My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 2 Recap


Glad that this episode didn’t disappoint. It brought a lot of promising improvements in the bag. Hopefully, it’ll continue its comfortable, refreshing pace. And lastly, I just want to say, Ling Qiao is one super adorable “monster”. 🙂

Episode 2

Jing Zhi’s lack of sleep is immediately noticed by Assistant Director Feng Dong Dong. She confesses that she’s indeed suffering from sleep deprivation because she has been dreaming of a mummy knocking on her door every night. She then wonders if she has developed an ability to see ghosts after the accident. Dong Dong, however, find the idea absurd because things like that never happen to second leads. Haha! She’s pissed at his remarks and starts hitting him with a pillow.

Speaking of leading ladies, Zhang Xuan Xuan, the country’s prime female lead and Jing Zhi’s best frenemy pays her a visit. Xuan Xuan demands to know why Jing Zhi avoided her for a month and is angry that Jing Zhi initiated the proposal when she specifically told her not to. In the hopes of changing Jing Zhi’s luckless fate, she brings her to a fortune-teller.

The fortune-teller confirms that Jing Zhi is irrevocably, undeniably, terribly jinxed. In fact, in all his 70 plus years living on earth, he has never seen a person with unsurpassed bad luck. Haha! Jing Zhi is unconvinced with the fortune-teller’s declarations, reasoning that if she’s really that jinxed then how come her popularity surges after her accident. Fortune-teller can only call that as “the last radiance of the setting sun”. Xuan Xuan worries that her frenemy is already at the setting of her life when she hasn’t even risen yet. Haha! The fortune-teller suggests that the only way to change Jing-Zhi’s luck is to find someone more ill-fated than her. Haha!


Ling Qiao visits his old home which has now become a tourist attraction. He goes to the shores and talks with some invisible being. He’s resolved to know who tried to kill him and he already has 2 clues, Chen and Yan Zi. Both men are Jing Zhi’s exes so he figures, he must first form an alliance with Jing Zhi to get to the bottom of things. And given her undeniable bad luck, he vows to keep her safe.

Following the fortune-teller’s advise, Jing Zhi invites renters to her home. But finding a decent renter is easier said than done when her ad proves to attract only  weirdos and perverts. Haha! Meanwhile, Ling Qiao reads her ad and smiles.

Jing Zhi finds the handsome looking Ling Qiao at her doorstep. And because she thinks it’s just a prank, she shuts the door at his face. Haha! She returns to her room and find Ling Qiao comfortably reading her tab. She forces him to leave but it’s clear he has no intentions to follow her command. She then carefully studies his face and finally recognition dawns on her. She runs off to the stairs but accidentally slips. Using his superhuman speed, he catches her and prevents yet another accident. To appease her fears, he tells her that if he really wanted her dead, she’ll be dead already.

Flash back to the night of the accident. Ling Qiao is still undecided whether to save her or not. She may have accidentally awakened him but saving her may not be good for both of them. In the end, he chooses to save her. He bits his lip and shares a drop of his blood through a kiss. Kyaah!

Jing Zhi is dying to know what the heck is going on. Ling Qiao readily supplies some answers and tells her he’s just a normal human being who lived 400 years ago. Somewhere along that timeline, something happened that made him immortal. According to his research, it may be due to genetic mutation. He only needs a place to stay and once he’s done with his business, he’ll leave her alone. And in exchange, he’ll protect her, because obviously, she practically screams bad luck. Haha!

Jing Zhi asks about his diet. He smiles. I love that he taunts her. Tehehe! He answers that he prefers fluids and comes near her. She backs away and he continues to get closer and closer. When she’s cornered, he grabs her cup and drinks milk tea from it. That’s the fluid diet he was talking about. Haha!

She infers that if her blood awakened him, then he should be calling her “mother”. Haha! He is completely stupefied by her logic and tells her that even if she’s not that smart, she should have at least some common sense. Haha!


The one responsible for Ling Qiao’s “death” remains anonymous and is already on the works. He had Ling Qiao followed and thoroughly investigated. He’s undeniably furious that Ling Qiao is still alive and swears that definitely this time around, he won’t miss out.

Back to Jing Zhi’s house, she shows him his room. He’s quite satisfied with it and asks for an Apple laptop. Jing Zhi is appalled that for a man who has been sleeping in the museum for a very long time, he sure knows how to use laptops and such. Ling Qiao retorts that he only needs a month to learn the ways of modern society, unlike her who is already 28 years old and still oblivious. Jing Zhi scoffs at his audacity to reveal her age and calls him an ageless monster. Ling Qiao insists that he is not a monster, only a man with special abilities.

Jing Zhi then laughs at the thought of her idiotic exes who believe that the dormant body is stolen when in truth, it just ran off. Before she goes, she warns Ling Qiao not to appear and disappear like he used to because it’s scaring her to death.

With the help of the trusty internet, Jing Zhi tries to drive out the beautiful monster. First, she reeks her breath with onion. But it backfired when he did the same and blew his stinky breath at her. Second, she tries piercing his heart with a wooden dagger while he sleeps. But because she clumsily trips, he wakes up and breaks the dagger in two. Haha! Third, she attempts to drench him with water. But she trips again and the basin fell over her head instead. It’s clearly game over for her.

Few days later, Dong Dong (the Assistant Director) is fired from work and he badly needs a replacement job to pay rent. He applies as Jing Zhi’s personal assistant but the latter snubs because he said that the salary is not enough to raise a dog, no one can put up with her attitude and she’s too stingy. Dong Dong retracts his words and Jing Zhi agrees to hire him if he answers two questions correctly. First, if she and his mom fall into sea, who will he save first? Dong Dong answers it’ll be her because it’s his Dad’s responsibility to save his mom. Haha! Second, if she and his dad fall into sea, who will he save first? Dong Dong, however, is confused as to why will Jing Zhi be there with his dad in the first place. Jing Zhi is impressed and she hires him spot on. For someone having second thoughts, she sure is ready with the contract. Haha!


Meanwhile, at one of the scientist’s house, we see evidence trails of Ling Qiao’s case. Unlike Chen, he arrives at the conclusion that the body is alive and not stolen. Dun-Dun-dun!

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