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Drama Previews: Gloomy Salad Days aka Death Girl

This ain’t your typical idol drama, neh? I can’t even decide if it’s a fantasy-romance or a fantasy-melodrama or a fantasy-melodrama-romance. Haha!

Well,  I wasn’t really very excited when I heard about this drama (at first). It pokes my interest but on a so-so level … until I saw the trailers. They were awesome! And now, I can’t wait to take the first glimpse. Somehow, I felt that the concept and effects might just work for me. I can’t even believe that a Death Girl (Serena Fang) could be cute. This just topples the universal notion that the Guardian of the Abyss a.k.a Death God a.k.a Grim Reaper is one scary chap, cloaked and holding a  scythe. See?

This is the synopsis from dramawiki.

This drama involves 12 different stories which happened to teenagers, taken from real life social cases. Shen Qi (Aaron Yan) is a student who has a brain tumor, giving him the ability to see Death Girl (Serena Fang) when no one else can. As he witnesses her task of ferrying different people to the afterlife, he gradually falls in love with her and begins to understand the transition between life and death.

What intrigues me the most is the fact that there’s an element of romance. We’ve seen many paranormal love stories before; vampire and human, werewolf and human, even ghost and human. But NEVER between a death god and human. It’s kinda new and bizarre. And the very thought intrigues me. I mean, who would fall in love with “somebody” who literally delivers soul to “the hereafter”? Besides, could it be done? How would you act lovey-dovey with a not-so human life form?

All in all, Death Girl may just be a good diversion to the usual Tdramas. It  may not be a feel-good drama, but it sure has depth and profundity. As they say, to appreciate  life, we must first understand death.

Here’s the teasers:

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