Far Away Love Episode 15 Recap

Shen An remains relentless in pursuing his marriage scheme and his secret weapons are: persistence and a little bit of stalking. Haha!

PS: Sorry for the delayed updates. I’ve been busy with work lately. That, and my mind’s not working properly. Tehehe!

Episode 15

Mom Meng is understandably annoyed at Dad Meng for breaking Neighbor Tian’s expensive vase. Dad, however, refuses to own up to his faults and argues he didn’t do it on purpose, blaming his temper for getting the better of him. Chu Xia mediates and promises neighbor Tian to replace it with the same, exact replica. But then, neighbor Tian regrettably informs them that it’s one of a kind. Even so, he’s willing to make amends since they’ve been neighbors for 10 years and he also contributed to the mayhem. Still, Dad Meng insists on paying.

Chu Xia secretly offers Mom her savings but Mom declines, understanding fully well that she has financial difficulties of her own. Mom relays that they have agreed to sell the house and use the money to rent nearby. Much as Chu Xia hates the idea, she knows it’s the most viable option for the problem at hand. She suggests that they live with her in the city but Mom faintly smiles and turns down the offer simply because her place is too cramped and besides, they have grown fond of the countryside.

Chu Xia smiles and jokes that it should have been her excuse in bringing them to the city. She then boasts having 100, 000 in savings and thus, paying for the vase is not a big deal. Mom finds it hard to believe so Chu Xia assures she got the huge amount from earning a decent salary and commission. She also kept all the money her sister sent her. Though reluctant, Mom Meng takes her word for it. All the while, Meng Xiang overhears their conversation.

On the way home, Meng Xiang asks if his biological Mom really sent them money. Chu Xia sadly smiles and shakes her head. Meng Xiang then tells her to just sell their house. Teary-eyed, Chu Xia feels proud having a mature ‘son’. She explains that life has been tough lately and though the house has its sentimental value, they have to let it go. Meng Xiang tells her not to worry too much and vows to buy her a house when he grows up. Chu Xia is glad that he understands, saying it doesn’t matter if the house they live in is owned or not as long as they’re together.

Tai Di is done with his meeting. He checks his phone and scrolls to look for Chu Xia’s number. It seems he wants to call her but changes his mind.


The real estate broker that Chu Xia hired informs her that a prospective buyer likes the house and has agreed to the price. She’s thankful for the good news and asks help in finding a house, preferably near Yi Zhong High School and with the cheapest monthly rent possible.

When alone, Chu Xia looks around the house with a heavy heart.

Chu Xia is waiting for a bus when Ding Fei climbs down from a cab in front of her and gently whacks her head, asking why she sold the house. Chu Xia wonders why she knew and Ding Fei fills in that Meng Xiang told her about it when she coincidentally took him for a meal.

Clearly, Ding Fei is upset because Chu Xia never bothered telling her anything. Chu Xia explains that borrowing money for emergency is fine but depending upon others for daily needs is just too much. Ding Fei drops the topic and asks where she’s going. Chu Xia is forced to spill that she’s bound to a park in the city outskirts to look for Yao Yao’s surgeon. Fortunately, Ding Fei is free so she tags along.

Chu Xia is pretty giddy after learning that a person who looks like Professor Ye visits the park every now and then. Ding Fei reminds her not to be too excited just yet and suggests she stop looking for him because the surgery can push through with any other doctor. Chu Xia agrees but knowing he’s the best in the field, she can’t let that information pass by. Ding Fei sighs she’s just being too hard on herself and to Tai Di. Chu Xia finds it rather amusing that Ding Fei can insert Tai Di in every conversation and tells her to stop with the matchmaking already.

While Chu Xia is busy looking for the professor, Ding Fei uses the opportunity to call Tai Di. She invites him to join them at the park. But Tai Di sticks to his lies and tells her he has lots of work to do when in fact; he’s only killing time at an indoor pool. Nevertheless, Ding Fei tells him to give her a call if he’s done.


Unluckily, Professor Ye is not in the park and it starts to rain. While Chua Xia takes some rest, Ding Fei tries to find a cab but to no avail. She calls Tai Di and Er Per but her calls went unanswered. And to make matters worse, Chu Xia suddenly develops a fever.


Meanwhile, Shen An is at his office mulling over the kiss and smiles. He calls Chu Xia and without much of a foreword, asks about her response to his proposal. But to his surprise, it’s Ding Fei who answered the call. Ding Fei relays Chu Xia isn’t available because she’s sick. Without wasting time, Shen An scurries to where they are.

Tai Di finally realizes he needs to return Ding Fei’s call. Duh! You’re too late buddy. He apologizes for not taking her call and asks if they’re alright. Ding Fei answers that they are and Shen An already picked them up.

Meng Xiang is eyeing Shen An suspiciously. Shen An, however, plays coy and asks if that’s his thankful look. Meng Xiang then sarcastically thanks him for sending his Mom again and again and walks off. Shen An is confused and asks the boy what he meant by that but he never got a reply.

Because of the fever, Chu Xia subconsciously calls Professor Ye’s name multiple times and says sorry to Meng Xiang for losing their house. All the while, Shen An silently listens.

On the way out, Shen an bumps into Meng Xiang who is holding a bowl of porridge. He knowingly smiles and asks if Meng Xiang made it himself but the boy maintains the indifferent attitude and drives him away.

Meng Xiang is already eating breakfast when Chu Xia wakes up the next morning. She asks if Tai Di sent her home but Meng Xiang refuses to divulge, hinting that the one who did is far worse than him.

Chu Xia is ready for another job hunting. To her surprise, Shen An is already waiting for her outside, armed with his cheeky smile and bags of medicines. Chu Xia asks how he knew she was sick and deduces he was the one who brought her home.

Shen An confirms her theory and adds it’s just normal for a  fiancé to take care of his fiancée. And if she thinks he gave up on her, she’s wrong. He was merely behaving like a gentleman and gave her two days to think about his proposal. Chu Xia is appalled and tells him to stop joking around because it’s not funny. She excuses herself, bluntly telling him she needs to go to an interview and has no time for idle chit chats. He offers her a ride which she quickly declines.

Chu Xia waits for the bus when Shen An pulls his car in front of her. She pretends to read the news but he casually tells her it’s upside down. Shen An smirks and asks if she’s embarrassed because he kissed her. People within the hearing range starts to buzz. And to cover her embarrassment, Chu Xia tells a random girl that Shen An is making a pass on her. Random Girl moves closer to Shen An and asks if it’s true. Poor Shen An stammers for an answer and awkwardly says sorry to Random Girl. He can only furrow his brows and stare sharply at Chu Xia. This time, Chu Xia won. Tehehe!

Chu Xia successfully got rid of Shen An. But then again, Shen An is too darn persistent to be shaken off and follows the bus she’s on. When he noticed a pervert guy harassing Chu Xia, he blocks the bus, taps the door and gives the pervert guy a well-deserved punch.

Next, we see an annoyed Shen An, his face sporting a busted lip. Chu Xia, on the other hand, tries her hardest to suppress a laugh. Shen An is clearly not happy with the outcome and whines he lost the fight simply because Pervert Guy had a partner. Chu Xia consoles his bruised ego, saying though he didn’t win; the bad guys still got kicked off by the people in the bus. Chu Xia then thanks him for saving her and Shen An responds that if she’s sincerely thankful, then she must marry him. Chu Xia turns serious and for the nth time, tells him she’s not going to marry him. However, he genuinely doesn’t understand why she’s quick on dismissing the possibility and wonders if she really thought it through.

Chu Xia blurts out that she really doesn’t need to think about it because he is Ruo Nan’s fiancé. Shen An retorts that it’s precisely the reason why he’s offering her marriage. She may tell him that she doesn’t need his help but every time something bad happens to her, he feels responsible. So he thinks that if she becomes his wife, life will be easier for her and Ruo Nan will be happy.

Chu Xia admits that she almost convinced her with that logic. But putting Ruo Nan aside, the fact that she doesn’t have feelings for him remains. Shen An concurs and adds he doesn’t like her either. He needs the marriage just to complete his mature entrepreneur image. There’s nothing really wrong about it. If she accepts his proposal, she gets the care and he gets the marriage. It’s a win-win deal and they  both get what they want in the end.

She contends that it’s still not right and she can’t just marry any man. It’s true that she has never thought of falling in love but even so, she wants a husband who thinks family is not just some kind of decoration. Shen An replies that if she wants the warmth of family, he can give it to her. Chu Xia clarifies that it’s not what she meant. Apparently, her point is not getting across so she excuses herself. Before she goes, she reminds him to put medicine on the cut.


The next day, Chu Xia looks around to check if Shen An is in the area. And like she suspected, he’s already outside, eagerly waiting for her. Exasperated, she heaves a sigh and walks the other way. She concentrates on finding Professor Ye. And while she’s at it, Shen An follows her around. Yeah, if someone this handsome is stalking me, I don’t mind. Tehehe!

Chu Xia meets with Ding Fei and Er Per. Ding Fei asks if she’s alright, seeing she’s stressed out. Chu Xia says she’s just exhausted after undergoing numerous interviews. Ding Fei isn’t satisfied with her answer and probes on the real score between her and Shen An. Chu Xia explains that it’s only because Shen An wants to help her. Ding Fei let it go but remarks she finds it really weird that Shen An always shows up around Chu Xia. She then asks how it went with Tai Di and her parents but Chu Xia dodges the question and changes the topic.

Chu Xia turns to Er Per and notices he’s too busy with his phone. She then wonders if he got himself a girlfriend. Ding Fei finds it hard to believe though. Er Per acts insulted and brags that he’s actually popular online.

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