My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 1 Recap


My anticipation for this show went downhill after watching the first episode. 😦

Well it’s a bit cliché and draggy at times. The female lead’s acting went a little overboard and the chemistry is almost nonexistent. One thing I like about it though is the funny interaction between the female lead and the side characters. Despite my initial disappointments, I’ll continue to watch at most 5 episodes before I’ll make the decision of continuing with the recap or not.

For now, enjoy the pilot episode. 🙂

 Episode 1

There’s an unfortunate car accident. A bloody female body and a mummified male cadaver lie on the road. The female’s gushing blood travels its way to the cadaver. On the verge of death, the last thing the female sees is a man’s blurry silhouette.

Our mysteryMAB_04 man is Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan). He looked like an ordinary pretty face but in truth, he is a mutant with superpowers who has been living with the human race for 400 years. One hundred years ago, someone wanted him dead by draining his blood. But killing him proves to be a lot more difficult task. Instead, he was only put into a deep sleep. His casket and dormant body was later discovered at the bottom of a river. On the night of the accident, his body is supposed to be delivered to a research facility. And because of the female’s blood, he is awakened from his slumber. But sadly, he has no idea of who is responsible for his “murder”. He is a man lost in the past and oblivious of the present.


That same night, Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian), a luckless, second-rate actress initiated a marriage proposal to her boyfriend but got rejected by him in front of her friends. Turns out, his boyfriend is in love with her best friend who has been living with her since high school. The saddest thing is, the said best friend already stole a total of 7 ex-boyfriends from her! Haha!

Depressed and brokenhearted, she then attempts to jump off the roof but every time she gets on the edge, she cowers down. The security guard who watches her countless failed attempts for two-full hours comically complains about her hesitancy. The guard firstly dismissed her reasons as minor setbacks but upon hearing the full story, he concludes that she is indeed the unluckiest girl in the world and supports her suicide plan. Haha!

But thankfully, she comes to her senses and mulls over the fact that her ex-bf ain’t worth dying for. She goes to her car and there awaits… a parking violation ticket. Haha! Indeed the unluckiest. And to conclude her worst night ever, she gets herself involved in the tragic road accident.

After a month of hiding in the hospital, the nurse bluntly tells Jing Zhi to check out because she has obviously fully recovered from the accident. Haha! Jing Zhi’s mom, also an actress, comes by to visit and convinces her to go home. But despite her mom’s urging, she’s still not ready to face the media or the shame of public rejection.

That night, Ling Qiao stares at the soundly sleeping Jing Zhi. He’s rather confused why his heartbeat is audibly in sync with hers every time they are near each other. Somehow, Jing Zhi feels his creepy presence and wakes up. She screams and the nurses come to her aid. She tells them she saw a man and hears a loud, steady heartbeat sound. They search her room but since no one’s around, the blunt nurse deems that Jing Zhi is just imagining things and uses that as an excuse to prolong her stay. Haha!

At the rooftop of the fronting building, Ling Qiao smiles at Jing Zhi’s terrified reactions. He regards her as someone vulnerable and easily-led but whether he likes it or not, she may be the key to his forgotten past.

Jing Zhi is craving for real food. She tries to sneak out and deduces that the only way to escape is by jumping over the wall. She runs speedily towards the perimeter fence but unfortunately she didn’t see the uncovered manhole conveniently placed in her path. As expected, she falls directly inside. Haha!

One again she hears the loud heartbeat, which we know signifies that Ling Qiao is just around the corner. And yeah, he’s just lazily sitting on a branch of a nearby tree. She shouts for help and he’s forced to lend a hand but not before teasing her a bit. Haha! She tries to bribe him with an autograph but he is apparently uninterested. She then offers him money but it’s still a no. So she asks him what he wants in exchange. Well, he wants some questions answered. Thinking that he’s a random crazy dude, she agrees.

He asks her if she believes in immortality. She answers him a flippant yes. Second question is if she wants to be immortal. This time she earnestly tells him no. Even if she have lots to gain, she has more to lose. She can’t bear the idea of seeing her family and friends die one by one. It’ll be lonesome life and people will treat her as a monster. Ling Qiao remains silent and reflects on that thought. He then tells Jing Zhi to close her eyes and count to five. In less than 5 seconds, she finds herself outside the manhole. Dun-dun-dun!

It’s time for Jing Zhi to finally go home and she’s desperately trying to stay, feigning to be suffering from different kinds of illness. However, Blunt Nurse is adamant to kick her out and insists that she’s healthy as a horse. In fact, she’s too healthy that even her bones shine. Haha! In the end, Jing Zhi is forced to discharge. Blunt Nurse assures her that no one knows she’ll be leaving the hospital, but to her surprise, all reporters are already waiting for her. Haha! I love that Blunt Nurse’s smile of triumph. Sassy!

The interview is going well until one reporter asks about her comment on the rumor that some pervert took advantage of her unconscious state and kissed her. The news enraged her so much simply because it was her first kiss. She vents her anger to Mom who appears apathetic of her rants. Dad, however, supports her principle of delaying intimate kisses for at least months. But nevertheless, the fact remains that some pervert stole her first kiss. She hopes to forget about it and prays for amnesia. Mom laughs because only leading ladies get to play the part. Haha!


Meanwhile, Ling Qiao is busy searching the net for answers. He reads about the people involved in the research project about him. He goes to the facility to investigate. There he sees his mummified picture (tagged as the Sleeping Beauty) and laughs at how handsome he really is compared to the said picture.

Jing Zhi is staying at her parent’s place and plans to take another 2 months leave off work. But to her horror, she finds her savings almost depleted. Dad patiently explains that it’s all because of her one month-long “staycation” at the hospital and her monthly car mortgage. He didn’t bother telling her because she’s evidently very happy living there, and besides, it’s her money to waste. Haha! Jing Zhi nearly died of heart attack after hearing Dad’s “rational and smart reasoning”. She immediately decides to go home and make money! Haha!

She finds her infamous ex-boyfriend Li Yan Zi (Fu Jia), a police detective, waiting outside her house. It seems he wants to make amends and though he didn’t mean to reject her in front of other people, he didn’t regret telling her the truth. It’ll be unfair for her and she deserves someone who truly loves her. But Jing Zhi is not ready to forget and calls it quits. Inside, she bares her angry façade and weeps. 😦

Someone rings the bell. Thinking it’s Yan Zi, she arms herself with a cucumber and tries beating him with it. Haha! But no one’s there. She then spots Ling Qiao, his hand on his chest and looking at her. She too feels the same heartbeat and they look into each other’s eyes. She’s instantly attracted to him no doubt. And then comes a car which interrupted their eye to eye moment. Tehehe!

It’s Ex-BF No. 6, Ye Chen. Jing Zhi is still pissed at him though and shoos him away. She’s about to close the door when he tells her that his visit is actually about the road accident she was in. Coincidentally, Chen is one of the scientists who were tasked to study about the mummified body. He tells her that the said body is an important artifact and since it’s allegedly stolen, he wants to know if she remembers something out of the ordinary that night. But she can’t recall a thing, so Chen gives her the Sleeping Beauty pamphlet. Jing Zhi looks at the picture and is petrified that the picture opened its eyes. She throws him out and prays that Chen didn’t bring ghosts or bad luck inside her home. Tehehe!

Outside, Chen calls Yan Zi. Okay, it’s weird for two ex-boyfriends to team up for the sake of their ex-gf. Just an opinion. He informs him that though Jing Zhi appears to have no knowledge of the dead body, she’s still in grave danger. Many people are interested to get it and they must protect her no matter what.

The last thing we see is Ling Qiao hiding behind the tree branches, his eyes looking intently ahead.

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