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So Young 2: You’re Still Here Movie Recap


Demn, the OTP’s love story took 8 years and ends with a freakin’ cliffhanger! Good thing, someone posted a clip of this movie’s deleted scenes and everything’s good. 🙂

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The drama with too many names – 微微一笑很倾城 E01 Recap

Official Trailer: A Smile is Very Beautiful

Hi! Lemme just share this drama’s Full Trailer. Enjoy!

Far Away Love Episode 16 Recap


Marriage may not be far-fetched as Shen An successfully earns cookie points from Chu Xia’s parents. Well played Shen An. Well played indeed. 🙂

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Far Away Love Episode 15 Recap

Shen An remains relentless in pursuing his marriage scheme and his secret weapons are: persistence and a little bit of stalking. Haha!

PS: Sorry for the delayed updates. I’ve been busy with work lately. That, and my mind’s not working properly. Tehehe!

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Drama Preview: A Smile is Very Beautiful


Finally, it’s August! I’ve been literally dragging the days since I saw this show’s teaser. With much anticipation from fans, both for the stars and the novel, I believe this is going to be a success. The leading man and woman are equally beautiful and the story-line is something every millennial can relate to. If no one makes this a recap project, I’m sure up for the task. I already read the novel beforehand and it’s swoon-worthy. It even only took me two days to read it.

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Far Away Love Episode 14 Recap


One thing I love about this show is its unconventional way of turning a supposedly romantic scene to something very ordinary. In this episode, it’s the marriage proposal.

Much as I ship the OTP, I can’t help but be frustrated with Tai Di. For someone who claims to like Chu Xia for a long time, he sure procrastinate a lot.

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