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Drama Previews: My Amazing Boyfriend

My Amazing Boyfriend

Howdy! I originally planned on taking a leave from writing drama recaps. It has been 6 years since my last drama recap post. And yeah, it’s a considerably long time. But after watching the trailer of My Amazing Boyfriend, I’m having second thoughts. It’s a rom-com with a touch of supernatural, or supernatural with a touch of rom-com, either way, I like it. I’m interested with the plot and I want to know how it’ll end for an immortal and a mortal. There’s a 70% possibility that I’ll be making recaps for this one. Hopefully, it’ll be entertaining as I thought it’ll be. Fingers-crossed.

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Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) Movie Recap


TBH, I have to do a re-watch before I fully recap this one. Lots of things are going on in this movie; familial problems, social belongingness, unrequited love, friendly rivalries, guilt complex, love triangles, so on and so forth.

Over all, it was okay. It’s just that I find the earlier parts of the movie too draggy and momentum only picked up after the accidental kiss. Also, the male lead’s character is too “spineless” for my taste. Well, those were my only regrets. 🙂

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Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai Episode 2


This is part-two of the two-part mini-series. Unlike the first installment, I find this episode a lot more promising. Yes, there were cheesy, unnecessary scenes but at least we get to see some character development especially for Black Devil Kurosaki who proves to be kinder than what he leads on. White Prince Shirakawa also showcased a more aggressive stance in the budding love triangle. I’m quite disappointed with Yuu’s character though. She hasn’t really showed the full-on confidence I was looking for. Obviously, the show is holding back for the big-screen adaptation. Hopefully, we see a feisty, strong-willed Yuu there.

PS: This is just a prequel, so yeah, expect a movie recap soon. Of course, it’ll only be available once Eng subs are released.

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The Magician (Joseon Magician) Movie Recap


I love this movie, not only because of Yoo Seung-Ho (though I must admit he’s the major reason) but because it offers something more than your average sageuk movie. It’s not perfect, considering that it has obvious plot holes but at least it has its redeeming traits.

Since it’s a sageuk it has the typical elements of war, political conspiracies and revenge plots. I love that amidst all the dark themes is a pure and cute love story of an unlikely pair. I also appreciate the pinch of comic reliefs randomly thrown in the movie once in a while. And lastly, I think the integration of magic in the flirting, courting and fighting scenes is a unique touch.

In a nutshell, this movie is about a Joseon Princess who was sold to the Qing Dynasty to be married. A chance encounter with a handsome magician changed her fate and they began a romance that may put the entire dynasty to chaos.

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Strobe Edge Movie Recap


Strobe Edge is every friend-zoned girl’s ultimate dream come true. By that, I mean the plot. Story-wise, characterization-wise and chemistry-wise the movie was okay. Better than Ao Haru ride if you’ll ask me.

Overall, the movie was nicely done. And I’m not talking about the production only but the characters as well. I don’t know if it’s really the intention of the show but I haven’t noticed any major conflict. There were no evil plans or b*tchy ex-girlfriends or selfish second leads. The only thing that hinders the relationship between the OTP is, in fact, the main leads themselves. Their sense of loyalty and sympathy towards the people around them was just too great that they were willing to sacrifice their own happiness. Well, in the end, the supporting leads willingly gave way. The problem is solved and they live happily ever after.

I love the first part of the movie where Ninako smiles charmingly at Ren and he smiles inquisitively back at her. I find it way too cute. 🙂

PS: This is a baby recap.

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