My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 15 Recap


Ever the trouble-magnet, Jing Zhi is once again involved in a near-death situation. Thankfully, this time, Ling Qiao is there to save her.  

Episode 15

As high-valued items are being auctioned one by one, Jing Zhi grows more and more nervous. Ling Qiao seemingly enjoying her discomfort doesn’t help. Haha! The moment of truth arrived and we learn that Jing Zhi’s item to be auctioned is her hand-drawn picture of a loofah. Haha! Now I understand why her Dad was overly against the idea of having it auctioned. As expected, people laugh at her.

Luckily, with Ling Qiao’s clever manipulations, someone actually bought the drawing for 800,000. Hmm, not bad for a loofah. Haha! Jing Zhi is exceedingly glad she was saved from the ultimate embarrassment. Of course, Xuan Xuan is happy for her.

It’s time for Ling Qiao to throw up, so he subtly excuses herself. While he’s gone, Shi Guang invites Jing Zhi for a dance which she gladly grants. However, on the way to the dance floor, a waiter accidentally spills wine on Jing Zhi’s dress, so she goes to the CR to clean up. Unknowingly, someone locks the door from the outside and smoke suddenly fills the room. After, Jing Zhi fell unconscious, someone picks her up.

Ling Qiao throws up at the parking lot. He overhears some guy having trouble getting her sick daughter home because of the car blocking the way, so, he volunteers to help and pushes the car effortlessly. The guy is surprised but Ling Qiao explains that he knows martial arts. Later on, we see someone switching the air freshener of the said car.


Jing Zhi wakes up in a room on fire. She tries to escape but fails. She can only cry for help.

Ling Qiao returns to the party and asks Shi Guang where Jing Zhi is. Shi Guang answers that she went to the CR. Suddenly, Ling Qiao feels pain in his heart, an undeniable sign that Jing Zhi is in danger. He dashes off to find her.

Ling Qiao finds her in the burning storage room. Without wasting time, he kicks down the door. Debris and burning flanks fall in his way but Ling Qiao easily tosses them aside. Jing Zhi is already smiling when he arrived. For a moment, Ling Qiao just stares at her and then leans his forehead against hers. Awww! He then picks her up and brings her to safety. Before he can give her his blood, she stops him in fear of revealing his identity and assures that they can continue ‘kissing’ at the house. Haha! Ling Qiao corrects that it’s not kissing per se but Jing Zhi dismisses his argument with a laugh. Right on cue, security personnel come to their rescue. She reminds him to tell the investigators that she escaped on her own and he only met her at the door.

Some people at the party learn of the fire. Shi Guang notices them panicking and immediately runs towards the parking area. Something’s really not right with Shi Guang. Why the parking lot?

A guy wearing a mask gets inside the car that Ling Qiao pushed a while ago and drives off. Shi Guang sees the guy and engages on a car chase with him. Remember that someone changed the air freshener in the car, neh? Well, it turns out that it has some chemicals that put people to sleep. So, the guy faints while driving and hits a pile of sacks and boxes. A few seconds later, the car exploded.


At the hospital, Jing Zhi whines that Xuan Xuan doesn’t appear really worried for her as she’s only busy painting her nails. She further warns that press people may take a picture of Xuan Xuan and it’ll create another rumor. However, Xuan Xuan brags that she’s an expert in avoiding paparazzi. Ling Qiao, who is reading a newspaper, laughs and shows them a picture of Xuan Xuan in a crying mess. So much for avoiding the paparazzi. Haha!

Shi Guang comes by to offer his apologies. He takes full responsibility for what happened since the incident occurred during the charity banquet. Jing Zhi assures that she’s fine and takes off the bandage on her head, saying Ling Qiao only put it there for fun. However, Ling Qiao sharply warns Shi Guang not to come near Jing Zhi again.

Meanwhile at the police station, Crystal and Squid (yeah, weird name) talks about Jing Zhi and her unusual attraction to danger. Both officers are Yan Zi’s subordinates. Anyways, Crystal remarks that Jing Zhi, being constantly in harm’s way, makes perfect sense. She further recalls that Jing Zhi’s luck is so terrible that even if she’s standing in a 100 acre grass land, a pigeon will find its way and poop on her head every time. Haha!

Right then, Yan Zi storms in. He’s mad at Squid for not informing him of Jing Zhi’s recent mishap and talks with the Chief to cancel his leave. The Chief surprisingly grants Yan Zi’s request, telling him to do what he wants and not leave with regrets.

Jing Zhi has been released from the hospital and is now busy checking her online fan base. She’s appalled upon knowing that her fans are slowly withdrawing their membership. Jing Zhi voices out her annoyance a little louder than needed so Ling Qiao, who is freshly out of shower, hears her rants. Seeing him half-naked, Jing Zhi is put into a trance. Haha! Ling Qiao  flicks his finger just to get her out of it. Haha!

To cover her embarrassment, Jing Zhi asks him why he wants her to avoid Shi Guang. He answers that it’s to protect Shi Guang of course. This clearly annoys Jing Zhi, noting that the reason why Ling Qiao has no girlfriend is because he doesn’t know how to treat women nicely. But since she can’t concentrate while staring at his topless body, she instructs him not to expose himself in front of her anymore because she can’t resist his charm and if he continues to do so, she won’t be able to control herself and make a move on him. The door suddenly rings and Ling Qiao tells her that it’s the police. Jing Zhi panics and defends that she haven’t assaulted him yet. Haha! Ling Qiao chuckles and walks off.

It turns out to be Yan Zi. He shows her a picture of the suspected arsonist. However, Jing Zhi can’t confirm if it’s really the guy. Yan Zi then offers a small smile and asks if she’s still mad at him for putting a tracker on the car. He explains that it wasn’t his intention to follow her, he was just worried for her safety. Jing Zhi then wonders why he rejected her when it’s apparent that he still cares for her. Yan Zi falls silent and just in time, he receives a call that the suspect’s address has been found out. Ling Qiao who is hiding in his room overhears the phone conversation.

Yan Zi and his gang go to the arsonist’s house and find clues that the arsonist is in fact a contract killer set to kill Jing Zhi.

Next, we see Professor Li celebrating over a glass of wine. He is holding a test result showing 99.9% DNA compatibility. Through flashback we see that the DNA belonged to Ling Qiao. The professor gets a hold of Ling Qiao’s DNA when the latter left his wine glass and dashed to find Jing Zhi.

Ling Qiao goes to the shoot to pick up Jing Zhi. It’s obvious that Jing Zhi is in high spirits. Ling Qiao asks why she’s so calm and collected after the incident and she replies that it’s because he guaranteed to save her every time she’s in danger. Suddenly, he changes his mind and walks away, leaving the confused Jing Zhi behind.

Ling Qiao goes to the shore to talk with his imaginary friend again. There he vows to find the enemy and leave Jing Zhi for good, noting that the only reason why he finds it difficult to say goodbye is because her blood is in his system. Her possessiveness is consuming him and he must stay away from her.

At home, Jing Zhi is happily sniffing the fresh laundry when she slips right into Ling Qiao’s lap. He tells her to get off but she scoots closer and calls him a human sofa. She then offers two choices, either to push her away or hug her closer. Ling Qiao chooses the first option. He forcefully shoves her away and then leaves. In result, she falls to the floor with a nasty scratch.

Ye Chen tends to Jing Zhi’s wounds. He then comments that Yan Zhi will be able to relax because she always escapes unscathed in every major accident she’s in. Jing Zhi is rather surprised that he has grown close to Yan Zhi lately. Ye Chen explains that it’s only because they were teaming up to look for the corpse. She then probes if there are any updates on the corpse. Ye Chen replies that it’s already impossible to find it and that she should be more worried about Yan Zi. She finds it odd though that he always brings up Yan Zi in the conversation when she’s not Yan Zi’s girlfriend anymore. Ye Chen hints that some men say the opposite of what they truly want to say especially if he’s hiding something. And at times, he will push her away just to prevent her from getting hurt. In Ye Chen’s mind, he’s doing this for Yan Zi’s sake. However, Jing Zhi thinks he’s referring to Ling Qiao.

Jing Zhi arrives home and excitedly greets Ling Qiao. But he only gives her a cold shoulder. She follows him to his room and sharply asks if he didn’t notice that she was wounded when he pushed her that morning. Ling Qiao brushes her off with a simple “it will heal”. She continues her tirade and tells him that it still hurts. Ling Qiao bites back that pain is good for her because it will remind her to be careful. He noticed that she has been living quite rashly, even joking about the fire incident. He suggests that she hires bodyguards and brings Dong Dong along wherever she goes. Jing Zhi finds his suggestions useless because he’s there for her. But sadly, Ling Qiao reminds that he will be leaving soon.


Next scene. Ling Qiao is preparing the kids for their taekwondo class when a stranger covered in an over-sized coat walks in. The stranger is revealed to be Jing Zhi and she’s there to challenge Ling Qiao to a duel. This is her way of proving that she doesn’t need bodyguards or even him to protect herself, vowing that she’ll cause him severe pain if he will hold back.

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