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First Impression: Mioka

Are you a looking for a serious tear-jerker this summer? Then watch Mioka. Haha! My introductory paragraph sure sounds like a product endorsement, ne?

But seriously guys, have you heard of Mioka? I came across with this drama today and decided to give it a try. I love romantic-comedies and it’ll forever be on top of my preference list, but then I thought: what’s the harm in crying your heart out in a tragic romance, right? Haha!

To be honest, I seldom watch heavy melodramas. Not that I don’t want to, but the genre seems to pose danger to my health. Haha! Though it may sound lame, but it’s true. Take for instance the time when I watched 1 Litre of Tears, I cried hysterically for two full hours and it triggered my asthma. And then when I watched Koizora, I suffered from severe hyperventilation. Now, you get the picture?

Looking back, those were funny moments. You see, I get too engrossed with the storyline that, most of the time, I become too emotionally attached. If you’ll ask me, it’s totally fine but my mom got traumatized afterwards and banned me from heartrending stuffs. But it didn’t stop me though. Once in a while, I find time to sneakily watch. Shhh!

So, here’s the synopsis from drama-wiki (

One day, Taichi (Kento Hayashi), an ordinary university student meets Mioka (Yuriko Yoshitaka), a girl who is like a storm. Taichi finds himself drawn to Mioka, who lives freely as she wishes without holding back, and they eventually fall in love. However, Mioka tells Taichi of a shocking truth. She has an incurable brain disease, with no medicine or treatment that can help her. With the progressing disease, the loss of control over her own body, the precious memories slowly fading away, the fear of losing herself, the limited time she has left… Even with such a cruel fate, Mioka lives her life to the fullest extent till the end. Taichi, wholeheartedly loving her, and decides to become the witness of her very existence in this world.

To be honest, the plot reminds me of too many jdramas already. Just by reading, I somehow feel that it’ll be a super sad ending. For sure, even if I cry buckets of tears, the lead will die. And to some extent, that’s not my idea of entertainment. It gets depressing everytime, really!

I’ve been trying to watch the first episode, but sadly the only subbed video I put my hands on is extremely choppy. Or my pc’s internet connection runs too slow. Either way, I haven’t finished watching the whole thing.

All in all, I find the storyline a cliché. I even feel that some dialogues were already used in other dramas. Sorry. But still, I have high hopes. If they add some spices to this over explored genre, then this jdrama will be worth the watch. But if not…. then it’ll truly be a tragedy. If you’ll ask me if I’ll keep track? There’s an 80% chance. Why??? I’m totally cheering for Kento. Yepee.

Hope they pull this through!

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