Far Away Love Episode 12 Recap


Welcome to my first episodic recap for Far Away Love. I suggest that you read my summary HERE so that you’ll have an idea of how this drama went so far.

Episode 12

It has been 6 months since Ruo Nan’s unfortunate death. Chu Xia is working as a sales agent and Meng Xiang is preparing for high school. Slowly, they are getting back on their feet.

But still, Meng Xia can’t help worry for Yao Yao. He hasn’t talk to her since that tragic night. Chu Xia assures that Yao Yao is doing great and will be undergoing cosmetic surgery soon. Suddenly, the lights go off. The lines got short circuited again so Chu Xia goes out to fix the breaker only to find a mysterious man already taking care of it.

Chu Xia helps her new boss, Mr. Cui, to entertain a big-shot client. But the client turns out to be a total pervert and keeps on sexually harassing Chu Xia. The situation is getting out of hand so Mr. Cui signals somebody to come and intervene. Of course, that somebody is Shen An. He calmly announces that he’s there to pick up Chu Xia. Unknown to them, Tai Di is also at the hotel and saw the little commotion.

Inside the car, Chu Xia thanks “CEO Shen” for saving her. He doesn’t seem to mind and tells her to call him by his name since she’s not with Shen Group anymore.

Meanwhile, Tai Di is curious about what happened. Since Chu Xia’s phone is off, he calls Shen An instead and asks where he is. Shen An comfortably answers that he’s with Chu Xia and relays that he saved her from a drunk customer. But somehow Chu Xia is uneasy with Shen An telling others that she’s alone with him and signals him not to divulge. But Shen An doesn’t budge.

Shen An hangs up and pry on why Chu Xia doesn’t want Tai Di to know she’s with him. Chu Xia clarifies that it’s not only to Tai Di but to everybody in general. She doesn’t want people to make unnecessary assumptions. Shen An assures that she doesn’t need to worry about gossips because his actions are merely a fulfillment of his promise to Ruo Nan. Chu Xia reminds him that they already talked about it and she doesn’t need his help. And since she’s out of danger, she bids farewell and gets off from the car.


Chairman (or Shen An’s Mom) and Jia Ying are bonding. Chairman advises Jia Ying to spend more time and be more aggressive with Shen An. She respected Shen An’s decision to marry someone of his own choosing before but now that the one he chose (Ruo Nan) died young, it’s Jia Ying’s chance to make a move. But Jia Ying plays coy and insists that she only sees Shen An as a brother. Chairman tells her to stop pretending already because everybody knows she has feelings for her son. Only that Shen An is too stubborn to recognize it.


This is one of the awkward scenes in this show. Tehehe!

Shen An is having a meeting with some businessmen. They give him an expensive tobacco as a gift and in exchange, he gives them a foot washing bath. Haha! Turns out, he’s just being true to his word and is helping Chu Xia sold as many products as he can.

James (Shen An’s assistant) had enough and talks with Shen An about it. He worries that giving out and selling those kind of stuffs are affecting Shen An’s reputation as a CEO, adding that helping Chu Xia close big deals for the last six months is more than enough. But Shen An is unfazed and reasons that there’s nothing wrong with the products he’s selling. In fact, he uses it personally. Besides, he’s actions were not as grand as James described. He’s rather keeping it low-keyed or Chu Xia will suspect.

James counters that Shen An was already helping Chu Xia even before Ruo Nan made him promise to do so, prodding that maybe, he’s not doing this for Rou Nan anymore but for himself. Shen An seriously retorts that it doesn’t really matter what the reasons are. The truth is Chu Xia reminds him of someone. He warns James not to report to the Chairman about it because he wronged him before and he’s bound to pay it with loyalty.

Outside Shen An’s office, Jia Ying overhears the conversation.


At home, Chu Xia ponders on the recent happenings. It’s not just coincidence that somebody is always helping her out, remembering the time when she tripped and someone pulled her up, the time a car conveniently blocked the road and giving her the chance to talk with a customer, the time the electricity short circuited and someone fixed the breaker for her and lastly, the time she was being harassed and Shen An arrived just in time to save her.


The next morning, Chu Xia tricks Boss Cui by telling that Shen An conveys his thanks for taking care of her. Boss Cui falls right into her trap and happily replies that he’s glad they already talked to each other about ‘it’. His reaction confirms her suspicions and Boss Cui is forced to spill that Shen An has been secretly helping her close some deals since he hired her.

Chu Xia is disappointed to realize that in the end, she still relied on Shen An’s name. Boss Cui guarantees that she’s a great sales agent and tells her not to get offended by Shen An’s goodwill, pointing out that she’s a lucky girl to know someone as influential as Shen An.

And just to confirm her other suspicions, Chu Xia pretends to be robbed. As she expected, two bodyguards appear in an instant.

Shen An and Tai Di are attending a gathering. They are busy fending off a group of eager women’s advances when Chu Xia suddenly shows up with Shen An’s bodyguards in tow. She angrily requests to have a word with Shen An privately and seeing that she’s already mad as hell, Shen An excuses himself.

When alone, Chu Xia asks Shen An if he plans to follow her forever. Shen An tries to subdue her fury and replies that “follow’ is a strong word, so he prefers the term ‘protect’. Chu Xia retorts that the right term is ‘peeping’. Shen An remains unperturbed and tells her that looking at her figure there’s really nothing to peep. Haha!


Chu Xia had it and tells him that he better forget about his promises because she doesn’t need his help. Shen An counters that he’s not doing this for her but for his own sake. His conscience won’t let him sit around, knowing that he made a promise to take care of her. She must understand that his word is as important as her integrity. He already allowed her to resign at Shen Group and he pleads that she let him help her this time. But Chu Xia is resolved. He may call her ungrateful but she will support Meng Xia by herself. And him helping her is becoming a burden.


Tai Di gives Chu Xia a lift. He’s actually glad that she came because he has reasons to sneak out early. Chu Xia laughs and comments that she still doesn’t understand why Tai Di feels awkward around women after so many years. Tai Di laughs along. Indeed, he is but wonders why he feels comfortable around her. Chu Xia replies that it’s normal cause they are friends. Tai Di bitterly smiles. It’s clear that he’s hurt with that word. He then probes about what she and Shen An talked about. Chu Xia avoids the specifics and answers that it’s just something about Ruo Nan. When he asked why she arrived with Shen An’s bodyguards, she tells him that they were already in the venue and they only escorted her.

Tai Di seems to buy her explanations and remarks that Shen An is being polite with her, too polite that he even left the party to talk with her. Tai Di reveals that Shen An attended the banquet only to get a very important stockholder’s support and win over his Mom. If Shen An missed the chance, it’s difficult to set an appointment with the said stockholder again. Chu Xia then muses on why Shen An would want to compete with his own mom. Tai Di replies that it’s not competition per se but taking control of his life.


Because Jia Ying is a bitchy tattletale, she informs the Chairman that Shen An is playing Good Samaritan with Chu Xia. Upon knowing this, the Chairman immediately calls James and furiously asks why she was kept in the dark. James explains that he honestly doesn’t think Shen An’s actions are wrong since it was true that Ruo Nan made him promise to look after Chu Xia. Besides, Chu Xia doesn’t even know he’s helping her. Chairman then instructs James to keep an eye on Shen An. She can’t and won’t allow a girl like Chu Xia get closer to Shen An under her watch.

Chu Xia meets with Ding Fei and Er Per and tells them that Shen An has been helping her all along and so she decides to resign again. Understandably, Ding Fei is annoyed at her. Er Fer shares the same sentiments as Ding Fei and says that Shen An is just probably keeping his promises to Ruo Nan. And if she’s really that uncomfortable to accept his help, then she could just buy him fruits or snacks during special occasions to thank him. Chu Xia defends that since she plays a big part in Ruo Nan’s death, accepting help from her fiancé is not right. Ding Fei argues that she’s being plain unreasonable and if Ruo Nan is alive, she’ll definitely scold her. Chu Xia remains optimistic and assures them that she can still find a new job.


Chu Xia walks home and while looking at the big, round moon, she remembers Ruo Nan’s happiest moment. It was drinking red wine and eating side dishes with friends under a roofless area. It feels nostalgic and perfect so she decides to go to the memorial park and pay Ruo Nan a visit. Surprisingly, Chu Xia finds that Shen An has already set his own picnic blanket there, drinking wine.

Shen An jokes that she really is Ruo Nan’s friend. He thought that Ruo Nan only told him about the moon. Chu Xia laughs and offers Er Per’s food. Shen An takes a bite and finds it too spicy. Chu Xia teases that it’s obvious that rich boys like him doesn’t eat street foods. Shen An turns serious and tells her that Boss Cui informed him she quit. Thinking it through, maybe she’s right. Maybe he’s at fault. He was supposed to help her but now, she’s jobless again. Chu Xia tells him that though it may be the case, it’s still her choice so he mustn’t feel too guilty about it.

Shen An airs to Ruo Nan his complains, saying that he was only pretending to be polite but Chu Xia accepted it generously. Chu Xia defends that he ordered people to follow her so he’s not really the good guy. She sadly remarks that it’s unfortunate that Ruo Nan can’t talk because she will be siding her for sure. But Shen An tells her not to be too confident because he’s also Ruo Nan’s friend. Chu Xia corrects his claim. He’s not a friend but a fiancé. But Shen An reasons that it was a loveless marriage, being Ruo Nan’s friend is far better than being her fiancé.

Chu Xia confesses the even after all this time, she can’t believe Ruo Nan is gone. Ruo Nan was warm and kind. She was undoubtedly the heroine in every story and if there’s someone to go, it should have been her. She’s comparable to one of the dwarfs behind Snow White. Even if she’s gone, no one will notice. Shen An kindly disagrees, telling her not to be too hard on herself. For all they know, maybe the heavens can’t bear him marrying Ruo Nan so they took her away right before the wedding day. He must be a person who can’t bring luck to women. Chu Xia then asks what really happened between him and the woman who took his love away. Shen An is surprised and asks if Ruo Nan also told her that. She vaguely answers that Ruo Nan might have and changes the topic.

Turns out Chu Xia can’t handle booze and is drunk after a few sips. The problem now is how to get her home since the guards he assigned to her are on vacation and he doesn’t know where she lives. Without a choice, Shen An brings her to his home.

The bodyguard who is tailing Shen An takes a picture them and informs the Chairman about it.


Shen An lays Chu Xia on his bed. She’s soaked in sweat so he volunteers to give her a nice sponge bath. Kyaaah!

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