Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto Episode 2 Recap


Nothing beats food and summer romance, neh? A worthy opponent joins in. Though I’m totally shipping Kanata and Sakurai, it doesn’t hurt if the drama gives us more angst. Let’s see how the key players fight it out in the next episodes. Wait and see?! But for now, let’s enjoy a rare Kanata sweet moment. Kyah!

PS: I just learned that this drama’s English title is A Girl & Three Sweethearts. 🙂

Episode 2


Sakurai is pretty heartbroken, thinking that Chiaki is already engaged to someone else. She spends the time mulling about it and eventually returns to the restaurant late. Of course, Kanata doesn’t let her tardiness pass by without a reprimand. He asks what she bought and she takes out an asparagus from the bag. Kanata tells her he didn’t put asparagus on the list but she’s lost in her own world, mumbling about the asparagus being tall, slim and gentle. Tehehe! She continues to pour her disappointments, saying that Chiaki will be introducing his fiancée for sure.


Just in time, Chiaki and his supposed fiancée arrives at the restaurant. Sakurai tries to hide from them but gets noticed nonetheless. Chiaki introduces his lady friend as Takatsuki Kaede. Apparently, they want her to bake a wedding cake. Sakurai gives them her awkward congratulations and wishes them eternal happiness. Chiaki laughs and clarifies that they are only organizing the event for their friends. Sakurai is pretty happy for the news and promises to do well with the cake. When Chiaki and Kaede were gone, Sakurai can’t hide her happiness and, literally, jumps for joy. Kanata comments that he envy her for being an idiot who gets satisfied easily. Tehehe! Sakurai is too overwhelmed to linger on those cutting remarks. Tehehe!


Chiaki and Kaede are having trouble looking for a catering service provider. The original contractor won’t be able to do the job since their chefs were hospitalized due to food poisoning. And thus, they have no one to turn to but the SeaSons. Kanata refuses to do the stint because of the time constraints but Sakurai contradicts. It seems Kanata won’t be changing his mind on the matter so Chiaki bribes him with a Daniel Thomson surfboard. That gets his attention and approval. Sakurai praises Chiaki’s know-how on dealing with his snobbish brother and Chiaki replies that though Kanata acts tough, he really cares about them very much.

That night, Kanata asks Toma to help out on the wedding preps but Toma declines and uses the nearing exams as an excuse. BTW, Toma is studying to become a chef. 

Sakurai needs to know more about the engaged couple to make a cake that suits they’re personality well. She musters the courage to ask Chiaki about it and he suggests she should meet the couple instead. She thanks him for the help and he replies that he’s the one who should be thanking her, adding that he’s glad that she’s there. Inside her room, Sakurai releases the girly squeals. Okay, I don’t know if she realizes it or not but her room is just right next to him. So, yeah, probably he heard it.

Sakurai meets the engaged couple at the local surf shop. While doing the interview, she looks at the couple’s pictures. There happens to be pictures of Chiaki and Kaede in there too. And since they look awfully close, she curiously probes into their real status. Like she first assumed, Chiaki and Kaede are indeed college sweethearts. They broke up 2 years ago when Kaede went to Boston. To Sakurai’s dismay, all of their friends are pretty hopeful that they’ll get back together again.


For the second time around, Sakurai is brokenhearted. She finds comfort in an artificial intelligence app. She asks why some ex-couples remain friends and as expected, the app’s response is as irrational as it is confusing. Toma then joins in and so she tosses him the question. To put it more simply, she wants to know if the reason why a guy wants to be friends with his ex is because he still likes her. Toma answers that it depends on the girl. If she’s really nice then the guy will definitely want her back. Sakurai is apparently saddened by his reply. And in a bizarre, unexpected twist, Toma volunteers to be her love interest. Heh?! Outraged, Sakurai bawls that he flirts too much.

Sakurai is sketching a design for the wedding cake when Kanata suddenly barges in her room. She quickly hides the undies that hangs on her clothesline and reproves his attitude of walking into her room unannounced. As always, he couldn’t care less. He instructs her to get ready.

Next, we see Sakurai struggles to carry the groceries they bought for the wedding. Tehehe! Kanata, on the other hand, acts all grumpy and tells her to just hurry up. Unexpectedly, Sakurai sees Chiaki and Kaede there. She quickly hides and tells Kanata to do the same. Of course, he refuses to do so. However, Sakurai’s top knot bun which sticks out behind the menu board gives her away. Kaede asks why she’s hiding and she comically reasons out that the sun is too strong. Tehehe!

Kaede invites them for lunch but Kanata begs off. Despite Sakurai’s urging to stay, he leaves first and dismisses her persuasions with “Just say no if you don’t want to go”. But then again, she doesn’t have the guts to say no and tags along.

The trio goes to the restaurant where Kaede used to work part-time. Sitting between the ex-lovers, Sakurai deems herself as the third wheeler. Her insecurity grows after witnessing Kaede play the piano. She can only stare at Chiaki with longing. Her meaningful look, however, doesn’t go by unnoticed under Kaede’s oversensitive eyes. Ah, women and their instincts.


Toma is hanging out with friends at the skateboard park. His girlfriend, Fuka Ninomiya, drops by to talk about his habitual absenteeism in class. Toma lies that he has stomach ache. It’s an obvious lie so Fuka reminds him to catch up because if he does poorly in the exams he’ll have to repeat the course. Sadly, her concern fall into deaf ears. While doing some BMX tricks, a pack of cigarette falls from Toma’s pocket. Fuka picks it up and rebukes that chefs cannot smoke. Annoyed, he tells her he doesn’t want to be a chef and he’s quitting school. Fuka can only look at him with worry.

Back to the trio. Kaede bids goodbye to Chiaki and Sakurai. When alone, Sakurai remarks that Kaede is an incredible person. She’s pretty, kind, a good pianist, a league totally different from hers. Chiaki advises that she stop comparing herself to Kaede because she has her own positive traits. Sakurai then asks if Kaede has a boyfriend of which he answers that he doesn’t know since they haven’t contacted each other for two years. He assumes that she has because she’s Kaede after all. He takes his leave first but not before calling her “Misaki”, her first name. He cheers her up and says he’s looking forward to her cake. His encouragement is enough to uplift her depressed mood.

Sakurai is all fired up to make the cake. She goes to the restaurant where Kanata is already doing his thing. She babbles about how nice it is to be called by her first name. Kanata downplays her excitement and calls her creepy. He also forbids her to call him by his first name.

Chiaki ad Kaede are at the surf shop. They hand in the program to  Himura, the shop owner and family friend. Kaede then asks why Chiaki hired Sakurai but he doesn’t exactly knows the reason himself and just smiles. His reaction is enough to stir jealousy in her. Ohh, someone’s still in love with her ex. 

Sakurai and Kanata are busy with their individual tasks. Noticing the many boxes of produce, Sakurai can’t help but ask how many dishes he intends to cook. He simply replies “10 courses”. She worries that he can’t handle it but he confidently assures he can and warns her not to make a shoddy cake that will ruin the restaurant’s reputation. Sakurai snaps back that he should have asked someone to help him and stop acting tough. Ohh, but he did ask Toma.

It’s already in the wee hours of the morning. Sakurai is finally done with her cake. However, Kanata is still far from finishing the job. He tells her to go home but she insist on staying and help him out with menial chores. He yields but remains meticulous and demanding. After they’re done, he gives her a bottle of beer. Since it’s unlikely for him to be gentle at her, she asks if he poisoned it. Ahaha! In response, Kanata calls her crazy. Haha!

They drink at the balcony and Sakurai offers for a cheer. He only stares at her so she pulls back and says she knows he won’t oblige. He disproves her assumption  by clinking the bottle before taking a gulp. Aww!

Sakurai expresses that it’s nice to have a cold bottle of beer after a hard day’s work. She shares that she hasn’t been rewarded for a long time. When they were kids, they used to be happy with simple prizes like a burger or a new toy. But then, it wasn’t all about the rewards but the feeling of making an effort. She then wonders why adults stopped being rewarded when they grew up. Nevertheless, she’s content knowing that she did her best and guests are happy. She hopes that everyone will enjoy their food. Kanata asks if she meant Chiaki and not the guests.

Sakurai explains that Chiaki is just someone she respects very much but Kanata doesn’t believe her and asks what she sees in him. Instead of answering, she asks what compliments he wants to hear. He answers “none” and returns the question. She shares that she’d rather hear the words “You’re cool” than the usual “You’re pretty or cute”. She worked so hard but got laid off anyway. It was Chiaki who gave her the opportunity to change. But unlike other people, she wants him to think she’s cute. Kanata keeps his silence and stares at her. After a few, he tells her to do whatever as long as she gets the job done. He instructs her to clean up before going home. And though he acts emphatic, she just smiles after he leaves.

It’s the wedding day. Kaede excitedly tells Kanata that his dishes earned positive feedback from guests. Kanata, however, frankly tells her that he didn’t cook for them. Ohh, I’m glad he’s grumpy to everyone, not just Sakurai. Tehehe!

It’s time to serve the cake and everybody’s amazed at Sakurai’s multi-layered masterpiece. Chiaki proudly introduces her as the patissier and Kaede doesn’t like it one bit.

Sakurai saves the best cake for Chiaki. She even draw a heart on the plate. Gawd, she’s like a love struck teenager! Tehehe! Kanata sees her and silently jeers.

The bride’s wedding bouquet is tossed and is conveniently caught by Kaede. When asked who she wants to marry, she unreservedly answers “Chiaki”. Her answer rouses cheers from the guests but Chiaki simply pours cold water on the possibility. Kaede confronts Chiaki about his cold attitude but he maintains his stance on the matter. She doesn’t expect him to bend down and propose, right? Kaede then notices Sakurai listening to the conversation. It seems she’s marking her territory because she suddenly kisses Chiaki in Sakurai’s view. Chiaki is shocked by her actions and she covers it with having too much to drink. Witnessing the scene, Sakurai drops the plate she’s supposed to give to Chiaki and leaves. Kanata watches everything from the floor above.

Sakurai is feeling down. Kanata notices this but keeps mum. And of all people who will be picked to join Himura in a funny act, it has to be Sakurai.

For the sake of the guests, Sakurai drops her pride and does the comic play.  Her make up is unflattering and the dance step is ridiculous. Demn, I wouldn’t even dream of doing what she did in my entire life. As expected, the guests (including Chiaki) laughs at the duo. Kanata seriously observes from the back. Suddenly, things go slow-mo. He remembers her lines about putting the guests happiness above anything else. He must have realized by now that she’s willing to sacrifice herself for their enjoyment. It might be too early to say but I guess, at this very moment, he fell for her. 

After the act, Sakurai desperately tries to hide her embarrassment but Chiaki discerns the sorrow behind her smiles. He attempts to have a talk but Kaede prevents him to do so.


Sakurai finds a solitary place. Kanata joins in and jests that she’s better in catching loaches (a dance step in the comic play) than baking cakes. She bitterly laughs and ripostes that she should have added that skill to her résumé. He then tells her to go with him. They were long gone when Chiaki arrives at the spot. Thankfully!

Kanata brings Sakurai to the docks. He plans on showing her something. Sakurai asks why he’s doing that and he replies that it’s her reward. And off they go using Himura’s speed boat.

Kanata stops the boat in the middle of the sea and points the island that he says looks like a sleeping cupid. Sakurai doesn’t understand where he gets the idea but thanks him anyway. She knows he’s just trying to comfort her in his own weird way. She’s back to the depressing mood and since Kanata had enough of her drama, he pushes her into the water to “wash her face”. It’ll supposedly make her feel better. But he miscalculated because Sakurai can’t swim. Haha!

Kanata jumps into the water to save her but she keeps on panicking and dragging him down. Tehehe! I don’t know why she panicked though. She was wearing a life jacket, duh!


Kanata pulls her back to the boat. Sakurai accuses him of trying to kill her but he retorts that he was the one who was nearly killed. After a to-and-fro blame game, Kanata unexpectedly laughs. She teases him for that and to hide his embarrassment, he covers her mouth. Heh!

Kanata and Sakurai arrive at the island. Now, Sakurai understands why he took her there. The view of the setting sun is surreal. They sit silently beside each other and enjoy the moment. He looks at her and suddenly wipes the remaining makeup from her cheek. “Today, you were cool”, he says. Aaaw! At that, Sakurai proudly smiles.


Taking a picture of the breathtaking sunset, Sakurai posts that she just received the best reward.

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