Q10 Episode 5

Episode 5 straightforwardly addresses the usual teenage issue today: IDENTITY CRISIS.. the mind-boggling puzzle of knowing where you stand or whether you have a stand at all. :0

Now, I’m a little nostalgic. Youth! How quickly you’d left me? Come back and refresh my dried up memories. Oopsie. Having a moment here. Sorry, got a little carried away. Kekeke! 🙂

Episode 5

Kyuuto is having a serious dilemma. She can’t figure out what (or who) she really is. A robot or a high school girl? Sensei and his mom patiently explains that she’s both. She’s a robot that PRETENDS to be a cute a high school girl. Heh?

Heita is ALSO having a serious dilemma. Nakao undeniably knows that Kyuuto is a robot. And he wants it (or her) like a kid craving for Choco candies! The problem lies on the fact that Heita can’t say ‘no’. Even though he wants to keep her for himself, he can’t. Besides, if he’ll really think about it, everything that happened was just an accident. Kyuuto begs to differ. It’s definitely not an accident. Heita purposely pressed the button, right? It’s definitely not a mistake that she’s walking with him right now.

Heita: I thought I’m going to lose you. Just when the sun sets, I’m not going to see Kyuuto’s ugly uniform. I can’t hear your strange way of talking. Where then can I hear your voice that sounds like a brass of a school band? Right now, everything that happened has given me a chance. I thought I’m going to lose you.

The painful parting has come. Heita hands over (what? like a thing!) Kyuuto to Nakao. He lays down the basic do’s and dont’s. Though apprehensive, he can’t do something about it. He’s caught in a dead-end. If he refuses now, Nakao will tell everyone that she’s a robot.  He’s doing the right thing… that’s what he thought.

Heita can’t bear giving her away! Yanagi sees him in an unhappy, hopeless state and offers some words of advice. If he’s totally against it, then he should just say it. It’s plain and simple. Heita thinks otherwise. He’s protecting Kyuuto that’s why he’s doing this. Yanagi understands his logic but then that’s solely his opinion. She has her own stand too. And there’s no reason for them to stand in the same place. He should remember to ‘stand’ in a place where he could do everything for someone.

They key is CHOOSING where you want to stand, not becoz you are forced to be there but becoz you want to be there.

Just in time, Nakao and Kyuuto pops in. The reset button won’t work! And Heita must be the one to press it. Reflecting upon Yanagi’s advice, Heita changes his mind. He can’t and won’t give Kyuuto to Nakao! As expected, Nakao is infuriated.

After a couple of minutes, Heita realizes the folly of his actions. He acted so stupid. He wasn’t even thinking! Nakao will surely tell everyone. News travels fast. One day, people won’t talk to him. One day, they’ll think he doesn’t exist.

Kyuuto assures him that it won’t happen. And in proof, she let him listen to his own heartbeat! Hah! Yep, she has that feature too.

Kyuuto: Whatever sound it is. Heita is here.

Kageyama is going to Canada. A friend offered him a work there. He’ll be gone for more than a week, which basically means he won’t be attending college with Kawaii. He’s sorry for letting her down but he really wants to go. It’s his dream to work with videos. But Kawaii won’t allow him. Once again insecurities creep in. Maybe his going away becoz it’s her punishment for being ugly. And no matter how Kageyama explains, she won’t listen. And it just took one tug (literally) for him to change his mind. Heh?!

Heita is still worried and depressed. Kyuuto tries to console him by suggesting that they should be depressed together. Using stickers of common Japanese expressions and symbols (like that in the animes), she makes him laugh.

Heita: It would be nice if we could go together, just the two of us, far away from here forever.

Nakao is still mad. He is actually going to publish everything on the net. And before he hits ‘enter’, Tsukiko comes in. She has this small globe and throws it to Nakao, saying that something bad will happen once it’s opened. Nakao tries to open it but fails.

Tsukiko: Power is scary. Once its yours, we want to do something out from it. I was thinking that someone with power could do everything to the world which that is broken. You want to break it right? The world right now. To really break the so-called great world. Never break a world if you are a person who cannot make it happen. If you cannot hold of great power .

Obviously, she’s talking about the power to expose Kyuuto. Human as he is, he does want it badly. He wants that power. Tsukiko, calm as ever, goes along. Of course, she wants it too. But come to think of it, no one would ever believe him.

Yamamoto is a frequent visitor at the hospital. She’s having trouble herself. Ill rumors are circulating about her. She wants to tell them it ain’t true, but has no courage to do so. The funny thing is, nobody even bothered to defend her. She wants to shout it out loud. But it seems worthless, nobody listens to someone like her. Kubo is kind enough to give her some idea. If she can’t tell it straight, then she better express her feelings in a song.

Yanagi and Fujioka are joking around the campus, putting up stickers with ‘symbols’ the supposedly makes everything expensive look cheap. Fujioka seems confused. Aren’t Yanagi afraid of poverty? She smiles. For a young man, he sure is taking life seriously. These stickers are just a bunch of papers, but if he believes it’s something more, then it’ll turn out bigger than what it is. It doesn’t matter what she believes as long as she believes in herself.

Nakao can’t let it go. He WANTS Kyuuto. He even begs on his knees. But Heita ain’t budging.

Heita: Kyuuto is not a thing. For me, she’s someone I just can’t give to anyone.  Becoz of that I can’t giver her up.

He understands that for Nakao, Kyuuto is just a thing. All hell breaks loose. For Nakao, IT is a thing. Kyuuto will never be human! It’s a toy! If Heita can’t give it to him, even when he’s stooping so low, then he’ll just jump off the building! Dude, take a chill!

What is it then? A human life or a robot’s? Ahhh, the things humans do to get what he wants. Heita weighs on things. And after a few agonizing moments, he finally decides. It’s Kyuuto. Nakao can’t believe it! Heita chooses a robot over him? Overwhelmed, he nearly loses his balance. Heita runs to pull him to safety. He dashes in time but then, gets a little too far on the edge and falls instead. It happens too fast!

Nakao sees the terrifying incident. Feelings of fear mixed with guilt explodes right inside him. And suddenly the small globe, falls from his side pocket and breaks into pieces. This is when Tsukiko comes in. What will he do now? How could he face reality when Heita’s dead becoz of him?

 Tsukiko: It’s broken. From now on, you must continue to live in my broken world.

And then… rewind. Heh?! Back to when Heita falls in his behalf. This time, the globe didn’t break. Nakao looks down.

And phew! It’s Kyuuto. She caught Heita. Nakao finally heaves a sigh of relief.

But Kyuuto ain’t done yet. Now, it’s Nakao’s turn to catch Heita. She’ll be throwing her back on the rooftop. Heh? She starts to count down. Heita braces himself. And  Kyuuto smiles. She’s just joking! Ahahaha! Nice sense of humor you got there girl.

Nakao says sorry for causing all the fuss. Heita is all cool and calm. It’s not a big deal for him. The more important thing is, nobody’s hurt. He’s actually pitying Nakao. Heita knows that Nakao feels bitter about the fact that he saw Kyuuto first. Life sure is unfair, not just for a few but for everybody, which actually a good thing.

Kubo can’t help but remark on Heita’s daily visits. Clearly, Heita doesn’t belong in the hospital. This is not a place for him. Heita can’t have it figured. Where is his place then? Kubo answers rather vaguely. Kubo: ‘You have to decide on your own.’

It doesn’t matter where. If that place is really meant for him (even if it’s dangerous or what), then he has no choice. Heita thinks hard. A place he can call his own? In that case, his place is the tower.

Heita: We are facing towards the sky screaming. No voices coming out. I don’t really understand the meaning of feeling good sinking down the root. As I extend my hand mutually, we are connected only by an unreliable electric wire.

Heita:   I was always alone, but I’m standing on this ground trying hard. I’m right here. I’m standing here. Aahhh…right. We are all here.

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