Down with Love Episode 14 Recap

Okay guys! Here’s the recap for DWL episode 14. Sorry for the long delay. I’ve been caught up with work lately. Lots of electoral obligations to fulfill plus my PC’s giving me a terrible headache. Arggg! Just my luck!

Just as I thought, this episode marks the beginning of the “love competition” between the ex-bestfriends, now love rivals, Ke Zhong and Yu Ping. I’m pretty thankful for the noticeable speedy development in Yu Ping-Yang Guo romance. I’m a bit sad seeing the kids go.  Though I feel sympathetic for Ke Zhong, I’m crossing my fingers that he won’t turn to Yang Duo after being dumped. I’ll never forgive him if he’ll come between Yang Duo and Zhi Hao! Neveeer! And while I may not happily and proudly admit, but I’m so missing the bratty Hui Fan right now. Hahaha.

Episode 13 ends with Ke Zhong begging for a private conversation with Yang Guo, of which the latter agrees. And then the moment of truth continues…

Ke Zhong begs for Yang Guo to accept his apology. The ever good-natured Yang Guo tells him she’s not a bit angry of what he’s done. At first she’s hurt, but thinking it through, she realizes that they are two odd balls that never could be and never would be. She owns up having fault in hastily accepting what he offered and not thinking beforehand that she’s not a good match for him,thus, it’s not entirely his mistake coz they are both in the wrong side. Ke Zhong reasons it’s not like that. But Yang Guo interrupts that she understands that he’s not the kind of person who uses other’s weaknesses.

Yang Guo: Up until now, I’ve always worked hard trying to match up to other people and along the way, I forget what I want and even lose perspective of who I really am.Like when you asked to date me, I was just so touched by the things you said and did for me that I impulsively decided to go for it. And I wholeheartedly decided to make this relationship work, without really considering whether you truly like me or not.

Ke Zhong: It’s precisely you are like that…cute and kind that I ended up falling in love with you. Please believe me.

Yang Guo: Then, why did you ask Hui Fan to be with you after you supposedly fell in love with me?

Tssk. Smart girl! Ke Zhong is caught off-guard and is rendered speechless. Yang Guo smiles  and assures him that it doesn’t matter. Though it was all just an act, she still felt his goodness and care. At least, the happiness was real. She thanks him for the good memories, extends a friendly handshake- her way of saying the last farewell to their “staged relationship” and wishes that he finds someone who he’ll truly love. Ke Zhong reluctantly takes her hand, of course, taking the handshake means he’ll never be allowed in her life or at least he’ll only be just a friend. Yang Guo smiles and happily hopes that they both do their best in the future. As Yang Guo left, Ke Zhong feels down and miserable, regretful for the outcome of things. I guess, what they say is true: you’ll never appreciate what you have until it’s gone.

At the office, Ke Zhong continues to feel gloomy and torn.  Seriously, if he goes on like this, I think he’ll end up in a mental ward. He walks down the memory lane and remembers the time when Yang Guo puts up a Magic Show for him. He sighs at the thought. He sees the hand-knitted gloves and this time remembers the time when Yang Guo gave it and says she’s too stupid to realize that the gloves were not in proportion. Ke Zhong sighs again and mutters: “I’m the stupid one”.

Just then Yang Guo comes by the office. The unexpected re-appearance lifts Ke Zhong’s murky mood and beams with delight. But before Yang Guo can explain, Yan Ling appears, pops his balloon of happiness and says Yang Guo’s there just to collect her things and then she’ll never come back ever again. Ke Zhong is dumbfounded. So much for expectations!

Watching the two friends pack, Ke Zhong can’t resist but sadly ask Yang Guo if  they’ll remain as friends. Yan Ling  butts in and insultingly scoffs, if that’s how he treats his friends then how much more does he treat his enemies. Yang Guo warns Yan Ling not to say offensive words but Yan Ling won’t hold back saying Ke Zhong is just like Ah De, they call it love when it’s useful but when it’s not they just want to be friends. Hahaha! Is it cruel or what?!

Yang Guo warns again, this time she threats that if Yan Ling won’t stop she’ll be upset. She turns toward Ke Zhong, thank him for the work he offered and returns the blue apple, the one he made out of Yang Guo’s hand-made sweater for Ah De. Again, Ke Zhong is left bowled over. Realizing that he’s totally pushed back, Ke Zhong runs after Yang Guo and tries to talk things over with her. Just as he goes out of the building, a motorcycle accidentally hits him and knocks him off.

Yang Guo sees the accident and instinctively rushes towards Ke Zhong. She asks if he’s okay but he seems not to mind the injury saying he has truly fallen for her and begs for another chance. Now, it’s Yang Guo’s turn to be stunned. The realistic, almost bitter, Yan Ling overhears the conversation and drags Yang Guo away. Ke Zhong shouts Yang Guo’s name, but all he gets is a reluctant and pitiful look from her. In the end, Yang Guo leaves and Ke Zhong sits on the ground looking regretful at the blue apple.

As usual, Zhi Hao drives Yang Duo home. Yang Duo pays him the fare but Zhi Hao won’t accept. Of course, Yang Duo insists just to avoid any romantic misconceptions. Huh? Why are there so little Zhi Hao-Yang Duo moments in this episode? Why? Why?

Inside, Daddy Yang is so furious about Ke Zhong’s rather desperate appeal for a second chance. Clearly, Dad Yang strongly rejects any chance for reconciliation and even swears he’ll never permit Yang Guo to make up with Ke Zhong as long as he’s alive. Yang Duo hears the irrational declaration and asks what’s Dad so angry about. Yan Ling keenly relays what happened earlier. Daddy Yang is hopping mad that he heatedly spits out: “how can a person be so low as to ask for another chance to rob again after getting all he wants”. I paraphrased this one.

As expected, Yang Guo defends Ke Zhong, explaining that deep down she knows that Ke Zhong is also going through a hard time during the whole frontage. Yang Duo circumspectly asks if Yang Guo wants to patch up with Ke Zhong. Yang Guo half-heartedly smiles, and denies it’s not like that. She’s just too scared to try another romance and wants to be alone. Well, I can’t blame her. Two successive heartbreaks would drain anyone’s heart.

Daddy Yang is a bit concerned and advises Yang Guo not to mind too much about it. He adds that there are people who truly loves her and looks after her in the side corners. And all she needs to do is pick the right one carefully and everything will be just fine. Yang Guo is quite determined to be single though. Dad is outraged!

Yan Ling interferes that Dad is being ridiculously elusive. She gives the game away and tells Yang Guo that Yu Ping likes her.  FINALLY! Someone’s intelligent enough to tell her! Yang Guo is stunned and won’t believe the mind-boggling reveal. She speaks out it’s impossible coz she’s not he’s type. Yan Ling proves her wrong and asks that if Yu Ping doesn’t like her then why is he always good to her. Yang Guo counters it’s because she saved his life once and now thinks of her as part of the family. Yang Duo argues that Yu Ping treats her more than just a family, just like the time he neglected his job just to keep her company when she was sad. Yan Ling adds that he even spends a lot of money just to find the magic ball. Still caught in a daze, Yang Guo says she didn’t feel it. Daddy Yang explains that she’s just blinded and adds that if he doesn’t really like her then why would he extend great efforts just to be with her, comforting and protecting her in times of need.

Right on cue, Yu Ping and the kids arrive. Yang Guo feels a bit awkward with the recent info overload and the rest of the pack exchange meaningful looks.  Giving the blossoming couple a time alone, Dad asks Yu Ping to buy them food, pushing Yang Guo to join him.Yu Ting wants to tag along but the other’s won’t let him. Hahaha!

On the way, Yang Guo thinks to herself and weighs the possibility of Yu Ping liking her. Absentminded, Yang Guo is nearly swiped by a car. Thankfully, Yu Ping is there. He hugs Yang Guo to safety and scolds Yang Guo for daydreaming. Yang Duo abruptly pushes him away and denies that she’s daydreaming. Yu Ping then gives Yang Guo the delicacy that she wasn’t able to eat during the “food trip”. Would you believe that he bought it online? One point for extra effort! It’s sweet for guy to remember such details. 😀

Back at his house, Yu Ping wonders what Yang Guo was thinking. Yu Fei comes by his room and relays the news that Ke Zhong wants to make up with Yang Guo. She asks him straight if he likes Yang Guo. Yu Ping is taken aback and is speechless for a while. Who wouldn’t be with that unexpected, uninhibited question?

Just in time, Yu Ping gets a phone call. He instructs Yu Fei to watch her little brother while he’s away to meet Ke Zhong on the nearby park. Before he comes out, Yu Fei boots his confidence, saying that though she likes Ke Zhong, she still sides Yu Ping so he must work hard and give his best.

Show down begins. At the basketball court, the two plays a rather serious, one on one basketball match. So serious that they played as if their lives and future depended on it. Clearly, the match demands a far greater stake- Yang Guo’s heart.The two friends are equally adamant to win the “price” and thereby, agrees to have a fair and square “battle”.

On the way back, Yu Ping pulls the string together and sums up the courage to confess. He calls Yang Guo but Yang Duo picks up instead. Without asking who’s on the line, Yu Ping blurts out his feelings: “Listen,I love you so much and I ddn’t even know when I started to fall in love with you”. Yang Duo is stunned but can’t resist squirting a few teasing giggles. Yu Ping realizes it’s Yang Duo and exclaims her name in embarrassment. Yang Duo laughs out loud after being busted and offers to relay the message to Yang Guo, of which, Yu Ping refuses.

After the phone call, Yang Duo murmurs that her boss is so uncreative in confessing his feelings. She imitates Yu Ping’s lines and Dad Yang overhears the sappy dialogue. He criticizes the silly lines but when Yang Duo tells him that it was Yu Ping’s confession, Dad takes a swift about-face and commends Yu Ping for being direct and straightforward.

Yang Duo bleats at Daddy Yang’s indecisive nature.Dad defends that he only wants Yang Guo to be happy. Yang Duo responds that she also wants Yang Guo to be happy but the issue is not whether Yu Ping likes Yang Guo but the other way around. Dad Yang is a tad bolted to know that Yang Guo may not like Yu Ping afterall.

Just then Yang Guo comes out from the shower and asks if they were arguing. Dad assures they’re not and gives a ridiculous excuse. Dad and Yang Duo continues to talk things over. Yang Duo insists that they shouldn’t get involved in Yang Guo’s love affairs and let her decide on her own. Dad Yang points out that the last time they let her decide, she ends up picking a heartless guy. Then the phone rings again. This time from Ke Zhong but Yang Duo and Dad thinks it’s from Yu Ping. Dad and Yang Duo eavesdrop.

Yang Guo: Thank you for your good intentions. I’ll think about it. It’s getting late and I have to rest. Good night. *Then hangs up.

Ouch! Just a few lines but killed all intentions. Upon hearing those cold lines, Yang Duo wraps up their argument saying Yu Ping really doesn’t have a chance. Dad Yang is dismayed and calls Yu Ping to give him a little push.

Dad tells Yu Ping not to be discouraged coz Yang Guo is just having a hard time dealing with the heartbreak. Yu Ping replies that he hasn’t called Yang Guo yet.

P.S. Yu Ping is just outside Yang’s house.

Dad Yang encourages Yu Ping not to be shy and gives him a fatherly advice. Okay it was not a heartwarming advice but this is Dad Yang! He may seem a little silly but it’s from the heart. Hahaha!

Daddy Yang: When I was pursuing Yang Ma, she used to throw eggs at me whenever she saw me but… I always give her a welcoming smile and would say “Be careful, don’t hurt your hand” or “Come hit me one more time”. Stuffs like that, see? After seeing how silly I looked, she went ahead and married me. *Hahaha. Even Yu Ping smiles at this revelation.

Dad Yang asks Yu Ping how much he truly likes Yang Guo and whether he’s already giving up after so many rejections. Yu Ping honestly answers he can’t put it in plain words.

Yu Ping: To be honest, up until now, I though that only career achievements were the only things that matter.

Yay! This is when Yang Guo comes out! She sees Yu Ping talking on the phone and stops midway.

Yu Ping: I just never knew before that a person’s smile could make me so happy. As for your question of whether I’d give up after being repeatedly rejected, I already lost her once because of my hesitation, so I don’t really want to think too much about things this time around. And even if everyone were to find out that Yang Guo has rejected me a thousand times, I really don’t want to give up anymore. *Awww…girly squeels coming out. Weeeee!

Hearing the almost confession, Yang Guo losses her grips on the coin she’s holding, getting Yu Ping’s attention. This is kinda awkward! They just stared at each other. Yu Ping intently looks at her while holding the phone and Yang Guo looks back feeling conscious and shy.

Yu Ping asks if she heard everything. And thank God, she didn’t deny it and nods. He asks if what’s her answer. Yang Guo, this time, think things through and answers she doesn’t know.

Yang Guo: Even if everyone keeps telling me that you like me, I just have a hard time believing it.

Yu Ping: Why?

Yang Guo: Because I know that the women you like are the very pretty and popular type like Hui Fan. So, how could you possibly like an ordinary girl like me?

Yu Ping: You are not one bit ordinary. In my heart, you are much better than anyone else.

But then again, Yang Guo made up her mind to take things slow, she thank Yu Ping for saying those words, but she isn’t over the betrayal incident just yet. She doesn’t want to rush things through and ends up using him. Thus, she prefer that they remain friends. Hmm, quite logical if you’ll ask me.

Yu Ping can only agree. He promises to wait until she learns to accept him but until then he’ll readily accept all that she can give. Awww. He further assures that no matter what she may say, they will always be good friends.

Yang Guo sighs, and pitiably look at Yu Ping’s droopy back. She gets back inside the house, only to be startled by the eavesdropping duo- Dad and Yang Duo. Yang Guo exclaims her annoyance and walks away. The duo just laugh it off.

Zhi Hao-Yang Duo time?!

Yang Duo is having her solitary lunch break when Zhi Hao redeems his time to persuade her. He timidly sits beside her and tries to open a conversation, asking about Yang Guo. Yang Duo replies Yang Guo’s just doing fine and somehow manages to make the situation a victory. She voices out her sentiments saying that it’s not a strange thing coz Yang Guo always has a nice personality and smiles all day to everyone. And in return, everybody loves Yang Guo, unlike her. Yang Duo even thinks to learn from Yang Guo.

Zhi Hao is a bit appalled at the idea and says she’s just fine the way she is and confides that everybody has their own type – like him. He confidently declares his admiration towards Yang Duo. A little suspicious and unbelieving, Yang Duo mockingly asks if he admires her love for money. Zhi Hao readily agrees and the way he looks at it, her love for money isn’t a big deal coz everybody loves money, it just so happen that she’s a natural at that.

Yang Duo insists that she’s the ultimate penny-pincher. Zhi Hao defends that it’s something she must do because their colleagues takes advantage of their boss’ money. Yang Duo smiles and frankly divulges that she also takes advantage of other people’s money, like when she gets ketchup and free stuffs from convenience stores and food galleries. Zhi Hao replies it’s not taking advantage but rather being careful of money. Hahaha. He always has answers for everything. I’m so liking you more and more Zhi Hao!

Touched but still unconvinced, Yang Duo smiles, saying that not everybody thinks like that. She quietly comments that it’s too bad since “he” doesn’t like a tigress like her. The side comment gets Zhi Hao’s attention and asks what she meant. Before she can answer, Ke Zhong appears.

Ke Zhong asks Yang Duo a time alone. Yang Duo warily consents. Still upset, Yang Duo insults Ke Zhong for having the guts to talk with her after what he did to her sister. Ke Zhong is undeniably strong-willed to win Yang Guo back, so he humbly begs for Yang Duo to help him show Yang Guo his sincerity. Yang Duo scoffs that after all his heartbreaking lies he still has the nerve to talk about sincerity. She asks him to leave before she say more horrible things. Ke Zhong leaves, still gloomy and desperate.

The kids are going back to their mom! And so they forcefully demands Yu Ping to call their Yang Jie Jie and invite her to send them off. With yesternight’s rejection, Yu Ping is having a hard time summoning his courage. Yu Ting can’t seem to take it anymore so he uses his adorable scary stare to outmaneuver Yu Ping. Hahaha! This is cute! The arrogant lawyer being bossed around by a kid! Hahaha!

With dire resignation, Yu Ping nervously calls her and thankfully, she agrees. Yu Ping is just so cute when he smiles and laughs childishly. It’s almost as if he won the lottery when Yang Guo said yes!

Since, Yang Duo won’t help him, Ke Zhong is left on his own. He decides to take a visit at Yang’s house. Poor guy, nobody’s helping him! He catches up to Yang Guo while getting she’s on her way out. Just in time, Yu Ping and the kids arrive to fetch Yang Guo. Yu Fei sees Ke Zhong and invites him to go with them. Of course, it’s a little ill at ease for the love trio. Ke Zhong knows his bounds and politely declines. Before Yang Guo leaves, Ke Zhong asks that they talk another time, like after sending the kids away. Yang Guo hesitantly assents to call if she has the time. Ke Zhong is ecstatic and says that he’ll wait for her no matter what.

At the airport, the kids and Yang Guo bid their goodbyes. The ever sharp and clever Yu Fei tells Yang Guo that even though her uncle is sharped mouth, he’s really really nice. Yang Guo says she already knows that. But the little girl insists she doesn’t.

Yu Fei continues to play the supportive niece and spills that her uncle begs them to stay longer than expected coz he likes Yang Guo to stay more often with them. Of course, Yu Ping is mortified and signals Yu Fei to cut it out. Yu Fei can’t be swayed and looks at him gropingly. Yang Guo looks at Yu Ping and all he could do is smile back in embarrassment. Yang Guo plays along and casually tells Yu Fei that if that’s really the case then she must thank Yu Ping for the extra time. Yu Fei nods knowingly and Yu Ting butts in saying that she can thank Yu Ping by being his girlfriend. Horrified by the outrageous idea, Yu Ping warns the kids. Yu Ting uses his adorable deadly stare and this shuts Yu Ping’s complains.

Yu Fei bluntly comments that Yu Ping is really slow and with how things are going he’ll never be able to persuade Yang Guo. Three strikes in a row, Yu Ping is horror-stricken and warns the kids to stop. Yu Ting concludes that with his uncle’s sluggish way of courting he’ll never win Yang Guo’s heart, thus, he tells Yang Guo to wait so that he’ll marry her instead. Yang Guo laughs at the cute but quite impossible proposal.

Yu Ping can’t handle the embarrassment anymore and drags the kids away. Scolding them for saying crazy thoughts. Yu Fei somehow gets away from his grips, runs back to Yang Guo and whispers something.

On the way back, Yang Guo and Yu Ping seems to be uneasy being alone together.  It’s kinda cutely wierd if you’ll ask me. Yu Ping tries to break the unseen barrier and casually remarks that kids watch too much TV. Yang Guo agrees. Yu Ping adds that they mature early. Yang Guo agrees the second time and from the lack of anything to say, adds that it’s because they watch too much TV.

Yang Guo lightens the mood, suggesting that they should just talk naturally. Yu Ping consents that he also doesn’t want to feel like facing a judge every time he’s with her. Yang Guo happily adds that she also doesn’t want to be a judge either. Yu Ping passively asks Yang Guo what Yu Fei told her. Yang Guo refuses to share the secret.

Yang Guo gets a phone call just while Yu Ping  mutters his courage to ask her out. Just when YP finally comes out with his lines, Yang Guo tells him that Yan Ling asks that she substitute a staff in the her workplace. Yu Ping is left to just give her a ride since she already agrees.

At the restaurant Yan Ling  persistently asks Yang Guo who she’ll choose between Yu Ping and Ke Zhong. Yang Guo grittily answers that she’ll not yet ready to date and just wants to take a break. The comic persistence at hold, Yan Ling voices that Yang Guo should not choose Ke Zhong coz betrayal is the worst mistake a man can ever make. Ooops! Someone’s still feeling sour.

Just then Xiao Lei arrives and pleads that Yan Ling  forgives him. Yan Ling is still fumingly mad that she hits Xiao Lei with the broom that cuts his forehead. Yang Guo tries to get the medical kit but Xiao Lei stops her saying that the small wounds is nothing compared to the hurt he caused Yan Ling. Xiao Lei reasons that after being with the other girl, he realizes that he truly loves Yan Ling. Yan Ling remains unwavering and says she’ll never be a dumb pig again and just believe all his lies.  She runs away and pushes Xiao Lei aside. Yang Guo tells him to chase after Yan Ling. Finally after his adamant pleas, Yan Ling takes him back.

The recently reunited couples then decides to watch a movie. They invite Yang Guo along but she gracefully declines. Alone, Yang Guo wonders that love is truly amazing, as it can change an angered heart to a forgiving one in a blink of an eye. She then thinks things through and walks absent-mindedly.

Yang Guo: Yan Ling said that love can withstand all trials. But is a love like that counts as true love? I admit that Yan Ling is emotionally attached with this relationship. How about me then? Am I also emotionally attached? If I was emotionally attached I should have been moved just like Yan Ling when Ke Zhong asked another opportunity to make up. But it doesn’t seem like I was moved, not even a little bit.

Again with the daydreaming, Yang Guo is nearly hit by a car while crossing the street. The driver angrily asks her if she wants to go back or forward. Hahaha! Yang Guo is still on the clouds and answers she doesn’t know yet- referring to her love life of course! The driver thinks she’s nuts and scolds her to hurry and move aside. Just then Yu Ping calls and Yang Guo regains her usual jolly mood.

Yu Ping’s call is about an anniversary event, something like “if you guess it right, then you can take it back contest”. There can only be 5 teams who can participate via draw lots, and so Yang Guo dreadfully anticipates for their number to be called. And yes! The last number is 9! Their number! Hmmm, how suspicious….something’s fishy. Lovey-dovey moments coming up!

Of course Yang Guo is overly thrilled and is ridiculously serious about the whole ordeal, even boasting that the opponents are way back weaker. Hahaha! Yu Ping, on the other hand, is rather supportive and gives Yang Guo an encouraging massage at the back. It’s funny when Yu Ping almost gets on a babyish brawl coz one team prods at Yang Guo.

Mechanic of the game: There should only be two members in a team. Total amount of groceries should be NT$ 8888. Teams are given 5 minutes to fill the push carts but can only take one piece per item. A little trick, just make the game a bit livelier, price tags were taken out.

Yang Guo continues to brag that she’ll definitely win coz even though without price tags, she already memorized all the prices, especially the toiletries. One problem though, she sucks big time in math. Hahaha!

Yu Ping lightly teases her “minor” stupidity, but plays along. The game starts and Yang Guo excitedly fills the cart. True to her word, she really knows the prices! Amazing! But then again, she’s not good in math, so she lets Yu Ping do the arithmetic. Yu Ping mentally calculates and poof! Gives the answers automatically just like a calculator! Yang Guo is awed. And now it’s Yu Ping’s turn to brag that he’s the 3rd smartest kid in the nation while he was yet in kindergarten. Hahaha! Show-offs!

Yu Ping and Yang Guo shares a cute and funny couple’s moment together. After a rather long 5 minutes of cart-pushing, couple playing and item-stuffing, Yu Ping and Yang Guo won the game. Would you believe it? They actually hit the exact amount! The whole NT$ 8888- Not one cent off- not one cent extra. Something is really fishy! This can’t be just a coincidence right?!

Yang Guo is extremely hyped up in winning and cheerfully packs the items. All the while, Yu Ping secretly speaks with the store manager, thanking the latter for the whole “facade”. The manager comments that Yang Guo is real lucky for Yu Ping to like her.  Once again, I’m right! Hahaha! It was Yu Ping who “creatively” masterminded the whole event! I just can’t help but admire the guy. Another point for creativity, eh? Yang Guo, just fall for him already!

At Yu Ping’s house, Yang Guo divides the items. She happily tells Yu Ping how she cheats the store manager in computing the wrong amount. Hahaha! Yu Ping murmurs that the manager is a lot dumber than she is.

When Yu Ping goes upstairs to change, Yang Guo remembers what Yu Fei whispered to her earlier. The little girls tips her off that there are a lot of little secrets about her in Yu Ping’s red cabinet, so she must check it out. Curious and thrilled, Yang Guo opens the cabinet, and then candies falls like rain. Oh yeah! Yang Guo is touched and smiles knowingly by herself.

Yu Ping rushes back down the kitchen and worriedly asks what happened. A bit embarrassed to see Yang Guo squatting and looking at the candies, he scorns why she opened the cabinet. and squats to get the candies. Yang Guo tells him what Yu Fei revealed to her and asks is he bought all the candies for her. Yu Ping honestly answers that because she likes candies, every time he passes by a candy store he’ll go in and buy some. But then he doesn’t have the courage to give it to her afterwards, so he’ll just stack it inside the cabinet. Yang Guo teasingly asks if all the candies were bought with her in his mind. Yu Ping just sighs in defeat and warily puts some of the candies in her hands.

Yu Ping: Now, you know everything. So, tell me what does your heart say?
Yang Guo: You said, you wouldn’t push me?
Yu Ping: That’s right, I did say that, but now I’m taking it back. Tell me.
Yang Guo: Tell you what?
Yu Ping: Tell me what your thinking about. Yes, I admit that I felt that I had a huge change with you before but today after I saw you with Ke Zhong…Do you want to return to his side?

Yang Guo seems to have a sudden headache and refuses to answer. She stands and tries to walk away but looses her balance when she steps on the candies. Yu Ping readily catches her and the two ends in  a quite intimate “kissing distance” position. And after a moment of confusion, Yu Ping smirks  wickedly and asks her if he must thank the candies for giving him “this” chance. Yang Guo is confused, or maybe tries to act confused, but in the end closes her eyes.

Yu Ping slowly…slowly lowers his head for the anticipated kiss, but the phone rings. Yang Guo is a tad frantic to pick the phone only to find out that it’s just a swindler’s call. Hahaha! Of course, Yu Ping is overly furious for the missed opportunity.

Night time: Ke Zhong is still waits outside the Yang’s residence for Yang Guo’s return. Daddy Yang is itchy in sending him away, and even suggests the he throws a bucket of water at Ke Zhong, just to scare him away. Yang Duo is the more rational of the two and offers to talk to Ke Zhong instead.

Yang Duo frankly tells Ke Zhong to go leave coz it’ll only be useless venture to wait. Even if he demonstrates his sincerity, it’ll still be impossible for Yang Guo to pretend that nothing happened and go on dating with him. Ke Zhong smiles sadly, expressing his regrets on taking Yang Guo for granted. He says sorry for pouring all his complains to Yang Duo, it’s just that all he can do is be guilty and sorrowful for his mistakes.

Yang Duo affably reply that they can always talk about something else, like jazz, classicism, modernism and current popular interior design in Taiwan. Ke Zhong is amazed that Yang Duo can still remember their talk outside the cinema. Yang Duo reminds him that he even helped her choose a nice bed. Ke Zhong cheerfully realizes that they already met before. In voiceover, Yang Duo adds that he even guided her out of the forest before that- only he can’t seem to remember.

Out of concern, Yang Duo offers a friendly advice.

Yang Duo: No matter how valuable a piece might be, if it’s unable to blend with the style, to insist on displaying will only make the incompatibility even more obvious. So it’s better to give up the idea gracefully.

Of course, Yang Duo is implying that Ke Zhong must stop hoping that Yang Guo will give him another chance. Ke Zhong still resents the idea of giving up but before he could reason out, his mother calls him agitatedly. With the frantic call, Ke Zhong is forced to go home.

On the way back to Yang’s, the ride was again a little awkward. Yu Ping , with a little confidence booster, timidly assess their relationship and asks Yang Guo for a confirmation. Hahaha! This sweett, witty, kinda immature lover’s quarrel just cracks me up. Their conversation is more like between an arrogant lawyer and a guilty suspect! Who would expect that even in wooing, Yu Ping will show his shrewdness as a lawyer?!  Hahaha! Poor Yang Guo.

Yu Ping: What happened just now between us,should be considered being in a relationship, right?

Yang Guo:I don’t know if that counts.

Yu Ping: How can you say that you don’t know? Give me a break! We were just a second short of kissing just now. If that’s not dating, then what counts as dating then?! Or are you with some other guy?!

Yang Guo: I’m not seeing anybody else. But…

Yu Ping: But what? There’s nothing to but around here. Listen, in legal terms, our intimate actions just now, would be deemed binding under love contracts. So don’t ever mention to me again such things as but, don’t know, counts or not. And don’t ever try to use those words to reject me coz they are just crap!

Yang Guo: But…

Yu Ping: Again with the buts?!

Yang Guo: I really do need to think about how to tell everyone.

The quasi “yes” lifts Yu Ping’s grumpy mood and cutely screeches!

At the Yang’s, the sisters are pretty much happy with the free items. Daddy Yang congratulates Yu Ping for a job well-done. Dad offers that if ever Yu Ping needs “professional” advice in his relationship, he’ll be sure to help. Yu Ping is overly grateful for the offer and jokingly asks if he could still have the same privilege if he already has another girlfriend. Daddy Yang revolts but Yu Ping assures that it would never happen.

Back to the sisters, Yang Guo asks when Ke Zhong went to go home. Yang Duo vaguely answers and skeptically asks if Yang Guo still cares for Ke Zhong. Yang Guo reassures that she worries because Ke Zhong is still a friend. Yang Duo changes the topic and scolds Yang Guo for being too stupid and didn’t choose the more expensive items since it’s already free! Hahaha! Yang Duo is Yang Duo, after all.

Hearing his mom’s fretting call, Yang Duo decides to visit Ke Zhong the next morning. When she sees his car, she hides and accidentally overhears the conversation between Ke Zhong and his mom. Basing upon their verbal exchanges, Ke Zhong’s family is suffering from financial distress. Somehow, they discover Yang Duo’s presence and Ke Zhong asks Yang Duo to keep it a secret from Yang Guo. Yang Duo worriedly inquires how he would explain to his mom if Yang Guo doesn’t show up. Ke Zhong smiles and answers he’ll just worry about it.

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