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Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru (The Liar and His Lover) Movie Recap


Gawd! I so love this movie. I didn’t read the manga but I did read the synopsis. And I’ve noticed that parts of the original plot were changed. It’s a bold but one brilliant move I tell yah! I love the twist!

The movie is something I could recommend. It isn’t too rushed. The chemistry is there. The storytelling is uncomplicated and straightforward.  Soundtracks are superb. I love how the elements come together in a perfect fit. No more, no less…just like how I wanted. Plus, Sato-kun is in it! He was, I dunno, just plain PERFECT

Don’t know why, but this recap took me days to post. ZZZ! I’m getting rusty.

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L.DK Movie Recap

Thanks to NeeNee of asianaddictsanonymous, I was able to enjoy and drool over this movie or more exactly drool over Yamazaki’s half-naked glory. Mwahaha! Just like all other live action adaptations, L.DK is rushed. Relationships didn’t develop as it should have and hence, this movie purely relied on the ‘sweets’. And boy, they delivered! This movie is adorable. Just seeing the two leads together, automatically puts a smile on my face. What can I say, they’re just too cute, especially Yamazaki! Kyaaah!

Credits to NeeNee for the screenshots. 😉 Thanks to her, recapping L.DK is not as tedious. Arigatou!

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Sukitte Ii Nayo (Say “I Love You”) Movie Recap

What can I say? This movie is a little bit cliche but nevertheless it’s cute. You all know I have a weakness for cuteness, neh? 🙂

I’ve read the manga and I was hooked. And since I already know how it will go, I was more excited to see the kissing scenes but then, it was more of a lip brushing than real kissing. Tehehe! Maybe they were aiming for a much younger market. Not that I’m complaining. Lip brushing is still good. 😉

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