L.DK Movie Recap

Thanks to NeeNee of asianaddictsanonymous, I was able to enjoy and drool over this movie or more exactly drool over Yamazaki’s half-naked glory. Mwahaha! Just like all other live action adaptations, L.DK is rushed. Relationships didn’t develop as it should have and hence, this movie purely relied on the ‘sweets’. And boy, they delivered! This movie is adorable. Just seeing the two leads together, automatically puts a smile on my face. What can I say, they’re just too cute, especially Yamazaki! Kyaaah!

Credits to NeeNee for the screenshots. 😉 Thanks to her, recapping L.DK is not as tedious. Arigatou!

And now for the good part…

Movie Recap


Aoi’s (Gouriki Ayame) bestfriend Moe (Okamoto Rei) got a huge crush on Shuusei (Yamazaki Kento). One fateful day, Moe confesses her love to Shuusei, but is rudely rejected in public. This angers Aoi so much that she confronts Shuusei. However, he misunderstood and  arrogantly assumes that Aoi likes him too. Her temper flares and automatically kicks Shuusei down the stairs.

Shuusei’s slight foot injury forces Aoi to give him a piggyback ride home. She carries him all the way to his house, where she learns that they live right next to each other. He just transferred the other day and becoz he’s too injured to perform any work, she needs to help him settle down too. When he got hungry, she cooks him food using her own supplies.

She’s minding her thing when a half-naked Shuusei catches her unaware. In a panic, she mistakenly throws in oil into the pan, accidentally setting a kitchen fire which triggered the sprinklers. With Shuusei’s room wet and obviously not usable for the time being, he decides to stay at Aoi’s apartment.

Having Shuusei in her place is such a torment. Not only does he roam around with only his underwear but uses her things without asking as well. Aoi can’t seem to comprehend how things got the way it did. At school, Aoi is still in a daze and while looking blankly outside her classroom window, she notices Shuusei playing basketball. She realizes she’s been tricked all along and he isn’t suffering from any injuries at all!

Aoi wants to tell Moe about the situation she’s in, but when she learns that a schoolmate got kicked out from school becoz of living together with her boyfriend, she settles on keeping it a secret.

Aoi vows not to tell anybody that she’s living with Shuusei, but the latter seems not to mind if the news get spoiled. He even returns the key to her apartment in front of her friends. She panics and pulls him away to somewhere safe. He’s just teasing her of course. With her friends drawing suspicion, she tells them that she lost her key and that Shuusei just found it.  Whew!

At home, Aoi does some damage control. She puts post-its on the walls, reminding him not to walk naked and not to eat her food. She also sets up a temporary curtain wall to put a distance between them when they sleep.

While she’s at it, Shuusei comes home with his friend Ryosuke (Nakao Akiyoshi). Aoi hides under the blanket. However, Shuusei sees her foot sticking out and knows that she’s hiding under it. He purposely sits on top of her. She signals him to get off but he ignores her. Good thing Ryosuke goes out to the balcony.


In irritation, she punches him and goes out. It’s raining and she has no choice but stay at a store for awhile. There, she meets Sanjou  (Kiriyama Renn). They’re old friends and since she loves olives, he promises to give her a recipe she’ll like. Sanjou notices that she caught a cold and lends her his jacket. It’s rather obvious that he’s into her but sadly, it’s just one-sided.

Aoi goes back with a cold and Shuusei immediately notices Sanjou’s jacket. He’s kinda surprise about it though, knowing too well that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Aoi can’t argue with that coz it’s true. Just in time, Sanjou knocks on her door. Outside, he gives her the recipe he promised a while ago. Knowing that she’s neighbor with a boy, he tells her to be careful. When Sanjou was gone, Shuusei jeers at her obvious attempt to act cute in front of Sanjou. Aoi tries to explain but gets silenced when Shuusei puts medicine patch on her forehead. Awww, that’s sweet!

Eventually, Moe sees Shuusei and Aoi at the balcony of her apartment. Aoi lies that Shuusei  is just her next-door neighbor.

Their landlady holds a welcome party for Shuusei. Joining them are Sanjou, Moe, Ryosuke, Shuusei’s Soju (Fukushi Seiji) and EX-girlfriend, Satsuki (Ishibashi Anna). There’s a b*tchy aura surrounding Satsuki and Aoi feels it right on. Seeing that something is brewing between Shuusei and Aoi, Satsuki reminds Shuusei of his promise to her. At this point, it’s useless to reveal it so, I’ll save it for later. 😉

Before they part ways, Satsuki frankly tells Aoi that even if she likes Shuusei, she’ll never have a chance with him. Sanjou and Shuusei too had a one on one talk. Sanjou advises Shuusei not to play with Aoi’s feelings, and Shuusei derides the obvious warning.

That night, Aoi can’t sleep. Thoughts about Shuusei and Satsuki  runs in her mind. She can’t deny it anymore. She’s starting to fall for Shuusei. Deafening thunder impedes her thoughts and suddenly she’s scared out of her wits. Shuusei’s aware of it and offers his hand. Awww!

The landlady has two fun park tickets. She can’t go there so she gives it to Aoi. Aoi thanks her and thinks of going to the fun park with Moe. However, Shuusei grabs one of the tickets and tell her to wait for him there. Double awwww!

Shuusei and Aoi had a great time at the park. It’s like a practice date. They even hold hands. Yay! The semi-couple settles for a break at a resto. Aoi notices the poster for the Annual Firework Festival and gets excited. She wants to attend the Festival this year. According to stories, couples who will kiss during the 7th heart-shaped firework will be blessed. Shuusei laughs at her for believing such childish thoughts. But Aoi is dead serious. And so, Shuusei promises to take her to the Festival. Triple awwwww!

Aoi gets separated from Shuusei. Two schoolmates follow Aoi and she freaks out. Before they could catch up with her, she gets pulled by Shuusei. They stare at each other in awe. Aoi closes her eyes and waits for a kiss. He leans in but stops. Instead, he tells her to be careful next time. Zzzz!

Finally, Aoi tells Moe the truth that she’s living with Shuusei and that she’s in love with him. Ironically, Moe is not angry. She’s even happy for her. She’s only disappointed that Aoi didn’t tell her earlier. To win Shuusei’s heart, she must have a proper strategy. Besides, Moe is already in a relationship with Ryosuke.

Satsuki comes to pay Shueuie a surprise visit at his apartment. Clearly, she’s unhappy learning that they live together and urges Shueuie to go home. Shueuie won’t budge. Aoi is just a roommate and nothing else. Shueuie goes inside , leaving Aoi to be terrorized by the evil wench. She tells Aoi to read between the lines and stay away. Even though they’ve separated, Shueuie couldn’t possibly forget his promise.

Aoi is curious of what really happened between the two. She asks Soju about it and he complies in exchange for a kiss. Aoi is deeply offended for what he did.

Later that day, Shueuie visits Soju at work. Soju offers to give him some money but Shueuie refuses to accept. Soju talks about how Aoi is just like Satsuki. Both are strong and he relays how Aoi oddly reacted when he kissed her. Shueuie gets riled up and punches Soju in the face.

Shueuie finds Aoi crying. He teasingly scolds her for not taking care of herself even though he told her so. She can’t help but cry in front of him. He then takes a picture of her crying and tells her she’s ugly when she cries. He kisses her tears away. It’s a reset, he says. In the hopes of making her laugh, he pushes her down the hill. It’s funny how she rolls and rolls. Haha! They both laugh in the end.

Things are back to normal and both has become fully aware of the unspoken relationship between them. And even if Shueuie hasn’t really expressed his feelings, Aoi is content just to have him around. Satsuki continues to call Shueuie now and then but even then, Aoi remains thoughtful and accepting.

It’s Shueuie’s birthday. Aoi spends her time cooking and baking, knowing that he loves her food. On the other hand, Shueuie is spending time doing errands for Satsuki. Using Shueuie’s phone, Satsuki calls Aoi and makes up some lies that Shueuie won’t be going home becoz they’ll be making out. Still, Aoi waits for him. Thankfully, he came and happily eats the food she prepared. Watching him eat, Aoi can’t contain her emotions and sheds some tears. Shueuie innocently asks what’s the problem.

Aoi: I just want to be happy.

Shueuie is pissed. He rudely shoves her down and tries to force a kiss on her. He continues to insult her by asking if this is what she meant when she said she wants to be happy. She looks at him with disbelief and disappointment. He stands and leaves in haste.

She runs after him. She pleads and tells him not to go. Drench and drained, Aoi confesses her love. But he remains undeterred. He can’t continue with that kind of situation anymore. He doesn’t really know how to love and he can’t fulfill his promise to take her to the Festival anymore.

Ryosuke sheds some light on what really happened between Shueuie and Satsuki. They grew up together. Shueuie has a dysfunctional family. During his weakest, Satsuki was always there. They soon became a couple. But becoz of Satsuki’s selfish attitude, they broke up. Two years ago, Satsuki wanted to talk with Shueuie but he ignored her calls. Satsuki waited for hours in the cold and nearly died. Shueuie blamed himself and vowed to be by her side until she finds her own happiness. Now that Aoi knows the real story, she concedes. Her love may never be reciprocated.

As if to end the unspoken relationship, Aoi finds her key outside her door along with the necklace she really likes. It’s his one last gift. Aoi can only cry for her almost love.

Shueuie busies himself with work. Soju unexpectedly visits him and expresses his annoyance over Satsuki’s non-stop calls. But more importantly, he wants to give Shueuie a piece of his mind. And that is to just forget his promise to Satsuki and move on. He can never really fulfill his promise if  he doesn’t love her. At this point, he’s just to her pet. And the maddening part is, he’s only using the situation to hide from his own feelings. Simply said, Shueuie needs to man up and confess his love!

It’s Fireworks Festival and without a date, Aoi may not be able to attend after all. Moe solves the problem by inviting Sanjou for a double date. And Sanjou is more than willing to comply. Ryosuke seems disinclined of the thought that Aoi will be spending the Festival with Sanjou, so he storms Shueuie’s apartment and angrily yells at him for being a coward. Everybody knows that he loves Aoi but he is just too spineless to admit it.

Moe intervenes and bluntly tells Shueuie that she doesn’t care about his feelings. Her only concern is Aoi. She sets Aoi on a date becoz she doesn’t want Aoi to suffer in a one-sided love. At this very moment, Aoi is with Sanjou and for sure, they’ll be watching the fireworks together. And everybody knows what will happen during the last heart-shaped firework right?

Becoming fully aware of his faults, Shueuie gets worked up. He can’t possibly get there in time so Ryosuke offers him his bike. Soon after Ryosuke realizes that without his bike they won’t be able to get to the Festival themselves. Haha!

At the Festival, Aoi asks Sanjou if he went to see the fireworks with his girlfriend last year as well. Without hesitation, he tells her that last year he really wanted to come to the Festival with her. She was a bit surprised. Oh yes! He liked her all this time. The fireworks starts and he tries to kiss her. But Aoi just can’t forget Shueuie.


Shueuie looks for Aoi in the crowd. Luckily, she hears him calling her name. He says sorry for the pain he caused her. He doesn’t know what falling in love is, but he felt it with her. He was just too afraid to face his own feelings. He finally asked her to be his girlfriend. This earns him a slap. It’s not that easy. She was suffering from deep emotions too but she chose to face it. She tried to endure it alone. Even if it hurts her, she wants to be with him.

Everything is crystal clear and the moment calls for a kiss. But before that, Shueuie takes a picture of Aoi, saying that this is her ‘I want to be kissed’ look. And right on cue, on the 7th heart-shaped firework, they kiss.

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  1. I did love all the cute scenes with our OTP. Sure there was the pitfalls of live action, but it was strangely good. This is 100 times better than the epic failure of another manga turned movie Say I Love You.

    • Yep. L.DK is way better.:) Thanks for dropping by.

      • I just don’t think this dorama is understandable without a recap. I have just learnt that Satsuki is actually not Satsuuki’s or Shueuie as he starts being refered to here but his older brother’s ( the fake blond) who has even less commitment to her. Really to leave her that way with the pendantshe liked (not past tence) is just about the most self-indulgent and hurful action he could have made. No, I don’ agree Say I love You was not awful though it had its weaknesses. A lot of people do not like Shota’s acting, I don’t mind. It’s a individual thing I suppose. What I didn’t like is the similar way this treats females as unimportant, playthings of men. I am really surprised these don’t get more criticisum from females.

  2. Satsuki is a manipulative bitch, she has already damaged Shuusei and is jealouse of Aoi. This is probably highly realistic of real world but is is painful never-the-less. One word about the subs. They are appalingly done. The worst I have yet to see in any Japanese drama. Clearly whoever made them understands native Japanese but has no ideomatic knowledge of English. They appear for too brief a time and are gramatical gibberish so they detract from the drama.

  3. I should have said that Satsuki comes across as a person who has deliberately caused the medical emergency to lure Shuusei, because she is 1 possesive and 2 highly attention seeking. This meme is all too comon in South Asian romance, it might be self-harm or suicide and they are tragic but should never be used as weapons to ‘get your own way’. I don’t get any feeling this drama sets a moral tone about that. Using people and walking away from personal respnsibility is just (miss) described as fun. In this case a broken heart, in others a pregnancy terminated because of non-committment, selfishness and ultimately not valuing women sufficiently. Although this is fiction, I still see it as an indictment of the 21 Century world.

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