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Flame of Ambition? Interesting!

Just so ya know, this drama was previously known as A Woman Only Loves Once. Apparently, it has been renamed to Flame of Ambition or Flame of Desire. And if I’ve got to choose, I’d rather use Flame of Desire, for the simple reason that it reminds me of Summer’s Desire. 🙂 Not just in the title per se, but honestly, I do feel that the two dramas seem  to have a couple of things in common.

1. Lead characterization. Just like Ou Chen, the male character Min Jae (Yoo Seung-ho)  is also a young chaebol with a twisty birthright. As for Xia Mo’s counterpart, Baek Soo Bin (Seo Woo), would you believe it? Is also an actress with a dark past!

2. Extremely ambitious and manipulative female characters. Yay, feisty!  I’ve seen Xia Mo’s manipulative deeds in SD, I wonder what else could Soo Bin and Shin Eun-Gyeung offer for us. Ahh, I so love strong, independent and scheming women. I’m too fed up with “damsels in distress” nowadays. And it’s quite refreshing to watch women with guts and grit.

3. Obsession, Passion, Destruction. Undeniably key elements for both dramas.

4. The story revolves around the rich, nope the filthy rich! With money in the front line, we’ll sure get a power (which I would presume involves wealth) struggle. And Summer’s Desire showed a battle of that kind, right? It was a messy fight, as both parties use everything they’ve got to get what they want. Of course, we know that Ou Chen won. Wealth sure helps in desperate times!

5. Marriage Scheme. A word that sure rings a bell. In SD, Xia Mo married Ou Chen for a kidney. In Flame, Baek Soo Bin will marry Min Jae for fame.

When I’ve read that Yoo Seung-ho and Seo Woo will play as a married couple in this drama, my initial reaction was “hmmm?”, then “huh?”, and lastly HUH!!! Dude, this guys are way too young to get married! It wasn’t even a long time ago when I watched Seung-ho wear a uniform in “God of Study”! And if I’ve got my facts right, he’s just 17! They sure bring the phrase “Young Couple” in a higher level! Thankfully, Seo Woo complements him, with her undeniable baby-face features. And yah! This might actually work. 🙂

Anyways, I’ll be checking this drama. Let’s see if it’ll turn out well. Hope it would.

This drama will air on October 2.

P.S. I’ve based this article from the “generic” synopses. Thus, I may be wrong in some aspects. Well, we won’t know unless we actually watched the drama, right? 🙂

Source: allkpop

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