Far Away Love Episode 13 Recap


Even in death, Ruo Nan shows her deep loyalty and love to Chu Xia. She’s a dear friend and she deserves respect. 🙂

Episode 13


Shen An can’t sleep so he kills time by reading his phone notifications. Coincidentally, he opens the chatting app that he and Ruo Nan used before. He’s surprised to see an unread message from her. There, Ruo Nan bares all. She confesses that she plans to leave him before the wedding day. Her conscience has been tormenting her for days. She can’t pretend everything’s fine, knowing that the reason why he decided to marry her was because he thought she was easy to talk with. In truth, the person who has been chatting with him was Chu Xia and the cake that moved him was baked by her as well. She has long accepted the fact that he can only offer her marriage and not love. She thought that being able to marry someone she loves is a happy thing but she’s wrong. She can’t blindly go on with a marriage that was obtained through lies.


Through flashbacks we see a happier Ruo Nan. After telling him everything, she feels more relaxed. The biggest problem is how to face him from then on. Her solution is to buy a plane ticket and give herself a long vacation. She’s optimistic she’ll be able to meet somebody who will make her heart skip there. But as for him, someone needs his help. Just like him, that someone is abandoned by love but kept on living with determination. That someone is Chu Xia. And to end her heartfelt confession, she asks that Shen An pass Chu Xia a very important message and that is “to find her own happiness”.

Chu Xia wakes up in a strange room. She looks around and sees Shen An sleeping on the couch. She leaves in such a hurry that she left her cellphone behind.

She comes face to face with the Chairman. Without much of a foreword, the Chairman slaps her and accuses her of seducing her dead friend’s fiancé. Chu Xia defends that she’s not the least interested in having a relationship with Shen An and everything is just a misunderstanding. But the Chairman refuses to believe her and retorts that she should save her speech for someone else because she can never allow her son to be used by a woman like her. Despite the Chairman’s harsh words, Chu Xia understands where she’s coming from. She knows that the Chairman is only doing this to protect her son. She excuses herself and hurriedly leaves.

Shen An watches from afar. Listening to their conversation, he recalls witnessing the same kind of situation before. He runs after Chua Xia, ignoring the Chairman’s angry calls.

Shen An tells Chu Xia to get on the car but she refuses. She had enough bad luck in one day and she literally begs that he let her go. However, Shen An ignores her complaints and waves her phone. He warns that he’s a very impatient man. He even jokes that his patience is as short as her height. Tehehe! With her phone held hostage, Chu Xia is forced to yield.

While on the car, Shen An remembers a scene from the past. He was eating in a restaurant. The sauce was off so he called the waitress to complain but got love struck by her instead. Another flashback, the same woman and Shen were on a beach. She told him of her dream of opening a restaurant by the sea. The catch was… she only thought of him as a little brother. He wanted more but she clearly laid the boundaries. Next scene, Shen An begged the girl to stay as he promised to be by her side. But the girl, bitterly replied that she hates him.

Shen An’s journey down the memory lane is cut off when Chu Xia demands for her phone. But he holds on to it until they arrive at her house. He then advises that she should just leave if the Chairman wants to talk to her. She can only reply with a disappointed “There’s still a next time?”. She reminds him that she’s not an employee of Shen Corporation anymore and thus, she can’t see any valid reason for them to meet up. He remains silent at that and walks her home. She thanks him for the trouble and hopes they won’t meet again. Shen An just smirks.


Without Chu Xia to wake him up, Meng Xiang oversleeps. When he looks out the window, he sees Shen An sending Chu Xia home and he’s not happy about it.

Meng Xiang is already eating breakfast when Chu Xia finally arrives in their flat. And like a guilty teenager, she explains that she wasn’t able to contact him that night because her battery dried up. She lies that she got drunk and stayed at Ding Fei’s place. She asks if he called Ding Fei and he answers that he didn’t. She’s relieved by that until he says it was Ding Fei who called and he told her she wasn’t home. Tehehe! Smart kid!

Chu Xia meets with Er Per and Ding Fei. Ding Fei asks about her job interviews and she regrettably answers that there’s still no luck. She’ll have two more in the afternoon and by the looks of it, she’ll be the Queen of Interviews this year. Tehehe! Ding Fei suggests that she ask Tai Di for help but she doesn’t want to trouble him. She then subtly asks if Ding Fei called Meng Xiang last night. Ding Fei replies that she didn’t. Yeah, Chua Xia has been played by a kid.


Ding Fei is having another stingy meal with her current boyfriend. She welcomes the change in venue and is pretty grateful that she got a break from the dreaded beef noodles. However, she finds the dish too salty and orders for a juice. But then her penny-pinching boyfriend tells her to drink water instead because the juice costs twice compared to other restaurants. Ding Fei is annoyed and insists that she really need that juice. The boyfriend agrees on the condition that they’ll have to pay split the bill. Just to stop the nonsensical argument, Ding Fei volunteers to pay the meal herself. Hearing that, her boyfriend orders himself one drink. Demn!

It’s raining and Chu Xia didn’t bring an umbrella. Thankfully, Tai Di calls and offers to pick her up.

Tai Di comes out from his car just to get her. Because of that, they’re both drenched. When Chu Xia tells him he should have waited for her inside the car, he returns that getting her less drench even by just one drop is still worth it. Aww! Tai Di caringly wipes her face dry with a tissue and since the action is too intimate, Chu Xia feels ill at ease. They stare at each other and then… she sneezes. Ahaha! Tai Di smiles and covers her with a towel. Chu Xia is amazed at his preparedness and he replies that the weather changes frequently and knowing her she didn’t bring a jacket. Aww!

Ding Fei is eating dinner at Chu Xia’s house. She wonders why Chu Xia doesn’t ask Tai Di’s help and comments that she should rely on him a little. She couldn’t understand why Chu Xia’s being too civil in dealing with him when, in fact, she likes him and he knows it too. Chu Xia is surprised that she thinks like that and Ding Fei confesses that Ruo Nan told her that the reason why she rejected Tai Di before was because she wanted him to fulfill his dreams and study abroad. Chu Xia clarifies that she only sees Tai Di as a senior and a good friend. When he confessed, she was surprised and confused so she turned him down. It’s a simple as that. Ding Fei realizes her mistake but she refuses to explain it to Tai Di and bear the guilt of hurting him the second time around. What puzzles Ding Fei though is Tai Di’s reluctance to pursue Chu Xia. But still, she hasn’t lost hope. Tai Di is a good man and more importantly, he is there for Chu Xia so she builds him up. Chu Xia is fully aware that Tai Di is a nice person but she maintains that having a relationship with him is impossible. Tai Di is too good for her. She only needs someone whom she can spend her life with that’s all. Tai Di deserves someone better than her.

James hands in Chu Xia’s background information to the Chairman. The Chairman reads it and understands why he’s so unusually flustered. James suggests that they inform Shen An about it but the Chairman assure she’ll handle it herself.

Chairman deals with the problem by sending Shen An back to America, purportedly to manage their branch there. Shen An can only scoff at her apparent underhanded means. The Chairman defends that she’s purely doing this for work and the problem with Chu Xia is something she can handle easily with money. Shen An remains unconvinced. The Chairman exasperatedly asks if he really has an improper relationship with the girl and She An taunts that if there is, there’s nothing improper about it because they’re both single. Before Chairman leaves, Shen An reminds her that the Corporation belongs to every stockholder and unless she can convince the board of Directors of her plans, he won’t go.

In irritation, Shen An throws a folder and accidentally hits the ugly junk art piece in his office. BTW, it’s the art piece he and Chu Xia accidentally ruined at the modern art museum.


He is fixing the art piece when Jia Ying joins in and helps him. She asks what’s troubling him and he supplies that the Chairman wants him to go back to America. Jia Ying, however, supports the Chairman’s decision and pushes him to go. She even volunteers to live with him there. But Shen An already made up his mind. He won’t go. When asked if it’s because of Chu Xia, he asserts that he’s doing it for himself. He can’t let the Chairman dictate his life again. He has to control his own life and not let history repeat itself.

Ding Fei brings her new beau to Lotano. Thankfully, he’s comfortable with the high-end restaurant as long as he doesn’t pay. But the supposedly nice dinner date becomes a disaster when her boyfriend insisted on knowing how much she “unnecessarily” paid for the meal. He even demands that they cancel and ask for a refund. She’s had it and contends he’s guilty of having double standards. Though he’s always frugal with food, he drives around in his expensive car, not considering that he’s spending too much money on gasoline. Her boyfriend reasons that it’s not the same because he can reimburse his fuel expenses. He calls the waiter to cancel the order but Ding Fei intervenes and orders a bottle of wine and additional beef steaks instead. Her boyfriend is disappointed and leaves. Just like that, Ding Fei is single again.


And because Ding Fei ordered too much food, she invites Chu Xia, Tai Di and Er Per to dinner. Chu Xia is complimenting that food and Tai Di apologizes for not brining her there earlier. Chu Xia says it’s okay since she has been there many times. She recalls the time she accidentally spilled the expensive fruits in the display and smeared cake on Shen An’s face. She laughs on that thought. Er Per and Ding Fei probe on her declaration and Chu Xia lies that it’s because she’s an ex Shen employee. Tai Di then asks if Ding Fei is really okay with the breakup and she guarantees that she is. There’s really no point in crying over the wrong guy and she needs to bounce back faster to find the right one. She then wonders why she’s explaining these things to them when both are completely hopeless. One is a deserter and the other one is off course. She throws the question to Tai Di, asking what he is out of the two. Tai Di looks at Chu Xia and answers neither. He may not be a good warrior. Maybe he’s just stubborn but all he wants is to protect his castle and wait for her to open the door.

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  1. Lol I started to watch this drama because of your recaps and I was surprised on how long ding fei put up with that frugal guy. I would have dumped him because of that juice incident.

  2. Thanks for the detailed recap!

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