Far Away Love Episode 16 Recap


Marriage may not be far-fetched as Shen An successfully earns cookie points from Chu Xia’s parents. Well played Shen An. Well played indeed. 🙂

Episode 16


We left off with Er Per defending his online popularity to Ding Fei and Chu Xia. It’s after Ding Fei downplays the social chat app, saying it’s just a waste of time and only few people engage themselves in it. Er Per differs and shows them a popular lawyer’s account to prove his point. Unexpectedly, when Ding Fei sees the lawyer’s pictures and posts, she instantly feels attracted to the guy. Er Per tries to talk her out of it and warns that guys like those are only interested to premium quality items. Regardless, Ding Fei already made up her mind and sets her eyes on Lawyer Daniel.

The real estate broker informs Chu Xia that the buyer won’t be living in their house just yet and offers the place for them in the mean time. He also agreed to the rent she asked. Chu Xia can’t hide her happiness and thanks the broker for the good news.

Chu Xia received the payment. After budgeting the money, she gives Meng Xiang a considerably large allowance than usual. Of course, Meng Xiang is surprised and wonders if she still got fever. Chu Xia assures she’s in her right mind and explains that since they just got paid, they’re more lax with money now. She relays they won’t be leaving any time soon since the buyer let them stay. Meng Xiang skeptically smiles. This kid is smart so he must be thinking something’s up.

Chu Xia missed the bus to her parent’s place. Out of the blue, Shen An pulls over and offers her a ride. She’s annoyed at first but later realize his stalking abilities may come in handy this time.

Shen An is apparently disappointed that Chu Xia didn’t inform him beforehand that they’re going to meet her parents, worried that they will think he’s disrespectful for coming unprepared. Chu Xia mischievously smiles and guarantees it won’t be a problem and that she’s already happy he gave her a lift. Shen An is suspicious that she’s acting strangely sweet-tempered around him but Chu Xia dismisses his doubts with a forceful laugh. Thankfully, Shen An had unused souvenir items in his trunk so he won’t be meeting her parents empty handed after all. Chu Xia insists he doesn’t need to bother giving them gifts but he won’t listen.

Mom Meng welcomes their arrival and Shen An automatically turns into the nicest, warmest person in the world. He says sorry to Mom for bringing such small gifts and in response, Mom smiles and says it’s enough that he’s there. When Shen An goes inside the house, Mom asks Chu Xia if he’s the guy who can’t come with her the other day. Chu Xia is appalled and tells her Shen An is just an accident. Mom jokes and asks if accidents can be that good. Chu Xia changes the subject and asks where Dad is and Mom answers he’s playing chess at the neighbor’s.

Shen An waits at Dad Meng’s study per Chu Xia’s instructions. Mom Meng chides Chu Xia for doing such when she knew her Dad gets angry when other people enter his study. Chu Xia wickedly smiles and confesses it’s exactly what she intends to happen. Mom is confused and asks why she’s being cruel to Shen An when he’s such a nice guy. Chu Xia justifies that Shen An is nothing but an arrogant bully and she’s just putting him in place.


Dad returns from the neighbors and finds Shen An in his study. Like Chu Xia planned, Dad is angry for the intrusion. Shen An pacifies the situation and courteously introduces himself. He explains that Chu Xia told him to wait there. This pikes up Dad’s curiosity and probes what his real intentions are. Shen An sincerely replies that he wants to marry Chu Xia but she hasn’t agreed to it yet.

Dad Meng is impressed with his honesty and asks if he knew about Meng Xiang. Shen An confirms that he does and he’s ready to take full responsibility for both of them. Dad falls silent for a while. Shen An then compliments Dad Meng’s calligraphic works. This eases the tension between them and the next thing we know, Dad Meng is already proudly showing off his other works.


Chu Xia listens from behind the door and finds the silence inside the study too odd. Shen then hears someone shouting “Kill!” and hurriedly knocks, worried that they’re fighting. Shen An opens the door and to Chu Xia’s embarrassment, they’re only playing chess. Shen An praises Dad Meng’s expertise in the sport and Dad returns the compliment, sharing that Shen An is letting him win on purpose. They are practically singing praises to each other. Haha! Chu Xia can only look at Shen An with wide eyes and he taunts her with a knowing smirk. Haha!

Shen An continues to win her parent’s good side by doing menial household chores like hanging the laundry. Mom Meng keeps on telling him not to bother himself with that but he insists, saying he’s just showing them his sincerity. Chu Xia, who is listening from the door way, can’t help but raise some eyebrows. When Mom went to the kitchen, Chu Xia annoyingly asks where he learned his acting skills. Dad yells from the background and tells Chu Xia to help out. Shen An mockingly smirks and replies that it’s all good and  he’s about to finish.

Mom Meng offers Shen An tea and he uses the opportunity to throw in some flattery words. On the sidelines, Chu Xia grumbles on Shen An’s Drama King Antics. Losing her patience, Chu Xia grabs the glass from him and tells him to do the dishes but he refuses to do so and leaves to talk with Dad Meng.

Shen An clearly secures her parents approval. Mom Meng even informs Chu Xia that her Dad already agreed to let them date. She also warns Chu Xia not to let a good man pass by and to speed things up a little. Chu Xia grunts and tells Mom they’re just being deceived but Mom doesn’t believe her one bit. Instead, she reminds Chu Xia not to use Shen An for money. Chu Xia can only blame herself for bringing Shen An along and causing the misunderstanding herself.


On the way home, Chu Xia is fuming mad at Shen An. She accuses him of being a fake face with a wily mouth. However, Shen An remains unfazed and contends she should be thanking him for making her parents happy. Sarcastically, she thanks him. Shen An chuckles and remarks that her plan of showing him out failed miserably.

His awfully good mood doesn’t sit well with Chu Xia and she snaps at him. She mockingly tells him he’s the best because everyone loves him, drivers drive for him, flowers open for him and ghosts become high when they see him. In fact, she’s not even qualified to sit next to him and ask him to drop her off. Shen An dismisses her lengthy rants and asks if she really wants that, considering their in in the middle of the road. This shuts her up.

Ding Fei drags Chu Xia to join her for a “bone-breaking” massage. Chu Xia wonders why she’s all worked up and Ding Fei relays that Lawyer Daniel is too hard to please and she must exhort all efforts to win his attention. But Chu Xia have misgivings about Ding Fei’s new relationship and opines that Lawyer Daniel’s qualities is just the same with Tai Di’s but the latter isn’t as demanding. Ding Fei counters that it’s precisely the reason why she must strive for Tai Di. Surprised at how the tables turned, Chu Xia asks what’s wrong about her. Ding Fei bluntly answers “Everything from boobs to thighs!”. She says that there are no ugly women, only lazy ones and calls the masseuses to do their thing. Poor Chu Xia tries to avoid the ordeal but fails.

After the massage, Ding Fei asks what’s going on between Chu Xia and Tai Di. She knows for sure that he’s acting strange. She then probes on what happened during their visit to her parents. Chu Xia admits that nothing happened simply because he bailed, saying he has work. She adds that she was in fact relieved he didn’t come. Hypothetically, Ding Fei asks if she’s willing to say yes to Tai Di if he confessed and won’t demand anything in return. Without having second thoughts, Chu Xia answers “No”. This leaves Ding Fei to ask, “What’s really the problem?”.


Chu Xia thinks about Ding Fei’s question thoughtfully. She recalls Shen An’s smiling face and gets literally spooked of the possibility that she’s starting to like him.

Tai Di pays Shen An a visit but unfortunately he’s not around. He coincidentally bumps into James who informs him that Shen An hasn’t been in the office for 2 days. James continues that as Shen An and Chu Xia’s friend, he should at least advice them that their relationship is a mistake. James’ words only adds to Tai Di’s building suspicions.

Ding Fei invites Tai Di for some chat. She arrives at their meting place, dressed in a sexy black dress. Turns out, she has a date later. Without wasting time, she asks why he’s suddenly avoiding Chu Xia. She’s done with insinuation and her patience ran out so he better tell it to her straight if he likes Chu Xia or not.

Sadly, Tai Di admits he likes Chu Xia ever since their University days until now. But Chu Xia changed and somehow, she built a wall around herself. He doesn’t want to force her so he thought, he’ll just stay by her side quietly, hoping that maybe if she gets used to him, he can make a move. But seeing Shen An and Chu Xia are getting close, he decides to back off. He can’t really blame Shen An because he doesn’t know of his feelings. He badly wants to ask Chu Xia and Shen An clearly but he’s scared to hear their answer. Chu Xia always says love is farther than a lifetime away from her but for him, love is something beyond his reach.

Ding Fei asks if he’s really okay losing out on love? She proceeds to relay a childhood memory. When she was small, her mom bought her elder brother a tin of chocolate. He liked it very much that he doesn’t want to eat it. One day he got into a car accident and the chocolate was left alone until it went bad. The moral of the story is; if he’s not going to grab the chance, it’ll be gone. Life is short. She hopes he and Chu Xia could get together because she believes he could give her happiness. But if he can’t and there’s someone who will, she’ll gladly stand on the side of who could. She tells him to give it a thought and bids her goodbye. Tai Di thanks her for sharing her older brother’s story but she shrugs it off, saying she doesn’t have a brother and everything was made up to make a point.

Ding Fei meets with the infamous Lawyer Daniel. He tells him she looks good but then her dress is too common. He suggests that she wear Prada. I don’t know why Ding Fei just smile and let that insulting comment slide. Gawd, I hate him already. He asks what she wants to drink, wine or coffee, and Ding Fei returns the question. He says he’ll be drinking wine because he only drinks coffee at an international hotel. Ew! Yuck! The vanity of this guy!

Meanwhile, Tai Di mulls over Ding Fei’s words. He then tells his secretary to organize something for him.

Shen An is once again outside Chu Xia’s tenement building. He offers her a lift and she tells him she’s going to meet Ding Fei, who has a knife-like mouth so he better scram. But he isn’t a bit perturbed. He gives her a drink. In anger, she throws the bottle away. She rhetorically asks if he’s not done with his crazy act yet because he’s already becoming a harassment. She told him for the hundredth time, she won’t marry him and begs not to appear in front of her again. And if he continues doing so, she’ll lose it and die. But surprisingly, Shen An only looks at her with an amused expression and further taunts her with a simper. After she scurries off, Shen An calls someone and instructs to organize something. Everybody seems to be organizing something in this episode. Tehehe!

Er Per and Chu Xia accompany Ding Fei in a shopping spree. Chu Xia questions her unusual behavior and Ding Fei supplies that the highly-regulated Lawyer Daniel simply dismissed her as a commoner. Chu Xia is relieved and comforts it’s a good thing that she finally realizes he’s not good for her. But then, she assumed wrong because Ding Fei sees the lawyer as a challenge she needs to conquer.

Chu Xia then looks at the price tag of the dress Ding Fei chose and her eyeballs nearly popped out from her eye sockets. She disbelievingly asks if Ding Fei is planning to scrape her wallet clean. Ding Fei remains adamant and reasons that Daniel’s eyes are very sharp so cheap things never imprint. She changes the topic and asks what’s the real story between her and Shen An. As always, Chu Xia pretends to act dumb but this time around, Ding Fei won’t let her off the hook until she tells them the truth.

Ding Fei and Er Per nearly choked on their drinks after learning about Shen An’s marriage proposal. Chu Xia turns to Er Per and asks if he also thinks it’s unfair to Ruo Nan. Er Per, however, keeps her silence on the matter. In his behalf, Ding Fei argues that Shen An will eventually get married, so might as well, he marry her. It’s what Ruo Nan wanted in the first place. Er Per unexpectedly agrees with Ding Fei. He thought about it and realize they’re indeed the perfect match. He doesn’t know what’s really happening but since Ruo Nan put her into Shen An’s care, it definitely means she was thinking about her happiness.

Ding Fei lauds Er Per’s reasoning and says that though she roots for Tai Di, she finds his battle tactics not too bright. And since Shen An already had the guts to ask her hand for marriage, she should consider it seriously. Of course, Chu Xia finds the idea ridiculous. They are not even listening to her. The only reason why he had that idea is to get his Mom worked up. Ding Fei contends that she doesn’t have to mind his reasons as long as someone is willing to take care of her. Besides, the worst that could happen is having a bad relationship with her future mom-in-law. But then again, given Chu Xia’s communication skills, she won’t be able to interact with anyone so it’s to her advantage. Haha! Chu Xia knows she won’t win debating with them so she excuses herself.


Shen An is at Shen Group having a very important meeting with the Chairman. It seems a stockholder based in the US threatens to pull his investment without any reasons at all. Shen An volunteers to go but the Chairman tells him the investor is a long time shareholder and she needs to handle it herself. Shen An smirks. Ohhh, I know that smirk!

He returns to his office and find Jia Ying waiting. The little brat wants to spend time with him but he kindly tells her he’s too busy with work. However, he promises to visit her in a few days. Delighted, Jia Ying vows to stay at home and wait for him.

After making sure the Chairman already left for the US, Shen An instructs James to go to Qing Dao and handle the problem there. Somehow, everyone who may hinder his plan is being take care of one by one. He then calls the stockholder in America and ask for his help in delaying the Chairman’s return.

Chu Xia comes across Boss Chui on the way to one of her interviews. He asks how she’s been and assumes she still hasn’t found a job. He then invites her to a banquet to be attended by famous businessmen. He promises to help her find a new job there. Chu Xia is reluctant of his offer since he already lied to her once but Boss Cui guarantees he won’t lie to her the second time around and it has nothing to do with Shen An at all. Chu Xia believes him then and agrees to go with him.

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