Summer’s Desire 14 (FINAL)

I’ll just save my comments for later. You wouldn’t want me to spoil everything, right? For now, enjoy the recap. 🙂

Episode 14 Recap

And so, we find Ou Chen and Luo Xi warming up for their legendary heated argument. Nah, not really. They were just keeping it rather cool and calm. Haha! Back to the recap.

Before Ou Chen could actually disclose his real intent, Luo Xi scoffs first and arrogantly asks Ou Chen on what exactly does he wants now, considering that he literally owns the movie.Yeah, it was revealed that the movie is part of Ou Chen’s brilliant master-plan. Oh well, that’s what rich Young Masters do: produce a movie with just a phone call, invites an internationally acclaimed director to do the job, and start filming the next day.

Ou Chen is a tad surprised that someone discovered his little secret. And Luo Xi retorts that it’s quite obvious. Duh! The moment he read the script, he knew that Ou Chen is up to something. The scenes are just way too specific and personal to be purely coincidental.  What troubles him though is why Ou Chen agreed to let him act as Xiao Cheng. Ou Chen answers quite simply. Luo Xi knows Xia Mo very well and he won’t hurt her at all.

Luo Xi isn’t about to take Ou Chen’s word as it is, and provokingly asks if he’s not worried that he’ll snatch Xia Mo away. But our Ou Chen  is all grown-up now and replies that if being with him will help Xia Mo, then he will give her up. Ou Chen then pleads to keep this a secret and hands over Xiao Cheng’s letter. Together, they formulate a new plan.

Next, we see Xia Mo and Luo Xi doing a scene wherein, Luo Xi reads Xiao Cheng’s letter. Somehow, Xia Mo knows that this is no longer part of the script. She can feel Xiao Cheng’s presence. She can hear his voice and see his smiling face. She stood there  silently listening to his every word.

Xiao Cheng: Sister, if you’re reading this letter, that means I’m already in heaven.  Everything’s fine in here, except that I’ll be missing you sometimes.  Sister, please don’t be sad because of my death, ok? I’m only leaving you for a short while. In the next life, I will be back to your side. When that time comes,  I’ll be the one to take care of you. Sister, though you can’t see me,  I can still watch over you everyday. As long as I can see you smile, I’ll be a hundred times happier. When I see you sad, I’ll be a hundred times sadder. So, for my sake, can you be happy? You must be happy everyday, alright? I will love you forever… Your Xiao Cheng…

Xia Mo is trapped in an emotional whirlpool. Xiao Cheng, even to his dying days, still thinks of her happiness. He wants to see her smile. He just wants to see her happy. Xia Mo can’t contain her tears. She passes out. Standard Operating Procedure will tell us that Ou Chen will catch her. And yes, he did.

It seems that Xia Mo is not only suffering from major emotional stress.  She’s also carrying something wonderful, a baby. She’s pregnant! Ou Chen is taken aback. He didn’t just imagine things, right? He’s going to be a father? His tears begin to fall. His joy overflows. Ou Chen: “You heard that Xia Mo? We’re going to have a baby”.

Just then, Luo Xi arrives and accidentally overhears everything. He originally plans to check on Xia Mo, but hearing the  news, seeing Ou Chen’s elated expression, he just left without saying a word.

And Zhen En, the extremely reactive best friend, strikes again. Upon hearing the news, she  excitedly decides to shop and buy the baby his/ her very first gift. Of course, she plans on bragging about it afterward. She drags Pan Nan along, who is obviously not up to the task. And right then, they caught a glimpse of a very unusual scene:  Young Master Ou Chen busily shopping for baby clothes, shoes, toys. Even powdered milk? Haha. Take note: the baby is still 3 months old. It’s quite funny (and sweet). Pan Nan and Zhen En can only smile at the discovery.

Pan Nan teases Zhen En for losing the battle. Clearly, Ou Chen is already one step ahead of her. Pan Nan then raises her spirits and consoles that though she failed, it’s still an honorable defeat coz she loses to a reliable father.

Just like before, Ou Chen diligently and carefully prepares the food for Xia Mo. But when he didn’t find her in the rooms and can’t get a hold of her through the phone, he begins to worry (more like panic!). Thankfully, when he opened the door, Xia Mo is there. He instantly hugs her tight,  confessing that he felt so terrified thinking he’ll never see her again. His sudden action renders Xia Mo speechless for a while. Realizing her fault, she apologizes for not leaving him a note and thereby, giving him a fright.

Xia Mo then explains that she went to the hospital. She was in so much stress these past few months, and she’s quite concerned that it affected the baby’s condition.  It’s a relief that the baby is just fine. But still, the doctor advises that she always thinks positively and keep her emotions intact. This poses a problem though. Because of the movie, she’ll be into a lot of mood swings. However, if Ou Chen wants her to stop filming, she’ll respect his decision.

Ou Chen assures that there’s no need for her to quit. He already discussed this with Director Wu, and the latter agrees to finish her scenes first so she’ll be done within a month. Of course, Xia Mo is happy, but then worries that he neglected his other duties because of her. Ou Chen pays no heed for her concerns and just smiles reassuringly.

As expected, Ou Chen is greeted with tons of paperwork when he finally decided to report at the office. Nevertheless, he tries to finish everything and find some time to visit Xia Mo often And today, he plans on taking her to Xiao Cheng’s grave site.

Meanwhile, Xia Mo is busy rehearsing some lines. Before the filming starts, she never forgets to talk with the baby. Zhen En, on the other hand, is also busy capturing everything on tape. When Luo Xi happens to pass by, Zhen En reckons to give them some private time.

And so Ou Chen arrives at the set with a bouquet of flowers on hand.  Zhen En tells him  that Xia Mo went out and will be back after an hour. However, Ou Chen gets a little suspicious when he didn’t see Luo Xi around. And thus, Zhen En confesses that Xia Mo and Luo Xi went to Xiao Cheng’s grave together. Afraid that Ou Chen will throw an outburst, Zhen En immediately calls Xia Mo.  Ou Chen wasn’t planning on doing such things though (or anything for that matter), but since Zhen En already dialed the phone, he is forced to answer.

Xia Mo informs Ou Chen that she’s out to visit Xiao Cheng’s grave site. But then if he wants, she can return right away.  Ou Chen says that it’s okay. There’s no need to rush coz he’ll be going back to the office anyway and they can just meet up at home. And so, Xia Mo sweetly reminds Ou Chen not to wait for her and eat when he’s hungry. But Ou Chen stubbornly insists on waiting. After the call, Ou Chen just stares at the phone. His mind troubled.

At the grave site, Luo Xi shares that Xia Mo is already happy and peaceful with Ou Chen, and thus Xiao Cheng doesn’t need to be worried anymore.  Xia Mo isn’t about to be left out and  tells his little brother about her recent movie, and how one character resembles him so much.  And Luo Xi continues that he was the one who played the role, but since he’s not good at painting, they used his paintings instead. Xia Mo praises Luo Xi’s acting, and tells Xiao Cheng she’s pregnant. She promises to love the baby as she loved him. She’ll even let the child learn painting.

As they were leaving, Xia Mo asks about Luo Xi’s future plans.  And Luo Xi affirms that he won’t be taking other projects for some time. He still doesn’t know where to go. But as of now, everywhere is just the same. He always felt insecure before, always afraid to lose the people he loved the most, making him fragile and dangerous. That’s why he tends to hurt her in the past. But now he understands. To love a person, it’s enough to have her in your heart. The feeling inside won’t be taken away,  and you won’t be afraid of losing her. Knowing this, his heart is already contented and no matter where he’ll go, it’s all peaceful and serene. He then thanks Xia Mo for teaching him this important lesson and giving him a peaceful heart. And Xia Mo gives him Xiao Cheng’s recordings. I guess, this settles everything between them.

And the two walks off, unaware of somebody’s presence. Ou Chen just stares at the ex-lover’s from afar, obviously suffering from torment. He kneels and puts the bouquet on Xia Cheng’s grave. There, he pours his own sentiments.

Ou Chen: Xiao Cheng, I promised you before. I won’t make Xia Mo unhappy. Rest assured, I will keep my promise. But please allow me to protect her silently.

Back at home. Ou Chen wouldn’t let Xia Mo do any work. He even takes the most menial task of washing the fruits. And Xia Mo settles on drying his hand with the towel.  Ou Chen can just smile at her in blissful surprise. She smiles back and both laugh as they remember the time she dries his hair in high school. Ou Chen then states that because of work, he could no longer  accompany her on the film-set or rush home for dinner anymore. And so he suggests that they go back to the Ou mansion, of which Xia Mo willingly concedes.

As days pass, Ou Chen spends lesser time with Xia Mo. In effect, Xia Mo misses him more and more. Zhen En notices her uneasy demeanor and remarks that Ou Chen hasn’t been to the set lately. Xia Mo sadly conveys that she even rarely sees him nowadays. He always leaves home early and comes back late. Zhen En consoles that maybe young master is just too busy. Xia Mo smiles and says that no matter how busy he is, he never forgets to call her at 11pm and hurries her to sleep.  When she’s asleep, she can feel him sitting beside her. She wants to wake up, but her body felt to tired to open her eyes.

Zhen En can’t help but comment that lately, Xia Mo always talks about Ou Chen. And then Xia Mo suddenly remembers to call Ou Chen and checks if he already ate his meal, but this time, he chose not to answer.

Ou Chen is once again, putting up all work in front of him. But when he finds Xia Mo sleeping at his office, his instincts return to normal. He got riled up that his secretary didn’t even bother to cover her with a blanket. And so he removes his coat and covers her, but this just wakes her up.

He gently scolds her for not going home when she’s tired and for waiting when she have could just called him. Xia Mo reasons that she doesn’t want to bother him and happily reports that she finished filming the movie. Ou Chen looks at her in disbelief. She waited for hours just to tell him that?! But Xia Mo is serious. That means that from now on, she could focus on taking care of the baby, and can see him more often. It seems she didn’t see him in a long time. The baby already misses him and she misses him too. Ou Chen falls silent.

At home, Ou Chen puts Xia Mo to sleep.  He was about to leave when she holds his hand. In her sleep, she asks if he’s avoiding her. She knows she isn’t a good wife, but she’s trying her best.  She then urges him to look at the baby’s embryoscopic photos.

Ou Chen is mulling over things while staring at their wedding photo. Alone, he watches Zhen En’s videos of Xia Mo. He smiles seeing her lovingly talking with the baby. His smile fades when Luo Xi comes to view, and the two casually talks with each other. Oh man! But when the baby’s photo is shown, he smiles again and touches the screen. Basically, this scene is just about Ou Chen smiling, then not smiling, then smiling again.

Luo Xi listens to Xiao Cheng’s recording (The time when he brought some chicken wings) and thanks him for secretly putting Xia Mo’s picture in his bag when he left five years ago. Though Xiao Cheng may not know it, but that sure helped him a lot when he was abroad.

Shen Qiang joins in, gladly informing him that Ou Co. already retracted the case. Some of the company’s representatives even helped in the distribution of “The Worlds Greatest Event”. Of course, she’s pleased with the news, but wonders why Ou Chen changed his mind. She guesses that maybe, Xia Mo helped him this time. When Luo Xi remains nonchalance, she’s quite perplexed that he doesn’t seem to care. And Luo Xi answers without pretense: “No matter what has happened in the past, it’s no longer important to me.”

Back to Ou Mansion, Xia Mo is looking  for Milk, the cat, when she comes into a nursery room filled with girlish baby stuffs. She beams in delight, moved by his husbands obvious excitement.

Ou Chen then finds her watering the plants, and so he kindly offers to do the work. But she cheerily refused. Ou Chen blankly stares at her. She notices this and asks why he looks at her like that. Ou Chen lies, saying that he’s just too happy. Xia Mo cuts the chase and confesses that she already knows his secret.

Xia Mo brings Ou Chen to the baby’s room and wonders how he managed to decorate the room when he was with her all the time.  Ou Chen then jokes that it’s all in the secret of time management.  Xia Mo laughs, but reminds him that  they are still unsure of the baby’s gender. What would they do if it’s a boy? They couldn’t possibly let him wear pink.

Ou Chen takes her to the other room, obviously intended for a baby’s room. So, it solves the problem. Ou Chen prepared two rooms. The makes sense. It’s so nice to be rich. Xia Mo laughs, but still finds it odd that he bought these things too early. She’s busy appreciating the baby stuffs that she didn’t notice Ou Chen’s sorrowful mien.

Zhen En is super happy for the success of “Landscape Painting”. She praises Xia Mo for such an outstanding performance and asks if she already had the chance to watch the movie with Ou Chen. And Xia Mo sadly answers not yet. She knows that Ou Chen is very busy, but somehow, she feels that he’s just using work as an excuse to avoid her. Zhen En assumes that maybe, Ou Chen  feels jealous towards Luo Xi.

It seems that “The World’s Greatest Event” and “Landscape Painting” are both highly nominated movies for the upcoming Golden Deer Awards. When Xia Mo receives her invitation, she immediately asks Ou Chen to be her escort. But to her dismay, he automatically declines due to other engagements. Though disappointed, Xia Mo let it go, but next time,she’ll make it sure that he comes.

The Golden Deer Awards Night. Everybody’s quite busy again. Xia Mo arrives with Zhen En and Pan Nan. And the media people swoons over them, plaguing Xia Mo with questions. Rumors has it that Ou Chen already transferred some of his properties to her name. And people are  curious if they are planning to get a divorce. Xia Mo couldn’t seem to answer, plainly because she doesn’t have any idea about it.

Good thing, Hui Ni butts in. She begs Xia Mo to sway young master and stop him from issuing a red flag (ban) against her. Pan Nan counters that it’s her own fault. In case she forgot, she was the first to hurt Xia Mo. Hui Ni cries in regret. Xia Mo, however, offers her some tissue and wipes her tears. She makes it clear once and for all. Her husband didn’t block Hui Ni, she just did it to her self. Hui Ni is desperate. She doesn’t know what to do now. Her life is already in the ruins. Just then, the security people arrives and drags Hui Ni away.

However, Xia Mo stops the commotion, saying that Hui Ni is her friend and they’ll be walking the red carpet together. Zhen En isn’t too happy about it and tries to convince Xia Mo otherwise. But you know Xia Mo, if she made up her mind then that’s it.

Xia Mo readily smiles in front of the camera, but somehow she feels uneasy. She’s lost in her thought. She kept on feeling that something is wrong.

Her seemingly endless mulling is temporarily stopped when she was proclaimed Best Actress . The hall is filled with applause and everybody greets her in sincere congratulations. At home, Ou Chen smiles proudly for his wife. Luo Xi waits for her down the aisle and hugs her. Luo Xi:  “I’ve said before, you are the best”.

Hearing her speech, Ou Chen smiles contentedly. But before he could hear the rest speech, he turns off the TV, leaving a letter to do the job of bidding his farewell.

Xia Mo is still in the middle of her speech when she received Zhen En’s message. Young Master already left. She felt numb. She hurriedly runs off, not minding the people’s curious gaze. Not even noticing Luo Xi’s anxious call.

Xia Mo, when you’re reading this letter, I’m already on my way to France. I can’t say “I have to leave” in front of you, so I wrote you this letter. Recently, I look back to our past again and again. I can still remember the first time I met you.  The time when you showed your brave stature and blocks my car. Listening to this may sound funny, but from then on, the 14-year-old me loved you.

If I could, I wanted to take you away so no one could see you, so no one could control you. As you grow up, you glowed even more. I started to worry that someone could sway you and take you away from me. My worst nightmare came true. This person finally showed up. You and this boy named Luo Xi has an unexplainable relationship. I was very jealous so I made him disappear. I didn’t want him to be near you for more than a second.

Five years later, even though I didn’t recognize you, I was captivated and fell in love with you again. But still, I made the same mistakes. My possessiveness has not decreased. Instead, it’s stronger than before. I wanted to give you back your freedom. But when I saw your sweet smile and started to live together like a family, I was reluctant to give up. Even if it’s selfish, I still want to be with you forever. But I was wrong. If you had Luo Xi by your side, if you had the one you love to accompany you when Xiao Cheng died, you wouldn’t have been in too much despair.

But, the heavens still blessed a person like me. In your womb is my child, and this allows us to start anew. I now understand the meaning of family because of you, because of the baby. I wanted you to stay with me forever and  forget any signs of that guy. But you should stay with the one you love. Only then will you have complete happiness. That’s why I choose to leave. No matter what decisions you make in the future, you and the baby will always be the people I love the most.

Thanks to advance technology, Ou Chen is given the chance to listen to the rest of Xia Mo’s speech  via digital billboard.

Xia Mo: Lastly, I want to thank my husband. When I was in my most downhearted times, you stayed with me day and night. Even when it was difficult, I can still feel you holding  my hands tightly, not letting me go, not leaving me alone. I knew, even when I fall into hell, you would disregard everything else and stay with me. I wouldn’t be back to being my old self if not for you. Thank you Ou Chen.

Ou Chen is actually moved by her confession. But then again, he must act stupid and therefore, must continue to go away.

Xia Mo finally arrives at the airport. She immediately looks for Ou Chen. I believe she’s already in a panic coz she didn’t see Ou Chen standing behind a group of people in front of her. Ou Chen sees her though. In a moment, he thought of calling her, but then, stupidity  takes control again and he turns to leave.  Xia Mo almost gave up the search, but somehow she senses Ou Chen’s vibe. And when she turned back, yepee, Ou Chen is there. She calls out and rushes towards him.

Ou Chen pretends annoyance. But Xia Mo holds her ground. She had read his letter. And honestly, she can’t quite get it. It’s so not like him to leave her like this.

Ou Chen misinterprets. What is he like then?  A control freak who always try to run her life? A selfish person who wants to keep her all by himself? Then, that’s just the person that he is.

Xia Mo is baffled. That’s not what she meant! Haven’t he heard her speech? Maybe, he thinks she lied? Well, he’s wrong.

Xia Mo: Ou Chen please don’t leave me.

Ou Chen: Xia Mo, I have already committed so many mistakes. I can’t continue doing these sort of wrongs things anymore. Only when I leave you, then can I only attain true forgiveness.

Xia Mo: But I’ve also done a great deal of wrong things too. I didn’t even tell you that I want to be with you forever. The thing about Luo Xi is in the past. Right now I am your wife. And I have already fallen in love with you.

Ou Chen is dumbfounded. He stares at her in complete shock. She’s crying?! She’s for real. He holds her close, cuddling her in a tight embrace.

Ou Chen: If you’re lying to me, then that is your most cruel mistake.

But Xia Mo is adamant. She loves him. Perhaps he doesn’t believe her now. But in time, she’ll definitely prove it to him. And they seal the promise with a kiss.

Months later, Xia Mo and Ou Chen organizes an exhibit for Xiao Cheng’s paintings. And it proves to be a success. Xiao Cheng’s dream finally came true. People loves his painting and sister is proud of him.

As a father, Xia Ge didn’t forget to support his son’s own exhibit. In fact, he wants to buy Xiao Cheng’s self-portrait. And Xia Mo regretfully informs him that the paintings are not for sale, but she can give it to him. Xia Ge thanks for everything. Actually, he’s a tad ashamed that he didn’t do anything for his sons. Xia Mo assures that he doesn’t need to blame himself anymore coz it’s all in the past.

Ou Chen sees them and joins their little reunion. And Xia Ge reverts to being the ordinary friend and casually asks about the baby. Xia Mo willingly supplies the details, saying that the baby’s  a boy and she’ll be due next month. Xia Ge then reminds the couple to let him know the moment she gives birth, and he’ll buy the baby a gift.

Ou Chen must have known who his real dad is coz as Xia Ge walks off, he mutters to himself: “I will surely let you know”.

Ou Chen takes Xia Mo to their old school. They reminisce the old times, recalling that walking to school has always been peaceful. Life was simpler back then. Ou Chen adds that someday they’ll be walking their child to school too. And then the song, “Milk the Black Cat” plays in the background. They see Luo Xi blowing bubbles and playing with some kids. Luo Xi smiles in acknowledgment. And the couple smiles back.


Well, I was hoping for a happy ending. And I had it. But then, if I’m going to use the standard happy-ending gauge, the drama only falls on the plain/ordinary type. I was hoping too much, I guess.

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  1. ariani ratri dewi

    Thanks for recapping 🙂 You’re great in capturing moments and giving your opinion ^_^ so it’s so close to watch the drama personally.. Thanks so much 🙂

  2. i have read so many blogs of Summer Desire but yours is one of the best…i don’t normally write a comment but you really deserve a praise!!!

    please continue on what you are doing and make people smile on your thoughts…

    love it!

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