My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 13 Recap


I’m starting to hate Professor Li! Zzzz! -_-

Episode 13

Ling Qiao isn’t buying Jing Zhi’s nagging and opts to disappear. She returns to her room, obviously displeased. After some time, she returns to nitpicking, yelling that the TV is too loud that she can’t sleep. However, he finds her rants unfounded since she just woke up and she can’t even hear what the actors in the drama were talking about.

Next scene, we see Ling Qiao handing Jing Zhi a bowl of sliced apple. But she whines that the cut is too big. He gives her another bowl. This time she complains it’s too small. In the end, he gives her yogurt. Haha! Thankfully, this stops her griping. He then begs her to stop being finicky. In response, she acts all innocent and justifies that her behavior is only proper. And compared to the divorced mother he’s involved with, she’s more emotionally stable. Again, he repeats that he is not involved with the mother but she refuses to hear him out. Ling Qiao gives up and tells her to better eat bitter melon since she’s that bitter. Haha!

Jing Zhi then asks about updates in his mission of finding the enemy. He regrettably tells her that as of to date, there’s none. She volunteers to extend some help, but he reminds her not to concern herself with his affairs anymore. She fervently insists on helping so Ling Qiao asks why she’s very interested all of a sudden. She relays that she wants him to solve the case ASAP and be gone. So, Ling Qiao agrees to give her a task of instigating a gossip that will rouse Ye Chen’s interest and prompts him to conduct an investigation.

As planned, Jing Zhi meets up with Ye Chen. She starts the conversation by showing Ye Chen the tabloid picture of him and Xuan Xuan together. He quickly dismisses it as a trivial matter. But Jing Zhi differs since it affects both Shi Guang and Xuan Xuan’s stocks. He then counters that it only shows that the arranged marriage is not that beneficial. Jing Zhi is surprised that Xuan Xuan shared that big secret with him.

Ye Chen casually asks if it’s okay to have a relationship with Xuan Xuan. She says that he can’t because he’s her ex-boyfriend. Ye Chen is appalled since he can’t even consider their relationship a real relationship. She tells him to relax because it’s just a promise she and Xuan Xuan had when they were young.  He then probes when did the two ladies started to become best friends. And she answers that when she was 2 years old and Xuan Xuan helped her blow her nose. Haha! Ye Chen thinks to himself, mumbling that Jing Zhi and Xuan Xuan are better off rivals than best friends. Haha!

Jing Zhi then diverts the topic and asks him about the dormant body, of which, he says there are still no clues to its whereabouts. Subtly, she acts her part, feigning to wonder if the corpse was awakened. Ye Chen nearly chokes his drink and asks why she thinks like that. She continues with her ploy and tells him that with the weird things happening around, she’s been thinking that it might be the case. She proceeds to hinting him that the popular monster video may be legit after all.


At the lab, Ye Chen watches the said video and starts to believe that it is authentic. He then calls Yan Zi for help. The two goes to the website owner and demands to get a copy of the HD monster video. When the manager confessed that there’s none, Ye Chen threatens to conduct an intensive investigation if he fails to cooperate. I think Ye Chen is more suitable to be the police officer. He’s such a pro when it comes to blackmailing people. Tehehe! Hence, the manager is forced to give him the seller’s and buyer’s contact info.

While walking Ye Chen read the info and laughs because the seller’s online profile is Head of Bodyguards and “Bodyguard” is coincidentally the name of Xuan Xuan’s online fan group. Haha! And since they can’t locate the seller, they will be investigating the buyer of the HD video instead.

Meanwhile, Jing Zhi calls the “Head of Bodyguards” aka Ling Qiao to report that paparazzi are stalking her and thus, she needs rescue. But Ling Qiao is unavailable because he’s busy following Xuan Xuan’s new love interest aka Ye Chen.

Seems, the rumor of Xuan Xuan having an affair with Ye Chen has blown out of proportion and the reporters are even hunting down Shi Guang for an interview. He finally grants to their appeal and defends that it’s just a baseless rumor. In fact, their wedding is already set at the end of the year.

Yan Zi and Ye Chen visit Detective Zhang Feng Wei aka the enemy’s assistant. The latter confirms that a client asked him to get the HD vid. But just like what the manager said, there is no video. So they ask him of his client’s contact info. Of course, he refuses to divulge for privacy reasons. Ye Chen and Yan Zi doesn’t believe him but they can’t do anything about it. All the while, Ling Qiao listens to their conversation.

When they were gone, Ling Qiao talks with Detective Zhang. It’s clear he is being more aggressive in his approach. Without beating around the bush, he asks the detective why he wants to buy the video.  Detective Zhang is all defensive and asks if he’s a police officer. Ling Qiao answers that he’s not but he is the seller. Detective Zhang plays coy and tells him that if he’s there to settle some issues about the video, he must deal with the buyer himself. Ling Qiao is pissed and slams the table. I don’t know if he did it on purpose or not. He then offers money to bribe Detective Zhang. But the fellow is too hard to bend and blabs about being loyal to his clients. Ling Qiao then comments that he’s way too loyal to stake his name for the video.

Due to Xuan Xuan’s absence on set, Jing Zhi is home early. When Ling Qiao arrives, she immediately inquires about his day and he replies it was unproductive. So, Jing Zhi tries to cheer him up. All of a sudden, he asks if she really wants him to leave. She remains silent but when he’s gone to his room, she says that she doesn’t.

Xuan Xuan is fuming when she watched Shi Guang’s interview and angrily confronts him about it. He calmly reasons out that their stocks are dropping and it’s the only thing he can do to assure the stakeholders. Besides, they agreed not to see other people during the engagement. If she liked someone else, she should at least told him and be careful not to be seen in public. But Xuan Xuan doesn’t find his statements reasonable and bluntly tells him to respect her. He snaps and sharply tells her that it respect should be reciprocated. She has been looking down on him for too long and it’s time she understand that he is not beneath her. After saying his piece, Xuan Xuan realizes her faults and calls a truce. She then asks what they have to do to pacify the rumor. His idea is to host a charity banquet to divert media attention.

Ling Qiao follows Detective Zhang but the latter is quick to notice him. They end the chase and talks face to face. Ling Qiao instructs Detective Zhang to tell his boss that he will definitely go to the bottom of things and he has all the time to do it, so he better spill the beans. Still, Detective Zhang invokes innocence.

At home, Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi spends some time relaxing on the porch. Jing Zhi then demands that he find the enemy sooner. However, her tirade is interrupted by Ye Chen’s call. She’s talking to Ye Chen in her usual ireful self, but when she notices Ling Qiao looking, she softens a bit and acts sweet. Ling Qiao chuckles which confused Jing Zhi.

He then shares that love and possessiveness are very similar emotions that sometimes he can’t even tell them apart. The major difference is that love is more complicated because it involves possessiveness, giving and sharing all at the same time. While possessiveness is just wanting to own something. He remembers that she told him before that everything in this house is hers and reminds her that he’s not something she owned. When he’s gone, Jing Zhi thinks by herself and asks whether it’s true that what she’s feeling is not love but possessiveness.

The next morning, Jing Zhi meets up with Ye Chen at the lab. Ye Chen offers her some coffee. She refuses at first since it’s blended inside a beaker. He defends that it’s normal to use breaker as cups in the lab. She tries for a sip and likes it. Ye Chen then proudly states that only few people appreciates the coffee because it’s made of cat poo. Haha! Jing Zhi immediately runs to the CR to throw up. Haha!


Unexpectedly, Jing Zhi bumps into Professor Li. They have their usual greetings and chats. But before Jing Zhi leaves, the professor remarks that he understands why she’s protecting the monster. She feigns not knowing what he’s talking about. But he continues to threaten that he already knows how to deal with the monster and it’s only a matter of time when it will become his specimen. Jing Zhi stands her ground and maintains innocence. Instead of answering him, she asks if he’s alright and advices to take it easy since he went through a rough divorce. Professor Li smiles and tells her that he’ll assume she doesn’t really know.

At the grocery store, Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao are buying some things. Jing Zhi then casually shares that the Professor Li was trying to test her earlier and she outsmarted him. But surprisingly, Ling Qiao is pissed by the news and angrily scolds her for purposely disobeying his orders. He clearly instructed her time and again that she must avoid Professor Li at all cost but she’s too hardheaded to follow and puts herself in harm’s way every time. With finality, he tells her not to do this again. Jing Zhi bites back that it’s his fault she’s always in danger in the first place and runs off.


She cries and vents at Xuan Xuan, who seems apathetic of her case. After 2 hours, Xuan Xuan had enough and tells Jing Zhi to stop already. She offers tea and advices that it’s only a small lover’s quarrel. They’ll be sure to go back to flirting in no time.

When Jing Zhi calms down, she expresses that she’s supporting Xuan Xuan and Ye Chen’s relationship if ever they decide to pursue it. And as for their silly promise not to date each other’s exes, her relationship with Ye Chen was more of a playmate than a lover, so basically, Ye Chen doesn’t qualify as her ex. Xuan Xuan admits liking Ye Chen but maintains that friendship is far more important than having a romantic relationship.


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