Q10 Episode 6

I’m doing a recapathon for Q10. Yep, you can say that I’m already preparing for the awesome jdrama summer line-up! I’m so inspired that I’m planning to finish all pending episodes (including FoD too) Yay! *Fingers crossed*

Oooohhh! Love is in the air. I can smell it. I can feel it. I can taste it!  And the kiss… now, don’t get me starting…

Episode 6

What do men talk about during their spare time? It’s GIRLS, well most of the time. Heita and Kubo aren’t exemptions, especially Kubo who is very much spirited in describing his ideal gal.

The ‘Nakao Issue’ is finally resolved, but still Heita remains confused.

Heita (in voice-over): I like Kyuuto but I know there is a woman who is human meant for me.

Heita and Kyuuto pass by a couple playing catch. Kyuuto turns all girly and wants to play too. That was a good idea, until Heita realizes she’s not a common girl. My, she has the strength of Superman! She throws the ball in high-speed velocity that nearly cost him his life! Haha! He yells that she stop, but boy, she sure is enjoying the moment. Ha!

Thankfully, Heita survived the deadly game. A random girl accidentally bumps into him. The girl obviously has a major crush on him, as her face turns red. Kyuuto immediately notices the girl’s odd behavior and asks Heita about it. He explains that the girl is just embarrassed. Kyuuto wants to try the embarrassed face too! But then, she ends up awkwardly pouting her lips instead. Hehe! Heita is freaked out.

Heita (in voice-over): That feeling was not a lie. I know it wasn’t a lie but what is this messed up feeling?

They go home together, and Heita can’t hide his true feelings anymore. For the first time, he holds her hand. Aw.

At Ogawa sensei’s house, his mom is busy preparing for a homecoming alumni. She’s pretty hyped up! Sensei takes her absence as an opportunity to invite Yanagi for a hot-pot dinner at home. All the while, the song ‘Saraba Koibito’ (Goodbye Sweetheart) is being played on the radio.

The next morning, Ogawa summons all courage to invite Yanagi and she agrees.

Sensei is so happy that he’s even daydreaming. Heheh! Meanwhile, the class is busy deciding on what song they’ll have to sing for the Choir Competition. They ask for Sensei’s opinion, but he’s still in cloud nine. In the end, they choose Saraba Koibito.

Kageyama and Kawaii are not in good terms, ever since she expressed her displeasure of him going abroad. She waits for him at the gate, but he’s too afraid to hurt her feelings that he purposely avoids her. Unfortunately, she sees him, making their situation far worse.

Tsukiko is in good mood. She approaches Heita and gives him a card. It looks like a hotel room key card. He must place it in front of Kyuuto’s forehead and it’ll grant all his wishes. It’s disposable, so  he better uses it wisely.

Nakao is still guilt-stricken over what happened the other time (when he tried to blackmail Heita in giving Kyuuto to him). He comes across Fujioka’s little bro (he doesn’t know the relationship yet). Ahh, I didn’t catch the kid’s name. Sorry.

The kid is obviously hiding something. Nakao sees his discomfort and finds out that the kid shoplifted. They have a good talk. All the while, Nakao is calm and silent. The kid asks why his not mad at him. It’s becoz Nakao understands.   For someone who made a more grievous mistake, he is definitely not in the position to be angry.

Nakao: There’s always a limit to human desire.

Heita tries out the card. And it works! Kyuuto suddenly passes out.

When she wakes up a few seconds later, she’s like a different girl (or a different humanoid). She becomes a ‘seductress’. Eh?! Didn’t know I have to use that term in this jdrama.  She even tempts Heita for a kiss. Heita is clearly surprised. He desperately looks for an escape. Haha! Trust me, he’s more scared than when they played catch. Haha!

And then she passes out again. Heita panics. Tsukiko comes in and assures Kyuuto’s okay. She just ran out of battery, that’s all. She gives him a bundle of the card. Whoaa! There’s more of that scary cards? She then warns Heita not to tell other people about this or she’ll take Kyuuto away. Huh? So, she owns Kyuuto?

Heita asks about her real involvement in this matter, but she refuses to answer, saying that it’s better for him not to know.

Nakao helps the kid return the shoplifted item. There, he learns that the kid is Fujioka’s younger brother. Fujioka is ashamed of what his bro did and declares he’ll never forgive him.  Now, that’s a cruel thing to say. Little bro regrets doing it. It’s just that he wants a strawberry pancake.

Fujioka is annoyed. Together with Nakao, the siblings go to buy that pancake. Fujioka doesn’t have the money, but pride overtook him. And then, the elevator shuts down! They’re trapped. Fujioka and Nakao calls for help. Little bro breaks down. It’s okay if he dies there. Nobody will be sad anyways. He’s quite sure that Fujioka ain’t happy living with him.

Then….CUT. Heh?!

It’s hot-pot dinner time. But what’s this? Mom is back! She  mistook the dates. Haha! And Mom meets daughter-in-law. Dundundun.

Mom scrambles to go out. Yanagai runs after her. Mom congratulates Yanagi and hands over his son. Yanagi denied that they have that kind of relationship already. She’s not confident enough. Sensei is someone who gives and she’s not the giving type. Mom says it’s okay. People are the same. She’ll eventually learn how to give when the time and place is right.

Yamamoto is at the hospital to visit Kubo. A child accidentally pushes her and she falls flat on her belly. Haha! If I was Kubo, I would have laughed out loud.

But he’s reaction is quite the opposite. He just stares at her. Oh, I’ve seen that look before! He’s in love. He happens to like girls who are clumsy. Heheh! He makes foolish excuses to get away from her ASAP. Tsk! Confirmed! Love bug strikes again!

When Heita comes by, Kubo confesses that something is wrong with him. He’s afraid to die. He’s being weird, he knows. Heita comforts that he’s not weird at all. In truth, he is also afraid of what will happen tomorrow.

Heita talks with Yamamoto the next day. He asks for a favor. Not that he wants her to go out with Kubo or something, he just wants her to encourage him a bit to live longer. When Kubo met her, Heita observed that Kubo has been saying that he’s afraid. It worries him.

Fujioka has decided to work during the day and quit school. He doesn’t want to, but he must. It’s goodbye. 😦

Eventually, the class knew about it. Yamamoto notices his reaction and asks if he knows something.

Flashback. Continuation of the elevator scene. 

Little bro was asking if Fujioka’s happy living with him. Fujioka answers yes. He’s happy since the day he was born. He remembered it was snowing. He thought they’ll be playing snowball fight in the future. That’s why he mustn’t talk about something like giving up, becoz they still have so many things to do together.

And then, the lights are back. The elevator is functioning again. They’re saved!

End of flashback.

The classmates want to help, but reckons they can’t. Kyuuto suggests that they sing the song for Fujioka’s sake. Kawaii thinks it’s a brilliant idea. They could sing in front of Fujioka’s house after school. Some classmates are not convinced. If they do that, the neighbors will get angry. Kyuuto insists that properly conveying the message is still better than keeping it inside.

Yamamoto looks for her fortune at the temple. Hmm, I wonder why? The answer came when she went to the hospital.

And just like what Heita said, she encourages him to survive a while longer and promises that she won’t go away.

Fujioka arrives from work. He misses school. He writes SOS on the magic tablet and remembers that time when he and his classmates wrote an SOS signal at school (Episode 1). He then hears some people singing. He goes out and sees his classmates. Aw. He’s moved. He even sings along.

It’s quite an emotional moment… until the neighbors start to complain. They call the cops and next thing, the Principal is bowing his head to say sorry for the inconvenience.

The whole class is feeling depressed becoz of the outcome. Principal Kishimoto assures it’s not a big deal. It’s his job to bow down anyways. They shouldn’t be upset for doing what they really want to do. Besides, they made Fujioka happy.

Kageyama and Kawaii walk home together. Kageyama praises Fujioka for having the courage to quit school.

Now, Kawaii takes they opportune time to say her piece. She wants to break up with him. She has always sensed that the best way for them is to say goodbye. It’s like a drama. And just like in the dramas, she’ll have to say goodbye properly. She wants to see the truth, the painful reality.

Heita meets Tsukiko in the lobby and returns the card. He walks off but suddenly remembers to ask her a question. Does she really know everything about Kyuuto? She confidently says yes. Then, she must be able to recognize her embarrassed face? Tsukiko laughs. Kyuuto is just made of artificial muscles. It’s impossible for her to have a complicated facial expression. Heita argues that she has. This infuriates Tsukiko and reminds him that Kyuuto doesn’t belong to him.

When Heita arrives at the classroom and Kyuuto is gone, he hurriedly looks for her. He’s relieved when he finds her admiring the rainbow.

She’s so amused that she wants to watch it together. She asks him what he wants to say. He hesitates at first, but then gives in. He hopes that she won’t cry in the future.

Kyuuto readily makes his wish come true. She takes away her tears. Whoa! She can do that?

There, she won’t cry anymore. Heita curiously asks how long will she live. She says 250 years. Heita is shocked. So, she won’t cry for 250 years?! Well, what will she do when she wants to cry? Then, she’ll just have to think of Heita and she will be able to smile.

Heita is speechless. Aw. He’s embarrassed. Kyuuto wants to see his face and he mimics her embarrassed face. Haha!

Which looks pretty much like this.

And he couldn’t resist, one kiss. Yay!

Heita (in voice-over): She is a proof that there is an important person. There is a proof that we have to continue living for that special someone. I thought I’m satisifed with everything, just like in childhood.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go back, but now I’m fine the way I am . I have met Kyuuto, that is all that matters.

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  1. Thank you so much for the recap 🙂

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