My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 3 Recap


This is just a filler episode. Nothing much happened except for the setting down of a significant back story.

And hence, this may be may be my shortest recap yet. 🙂

Episode 3

It’s drizzling and because Jing Zhi’s car is wrecked during the accident, she’s forced to use her pink-colored motorcycle as transport. Good thing her ex-boyfriend Yan Zhi offers his car. I don’t know but I’m having this gutsy feel that Yan Zhi really loves Jing Zhi despite his initial rejection of her marriage proposal. She’s reluctant to accept the good gesture but relents, thinking that it’s just a break-up fee from him. In return, she lends him her motorcycle, which he happily accepts.

Inside his car, she sees the lucky charm she gave him. The gift brings back good memories and sweet promises of a once happy relationship. In the past, Yan Zhi swears he’s not like any of her ex-beaus and that he won’t ever love anyone else besides her. Guess promises are meant to be broken after all. Clearly, she’s still not over him and seeing his teary-eyed expression, I’m thinking he also feels the same.

Morning comes and Dong Dong goes to Jing Zhi’s house. He’s in for a lovely surprise when the fine-looking Ling Qiao opens the door. Stupidly mesmerized is an understatement for his reaction. Tehehe! Dong Dong clads malice on the situation and presumes Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao are a couple. Jing Zhi, however, corrects his wrong idea outright and lies that Ling Qiao is only her cousin. Dong Dong somehow recognizes Ling Qiao as the Library God, the online heartthrob who frequents the local library. Jing Zhi is without a doubt pissed at Ling Qiao’s indiscreet whereabouts, which may put both of them in danger.

Ling Qiao visits the seaboard again and pours his gist on the current circumstance. Bad news is, because of the online craze about him, his enemy may already know that he has awakened and is probably watching his every move. The good news, on the other hand, is that he started living with Jing Zhi, though she’s being hostile towards him.

Jing Zhi goes home after failing another audition. It’s sweet that she buys Ling Qiao some cherry juice and he also buys her dinner. Ling Qiao shares that he went out to investigate a potential enemy. But meeting with the guy (Ye Chen’s co-scientist) and studying his unfitting reaction proves his innocence. She’s rather confused why he doesn’t know his enemy and he admits losing 10-20 years of his memory. She compares his situation to the usual dramas wherein leads suffer from amnesia. Haha!

She then notices him looking into her album. It’s a compilation of her and Yan Zhi’s couple pictures. She’s annoyed and throws it in the bin. Ling Qiao comments that for her to react that way, she’s surely still in love with her ex. She strongly denies and asserts that after the rejection, her feelings for him just blew and nothing’s left. Ling Qiao remains unconvinced though.

Later that night, Jing Zhi desperately looks for the album inside the garbage. Thankfully, Ling Qiao is kind enough to keep it and gives it to her. She holds the album like her most prized possession and on the verge of tears, she says “I’m still loving him. Am I disgracing myself?” Ling Qiao keeps his silence and caringly looks at her. After a minute or two, he asks if she wants to fly. He carries her, bridal style, and they take off.

Yan Zhi digs deeper into Jing Zhi’s road accident. Intuition and evidence tell him that something’s amiss. The excessive amount of blood on the scene and Jing Zhi’s remarkable recovery doesn’t add up. He shares this information to Ye Chen, who also finds the facts odd.


Jing Zhi practices her lines for her upcoming project. Though it’s obvious she doesn’t have the prowess for acting, she gets the role because of Xuan Xuan. Coincidentally, she’s supposed to take the role of a mortal turned monster. She asks Ling Qiao for some advice and gathers first hand info from the “monster” himself.

Ling Qiao relays that his unusual condition started after he was bitten by a leopard. His parents asked help from a Divine Healer.  But the Healer told them they are too late. His blood is already poisoned and it affected his lungs. In sheer desperation, his parents begged the Divine Healer for some miracle medicine. He obliged and prescribed a potion. Three days passed and unimaginable blood loss later, Ling Qiao was miraculously healed. But the potion had some side-effects and he developed supernatural abilities. It also changed his diet from normal foods to fluids. Because of his bizarre condition, people labelled him a monster. Since his parents were put into harm’s way because of him, he asked permission to leave home and find a cure.


And Ling Qiao’s historical account lull Jing Zhi to sleep. Haha!

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