Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai Movie Recap


Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai’s big-screen adaptation is finally out for us to feast on and swoon over! The movie greatly exceeded my expectations. The plot drastically thickened as emotions were torn and friendships were put to a test. There were tons of blush-worthy moments and as the movie progressed, I felt like going back to my teenage, hormone-driven years. Tehehe!

If you want to read my recaps on the show’s prequel, click here: [1] [2]. But if not, you can just read on. The movie is equipped with tons of flashbacks from the prequels anyways.

Movie Recap

With a determined look, Yuu Akahane (Nana Komatsu) proudly narrates that finally, she was able to change herself. After her day to day struggle at the rock bottom, she eventually emerges triumphant and is now standing on a much brighter place. As she heaves a sigh and takes a step forward, she tells us that the new stage of her life has just begun.


While having a carefree walk to school, the Black Devil Kurosaki Haruto (Kento Nakajima) suddenly calls her attention. He reminds her that she’s his slave and hence, she’s obligated to obey his orders. He then walks towards her, tilts her chin up and leans for a kiss. After sometime, Yuu finally gathers her wits and pushes him away. She bravely declares she won’t just do what he says but he immediately puts her in place, insisting that she has no say on the matter. He turns to leave. And though he’s already meters away, he still heard her call him a devil. Annoyed, he gives her a reprove. Yes, he’s like a ninja. He hears everything. Haha!


After the strange encounter with Kurosaki, she’s then greeted by the sparkling White Prince Shirakawa Takumi (Yudai Chiba). He tells her to press the start button- meaning his lips. She’s rather confused so she asks if he’ll be pretending as her boyfriend again but he says that he won’t. Instead, they’ll be having a different kind of relationship. Though still at a loss, she concedes. Like Kurosaki, he also leans for a kiss and vows to teach her what real love is. Two kisses in one day? Lucky!

Puzzled, Yuu recalls the occurrences which lead to this day. She admits being bullied and transferring to another school gave her the chance to change herself. The day she moved in to the school dorms, she met Kurosaki. That time she had no idea he was such a devil, so she stood up to him and in the process, earned his ire. As punishment, he made her his personal slave. He even stole her first kiss. But God is still kind and gave her an angel, Shirakawa. The White Prince’s smile made her heart flutter after it had been hurt by the Black Devil. And to help her understand love, Shirakawa pretended to be her boyfriend. In that short of period of time, she was happy.

There were times she thought the Devil was nice, other times she thought not. Anyways, she has been with the Black Devil and White Prince too long that she got herself involved with them. She knew they’ve been hanging around on a whim but still, she wanted to know more about them. That pretty much summarized everything, but still, she has no idea what’s going on.


Walking together, Shirakawa informs Kurosaki that he overwrote his kiss. Kurosaki acts unfazed and asks if he damaged his brain or something. And hence, Shirakawa reiterates his seriousness in fighting for Yuu.


Yuu, Meiko and the rest of their group barely arrive on time for their class. The moment Yuu sees Kurosaki, she instantly braces for his weird antics- a task so impossible because she’s sitting in front of him. He then pulls her hair and tells her to weed the courtyard. Yuu readily agrees as long as he let her go. But he’s not done yet. He warns her not to wag her tail in front of anyone and bites her ear. The intimate action makes her squeal, gaining the attention of the whole class. The teacher asks her what’s wrong and since can’t possibly advertise what Kurosaki just did, she lies that it’s nothing. All along, Kurosaki acts bored.

She’s still in a daze so Meiko asks if something happened between her and Shirakawa. Before she can answer, the very man they were talking about appears and takes Yuu away.


Yuu is visibly uneasy sitting across Shirakawa. He tries to shove the awkwardness, noting that hanging out with her is nice. Mustering the courage to know what’s going on, she asks if they’re pretending to be in a relationship or not because for the life of her, she can’t really differentiate between the two. Understanding her dilemma, Shirakawa smiles and confesses that he likes her for real. Yuu stares at him googly-eyed but later looks away, saying she nearly believed him. Shirakawa laughs and sits right next to her. He holds her close and insists that he isn’t joking. Yuu can only look at him, baffled.

From afar, the resident Mean Girls notice Yuu and Shirakawa becoming awfully close and they ain’t liking the scene one bit.


Yuu keeps on remembering Shirakawa’s confession so Kurosaki gladly snaps her out it, instructing her to clean the shoe rack and the bath. She airs her complaints only to be nipped in the bud by Kurosaki’s glaring eyes. He accuses her of being sloppy and in return, she mumbles he’s being stingy. He turns to leave but she calls out and tells him to stop doing weird things to her. But he only sneers and smugly concludes that she still doesn’t understand the situation she’s in. He leans in, asking if he should make her do something more submissive in a seductive whisper. Their little banter is witnessed by the Mean Girls, who are now fuming mad with envy.

The Mean Girls won’t be standing on the sidelines anymore, eagerly wanting to “punish” Yuu. The Evil Master Plan is to lure Yuu in using the men’s bathroom and then let some random guy see her naked. Yeah, that’s the most they can think of. Zzz! Well, they succeeded and Yuu fell right into their trap.

Yuu is enjoying the relaxing lukewarm water when Kurosaki unexpectedly enters the bathroom, half naked and looking ridiculously hot! Not wanting to get caught, she holds her breath and hides under water from time to time. But sadly, her predicament has just begun.

After his mandatory, sexy shower, the unsuspecting Kurosaki takes a dip in the tub adjacent to the one she’s in. Trapped, she’s forced to reveal herself and awkwardly billows out of the tub. But before she can actually do so, Shirakawa announces he’ll be coming in. While Yuu panics, Kurosaki just laughs, seemingly taking pleasure in her discomfort. And then suddenly, Kurosaki stands (butt naked!) and walks over to her side. Sitting in front of her, he is obviously trying to prevent Shirakawa from seeing her. Aw, that’s sweet!

Shirakawa joins them inside and Kurosaki invites him to try the bath. Thankfully, Shirakawa declines because he finds the water too hot. When, Shirakawa finished his own slow-mo shower scene and left, Yuu starts to leave. But since she has been in the water for a relatively long time, she feels dizzy and passes out. I also posted Shirakawa’s shower scene for your reference. Tehehe!

Outside, the Mean Girls excitedly wait for the outcome of their evil ploy but their excitement treads heavily after witnessing Kurosaki carrying an unconscious Yuu, draped in his white shirt. Aw, that’s romantic!

Yuu wakes up inside her room and finds Kurosaki leaning on the wall, looking at her. She instinctively covers herself with a blanket but later realizes it’s a useless since he already saw everything. Kurosaki snorts and defends it’s her fault for making him see things he doesn’t want to see. However, she misunderstood and hides her face, afraid he’ll think she’s ugly without her make up on. Kurosaki falls silent and quietly assures she’s still the same to him no matter what. He offers her a bottled water and instructs that she drink it to cool down. As he turns to leave, Yuu gets up but clumsily gets entangled with the blanket. Kurosaki crouches to her side and scoffs that she needs to shape up.

It’s undeniable Yuu is touched by his words but she shrugs it off, justifying that her heart’s erratic reaction is merely due to dizziness.

Yuu listens to Kurosaki’s emotional piano playing and wonders why a mean guy like him can play gentle music. She’s then accompanied by Kaji (Yuta Kishi), a dorm mate and Kurosaki’s fan who fervently defends that contrary to popular belief, Kurosaki is in truth, a nice guy. He shares that since Kurosaki finds it hard to express his emotions through words, he uses heart-piercing music instead. Curious, Yuu asks why he idolizes Kurosaki so much and he readily admits that Kurosaki was his only friend when he was being bullied in middle school. He then reminds Yuu to keep his secret a secret.


The next day, Meiko visits Yuu at her dorm. While filling out the logbook, the landlady proudly babbles that Yuu loves to clean. Ha! If only she knew Kurosaki is making her do that stuffs.

Inside Yuu’s room, Meiko notices Kurosaki’s polo shirt and asks if it belongs to Shirakawa. Yuu awkwardly dodges the question and after weighing her options, she reluctantly declares she has something to confess. But just in time, Kaji and Kakeru, invites them to a basketball match. The two girls accept, pushing Yuu’s supposed confession to the side.

Meiko is outplaying the two guys when Kurosaki makes a surprise appearance. He agrees to have a one-on-one match with Meiko and without really holding back, she defeats her. Yuu worriedly asks if Meiko’s okay and the latter honestly answers that though she’s annoyed, she’s happy. Hmm, I think I know where this is going.


Coincidentally, Shirakawa joins the fun and challenges Kurosaki to a face-off with Yuu at stake. The “Battle for Yuu” ensues and Shirakawa can’t help but comment on Kurosaki’s desperation to win. He knows something happened between the two and it angrily admits it pisses him off.


While the heated battle is underway, Yuu notices Meiko eagerly cheering for Kurosaki. Meiko’s odd behavior leads Yuu to ask if she likes Kurosaki. She admits she has feelings for him, relaying that it all started last summer when Kurosaki saved her from drowning. She originally doesn’t like him at all but eventually he grew on her. In fact, her feelings became so strong that she broke up with her boyfriend. But then, she fully understands it’s just a dumb move since Kurosaki doesn’t even notice her. Knowing about Meiko’s feelings, Yuu chooses to keep mum on Kurosaki’s weird advances and instead, declares to ship for her.


Finally, the battle is over with Kurosaki having the winning point. As a gesture of sportsmanship, he extends his hand to Shirakawa. But it seems the fight still ain’t over for them because right then, Shirakawa declares he won’t give up on Yuu. Kurosaki is taken aback and disappointingly points out that it was he who said they should bet on her. Shirakawa agrees but he can’t really give up on her that easily. They share a one-minute, tension-coated stare until Kurosaki backs off and laughs at Shirakawa’s seriousness.


It’s raining pretty hard and since Yuu trembles from the deafening thunder, Shirakawa takes her hand and subtly hide it under the table. Yuu is rather surprised at his action but he just shush her. And then suddenly, the electricity goes off. Kaji freaks out and runs after Kakeru. After awhile, Shirakawa and Meiko leave to get a flashlight.


While everybody’s gone, Kurosaki cages Yuu in a tight embrace. He accuses her of being unfaithful and then nibs her ear. Yuu instinctively yelps. But Kurosaki, somehow enjoys her “loud” reaction, not even a bit worried if others find them in a very compromising position. Hearing the nearing footsteps, Yuu starts to panic.

Shirakawa and the others return and so is the electricity. Shirakawa asks if Yuu’s okay and apologizes for leaving her behind. Yuu assures she’s fine but to Shirakawa’s disappointment, he notices a brand new hickey on her neck. He accusingly looks at Kurosaki, who innocently looks the other way.

Alone at her room, Yuu finally notices the hickey. Her initial panic turns to confusion. Right on cue, she receives a text from Meiko who shares she felt better after spilling her feelings for Kurosaki. Now, Yuu is really confused. She knows she feels something weird for Kurosaki, but doesn’t want to hurt Meiko. Choosing friendship over boys, she covers the hickey with band aid and vows to support Meiko.

The next day, Kaji invites the squad to a fun day at the Amusement Park. Yuu plays cupid and declares she’ll only tag along if Meiko will go and suggests they invite Kurosaki as well. Well, Yuu’s plan worked because the next thing we knew, she, Kurosaki, Shirakawa, Meiko and Kaji are bound to the Amusement Park.

On the way there, Kaji shares a famous urban legend regarding the Park’s Ferris Wheel. Legend says, couples who kiss on top of the Ferris Wheel will be together. Everybody laughs at the gullibility of it, except Kurosaki who falls silent.


The group are enjoying the day. One time, Yuu feels cold. She forgot to bring her gloves so Shirakawa holds her hand and put it inside his jacket’s side pocket. She seems vexed at his nice gesture. And while Yuu and Shirakawa stares at each other, Kurosaki looks at them with jealous glint in his eyes.

While they are resting, Yuu encourages Meiko to ask Kurosaki for a ride at the Ferris Wheel. Meiko is reluctant at first but since Yuu is being pursuasive, she gives in and talks to Kurosaki. Unexpectedly, he yields. Mission accomplish!


With Kurosaki out of the way, Shirakawa invites Yuu for a walk. He notices her whimpering and guesses she had a blister. He pulls her to a bench and takes her blistered foot. It seems he came prepared because he already has band aid with him. She tries walking and thanks Shirakawa for the help. Suddenly, he hugs her from behind. He confesses that he’s supposed to wait but he’s at his limit. He asks that she look at him and only him. In voice over, Yuu says “I should be happy but…”.

After sometime, Yuu and Shirakawa go back to find the others. Shirakawa volunteers to buy a drink, leaving Yuu to wait for him. Out of the blue, Kurosaki drags her for a ride at the Ferris Wheel. He pushes her inside the gondola and kisses her. Yuu sheds some tear. Maybe because she knows she can’t let him kiss her like that but she can’t also push him away.

Shirakawa returns and finds Yuu missing. Just in time, Meiko and Kaji join him. Shirakawa looks up the Ferries Wheel, suspecting that Yuu and Kurosaki are there. Sadly, he’s right. Yuu and Kurosaki finally go back to meet the group. Shirakawa asks if they were together, Yuu lies they’re not and that she only met him by chance. Kurosaki seems displeased by her answer. Yuu’s guilty looks gave her away.


Yuu is cleaning the dining room and she can’t fathom why she didn’t reject Kurosaki’s kisses. She’s feeling the weird emotions again and it’s spreading through her body. Kaji sees her in a daze and asks if she’s okay. She absentmindedly replies that she feels hot and being lustful. Kaji finds it odd since it’s cold.

At their room, Shirakawa warns that if Yuu decides to date Kurosaki, they’re friendship is over. Dun! Dun! Dun!

Yuu is practicing how to play the piano when Kurosaki suddenly covers her hands with his, guiding her. They spend a whole minute or two in that romantic position. And when the song finally ends, Kurosaki turns and says he’ll end their contract and that she doesn’t need to obey him anymore. Saddened and baffled, Yuu asks why. He merely replies that he’s just satisfied that’s all. Yuu feigns relief and leaves crying. In voiceover: “I should be happy it’s over but…”

Everything’s not right after that. Kurosaki greeted Kaji, Yuu is just silent and both are spacing out, those major telltale signs they are affected by the sudden turn of events.


Shirakawa greets Yuu but she’s too depressed to notice him. He asks if something happened between her and Kurosaki and she spills that she has been released from her contract. She acts as if she’s relieved but of course, Shirakawa knows better.


Yuu can’t take it anymore and confesses to Meiko that she likes Kurosaki too. Meiko is a tad surprised and asks when it started. Yuu answers that she doesn’t have any idea when. It just happened. She knows she mustn’t feel that way but she can’t do anything about it. She can only say sorry for feeling that way. Meiko shrugs it off and asks why she’s apologizing. She admits she’s not happy that they like the same person. In fact, she’s angry. She doesn’t want having rivals and won’t hand Kurosaki that easily but even so, it has nothing to do with their friendship. First and foremost, they are friends. Yuu cries hearing Meiko’s thoughts. She assumed she’ll lose her as a friend. Meiko smiles and hugs her tight. She tells Yuu to stop crying cause it’ll ruin her make-up. Yuu laughs and says she doesn’t mind.


Kurosaki too decides to confront the situation at hand. He challenges Shirakawa for a do or die basketball match. As always, Yuu is the coveted prize. Shirakawa bitterly conveys that ever since they were young, everyone he fell in love with, ends up falling in love with Kurosaki. He knows Kurosaki is only playing the cool guy and gives way. And yet, since they won’t even look at him, all he could do is accept defeat time and again. What really ticks him off though is the the fact that Kurosaki doesn’t even see him as a worthy rival.

He’s really thankful Yuu showed up. For once, he can steal the girl Kurosaki likes. For that purpose, he got close to her. Though it started as a game, he gradually liked Yuu for real. Everything is going according to plan. Kurosaki didn’t back down and became serious in fighting for her. He thought, finally they’re on the same level. But he’s acting cool again. Kurosaki had enough and angrily tells him to stop saying crap. He declares that this is a real fight and the loser can’t back off to his words just like the last time.


Okay, I just want to put this screencap. Rawr!

After a few pushing and pulling movements, the two decides to end the game and whoever gets the last shot wins. It’s Kurosaki’s ball and he shoots. In slow mo, the ball falls a little short into the net and bounces on the rim and then… cut!

Next, we see Shirakawa waiting for Yuu. Walking side by side, Yuu admits she has come to like someone else. Before she can go on, Shirakawa shares that he had a one on one talk with Kurosaki and it’s the first time he really felt defeated. He thanks Yuu for the opportunity and tells her to press the reset button (his lips)because once she does, his feelings will be erased. After she did as she’s told, Shirakawa pushes her away and nods, telling her to go find Kurosaki.


And then we get a flashback of what transcribed earlier. Kurosaki won and Shirakawa admitted defeat. Lying down the floor, Kurosaki relayed that he didn’t like losing but there was one guy he can never beat since they were young. He pointed out that he was referring to Shirakawa. Aww! He then complained that Shirakawa made him say sappy stuffs. Shirakawa laughed and they wereback to being friends.

Yuu looks for Kurosaki but she can’t seem to find him anywhere. She then gets a call from him, instructing her to go to Harumi Hill Park in 5 minutes. On the way there, she bumps into Meiko. She tells her that she’s meeting Kurosaki and Meiko nods, giving her the approval she needs.

She finally arrives to their meeting place. She’s catching her breath when Kurosaki tells her she’s 3 minutes late. In her defense, she retorts that he already said she won’t have to obey him anymore. He smugly declares that he’s taking it back and that he’s extending the contract indefinitely. “Akabane Yuu, you’re mine. No, you’re my woman”, he confidently declares. When she remains silent, he asks about her reply. She stares at him and says “No”. She doesn’t want to and she won’t just do whatever he says. Kurosaki’s face instantly falls. “I won’t just do whatever Kurosaki-kun says but… I like you” and then she smiles. Kyaah!

She runs and hug him. Her actions take him by surprise and he’s kinda embarrassed by it. Heh? She then teases him for the awkward reaction but he feigns arrogance and warns not to get carried away or he’ll kiss her. Yuu gives him one playful grin and dares him to do it. Well, that’s an unlikely challenge coming from her. Instead, he blurts out she’s being stupid and walks off.

But he can’t escape that easily. She runs after him, pulls him back, tilts his head, says “I love you” and then kiss. Kyaah!


After recovering from the initial shock, Kurosaki responds with his own passionate smooches. Not letting her go, he carries her bridal style and continues with the kisses. H must be pretty strong to do that. Yuu begs that he put her down but he refuses until she says “please”. When he eventually sets her down, she drags him back to the dorm in fear of breaking curfew rules. Kurosaki asks why she’s the one dragging when he’s the master but she shrugs him off, saying “That’s what you think”. Hah!

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  1. I have question what is the title of the song when kuro and yuu playing piano??

    Please reply

  2. Where is in the real life the “Harumi Hill Park”?? reply pls!

  3. Where can I watch this movie plsss really need to watch it but there’s only two episodes

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