Far Away Love Episode 14 Recap


One thing I love about this show is its unconventional way of turning a supposedly romantic scene to something very ordinary. In this episode, it’s the marriage proposal.

Much as I ship the OTP, I can’t help but be frustrated with Tai Di. For someone who claims to like Chu Xia for a long time, he sure procrastinate a lot.

Episode 14

After his subtle but heartfelt hint, Tai Di bids farewell. When he’s gone, Ding Fei asks if Chu Xia understood clearly what he meant. Chu Xia plays dumb so Ding Fei bluntly tells her that Tai Di is still in love with her. She warns Chu Xia not to shilly-shally over Tai Di’s feelings and urges Chu Xia to “catch” the chance.  Chu Xia sighs and opines she can’t possibly catch someone in her current situation.

Shen An plays golf with one of the directors. It’s apparent he’s securing that director’s support. Like he expected, the Chairman already announced her plans of sending him back to America to the Board. Thankfully, the Directors aren’t too keen on fulfilling her whims. Hearing the Director’s assurance, Shen An thanks him and breathes a sigh of relief.


Chairman talks with James and shares that her bid of sending Shen An to America has been negatively received by the Board. She understands their sentiments though, only that she never expected Shen An to move beforehand and earn the stakeholders trust in a short time. James consoles that it’s basically not a bad thing because sooner or later she’ll give Shen Group to Shen An. Chairman agrees but laments Shen An’s unfortunate link with Chu Xia. As a mother, she can’t just stand on sidelines and watch his son go down the pit for a woman. James volunteers to talk with Chu Xia but the Chairman believes he himself can’t handle the “devious” woman.

Chu Xia is set to undergo another job interview. When called, Chu Xia nicely introduces herself but to her disappointment, the interviewer didn’t even turn around to acknowledge her. Not allowing the interviewer’s attitude affect her, she proceeds on telling him about her work experiences. But he cuts her mid sentence and turns. Surprise! It’s Shen An.

Chu Xia is dumbly shocked to see him there, knowing too well that the company is not owned by Shen Group. Shen An confirms that indeed it isn’t but unfortunately, Shen Group is one of its important customers so he got access. Chu Xia irately repeats that she doesn’t need his help. And in exasperation, she asks why he’s being too clingy. Shen An scoffs at her rhetoric and taunts that she’s being pompous. He clarifies that he’s not there to help her, rather, it’s the other way around. He needs her help. He needs her to marry him. Of course, Chu Xia freaks out and tells him to go see the doctor if he’s sick. Shen An smiles and smugly reassures her reaction is normal for someone who has been proposed for the first time. Chu Xia contends that what rattles her the most is his folly to put her, him and the word marriage in one sentence. It just doesn’t add up.

Shen An maintains his awfully good mood and tells her to really think about his proposal. She may not see it outright but they are the perfect match. They are both in a marriageable age, she needs a reliable man, and he needs a wife that doesn’t need too much attention. More importantly, she can’t do anything but he can do everything well. Yeah, we already established he’s cocky.


Chu Xia pleads that he stop acting crazy on her. There’s a lot of 28 year old women out there and she suggests he find them and curse them instead. Before she leaves, Shen An tells her to reconsider his proposal and that he’ll wait for her reply. She answers him with a sassy “Reply my ass”. Haha!

Chu Xia goes to the hospital to give her share of monetary assistance to Yao Yao’s medical fees. Yao Yao’s mom tells her to stop giving them money because her daughter is already feeling better. Chu Xia refuses to do so until Yao Yao undergo the face reconstruction surgery. When she asked if she can talk to Yao Yao, the Mom sadly replies that Yao Yao isn’t confident enough to receive visitors due to the facial scars. And it seems luck doesn’t favor Yao Yao because her surgeon took an indefinite leave. Chu Xia then vows to find the said doctor before the scheduled surgery.

Chu Xia is surprised to receive a fund transfer notification amounting to 100,000 to her account. She’s still mulling over the possibilities of who might have sent her the enormous amount when her phone rings. It’s the Chairman.

The Chairman confirms that she sent the money. It’s a life-saving gift she says. She knows that Chu Xia is raising a child alone, paying somebody’s hospital bills and on top of that, she’s unemployed. Given Chu Xia’s financial problem, the Chairman hopes that the money is enough to make her leave Shen An alone. Chu Xia is angry at that and counters that the Chairman is only humiliating herself. She can’t change the Chairman’s perception of her and embraces the possibility that only time will prove her innocence but she thinks using money to make a person disappear is just plain stupid. The Chairman agrees but maintains she’ll do just about anything to keep Chu Xia away from her son. She suggests that Chu Xia take the money and leave for good before hanging up. “What’s with this mother and son telling me to reconsider this and that”, Chu Xia mumbles.

Chu Xia angrily storms to Shen Group. Shen An delightedly welcomes her, thinking she finally came to her senses and accepted his proposal. Chu Xia is too drained to argue so she immediately hands him her ATM card and informs that she already withdrew her money and what’s left is the 100,000 his Mom paid her. She asks that he return it for her because she really doesn’t have the heart to enter the building. Knowing that, Shen An is riled and drags her to see his Mom.

Shen An tosses the ATM card to the Chairman and furiously asks if he is only worth 100,000. He adds that if she wants to pay for his ransom, she must have at least use all of Shen Group. Mom snaps and warns him not to disgrace his family like that. With tension flying between them, Chu Xia mediates and tells them everything is just a misunderstanding. She starts to explain but Shen An cuts her off. Chairman then turns to Shen An. She affronts his poor judgment, telling him to wake up and realize that Chu Xia is not his perfect match. Hearing that, Chu Xia smirks.

Shen An reaches his limits. He’s clearly disappointed at his Mom. He thought she changed but seeing her now, he realize she hasn’t feel any remorse at all. Acting like that, she actually helped him make a decision. He warns Mom not to bother Chu Xia anymore because she is his woman. To prove his point, he forcefully kisses Chu Xia. As expected, Chu Xia is shocked and when she finally gathers her wits, she pushes him away, calls him crazy and leaves. Shen An follows her, leaving Mom in a weak, dejected state.


Shen An catches up with Chu Xia in the lobby. He asks if she’s truly angry or just embarrassed that he took her first kiss. Of course, Chu Xia is mad. She denies that it’s her first kiss but Shen An obviously doesn’t believe her. She rants that though it may be the case, he doesn’t have the right to kiss her without permission. And just in case he doesn’t know it yet, she’s not stupid. She knows he’s only doing this to defy his Mom. She tells him to grow up. Shen An, however, isn’t a bit unfazed and sneers.

Ding Fei visits Tai Di at his office, both for personal and business reasons. Tai Di comments that if only Chu Xia got half of her prowess, he wouldn’t worry for her too much. Ding Fei agrees and wonders if there will ever be a man who will understand Chu Xia. She shares that Chu Xia is someone who witnessed her sister’s tragic love story. She raised Meng Xiang on her own which usually drives potential partners away. She always say that love is not for her but the truth is, she’s insecure when it comes to love. She doesn’t even think she’ll ever encounter a decent relationship. Being Chu Xia’s long time friend, she believes Chu Xia will just withdraw more and more if a man is being passive. Ding Fei then advises that if he is really serious about Chu Xia, he must step up and change his tactic.

Tai Di doesn’t waste time and makes a move. He takes a time off from work and accompany Chu Xia. He ponders on Ding Fei’s advice and decides to ask Chu Xia if he can go with them to visit her parents. Chu Xia reluctantly agrees.

At school, Meng Xiang chats with a classmate. The classmate asks if he’s going to move to a dorm when they reach Senior High. Meng Xiang answers that he’ll be staying with his Mom because the school is just a few blocks away from their house. The classmate shares that senior high is too long and his Mom will eventually find a husband and they’ll probably want to have another child. When that time comes, he’ll have no choice but move out. At least, that’s what his step sister told him. Meng Xiang broods on that thought.

While Chu Xia is preparing their dinner, Tai Di amuses himself with a picture merging cellphone app. The app predicts a child’s appearance when pictures of the “parents” are merged. Tai Di tries merging pics of Er Per and Ding Fei and later on of him and Chu Xia. Meng Xiang happens to come home just in time to hear what they were talking about.

Tai Di excitedly informs Meng Xiang he’ll be going with them to visit his grandparents. Meng Xiang, however, isn’t happy about it. When Chu Xia went down to buy some sugar, Meng Xiang uses the opportunity to ask Tai Di what they were talking about earlier. Tai Di tells him about the app so he asks again if Tai Di likes children. Tai Di answers that he does.

Thinking about what his classmate said earlier, Meng Xiang apprises that his Mom might be secretly dating Shen An. He fills in that there was a time his Mom didn’t go home for the whole night and the next day, it was Shen An who brought her home. Tai Di feels down in the dumps.

Chu Xia walks Tai Di out and she can’t help notice his indifferent attitude during dinner. He tells her his okay and he’s just tired. He then asks why she’s being too secretive, given the fact that she rarely talks about herself. Chu Xia awkwardly smiles and answers it’s because there’s nothing new in her life. Tai Di shares what Meng Xiang told him earlier, minus the info about Shen An sending her home. She offers a white lie, saying she stayed with Ding Fei that night because she got totally drunk. Tai Di sadly smiles and reminds Chu Xia not to let Meng Xiang stay at home alone. Chu Xia apologetically smiles in response. Looking at her retreating back, Tai Di sighs “Chu Xia, you’re really not good at lying”.


Meng Xiang sends an online message to Yao Yao. He confesses that he did something awful. When he hears Tai Di talking about having a child, he got scared and insecure. He had always been an unwanted child. His parents left him and if his Mom Chu Xia will have her own child, he’ll be left out again. Aww, poor child.

When Chu Xia came back to the tenement, he immediately wipes his tears and closes the messenger app. Chu Xia then informs that Yao Yao will be undergoing a reconstruction surgery next month and she’s trying to find the best doctor to do the job. Meng Xiang passively listens and bids goodnight.

Chu Xia calls Ding Fei and tells her about the Shen An incident. She relays that she accidentally spent the night at Shen An’s place. She bumped into him when she went to visit Ruo Nan and they had a few sips. But then, she got drunk and since her battery ran out and he doesn’t know where she lives, he took her home. She emphasizes that nothing happened between them and Shen An slept on the couch the whole night. Ding Fei is rather disappointed with the lack of excitement in her story.

Chu Xia is confused at her reaction since she thought Ding Fei is rooting for Tai Di. Ding Fei agrees but then again, it’s Shen An they’re talking about. She promises to help her cover up and reminds her to speed things up with Tai Di. Chu Xia relays that Tai Di will be going with them to visit her parents. And before Ding Fei assumes anything, she clarifies that it doesn’t mean anything. Ding Fei concedes, saying no one is forcing her to get married and have kids. She just wants her not to be too cautious around Tai Di and give him chance.


After the call, Chu Xia’s thought goes back to Shen An’s proposal and kiss. “That was scary… too scary”, she cringes.

Chu Xia’s parents are way too happy to know that she will be bringing home a “boyfriend”. Her Dad even beg off playing chess with the neighbor’s to prepare for their arrival. The neighbor, Mr. Lao Tian, is happy for them and guesses that a wedding may be happening real soon. Mom agrees and expresses her excitement for the possibility.

Meanwhile, Tai Di thinks about Meng Xiang’s revelations and Chu Xia’s lie. He finally decides to call off, telling her he can’t come because of work. Chu Xia understands and thanks him for the trouble.

When they arrive, Chu Xia’s Mom immediately looks for the “boyfriend”. Chu Xia tells her he had an urgent work and she let him off because they’re friends. Mom is dismayed to hear the word “friend” since she thought she was bringing home a boyfriend. Her dad is disappointed as well.

Chu Xia chats with Mom and notices her sour mood. Mom admits she expected too much. She really wanted her to get married. Chu Xia confess that when Tai Di asked to come with them, she agreed reluctantly. When he called to cancel, she actually felt relieved. Mom asks if it’s because the guy isn’t good. Chu Xia replies that he is. In fact, he’s too good. She then jokes that since the world is full of good men, she can’t possibly marry all of them. Mom expresses that as long as she’s not married, they can’t be at ease.

Chu Xia’s Dad is playing chess with Mr. Lao Tian. He’s pretty annoyed not only because of his losing streak but mainly because Chu Xia didn’t bring home a boyfriend. Lao Tian adds insult to injury and tells Dad Meng to find a good match for his kid or better yet, check his house’s Feng Shui because all the neighbors are worried for them. Dad Meng gets angry and retorts that neighbors should stop being nosy. He starts to leave but, unfortunately, he accidentally bumps into a very expensive ceramic vase.

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