, corporate stocks and properties, as well as, the presidency of Mamiya Group to Hokuto. His uncle, Satoru, in his capacity as executive member will only assist Hokuto in the management of the corporation. As expected some members of the family strongly disagrees. They even question Hokuto’s legitimacy, citing that his mother once worked as a hostess and he might not be Seiji’s biological son.  To ease all doubts, Chairman suggests that Hokuto take a DNA test. Hokuto readily agrees.

Chiwa’s Dad comes by to visit and offer his condolences. He’s a little shock about the news and regrets not having the time to talk or at least drink some sake with his in-law. Hokuto assures it’s fine since he too wasn’t in good terms with his Dad before. Chiwa’s Dad feels nervous and mumbles random things. He even suggests they consider having a baby. Out of the blue, Hokuto invites him to play pachinko. Well, at least he found a father figure in Chiwa’s Dad.

After spending some time with Chiwa’s Dad, Hokuto opines that her Dad is great. Chiwa finds it hard to believe though. She knew her Dad as selfish, a gambler and has no goals. Hokuto defends that at least he’s honest. Thinking back, he didn’t even had a frank, straight talk with his own Dad. Chiwa consoles that his Dad was great too. It’s just that both of them are not good in expressing their feelings and muses that maybe it’s a hereditary trait.

Hokuto shares that since he was a child, he threw all his sorrow and hate to his Dad. But in truth, he really wanted love and attention. Chiwa asks if he still wants to have his revenge and destroy Mamiya Group. Hokuto thinks about it and says “no”. Mamiya Group is his father’s inheritance and he wants to cherish it. It’s ironic though that ever since he was a child, he hated his Dad so much but now, he doesn’t want to think even for the slightest possibility that they aren’t related. Chiwa holds his hand. She assures it’ll be fine. No matter what the DNA result will be, he will always be Seiji’s son and she’ll be with him all the way.

Youngest brother (I forgot his name) and Grandma wonders about the DNA result. He thinks of bribing the doctors to fake the report. Grandma laughs. If he thinks the problem can be solved by merely bribing a few doctors then he’s just being silly. He then decides to talk straight to the Chairman and demands he should be the President of Mamiya Group instead. Grandma, however, informs him that Satoru is already having a chat with the Chairman. And so, he eavesdrop on Chairman and Satoru’s conversation.

Chairman worries that the situation is getting out of hand. Though Seiji loathed them to the core, he still chose to keep the family secret. Seiji knew the devastating effect once the scandal breaks and decided to remain silent. And like everybody else in the Mamiya family, Satoru asks if it’s true that Hokuto may not be Seiji’s son. Chairman doesn’t dismiss the possibility. After all, they never really knew Yoko. But whether Hokuto is related to Seiji or not is not the problem. He will still be part of the Mamiya family through Chiwa. Chairman reveals that Chiwa is the granddaughter of Yuko, a distant relative. His family disagreed of their relationship because they were blood related. He’s pretty sure when Hokuto takes over as successor, some family members will oppose. And if Chiwa and Hokuto bears a child, no one will question Hokuto’s authority anymore.

Hokuto finally relays to Chiwa and Souma that someone wanted him dead. Because he’s kinda preoccupied with Dad before, he didn’t pay much attention to it. But thinking about it now, it’s weird. Souma volunteers to investigate on the matter.

The DNA test results arrive and it yields a 99.9% match. Hokuto is undeniably Seiji’s son! Hokuto is a little shook while Chiwa is relieved. Chairman is contented and the rest of the Mamiya family members have no choice but accept the dreadful truth. It’s official! Hokuto is the real heir.

Chiwa visits his Dad to give the coupons Hokuto gave him. Dad is naturally glad. He then asks Chiwa if Satoru lives nearby their house since he saw him roaming around the area the other night. This catches Chiwa’s full attention.

Chiwa is cooking Hokuto’s favorite meal when the latter arrives. Chiwa asks if he’s happy about the result. Hokuto isn’t really that interested though.The fact still remains that his family still doesn’t accept him. Chiwa then asks if Satoru lives or works nearby their house. Hokuto is pretty sure he doesn’t. Hmm, something’s fishy with this Satoru guy. Suddenly, Chiwa feels nauseous. Hokuto smiles giddily and guesses she’s pregnant. Chiwa isn’t too sure though but confirms there were signs. Well, it’s enough to make Hokuto super happy. He’s even excited to name the baby. Chiwa shares his happiness and says she likes the thought of them building a family together. Hokuto lovingly kisses her and declares he loves her.

Their moment of happiness is cut short when the doorbell rings. Someone’s obviously at the door. To their surprise, it’s Hokuto’s youngest uncle and he’s there to tell them who killed Hokuto’s Mom.

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