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Down With Love Episode 13 Recap

Finally! The episode I’ve been waiting for!

Suddenly, I have this uncontainable gutsy feeling to give this episode my very own  made-up title:

“The Fall of Hui Fan’s Evil Regime”.  Scrub it out, please!

I’ll stick with:“Revenge of the Magic Ball”. Ooops! Sorry, I change my mind!

I’ll go with: “Daddy Yang and the Cupid Within!”. Hahaha! Just bear with me guys, I’m feeling hyped up today. I don’t know why though. 😀

DWL takes a sudden, but very appealing, re-direction with this episode. Romance between Yang Guo and Yu Ping hits the fast lane. Hui Fan makes an abrupt change of hearts. Ke Zhong’s third-wheel character is becoming more and more apparent. More quirky, hilarious and witty romantic sparks from Yang Duo and Zhi Hao. The adorable kids shift from being “little devils” to “sweet angels”. Daddy Yang is funny as ever.

I’m excited for the next episode! I’m guessing it’ll be more on the  race  to win Yang Guo’s love and affection- a fair and square  battle royale for the love rivals, Ke Zhong and Yu Ping. May the best man win, eh! Yeah, I know it wouldn’t be a fair fight for Ke Zhong. It wouldn’t hurt to give Ke Zhong a tap in the back, right?!

And now, the Recap:

The episode starts off with Hui Fan feeling anxious about her acting “re-debut”. I don’t really know why she’s being too anxious about it. Duh! It’s not like she had a very very long break.

So, the manager then encourages Hui Fan not to be nervous coz portraying a woman in love is what she does best. She adds that being in  love is like the taste of  white chocolate –  pure sweetness! It’s more of a bitter gourd for Hui Fan though. With all the support and encouragement, still Hui Fan seems troubled: “But I seem to have forgotten already what it feels like”. Somehow, I am staring to felt sorry for Hui Fan. But yah know, she must understand that what she feels right now is not love but rather an obsession. The earlier she accepts the truth, the better.

The manager signals Yu Ping, who was standing at the corner feeling rather strained, to come and comfort Hui Fan. It’s funny how he mockingly raised his right brow, but still  he compels and consoles Hui Fan: “Don’t think too much about it, natural talent and flair can never be forgotten”. He smiles at her, takes her hands, give it an encouraging rub, and kisses it lightly.

The kids and Yang Guo are having so much fun at the amusement park.  Determined to build bridges between the kids and Hui Fan, she invites them to take a tour at the TV studio and meet with “Aunt Hui Fan”.

The kids strongly oppose. So, Yang Guo begs them to go coz  she hasn’t been in a studio. The kids didn’t take the bait.  Yang Guo changes tactics and tries to bribe them with popsicle. Huh! But the kids remain steadfast, leaving Yang Guo no choice but drag them all the way. Hahaha!

Back to the studio: Hui Fan takes some photo shoots while the manager and Yu Ping watches along. The manager blabbers about how pretty Hui Fan is and how she and Hui Fan matches up perfectly blah..blah…blah. Yu Ping passively listens his way through the seemingly endless prattle that goes on and on. Fortunately, he gets a call from a client.

Just as he left, Yang Guo and the kids came – missing Yu Ping by mere seconds. The kids are obviously annoyed and uninterested. So, Yang Guo persuades them saying Hui Fan will be happy to see them. The kids are still unconvinced, thus she tries again: “just think of this as an additional cool point”. Yet again, the kids are as stubborn as a bull.  In the end, Yang Guo  beguiles them with ice cream. The kids practically agree. Kids are kids after all, eh?

At long last,  Yang Guo succeeds in convincing the kids to go inside! But then again the success is short-lived as the security guard  poses another problem and wouldn’t let them pass. Yang Guo tries to reason out but the guard is a tougher hurdle to overcome. The kids are getting irritated, so she takes them to the nearby ice cream parlour first.

Hui Fan takes a break from the shoot and gets disappointed when she learned that Yu Ping went out. There has been a problem in the wardrobe, so the next photo shoot is delayed.

Yang Guo left the kids at the ice cream parlour and tries to sneak around the overly strict security guard. Luckily, she sees the staff with Hui Fan’s wardrobe and offers help to bring some of the clothes. The plan works and she makes her way to the studio as easy as pie!

Inside the dressing room, the manager tries to  talk Hui Fan over her rather foolish attempts to win Yu Ping back . Hui Fan is much too decided to be swayed and boldly declares she’ll do whatever it takes, even give everything up in a split second, just to reconcile with Yu Ping. Okay! Hui Fan officially lost her pride!

The manager then tries to give Hui Fan an option. She suggests Hui Fan choose Ke Zhong, who has been in love with her and also has the same qualifications. Hui Fan replies Ke Zhong is with Yang Guo and is already happy. Confused, the manager asks how can he be happy when going out with Yang Guo was just an act.

NOTE: This is when Yang Guo arrives at the dressing room and overhears the rest of the conversation. Poor Yang Guo. Please walk away. Please. I’m begging you. Please, just leave.

The manager continues: “That Ke Zhong sacrificed himself and went after her (Yang Guo)  because he was worried she might come between you and  lawyer Xiang getting back together. But he’ll break up with her once you guys are back together. Isn’t that what you said? “. Yang Guo hears the hurtful truth, stunned and dumbfounded, she looses grip of the clothes.

Hui Fan sadly counters that even if that’s the case, Yang Guo and Ke Zhong are really very happy. The manager reminds her that if Ke Zhong is happy, why did he ask Hui Fan to consider the possibility of them getting back together. Fearing that the truth will leak, Hui Fan warns the manager to stop talking. Just then, the manager sees the clothes on the floor and goes to where Yang Guo is standing. Busted! The manager sees Yang Guo teary-eyed! Okay, she heard it all! She heard it all right from the horse’s mouth! Hui Fan joins her manager and is put in a jolt seeing Yang Guo. The manager tries to do some damage control and says it’s just a joke! Yeah, right sistah! Yang Guo runs away in despair. Hui Fan follows her. Oh, somebody’s really really busted!

Yu Ping just finished his official business and calls Yang Guo  to check the kids. But since she’s busy running, she couldn’t pick up the phone. He calls Yu Fei instead. Yu Fei explains that they are at the ice cream parlour near the studio and complains not wanting to see Hui Fan’s photo shoot. Yu Ping asks the little girl to give the phone to Yang Guo. Right on cue, Yang Guo shows up crying with Hui Fan following behind. Yu Fei finds the scene odd and weird, so she extends her hand holding the phone for Yu Ping to hear the conversation.

Hui Fan: I admit…I admit that I was afraid that Yu Ping would like you, so I used Ke Zhong. I took advantage of his feelings for me and asked him to chase after you so that Yu Ping would give up on you. But that was all before you help me out so much, before I came to trust you completely. So Yang Guo, please belive me now, when I say that I sincerely blessed your relationship with Ke Zhong, please believe I’m being honest when I say that. Besides, Ke Zhong is really sincere towards you now. You have to trust him.

The big reveal is out!!! Heartbroken, Yang Guo cries  wretchedly and shakes her head in disbelief. In a dismal voice she begs Hui Fan to stop talking coz she doesn’t know who to believe in the moment.  Yu Ping hears everything and rushes over as fast as he can.

Yang Guo takes the kids home. While on the taxi, Yang Guo’s thoughts are miles away, harking back to the times when Ke Zhong was misleading her. She gets a frenzied call from Yu Ping, instructing her to be calm and wait for him in the house.

When Yu Ping arrives, Yang Guo already left.  Yu Ping goes to Yang’s residence and asks Daddy Yang where Yang Guo might be. Daddy Yang says he doesn’t know. So, Yu Ping worriedly asks if Yang Guo called. Daddy Yang hesitantly answers that she did. Yu Ping demands him to spill the beans, and tell him what Yang Guo said. Daddy Yang, naively answers Yang Guo called to remind him to drain the bath water or her sister will yell at her. Hahaha! Yu Ping is dumbstruck! That’s what you get from speaking seriously with Daddy Yang!

It’s awesome how this drama inserts humour in a very intense situation. Nice job guys!

So going back. Daddy Yang misinterprets the situation. And assures Yu Ping that he need not worry coz he decided to support him rather than Ke Zhong.  He lightly scolds Yu Ping for being sleazy and cunning while the other “love rival” is away for business. Before Daddy Yang gets carried away, Yu Ping tries to put sense into him, shaking his arms, calling him “Father-in-Law, Father-in-Law!!!”. Just when I thought Daddy Yang is too far-fetched, Yu Ping proves to be much more advanced! Hahaha!

Yang Duo-Zhi Hao romance time! Back at the office, Yang Duo accidentally pricks her fingers with the cactus. This gets on her nerves and angrily demands Zhi Hao to get rid of the cactus. Zhi Hao is, of course, frightened to get near the vicious Yang Duo so the other staff encourages him not to give up. Zhi Hao timidly, or more like nervously, stammers: “Mi..mi..miss Yang. Irritated, Yang Duo sarcastically asks: “What’s with the mi, mi, mi? Do you also go mi, mi, mi when you secretly stare at me?”. Zhi Hao readily denies:  “Of course not!..I just wanted to say the other day…”. Yang Duo presupposes he’s talking about paying for the lunch, she insultingly rebuffs saying it’s uncalled for coz if they just kept on repaying each others favour they’ll both end up on the loosing end. Ouch! When will this gal learn to say things nicely?

The other staff ridicules Zhi Hao for another ego-crushing failure. For the information of everybody, Zhi Hao isn’t dim-witted! He sure knows where to push the right buttons. Using Yang Duo’s weakness (money!) to his advantage, he  bargains a 50-50 split of the bet he’ll win if Yang Duo consents to go out with him.

Note: Each staff bets NT$500 that he’ll never date Yang Duo. So, we are talking about lots and lots of money here!

Just in time, Yu Ping calls Yang Duo asking where Yang Guo goes when she’s depressed. Yang Duo answers she must be with Yan Ling, stuffing and drinking herself to sleep. Yu Ping hangs up even before she finished talking.

So, back to the bargaining. The deal is too tempting for Yang Guo, so she agrees on the condition that they’ll only eat a lunch box meal and it’ll be a 70-30 split coz she’s the one who’ll be sacrificing much. The rest of the staff breaks in disbelief and Zhi Hao has the last laugh. Way to go, Zhi Hao!

While driving, Yu Ping recalls the time when Yang Guo asks her why he didn’t fall for her when he thinks she’s great. In voiceover Yu Ping wonders: “I’ve asked myself many times since, if things would have been different now had I confessed to her then? And I believed that there are no answers for it, but now I know that had I bravely confessed to her then, Yang Guo would not be in so much pain right now. So, no more. I won’t let another opportunity like this pass by”. For a wise and clever lawyer, Yu Ping is somewhat sluggishly dippy.

Yu Ping arrives at Yan Ling’s (LingLing) workplace. Worried, he asks Yan Ling if Yang Guo called her. And at last! The good news! Yang Guo did and she left a voice mail. Hearing the voicemail, Yan Ling seems confused. Yu Ping snatches the phone from Yan Ling and listens to the voicemail.

Yang Guo: Yan Ling, you said before that you couldn’t accept that all the happy memories you shared with Xiao Lei was fake and that even if he could betray you, then who would you be able to trust now. I can finally understand what you meant when you said that. But you are still luckier, you still have the will to push it all aside. But I can’t just do that.

All the while, Yang Guo wanders like a lost child and breaks down in despair and agony.

At Yu Ping’s place, the manager complains about the kids. Hui Fan seems worried for Yang Guo. Oh this is new! The little she-devil has a conscience?! The manager lightens up her mood, saying she shouldn’t worry coz after crying her eyes out, Yang Guo will definitely think things through.

Hui Fan suggests to call Ke Zhong and let him know. But the manager opposes and just then sees Yu Ping walks toward the house. She warns Hui Fan not to let Yu Ping know about the “little slip” or else Hui Fan will lose everything she worked for.

The manager greets Yu Ping cheerfully as if nothing happened. She tries to talk as lively as possible but Yu Ping seems not to notice. He eyed Hui Fan with raw contempt. The manager senses the pressure, so she bids her farewell. If I were Hui Fan, I should run for my life right this very moment. Run. Run, Hui Fan!

Hui Fan smiles innocently at Yu Ping, telling him that the children were well-behaved and all that stuff. Yu Ping can’t seem to take it any longer and asks Hui Fan to return to her hotel. Of course, Hui Fan doesn’t agree with that. She’ll probably put up a fight until next summer to protect her hide, but girl, didn’t yah know you’re already busted! Seriously, if looks could kill, Hui Fan might be dead right now.

Be ready for another cutting, not to mention pride-shuttering, words from Yu Ping.

Yu Ping: I already knew that your talent was exceptional, but I just hadn’t realize you acting skills were that superb.

Hui Fan plays the ignorant victim and asks what’s wrong. I’m sure she’ll deny everything even if it means dying! Hahaha! Calm but full of anger, Yu Ping tell it to her straight: “Ding Hui Fan, I know everything”. And by everything, it means pretty much everything!

Yu Ping: I know very well that because you were afraid that I would like Yang Guo… you used Ke Zhong’s feelings for you to get him to date Yang Guo… so that you and I could get back together again.

Hui Fan sheepishly asks if Yang Guo told him that. Yu Ping smiles mockingly before his temper blows up in unfathomable proportions.

Yu Ping: What is it that you still don’t understand? If Yang Guo was that kind of person, she wouldn’t just hide away and miserable alone!

Hui Fan: I understand. I really do understand. I regret doing it. I really, really regret it.

Yu Ping: Isn’t your regret a bit too late now? I will never forgive you if anything happens to Yang Guo, because there’s no way I could forgive myself, do you understand? What I regret most right now is believing that she’d be happier with Ke Zhong. I never did once imagine that it would be just the beginning of her pain.

Again, casting a line of sympathy, Hui Fan desperately begs for forgiveness.

Yu Ping: Right now, I can no longer even tell whether your illness is fake or real. So before I start hating you, just leave.

Yu Ping coldly walks away. Hui Fan is taken aback, reality really do bites as she realize that she already reached the end of the line.

Next morning, Daddy Yang and Yang Duo are beginning to worry about Yang Guo. Apparently, she is out all night. Daddy Yang remarks that when “this young man shows up around, he’ll have a serious talk with him for keeping Yang Guo out all night even before marriage”. Thinking Dad is referring to Ke Zhong, Yang Duo defends that Ke Zhong is away for a business trip. Daddy clear things up saying he isn’t talking about Ke Zhong but the man named Xiang. Yang Duo becomes a bit suspicious and asks what is Yu Ping’s say in the matter. Daddy Yang is quick to change topic.

A knock on the door disturbs their conversation. It’s Yu Ping anxiously looking for Yang Guo. The state of panic rises as Yan Ling joins the group and informs everybody that she wasn’t able to contact Yang Guo and nobody among their friends know where she is.

The news brings about uneasiness for everybody and Dad demands Yu Ping to explain what really happened. Yu Ping hesistantly answers that Yang Guo accidentally discover that Ke Zhong doesn’t really feel anything for her, and he’s just a pawn in Hui Fan’s scheme. Daddy Yang blames himself for not noticing. His guilt sinks lower as he realizes that Yang Guo may have already sensed the possibility of the scheme when she asks about the magic ball.

Upon hearing the words “magic ball”, Yu Ping gets an idea and leaves in a hurry. Yu Ping guesses that Yang Guo went to the old warehouse where she lost her magic ball. And yes! Yu Ping’s right! This is why he is a top-notch lawyer, he pretty much knows everything! Hahaha. Yang Guo is there, desperately looking for the ball. Yu Ping tries to stop Yang Guo in her seemingly hopeless efforts in finding the ball.

Yu Ping: Finding that magic ball won’t change the reality.

Yang Guo: You don’t need to remind me what’s real. I know what’s real! The reality is that I failed to see exactly what qualifications I have to offer as a girl. I failed to see my own limitations and dared to wish a love that others would envy.

Yu Ping: That’s not what I meant.

Yang Guo: I know but I have no confidence left in me. But, if I find the magic ball perhaps it’ll help me believe that there are such things as miracles in this world. And that there are still things that you can get if you just work hard on that. So, just let me try to find it, ok? I’m an idiot who can’t see things clearly for what they are. And that magic ball is my only hope now.

Okay, with a heartrending request like that would you have the heart to say no? Naturally, Yu Ping ends up looking for the magic ball himself. He gathers  and leads the village people, offering them a NT$ 10,000 cash reward for the finder. This is how a shrewd attorney works!

With a battalion of people thoroughly looking for the magic ball inch by inch, it would be impossible not to be found, right? Don’t bother to answer coz I’m right. Hahaha. The plan is a sure win. And as expected, somebody finds the ball. Yang Guo is really happy and Yu Ping is relieved.

Daddy Yang and Yang Duo still frets not knowing where Yang Guo is. Daddy is a bit hysterical on the matter when at last Yu Ping returns with Yang Guo who is still not in the mood to talk about what happened.

The next scene is quite weird. Howcome, after being totally heartbroken, Yang Guo seems to be okay. What happened? Did she suffer from temporary amnesia? Maybe, it’s just video editing. Yah, definitely the editing. No normal person would get over a broken heart that easily!

The sisters take the kids to buy some pudding. Yang Guo seems fine by then. Seeing how Yang Guo laugh, Yang Duo assumes she gets over the heartbreak already. But then she doubts if people who endures a big wound like Yang Guo are able to recover that fast!  I’m gald I’m not the only one thinking this is quite odd.  Yang Guo seems to play a pretty convincing act, so Yang Duo brushes off the idea that her sister is still in pain. With the discovery of Ke Zhong’s ploys, Yang Duo regrets having feelings for him way back when.

Back in the house: Daddy Yang boasts his skills in singing. He even gives a sample but all he receives are mocking responses. Even Yu Ping, smiles silently at the back. Daddy Yang is rather serious in proving his singing prowess so he invites everybody to karaoke. Of course, everybody eagerly agrees, except for the overly frugal Yang Duo. After a meaningful massage from Dad, Yang Duo finally consents.  With the knowing eye-to-eye messages, I have a feeling that Daddy Yang and Yu Ping are up to something!

So the gang spends the night away in karaoke. When it’s time to go home, Daddy Yang suggests that Yu Ping take Yang Guo home and the rest takes a taxi ride. He reasons that it’s impossible for all of them to fit in a small car. Yang Duo and Yang Guo won’t  concur but in the end, Daddy Yang wins!

Yang Duo remarks Dad is being weird. Yan Ling butts in and asks Yang Duo if she really doesn’t realize that Yu Ping has feelings for Yang Guo. This revelation gives Yang Duo a shock of the lifetime. Dad adds Yu Ping likes Yang Guo all along. Cute little girl, Yu Fei, sarcastically comments that Yang Duo is even more stupid than her sister. Yang Duo couldn’t believe that the little girl also knows the real deal. The adorable little boy, Yu Ting slots in saying the whole world knows about it, how come Yang Duo is the only one who didn’t. Hahaha! Really Yang Duo, how come?

Alone, Yu Ping asks Yang Guo if she’s tired. He kept on talking but still Yang Guo doesn’t respond. He finds Yang Guo sleeping and wakes her up. Yang Guo answers she is indeed really tired in forcing herself to smile.

Yu Ping makes an abrupt, and dangerous, U-turn waking up Yang Guo’s senses. He annoyingly asks: “How much longer are you going to put up this act?”. Refusing to answer, Yang Guo asks back: “Is it good?’. Yu Ping honestly responds: “It is. Even I was almost fooled by it. I know you’re putting on this happy face, because you don’t want us to worry but that wasn’t the point in all of this”. Yang Guo counters: “Can’t I even fake a smile now? Perhaps, if I do it long enough, it’ll become real”. Yu Ping snaps: “Smiling like that for too long will only make you sick.Idiot”. He decides to take Yang Guo to a place where she can vent her frustrations.

Yu Ping brings Yang Guo on a hillside with a fantastically beautiful view. Yang Guo cries without bounds. Feeling guilty, Yang Guo asks forgiveness for not appreciating the view. Yu Ping sweetly assures there’s nothing to worry about and asks Yang Guo to think of it as a long vacation, like from the Japanese drama “Long Vacation”. Hahaha! I didn’t know shrewd lawyers watch classic dramas!

Yang Guo doesn’t have any clue what his talking about. So, Yu Ping adds it’s a drama that stars Kimura Takuya. Yang Guo teasingly replies she hasn’t heard of it coz it was aired a long time ago, slightly implying that Yu Ping belongs to an older generation. Yu Ping is a bit mortified and curiously asks if she watched “Meteor Garden”. Yang Guo is keyed up and blushes saying she watched the Korean version and Go Jun Pyo is really handsome. Hahaha! It’s kinda funny, she didn’t mention the Taiwanese version. She knows she’s sitting beside Jerry Yan, right?

Yu Ping is kinda mad, he goads to the fact that he really belongs to the “older generation”. Yang Guo cheers him up and suggests they can always watch the drama together and she’ll pretend she belongs to “his” generation. Yu Ping shares a bit of the dramas concept.

Yu Ping: Whenever people are sad or hurt, they should pretend to take a vacation. Because when you stop thinking about everything, you allow yourself to wander everywhere, and take a good look at things. And once you’ve finished recharging your energy, you can embark on your journey again.

Yang Guo happily agrees. She remembers how she loved having a vacation, going to different places, playing around and eating  everywhere when she was still young.

Yu Ping asks what she wants to eat.

Yang Guo contentedly answers: “I want to have ice cream on Yong Hang street. I want Taiwanese slush in one of the shops. Just one serving cost NT$100…so expensive”. And her voice fades as Yu Ping pampers her in a series of abundant food trip. It’s sweet how Yu Ping tries his very best to let Yang Guo forget the pain by stuffing her with lots and lots of foodstuff. (Awwww)

Back at Yu Ping’s place, the manager encourages Hui Fan not to give up saying Yu Ping might come around after a couple of days. Truly grasping the the impossibility of  it all, Hui Fan admits her defeat.

Hui Fan: It’s time to leave now, I only regret not realizing this earlier. I should be ashamed for all of this. As an actress I should have been able to see that I was playing the hated and negative character in the script, just by looking at the synopsis of this drama. The funny part was that I even fail to see Yu Ping’s point-of-view and foolishly believed that I was the only leading lady in his eyes. I need to be responsible now. In order to get off the stage, it’s necessary to have a beautiful background, right?”

At Zhang Huo, Ke Zhong sees a Yang Guo look-alike doll and smiles unconsciously. Hahaha! The doll even has Yang Guo’s fly away hair.

He happily buys the doll and writes an honest note: “Yang Guo, like this doll, you brought a smile and a sensation of happiness in my life”. (Awwww… If only you started it right dude, I’ll surely cast you my vote).

Just then, he receives the dreadful phone call.

Recognizing who is on the other end of the line, Ke Zhong hesitantly to answer but picks up the phone anyways. Ke Zhong coldly tells Hui Fan that it’s best not to contact each other unless it’s something important. This time around, Hui Fan is serious in owning up the whole dilemma. She  says sorry for unintentionally revealing everything to Yang Guo. She adds that she tried to explain everything, that Ke Zhong is already in love with Yang Guo, but she won’t listen. Upon hearing the news, Ke Zhong rushes back to Taiwan. Ke Zhong tries to call Yang Guo but he can’t reach her. In voiceover he begs Yang Guo to let him clear things up. Sorry,  I’m afraid you’re too late.

Back at the Yang’s, Dad looks at the clock and when he sees it’s already  2:30 pm., he laughs secretly. Daddy Yang candidly declares that he’s proud to be Yu Ping’s father-in-law. Hahaha!

Yang Duo is maddened for the fact that Dad allows Yang Guo to spend the entire night with a guy and is not a bit worried about it. Dad argues that it’ll be best for Yang Guo to start a new romance so she’ll recover from the pain of a broken heart. Yang Duo counters that things might end up worst and Yang Guo may suffer from on bad romance to another. She continues it’s not that she has no faith in her boss’ ability to handle a relationship, but based upon how he easily replace Hui Fan who is a beautiful actress, there is no guarantee that he will cherish Yang Guo forever. This made Daddy Yang reconsider his thoughts.

At long last, Yu Ping and Yang Guo finished their eating escapade and went back home. Yang Guo’s mood is much much better now. She smiles and laughs for real! Yu Ping light-heartedly teases her that not only does she seems a bit more cheerful but also gotten a bit chubbier. Hahaha! And he touches  her “huge” belly. Hahaha! Aren’t Yu Ping being overly familiar?! Way to go!

The happy and blissful air suddenly evaporates as they see Ke Zhong waiting at the doorstep.

Ke Zhong walks toward Yu Ping and Yang Guo. Yu Ping goes in front of Yang Guo, as if protecting her from danger. Ke Zhong calmly asks Yu Ping to let Yang Guo talk to him in private. Yu Ping wouldn’t budge and sarcastically retorts “What is there left to say?”. Ke Zhong holds his ground and answers back: “Before we break up, I still have the right to explain”. Yu Ping’s temper blows out of proportion: “And you have the nerve to talk about rights? You don’t even have the right to see her!”. Ke Zhong is determined for his explanations to be heard, so he shoves Yu Ping aside and grabs Yang Guo. On impulse, Yu Ping gives him a punch on the face.

Ke Zhong is knocked on the ground with a cut on the lips. The fake blood seems a bit exaggerated. Hahaha. Yang Guo rushes to stop Yu Ping from doing more harm.

Yu Ping: Haven’t you hurt her enough? She sacrificed so much for your sake, and this is how you repay her? I didn’t know that my best friend could be a slime ball!

Ke Zhong is rather persistent and walks toward Yang Guo again.

Yu Ping tries to give him another beating, but Yang Guo reflexively prevents him from doing so and begs Ke Zhong to go away.

Daddy Yang and Yang Duo hears the commotion outside. Dad ticks off the two men and Yang Duo grudgingly tells Ke Zhong to leave.

To end the tension, Yang Guo agrees to have a word with Ke Zhong alone.

Inside, Daddy Yang worries that with Yang Guo’s compassionate nature, she may be tricked by Ke Zhong again. Yang Duo assures him that if they’ll just stare at them, he’ll be scared to try anything foolish. Yang Duo turns to Yu Ping, who is silently considering things through, and asks if he’s sure not to go outside and see what’s going on. Feeling down, Yu Ping sullenly replies: “Yang Guo was right. We are all outsiders. If she wants to talk things through with Ke Zhong I have no reason to go against that”.

Yu Ping! This is not the right time to be a gentleman! He bids his farewell and goes home with the kids.

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