Down with Love Episode 12 Recap


Yay! Another funny and exciting episode for DWL. Finally, THE KIDS ARE BACK! I really missed those adorable “little devils”. Romantic flares between Yu Ping and Yang Guo tremendously back flips in this episode. But then it’s okay, at least there is a huge progress in Yang Duo and Zhi Hao’s budding romance. Plus. The KID’S ARE BACK! Oh, I already said that. Hahaha!

Moving on…


At the office: Being absentminded, Yang Duo accidentally cuts the coupon she’s holding, of which she reacted clumsily. Right then Zhi Hao enters the scene. I didn’t summarize any of their conversation. Brace yourself for a long  verbatim dialogue ahead.

Zhi Hao: Ms. Yang do you have a spare time?

Yang Duo:  Can’t you see I’m busy?

Zhi Hao: When do you think you’ll have time to spare?

Yang Duo: Just wait until I die, I’ll have time to spare then!

Zhi Hao: What I meant was if you’d have some time to spare after work?

Yang Duo: Do I look like someone who might die after getting off work to you?

Zhi Hao: I didn’t mean that…or are you…after work?

Yang Duo: Get to the point!

Zhi Hao:  I have 2 complementary tickets…just wonedering if you’d like to come and watch the movie with me?

Yang Duo: You must have some grudge on me…I feel like throwing up every time I see a movie.

Zhi Hao: But this is free!

Yang Duo: Then you better give me the tickets and I’ll sell it then we’ll share the profit.

Zhi Hao:  No. How about lunch?

Yang Duo: Are you trying to suck up to me. Direct bribe is faster. Give me NT$200, we’ll call it quits.

Zhi Hao: You still need to eat. How about I give you money to eat lunch with me?

Yang Duo: At your age, you still can’t eat lunch.? Mr Liang, Taiwan is not as dangerous as HongKong . And in case something happens, boss will represent you on court.

Zhi Hao: Ms. Yang you misunderstood…What I was saying is…Could you go out with me?


Hahaha! And this is the part when the other staff comes tumbling down from shock and disbelief! Goodness! They were listening all along! Hahaha!

Meanwhile, Yang Guo is anxiously waiting for a text message from Yu Ping.  Mumbling her complaints, she decides to make the first move and send him a message. Just then, her phone rings. Thinking it’s from Yu Ping, she excitedly answers- only to find out that it’s from Hui Fan.

At the meeting place: Hui Fan speaks her apologies for disturbing Yang Guo. Yang Guo casually answers it wasn’t a big deal because they were friends. Hui Fan didn’t comment on the “being friends” part and fell silent. Yang Guo then offers to order for both of them. Hui Fan says she doesn’t want to eat because she’ll throw up anyway. This makes Yang Guo anxious. Duh! Hui Fan doesn’t need pity, she’s just fishing for pity ! Hui Fan frankly tells Yang Guo that she is the reason why her relationship with Yu Ping hits a bumpy ride! Oh my, what kind of logic is that! Blaming other people? Get it  straight girl, the guy doesn’t want you already!


Hui Fan: I never thought that I’ll beg you for help. Remember I asked you to take good care of Ke Zhong? It’s just that your method always require help from Yu Ping. He treats you as if he had responsibility towards you. He rushes to help whenever you’re in trouble.

Yang Guo defends she doesn’t also want Yu Ping’s help.

Hui Fan: I am not blaming you… but forgive me for being selfish. I can’t accept 3rd party in our relationship.

Feeling sympathetic towards Hui Fan’s ” self-centered dilemma”, Yang Guo offers help in resolving the issue.

Later, on  the way to Yu Ping’s office, Yang Guo  can’t help but think about her conversation with Hui Fan. She gathers up her wits and came up with Plan No. 1: rekindle Hui Fan and Yu Ping’s old flame by setting up a dinner date.

Along the way to the office, she shares an elevator ride with Zhi Hao who is holding a cactus. Yang Guo unintentionally pricks her finger as she and Zhi Hao pushed the  button at the same time. Zhi Hao says sorry and Yang Guo gladly accepts. Yang Guo then asks about the cactus. Zhi Hao answers “it is a gift. Cactus plants absorb radiation, thus, it helps improve the health of people who often  use computers”.

Yang Guo smiles kindly but in voice over she says: Hope you’re not going to give that to a girl! Hahaha!

So, that was how Yang Guo and Zhi Hao met. When Zhi Hao knew that Yang Guo is actually Yang Duo’s sister, he becomes overly accommodating and puts an effort to serve her coffee and fruits!

When Zhi Hao was busy preparing the snacks, Yang Guo had the time to chat with the other staff. She asks them why Zhi Hao’s accent is strange. They answer it’s because he comes from HongKong. They jokingly add that Zhi Hao is the saviour of all the men in the firm or rather the saviour of all men in the whole world! He may be energetic but he is a  fool to go after Yang Duo. Yang Guo is actually happy for her sister and smiles when she sees the cactus placed on her sister’s table. Aw! How sweet.


Yang Guo teases her sister about it, but immediately followed Yu Ping at his office when she sees him. She is on high verve and jests that her sister and Zhi Hao are very interesting. Yu Ping puts on a Noh mask (a Japanese expressionless mask) and asks her why she came. She timidly invites Yu Ping  for a double dinner date with her, Ke Zhong and of course, Hui Fan. Still acting distant, he answers that if that’s the only reason why she came, she shouldn’t have bothered because he decided that he will refuse to contact Hui Fan until she’s ready to understand that  they already broke up.

Yang Guo, however, refuses to abandon her promise and mutters to herself: “Hui Fan begged me to help her in this matter, I will not give up!”

Back at Yang household, Daddy Yang is busy reading Chinese horoscopes. Awhile later, Yang Guo comes home with Ke Zhong. However, Daddy Yang seems to be detached  and impassive. When Yang Guo attempted to offer Ke Zhong water to drink, he barred her saying  he already drank all the water. Yang Guo tries to serve up fruits instead, but Daddy Yang is really being such a meannie, and says she shouldn’t try to use the fruits because they’ll bring it to the graveyard.

Sensing the hostility in the air, Ke Zhong flashes an understanding smile and bids farewell. Yang Guo sets up on her hysterics right after Ke Zhong left. Dad casually  responds : ” why would I be nice when he isn’t being polite with you anyways”. Puzzled, Yang Guo asks why. Dad lovingly answers: “As a father, all I ask  is for my girls to marry good people. Someone with another girl on his heart is not what you need”. Yang Guo accuses him of eavesdropping. Dad doesn’t bother to defend himself and says: ” I’m not about to give my daughter as a second-hand dish just because I owe him a little money”. Yang Guo refuses to listen and denies  she is a “second-hand dish”. Changing the topic, Yang Guo excitedly relates the new-found discovery in her sisterlove life. Dad, however, finds it impossible to believe that someone is interested in Yang Duo. But Yang Guo insists and continues to blabber about the new lawyer, saying that the suitor is putting much effort when he learned she was Yang Duo’s sister.

Finally, Dad believes and eagerly offers a prayer for Yang Duo.  Dad is too happy that he suddenly decides to pray for Yang Duo’s success in marriage. Yang Guo, however, grumbles that Dad is being unfair, whining that dad is overly willing to marry her sister off without even knowing who the guy was but he is too rude and unreceptive towards Ke Zhong.

Dad patiently explains: “You’ve grown to a bit foolish so you’re easily tricked by others,your sister on the other hand likes to take advantage of people, so that means he can’t be that bad. So whoever comes along he’ll definitely be accepted. Hahaha! How funny for a father to talk negatively against his own daughter? Nice going Daddy Yang!



Yang Duo then comes right on cue. Yang Guo and  Dad smile mischievously and greet Yang Duo with enthusiasm. The comic Daddy-daughter  duo happily praises Yang Duo for having a suitor that gives off cactuses as a courting present. They even jointly commends the suitor for being really brave and strong since he has the guts to go after someone as tremendous and cunning as Yang Duo! Hahaha…from an outsider’s point-of-view this may sound as an insult. Yang Duo mockingly replies that they should also congratulate the guy for being able to withstand her bossy habits and ninja-like beatings. From which the comic duo cheers up  saying she’s speaking of him in such an unequivocal manner. Infuriated, Yang Duo shrieks “Nonsense!”, keeping Dad and Yang Guo from their squeals and thrills.

The two immediately shuts up but laughed silently after Yang Duo made her exit. They are indeed on high spirits and cheers:  “Well soon have good days! The tigress will be marrying off the family! CACTUS! Hahaha…this family is weird!


In the office, Yang Duo cheerfully makes a do-it-yourself card while baking some cookies using the oven toaster. Somehow, in this drama, Yang Guo gets paid without doing any official work. How lucky! 😀

She excitedly let Ke Zhong taste her hand-made cookies. Moved, KeZhong reminds her not to trouble herself cause he already knows she cares for him. She happily replies it’s okay, she only needs him to play critique whether the cookies taste good or not. Ke Zhong willingly complies saying, the cookies are good but a little burned. It’s not enough for Yang Guo, so she hurriedly went back to the mini-kitchen and re-works.

Alas! Bratty and immature Hui Fan appears. She asks Yang Guo about Yu Ping’s reaction. Yang Guo reluctantly answers he is still upset and assures the situation would get better with time as she’ll try her best to help. All the while, Ke Zhong looks worried.

Yang Guo encourages Hui Fan to write something on the do-it-yourself card. Yeah, the one of which Yang Guo diligently made. She says she’ll give the card to Yu Ping along with the hand-made cookies. She explains that  gifts make people polite and encourages Hui Fan to cheer up and do better  things together. So this is the Plan No.2:! Make cards and bake cookies, then let Hui Fan take all the credits! Oh please! Stop helping her Yang Guo. She’s just a devil in disguise!


Next scene: Yang Guo walks Hui Fan to the elevator. Before Hui Fan steps in, Yang Guo wishes her good luck. Hui Fan turns around, hugs Yang Guo and says: “I never thought that you will be the one helping me until the end”. Yeah right! Hui Fan you’re not asking for help you’re already manipulating the poor gal!

Yang Guo is moved and advises Hui Fan: “Pull yourself together, so your health will improve”. And with that they parted.

Totally aware of Hui Fan’s hidden agenda, Ke Zhong asks Yang Guo  if it is okay helping Hui Fan, since for him, it’s  just a waste of time. Yang Guo smiles and reasons out that it’s okay because Hui Fan is very pitiful, and she really needs help. Ke Zhong couldn’t help but just smile back.

Next Scene: Yang Guo carefully stacks the cookies in a cute  jar.


Next Next Scene: The cute jar is placed on Yu Ping’s table. He reads the card and throws it away like trash. Camera zooms on the card which reads: Hui Fan made this cookies herself.

Next Next Next Scene: Yu Ping eats his dinner alone. I wonder why he eats in the dark though. He receives a text message from Yang Guo that reads: Hui Fan wants to remind you to bring umbrella tomorrow coz it’s suppose to rain. So  this is  plan no.3: text Yu Ping to death under Hui Fan’s pretenses! Ha!

Yang Guo executes plan no. 4: Wait for hours outside Yu Ping’s house and be like the stalking Hui Fan. As she sees Yu Ping’s car, she casually  greets him. Yu Ping then wears the Noh mask the second time around and bluntly asks” What’s the matter?”. Yang Guo replies: “Nothing, its been a long time since I came to your house” and offers her services to fix anything broken. Yu Ping then rudely counters: “There’s nothing to fix, I always throw broken things”. Still refusing to give in, Yang Guo continues that he should let her take a look at it first before throwing. Yu Ping feigns annoyance and asks heartlessly: “Aren’t you worrying too much?”


Offended and hurt, Yang Guo voices out her concerns.

Yang Guo: Why are you being like this? It seems you haven’t learnt what it means to be frugal the way you waste too much. But that’s right! If you don’t treasure things like feelings, why would you treasure anything else.

After saying her piece, she walks away but Yu Ping runs after her, grabs  her, turns her around and the two delivers chunks of emotional outbursts.

Yu Ping: You’re talking to me about feelings? Can you take back feelings? You might be able to do it, but I can’t.  Sorry! And one more thing.. you can’t even begin to understand my relationship with Hui Fan so could you please stop interfering.
Yang Guo: Fine! All you need to do is say that ‘I’m a busybody, there was no need for you to be so mean. I only did it cause I want you to be happy too. Why can’t you understand my feeling?
Yu Ping: You are the one who don’t understand my feelings!  Just worry about your own happiness from now on and… Stay away from me.

WHew!!! That is pretty intense.


On the comic side: Yu Ping drives his car inside the house, leaving the angry Yang Guo behind. He sits at the table, looks at the cookie jar and get on with the funny “talking-with-camera” dialogues. This kind of scenes happen frequently throughout the drama. Hehehe…nice…nice!

Yu Ping: Who else other than you could have baked this many cookies, you idiot!  How do you expect me to believe that Hui Fan made this herself! The sad thing is would I have still received this present from you if it hadn’t been for Hui Fan?

Then, he roaaaars!  Yeah, literally roars at the camera and eats the cookie with a heavy heart. After some time, he walks to and fro. I think he’s thinking. 🙂 He calls Hui Fan after.

At Yu Ping’s office: Hui Fan waits for Yu Ping. This time she’s feeling good vibes. Her eagerness, somehow, shows. I can’t blame her though, it was the first time after the break-up that Yu Ping called her. Hmmm, something’s not right!

And I’m right! Yu Ping didn’t call her to reconcile. He called to set things straight. Dude, how many times do you have to tell this brat to stop! Is it possible that her brains are already clogged up?

Yu Ping: Can we stop wasting time? We just can’t go back to the things were. And no matter who you use to try to convince me, it’ll still be impossible.

Hui Fans  seems to have developed an instant hearing-problem and continues digging for the sandwich she prepared. She offers some for Yu Ping but the later refuses.

Yu Ping: Hui Fan,  can we stop involving other people in our problem. When you asked Ke Zhong to try to convince me before, I couldn’t say anything coz you guys are old friends. But now don’t you think is going a bit overboard to go after Yang Guo? Trying to use her kindness to help you do all this? I never thought that you were the kind of person who would do anything to get what you wanted. In any case, I hope this is the last time we ever talk about this matter. Because no matter who you ask or who you call, it just won’t work”.

All the while, Hui Fan keeps on eating the freaking sandwich! Why don’t you just shove it down you throat? ” Who says it won’t work? You called me right?”
Desperately, Yu Ping begs Hui Fan to stop being immature.

Hui Fan, seems to be officially deaf and chews on the sandwich… and then she chokes!  Hahahaha.. serves you right! I’m so loving the sandwich right now! Moving on, yes, she chokes and everybody panics. Duh! She just choked for Pete’s sake!

Media men crowds the hospital. I wonder if they’ll be making a buzz if they knew, Hui Fan just choked herself?! So, Hui Fan’s manager gives a scripted explaination on why Hui Fan was brought to the hospital. Saying things like her talent is just visiting the hospital for an over-all physical check-up, blah blah blah.

When they were alone, Yu Ping explains that Hui Fan was suffers from depression and eating disorder. I still believe she just choked! The Manager then blames Yu Ping for everything, saying Hui Fan is lying half-dead because of him. Is it only me or this manager is being such a b****?!

Feeling guilty, Yu Ping takes care of Hui Fan.  The manager’s harsh words keep on boggling his mind as he watch Hui Fan sleep. Right on cue, Hui Fan wakes up. Yu Ping cordially advises that she should take more rest. Hui Fan is nothing short of stunned, rendering her speechless. Yu Ping asks her what’s wrong. She answers she’s just happy seeing his concerns. She holds his hand and says she misses the “old” him. Clearly, she feels optimistic about the sudden change in Yu Ping. Yu Ping just gave forced, half-hearted smile.

Yang Guo calls Yu Ping to know any developments in Hui Fan’s health. Yu Ping coldly answers her that  Hui Fan needs a long rest and his taking care of her in his house. Yang Guo asks if that means their back together again.  Disappointed, Yu Ping asks her back if that’s just the reason why she called him. In a wounded voice he adds: Isn’t that what you wanted? And ends the call.


Alone, Yang Guo mutters sadly to herself: “That’s right. This was the ending I wanted. Now, you are happy. I am happy. Everybody is happy. Isn’t that really nice?”

Yang Duo and Zhi Hao time! I’m loving this cute couple so much!

At the office, the other staff were lazing around, letting Zhi Hao do all the work! Poor dear. Yang Duo sees all these and asks him how can a good person like him be a lawyer. Zhi Hao smiles timidly. When Zhi Hao left for home, Yang Duo murmurs: It has only been two weeks and he has already given up. Well, at least he got the message. Yay! someone’s breaking down her walls. 😀

But wait! There’s more Yang Duo-Zhi Hao moments!

Riding  his motorcycle, Zhi Hao offers Yang Duo  a ride home. Yang Duo refuses and reasons  she doesn’t want to take advantage of him. Zhi Hao contradicts, saying the  ride is definitely not for free! He gives her detailed computation of her daily fare which amounted to NT$76. He then draws her in by charging her NT$40 for the ride. So, with a little math, she’ll eventually save NT$36 everday! Hahaha… You’re such a genius Zhi Hao! Of course, the frugal, penny-wise Yang Duo grabs the opportunity. Success!

On the way home, Yang Guo relates to Ke Zhong how she gave Yu Ping a rap on the knuckles for being a cold-hearted, heartless opinionated lawyer. Hearing the almost unbelievable story, Ke Zhong laughs admiringly.Yang Guo continues that although she initially thought Yu Ping is cold-hearted and rude, it took her awhile to discover that deep down he really is a considerate person. Ke Zhong seemed troubled with the revelation. He is about to ask something but Yang Guo cuts him off as she excitedly went down the car when she sees  Yang Duo and the cute lawyer Zhi Hao!

Yang Guo cheerfully greets her sister with enthusiasm. Ke Zhong joins the fun and teases Yang Duo for getting herself a boyfriend. Yang Duo furiously refutes, spelling out that Zhi Hao is just a new collegue who happens to give her a ride. Zhi Hao, however, insists on collecting the NT$40 charge. Eager to get rid of Zhi Hao’s presence, Yang Duo droves him away  saying she’ll pay him tomorrow.

Yang Guo is being adamant on inviting Zhi Hao inside the house, draging him by the arms. Yang Duo wouldn’t be persuaded and pulls Zhi Hao’s other arm. The two sisters makes a human tug-of-war out of Zhi Hao, pulling him back and forth.


The situation is getting a little out hand, so Yang Guo calls out Dad for help. Witnessing the wacky scene, he asks what’s going on. Yang Guo shouts Cactus! Dad gets the idea Cactus! Hahaha… Dad and Yang Guo nicknamed Zhi Hao Cactus!  He eagerly bids Zhi Hao to come inside. However, Zhi Hao declines. Yang Duo’s temper is running rather short as she deafeningly shouted: I SAID STAY! Hahaha… This scare the hell out of Zhi Hao, and he obediently walks inside. Yang Guo invites Ke Zhong as well. All of them went inside, except for Yang Duo who childishly stomps her feet on the ground: Hey! “How come no one is asking for may opinion!”

Inside, all of them are gathers on the table as Dad serves ginger clamp soup. Dad tells  Zhi Hao to remember that ginger clamp soup is Yang Duo’s favorite dish. Hahaha…oh dad! He’s really  serious in marrying Yang Duo off.

Ke Zhong notices Zhi Hao’s weird accent, so he asks if Zhi Hao is from HongKong. When Zhi Hao confirms, Dad interjects that HongKong is great! The products are good and the food are fresh. The best place for Yang Duo! Another hint of the eagerness to tie the knots for Yang Duo. Yang Duo goes gaga and warns Dad to stop the nonsense!

Yang Guo continues the conversation and asks Zhi Hao if he has other siblings. Zhi Hao answers he is the only child. Again, Dad remarks that only children are usually very responsible and obedient and is very suitable. Hahaha… another hint!Yang Duo again warns him.

Now it’s Ke Zhongs turn, he asks if Zhi Hao has a girlfriend. Zhi Hao readily says he has none. Dad butts in again saying that’s good because Yang Duo also has no boyfriend. Yang Duo reaches her limit and declares she’ll throw Zhi Hao out if they continue rubbing on the subject. The rest of the gang, concedes to chage the subject.

With Yang Guo’s insinuation, Ke Zhong asks Yang Duo about Yu Ping. Yang Duo makes an unclear answer saying she doesn’t know but he has been staying at the office alone, working late just to take care of Hui Fan. This gets Yang Guo anxious, worrying Yu Ping’s about gastric problems. She adds that she wanted to call but she is afraid to bother them.

Daddy Yang then turns his attention towards Ke Zhong and asks about his extremely close relationship with Hui Fan. Now, it’s Yang Guo’s time to warn dad. Ke Zhong answers that Yu Ping, Hui Fan and him are classmates so naturally, they are close  friends for many years. Dad redirects the question to Zhi Hao: “Mr. Liang, you wouldn’t happen to have a female friend with whom you’ve been friends for many years, would you?” And the two sisters shouts a thunderous: “DAD!”

Now, Hui Fan visits her doctor for a check-up and drug prescription. The manager and Yu Ping are there as well. Privately, Yu Ping asks the doctor when will Hui Fan recover. The doctor answers it can’t be determined because recovery period for anorexia defer from person to person. And though Hui Fan seems to improve a bit, keeping her emotion is still of utmost important.

Outside, Hui Fan instructs her manager to arrange simple jobs for her since she’s getting bored doing nothing.When  he manager left, Yu Ping invites Hui Fan for a walk. The thing is the invitation is more like a courtesy- some kindness that must be done for a “sick” person.

Clearly, Hui Fan is the only one enjoying the walk. They pass by the basketball court where Ke Zhong and Yu Ping usually play and they reminisce the good all days. Hui Fan suddenly holds Yu Pings hand and lays her head on his shoulders. Feeling uncomfortable, Yu Ping shakes off her grip. It’s a rather blunt reaction but girl you can’t really blame the guy! Just consider he is just forcing himself into this facade for your sake! Hui Fan is hurt but still says she is happy that Yu Ping is thoughtfully caring for her. Yeah, that’s right you should be thankful and just walk away already will yah!

Meanwhile, Ke Zhong and Yang Guo just came from an official business deal at Ke Zhong’s former university. Ke Zhong keeps on laughing and teasing Yang Guo for her unusual outfi. Finally! I came to see Yang Guo wear an office attire!


Just by luck, Ke Zhong and Yang Duo accidentally meets up with Yu Ping and Hui Fan. This scene is kinda awkward! They are actually talking almost 5 meters away! The tension is building up for Yu Ping and Yang Guo. Even Ke Zhong feels a little disturbed. And somehow, only Hui Fan doesn’t feel anything! Hui Fan invites them for lunch but Yu Ping is clearly not into the idea. So, the two couples went their separate ways.

As Yu Ping walks away, he wretchely says in voiceover:

Yu Ping: From now on, we need to be like two paralled lines so that we won’t have to cross each other’s path again.

Aw…how heartbreaking! Huhuhu… Next?! Series of flashbacks for Yu Ping!

Next day, Ke Zhong packs for Hang Zhuo to check on his project there. Yang Guo is being hyped up and reminds him not to forget about the dozens of presents she prepared for everybody!Yang Guo walks him off. She even carries the bag for him! What is she really? A porter?

Yang Guo chatters all the while, keeping Ke Zhong reminded that is his mom asks if she was practicing her manners and training, he must say he is. Ke Zhong asks if she really was practicing, Yang Guo honestly says she hasn’t but because she keeps on dreaming about his mom’s training, it’s just like doing it for real. She even wakes up covered with sweat just because of the dream. Hahaha!

When Ke Zhong left, Yang Guo cheers herself up: Yang Guo, you are on the climax both your romantic life and  career! You grab a hold of it, you hear?… But how come I’m feeling a bit unsteady then? (oh! I know! I know! :D)

Just then Zhi Hao came looking for her. He actually wants to solicite advice from Yang Guo on how she persuaded her boyfriends heart.Yang Guo shyly corrects him, saying Ke  Zhong liked her first so he was the one who courted her. Haha! He changes the question, and asks her how Ke Zhong managed to move her heart instead. Yang Guo suspiciously asks if he is sincere. He energetically swears yes! And Yang Guo whispers something in his ears. It’s a secret.

Dad-Yang Guo bonding time!!! At home, Dad and Yang Guo is having a not so serious talk about Yang Duo’s love life. Dad asks: “You want your sister to fall in love with that cactus guy? Yang Guo answers: “That’s right! And if he aims for everything that she likes, it’s bound to work! And they both laugh cunningly. Dad asks again: But aiming for what she like is hard, do you even know what she likes? Yang Guo instantly answers: “Money!” Dad is a little hesitant about it: “Oh, please! everyone in Taiwan knows she likes money! How about anything else? “Yang Guo thinks. She gets a book and shows it to Dad. “This is sister’s favourite book, the answer must be found here”. Yang Guo flips the pages and finds a calling card with a name that reads “Lawrence”- Ke Zhong’s English name. The same name is written on the back of the book. Oh snap! What of she finds out that Ke Zhong is her sister’s dream guy?! Thankfully, before she discovers anything else, she gets a frenzied call from Ling Ling.

LingLing’s hysterics came from the fact that she saw Xiao Lei cheating on her. Yang Guo tries to comfort LingLing, saying that Xiao Lei is not the kind who can cheat on her. But LingLing refuses to listen and decides to erase the couple’s tattoo she had.

Getting rid of tattoo’s isn’t a simple thing, so LingLing ends up complaining how it hurts. Yang Guo unsympathetically blames her for the pain because she did it to herself! LingLing reasons out that she did it for love. But knowing she was cheated, it made her sad, realizing that all the happiness was fake. Yang Guo consoles not all men are like Xiao Lei. But LingLing is still bitter and says 9.5 of 10 men are just the same.

On the way home, Yang Guo keeps on thinking about what LingLing said. She gets a little scared when she thought that Ke Zhong might be cheating on her too! Then a blissful call came…the children are back! Yeepee!



Such a happy reunion for the kids and Yang Guo. The kids are really adorable. Cute kids! They excitedly  greet Yang Guo. And from their interaction, the kids really missed Yang Guo a lot. The little girl even complains that her brother always annoyingly looks for Yang Guo. It was kinda cute when the children eagerly wants to taste Yang Guo’s home-cooked meals. Yu Ping just smiles behind the scene. While Hui Fan enviously looks at the happy trio.

I love the next scene! Yay! And I really really love the kids!

Everybody gathers up for lunch. Hui Fan starts a conversation, asking Yang Guo when Ke Zhong will be back. Yang Guo replies he’ll be staying there for a few more  days. Hui Fan requested Yang Guo to give her a call when Ke Zhong comes. And Yang Guo willingly agrees.

Little girl notices that Hui Fan isn’t eating, so asks quite frankly if Hui Fan doesn’t like Yang Guo’s cooking. Of course, Hui Fan clarifies it’s not the case. Yu Ping graciously explain that Hui Fan is not feeling well so she doesn’t eat much. Yang Guo offers to cook porridge for Hui Fan, but she says she’s not hungry and unnecessarily adds Yu Ping cooks porridge for her all the time.

Hui Fan wants to get the kid’s good side so she tries to bribe them with white chocolate. But oh! The kids are really sharp and brutally frank as well!

Yu Ting: Is white chocolate better than regular chocolate?

Yu Fei: Who knows but that’s the kind that couples eat. Do you know what a couple is? They are two people who are lovey-dovey with each other, so I don’t want to eat it.

Hahaha! And the kids act as if disgusted. Hui Fan feels insulted and bids to rest. Yang Guo reprimands the kids for being rude. But I can’t really blame the kids. They’re kids. Hahaha!

So, with Hui Fan out-of-the-way, the kids plan to spend quality time with Yang Guo and Yu Ping by playing computers. They even fight who they’re teaming with but Yu Ping ruins the mood, saying he has some work to do so he can’t play with them. As he walks away, Yang Guo thinks to herself: “Why do I feel like I’m growing away from Xiang Da Ge (Yu Ping)? Is he pulling away on purpose. Never mind. This is also good”.

Later that night, Yang Guo prepares the children to sleep. Yu Fei asks her then why Hui Fan is at her uncle’s house. Yang Guo asks: “Didn’t your uncle tell you”. Harsh as ever, Yu Fei replies: “Yes, he said she is sick. But she looks fine to me. How is she sick”. Yang Guo cautiously answers: “You’re aunt has a disease that grown ups get. And you have to look very closely in order to tell. So she needs someone to really take care of her in order to get better and that’s why your uncle needs to look after her for now”. Yu Fei casually asks again:” And how long will that take? And besides, why does she stay here?”. Yu Ting butts in: “That’s right! Can’t she take care of herself. I don’t like her”.

Yang Guo tries to persuade the children into liking Hui Fan. She kindly scolds them that they should be treating Hui Fan badly because she loves them. She even gives them chocolate. The children are still unconvinced. Yang Guo warns the children not to talk about those things when in front of Hui Fan. Yu Fei just sighed.

The ever observant Yu Fei then wonders why everybody keeps on asking Yang Guo about Ke Zhong. She accusingly remarks that the two are dating. Yang Guo brushes the topic off, saying Yu Fei shouldn’t be bothered with adult matters and thus, confirming the relationship between them. The little girl reacts violently:”But why? I thoughtyou’d be with my uncle? And Yu Ting sweetly adds: “That’s right,I’d really like you to be with my uncle. Or I could always marry you when I get older so that we can be together then”. Aw, so sweet, isn’t he?

Yang Guo laughs at the thought. But Yu Ting insists that he really doesn’t like Hui Fan. And Yu Fei, seconds the motion. Hui Fan overhears the conversation. Yang Guo feels guilty. Remember, they’re just kids. And it’s Hui Fan’s fault for bringing extra blankets. Nobody wants her to do that! If she just stayed on her room, then she wouldn’t have heard it! But it’s okay. I still find it pleasure in seeing her hurt. Nyahaha!

Yang Duo-Yang Guo bonding time! The sisters name are confusing me already! Anyway, so it’s bonding time for the sisters. Yang Guo tells her about the awkward scene with the kids and Hui Fan. She kinda owns up the fault for hurting Hui Fan. Yang Duo scolds her for taking responsibility for everything all the time! Yang Guo reasons she’s just talking about a teeny-tiny bit of responsibility to get the kids and Hui Fan closer. Yang Guo gets ridiculously smarter as she explains further that if the kids love Hui Fan,  eventually her health will improve, and then Yu Ping will not have a reason to pile a bunch of work for Yang Duo, making her sister’s life easier!

Yang Duo is a lot smarter though, she disagrees with Yang Guo’s crooked reasons.”Those 2 kids Met Hui Fan long before they met you. The word “hate” is already implanted in their head a long time ago, so what could you do about it?”. Still determined, Yang Guo bites back:”Well, you can’t put it that way. Those two little devils hated me at first too. You even helped in negotiating  with them, have you forgotten already? Yang Duo admits defeat:”Whatever! never mind. You just love meddling with other people’s business”. Yang Guo changes the topic then and teases her sister about lawyer Liang. Hahaha! And so Yang Guo receives a sisterly beating from Yang Duo.

Yu Ping reluctantly calls Yang Guo. He politely asks her if she could accompany the kids the next day because he’ll be taking Hui Fan for a photo shoot. Yang Guo agrees and when the line was cut she mutters: “Did you have to be so polite?”.

That ends Episode 12. I’ve been working with Episode 13. Hopefully, I can post it tonigh. 🙂 Fighting!

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