Q10 Episode 4

Eeeehhh! A hug?! Now, I’m inspired. Tehehe. 🙂

Episode 4

Heita is sleeping in class. And worse, he’s having a bad dream! He wakes up with a yelp, startling everyone, but not Nakao.

Nakao knows! The more he thinks of it, the more he’s confused. Kyuuto is definitely NOT human!

Kyuuto, all the while, is oblivious to Nakao’s building suspicions. She’s busy with other things, like memorizing some renzuko lines (Japanese drama). It’s becoz people are saying she sounds weird, so she starts listening to drama dialogues in the hopes that she’ll sound more human. Haha!

Heita: Even Kyuuto has something like a goal. And becoz of that, she’s really trying hard. I wonder what I should do next.

Nakao wants to know the truth. He’s determined to unmask her secrets and he’ll do whatever it takes! Rawr! He demands that Kyuuto show him the scar. But then, he’s being too forceful that his classmates thought he is harassing her. Haha! Poor old Nakao gets beaten up.

Nakao is still convinced that Kyuuto is a robot. He frankly asks Heita about it. But of course, Heita denies. Kyuuto is human. What else would she be? Duh! Nakao needs proof. If she’s human, then she can cry, right? Yep! That’s it. He’ll give up that idea if Kyuuto can really cry.

Thankfully Kyuuto isn’t just your typical humanoid. My, she’s completely installed with tears. Heita is relieved. Then she could just cry in front of Nakao and everything’s fine. One problem though. She can’t just cry for no reasons. He must say something upsetting for her to cry.  But then, Heita doesn’t have the heart to hurt her. Aww!

On the way home, Heita and Kageyama pass by an “erotic” store. They took a picture and accidentally caught a man going inside. And to Heita’s shock, it’s Dad!

Heita hasn’t written anything for his career path. Kyuuto gets a little worried and asks him straight out.

Heita: In this world, for the most part, there are situations where everything would be ok and situations where nothing could be done. I have been seriously thinking about these options but I think it can’t be helped. Besides, I’m hopeless especially with regard to work. Whatever. For me, it doesn’t matter what I do.

And whoala! Kyuuto cries and cries and cries and cries. She never stopped crying since then. Haha! Yanagi hints that maybe she’s like any human girls. Heita needs to embrace and touch her to make her feel better.

Heita is feeling embarrassed. In a secluded area, he wipes her tears but still, her tears kept on flowing. He taps her shoulders but it didn’t work. Just when he’s about to give her a hug, he notices Yanagi and Principal Kishimoto snooping around. Haha! Heita freaks out.

Heita takes Kyuuto in the park (or somewhere). Phew! There’s no backing out. He’ll have to hug her now! Just when he’s about to, a random man unintentionally shoves Kyuuto. The man catches her (resulting to a accidental hug), lends her a hankie and whoala! She stops crying. Haha!

Heita can’t believe it! So, that’s it?! Haha!

Heita passes by the bizarre store again and remembers Dad. And what would ya know? Mom is also there! She tries to run away but clumsily stumbles.

Apparently she knows that Dad is working there. She doesn’t mind. People might think bad about Dad but it’s the only way their family could survive. They always come first.

Mom: In order to protect important things, it always surprises me how he will never give up. Even at the time when everything seems to fall into pieces, he never failed to pick up the small fragments, struggling to put things back the way they were before. I’m going to believe in Take-chan.

Nakao has decided. He wants to become an engineer. Sensei is a little worried. Nakao sucks in Math! Haha! Nakao insists. Then he’ll try to catch up. Still, Sensei thinks it’s impossible. Why it’s already November?! Haha!

Nakao: It’s not that a person will become what he is able to become… instead a person will become what he wants to become.

Like Heita, Yamamoto has no plans, goal, whatsoever. She meets Kubo at the hospital. She left her career sheet on the desk and Kubo kindly returns it to her. But then, she doesn’t care. She has nothing to write anyways. Even if she has, it’ll be a lie.

Kubo then suggests that she write about rock. Well, she can’t. It’ll just piss the teacher. Bottom line, she doesn’t know what she really likes. Kubo could relate to that. Nobody really understands.

Kubo: Anyway, you can’t understand the truth. Being impatient, being frustrated, wondering what will happen to me in the future, I want to openly express what I am thinking, but it’ll be more trouble if I say those things. Being able to say I’m alright not becoz of someone’s encouragement. Being able to say thank you, I’ll try my best. No matter how much I try I still don’t get it yet somehow… I said it. Somehow it annoys me.

Kubo decides to come with her at a gig. While waiting, Yamamoto notices the nurses. It dawns on her that they actually care for their patients. They sympathize with them. They know their pains. Maybe, Kubo is wrong. Maybe, there are people who knows the truth.

Somewhere, a young boy (Fujioka’s younger bro) is selling anime collectibles. Too bad, people doesn’t notice him. It’s time for Kyuuto to take action. She calls Nakao and he happily buys all the stuff. And alas! Nakao sees Kyuuto’s scar…complete with flashy, mechanical robotics!

Principal Kishimoto visits Fujioka. But the latter seems uninterested. Even with Principal’s efforts, he still doesn’t know what to do in the future. It’s not even like he has a future. Principal assures everything will be alright. But for the mean time, Fujioka must think of things that he can do.

It’s already late but Heita can’t think of anything to write in his career sheet. He’ll be doomed for eternity that’s for sure! Mystery girl Tsukiko butts in. There’s no such thing as eternity. Even the universe has its end. In reality, the universe is made up of darkness. It has 23% dark substances and 73% dark energy. And only 4% is referred to as “other” substances. Unfortunately, dark energy keeps on increasing with time and substances are slowly tearing apart.

In 2016, this theory will be confirmed. In 2025, the word eternity will we erased from the dictionary. People will not believe in eternity anymore.

Tsukiko: Someday, everything will have an end.

Yamamoto finally knows what she wants… a nurse. Sensei is proud. She clarifies. She’s not going to be a nurse by profession. She’s going to form a band named “Nurse”. Sensei is surprised but since that’s what she wants then he’ll contact a friend who could help her.

Heita ponders upon Tsukiko’s words. He’s beginning to get the picture. And he can’t wait to tell Kyuuto.

Heita: It’s supposed to happen this way. It’s called dark energy. Now, I understand. Most people in this world thinks that anything is fine and there’s nothing they can do. That is why we always say “at our best”. It keeps growing bigger and bigger but will turn into pieces here and there. That’s why the the important things are so precious. It’s deeply kept in the heart so it can’t be easily dispersed. Embracing it tightly so as not to lose it again. I know that eventually it will disappear but I’ll strive harder.

Kyuuto asks if he had a change of heart. Yes, he had. That’s why he won’t be saying things like “anything is fine” anymore.

Heita: Right now, I am embracing 4% of the Universe.

Heita: Sensei, I’ve decided. This important 4% thing  I’ve embraced, from now on I’ll live for it.

Finally! Heita has a goal!

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