Hapimari: Happy Marriage!? Episode 4 Recap


A jealous Hokuto is a cute Hokuto. Yay!

Demn, all those smooches! Not just a kiss but a truckload of them. ♥♥♥

Episode 4

Hokuto finally drops the bomb. They will never have a normal father and son relationship because his Dad killed his Mom and he can’t forgive him for that.

Chiwa mulls on things while taking a nice bath. Somehow, she finds it hard to believe that Hokuto’s Dad can do a terrible thing like that.

She goes out of the shower in her towel and is startled to find Hokuto standing right outside. However, he just stares at her and walks without a word. Chiwa still can’t understand why he hasn’t ‘touched’ her even though they have been sharing the bed for quite sometime now.

The next morning, Hokuto insists that Chiwa quit her job but she refuses to do so because she believes it’s something she must decide on her own.

At work, Yagami excitedly greets Chiwa. It’s obvious he is waiting for her return. He then asks if she ate the Kishu and cabbage rolls he made for her. Chiwa is confused so Yagami reminds her that he handed it to his father when she called in sick. Chiwa catches on and lies that it was so good she even ate three servings.


Chiwa goes to her home and asks if Dad tattled about her marriage to the guy who went there the other day. Dad answers the he didn’t, reckoning that the guy might bring that food back home if he learned that she’s married. Tehehe! Chiwa is relieved. Dad curiously probes why she doesn’t want to tell others about her marital status since it’s something a woman would want to tell her friends. Chiwa explains that if she reveals her marriage, she’ll be forced to tell others how they met. She couldn’t simply tell them that the first time she met her husband, he shoved a pile of cash on her face. Dad wonders if it’s the only reason or is it because she doesn’t want to disappoint the other guy’s feelings.


Hokuto is slightly irritated to know that Chiwa went to her Dad’s home again. Souma tells him that it’s his fault for not properly taking care of his wife. She voices out her thoughts, saying that he’s still the same old-fashioned Japanese man who is not open with his feelings despite his foreign upbringing. But then, times have changed and there are things that need to be said. There has been an increase in men who are considerate and sensitive of women’s feelings. As a matter of fact, there’s a young man who belongs to that type at Chiwa’s workplace. Hokuto asks who the ruffian is and Souma happily supplies that he’s an excellent part-timer whose goal is to set up an IT company. Hokuto smirks knowing that. Souma continues to report that when Chiwa called in sick, the young man actually cooked her healthy foods and went to her house. She then adds that those kind gestures are every women’s weakness. This gets Hokuto’s attention.

Hokuto discovers an anomaly in Mamiya Holding’s financial books. At one transaction, the company acquired a 160 million financial loss but someone manipulated that data and covered it up with 40 million gain. He calls for an emergency meeting and announces that he will report the deficit to the stockholders. His cousin, Takayuki, strongly disagrees as it will affect the company’s image. Hokuto stands by his plan, saying that it is the company’s moral obligation to tell it’s stockholders the truth.

Hokuto finds time to visit his Dad, not because he wants to check on the latter but to inform that he found out that there has been fraudulent reports in the company’s finances. Seiji is surprised, leading Hokuto to believe that he doesn’t know about it. Seiji confirms that during those times, his health is already deteriorating and can’t perform his duties well. He then assures that he’ll handle the matter once he’s better. But Hokuto cruelly tells him he has no more place in the company anymore. Since Dad took his most prized possession away, he plans to do the same for him. Dad is resigned and tells him to do whatever he wants. He relays that he met Chiwa and comments that she’s a nice young lady. Hokuto is pissed and warns him not to talk about his wife.

Chiwa is having a difficulty dealing with one demanding customer. Thankfully, Yagami comes to the rescue. Chiwa then receives a call from Hokuto, telling her to go home early because he has something to say.

Chiwa tries to sneak out but her supervisor forces her to compensate her sick leave by doing some overtime. Chiwa tries to refuse but the supervisor insists. Yagami overhears the conversation and offers to help out.

Chiwa thanks Yagami for saving her from the customer earlier and asks if he studied the appliances’ features. He confirms having a home appliance consultant certificate. Chiwa seems to envy his dedication and shares that maybe she’s not cut for the job. Unlike him, she’s not interested with appliances and has no other goals. She just took the job to earn money and if ever someone tells her to quit working, she really doesn’t have enough reason to stay.

She proceeds to tell him about a ‘friend’ who lived together with a man. They share the same bed but the man never laid a hand on her. Given the situation, Chiwa thinks may be the man isn’t attracted to her friend. Yagami thinks that maybe the man deems the relationship as merely friendship or he has a different perception on love and marriage. Also, the man is probably only after the merits of marriage and nothing else. Yagami then seriously asks if the man she was talking about told her to quit her job. Chiwa quickly lies that she wasn’t talking about her but her friend. She panics and trips down the ladder. Yagami tries to prevent the accident and ends up on top of her.

All the while, Hokuto is waiting for Chiwa’s return. He phones Chiwa but it doesn’t get through.

Yagami is putting a compression wrap on Chiwa’s sprained ankle that’s why she didn’t notice Hokuto’s call. When Chiwa refuses to go to the hospital, Yagami suggests that she call her live-in partner. However, she doubts it’s a good idea since the man is too busy with work and hate nuisances. Hearing her say those things, Yagami can’t help but conclude that the man she’s with is rude and unreasonable. Chiwa doesn’t bother to negate his observations though.


Arms crossed, Hukuto brusquely remarks that Chiwa sure took sweet time to get home. Chiwa reasons that she worked overtime. He then asks if she spent overtime with that man alone, referring to Yagami. Chiwa doesn’t want to deal with his attitude and tells him to stop nitpicking. Better yet, stop mailing her, keeping eye on her and making his secretary dictate what she must do or not do. Just to remind him, they are not a real couple. Notwithstanding the fact that he doesn’t find her attractive at all. Hokuto turns the table and tells her it’s her fault for always making weird excuses and points out her lack of skills in setting up the right atmosphere. Chiwa is scandalized by his words and says it’s  a man’s job to create a great mood for, hmmmm, procreation.

Hokuto then turns off the light and hugs her tight. He takes the liberty to unbutton her blouse. He pulls her undergarment and then…stops. Patting her head, he tells her to have a burning night. Haha! You little tease!

Chiwa visits Seiji at the hospital but Souma hinders her from entering his room. Souma reiterates Hokuto’s instruction of not allowing his wife to talk with Seiji. Chiwa finds it absurd and complains about the Mamiya family’s nerve-wracking secrets. She then sees Misaka, the woman Hokuto was talking with at the business conference, comes out of Seiji’s room. Before she makes the wrong impression, Souma explains that Misaka is having a business deal with Seiji and advises her not to dwell too much on it. And because it has come to that point, Souma shows Chiwa a news article of Hokuto dating an actress. It was taken last year but since the actress is starting to get popular, they revived the news to create publicity. She’s just giving her a heads up so she won’t misunderstand.

Hokuto calls for a presscon to reveal Mamiya Holding’s financial losses but someone locked him up. When Hokuto was late for the event, Souma suspects that someone sabotaged the event. Her suspicion was confirmed when she finds the door locked. Instict tells her that it’s Takashiro’s (Takayuki’s sidekick) doing and uses her martial arts skills to demand for the door codes. Tehehe!

Takayuki then announces that Hokuto is not feeling well and thus, he will take over the briefing. Just in time, Hokuto arrives to stop him.

Chiwa overhears her co-workers gossiping about Hokuto and Misaka’s rumored affair. And since Chiwa is blocking the stairs, her co-worker pushes her away, spraining her ankle again. This time, Yagami takes her to the hospital. He suggests that she call her live-in partner but then her calls goes unanswered.

Yagami sends Chiwa home and to thank him, she invites him for coffee. Yagami can’t helped but be amazed by the condo’s rich interior. But still, he finds it strange that her live-in partner didn’t answer her call. He shares that if it were him, he would definitely take the call even if he’s in the middle of work. And if she was injured, he’ll fly  to her right away. Something’s really off and so he asks why she’s living with that kind of man. Chiwa doesn’t know how to answer that and keeps mum. He looks at her and leans closer.


Just when he’s about to kiss her, Hokuto interrupts and says it’s because they are married. Yagami is surprised and Chiwa can only apologize repeatedly. Hokuto takes Yagami’s bag, thanks him for sending his wife home and walks him to the door. Yagami recovers from the initial shock and tells Chiwa he understands.

Once alone, Hokuto tells her not to kiss another man inside his house. Despite Chiwa’s denial, Hokuto maintains that it almost came to that point. Chiwa justifies that it can’t be helped since Yagami doesn’t know she’s married. She the stresses out that he was being rude when he rid Yagami just like that. Hokuto counters that he wasn’t being rude because it’s his home and declares that having an affair is prohibited. Chiwa snaps back that they are only married in paper. They didn’t even kissed or have sex yet and besides, she doesn’t know if he likes her or not. And suddenly… Hokuto kisses her. Kyaaaa!

Hokuto: The only one who can kiss you is me. Now that we are married, you are mine. And I am yours alone. I won’t let any man lay a finger on you.

Chiwa demands that he gives her proper explanation, not about the actress but why he blames his father for his Mom’s death. For a moment, Hokuto thinks about it. He then tells the whole story.

His Mom was poor and needed to study and work at the same time. It was that time she met his Dad but then circumstances prevented them to be together. His Mom was already pregnant with him when his Dad abandoned them. After some time, his Dad got married to a girl his Grandfather chose. But after 5 years, they couldn’t bear a child so his Dad returned to his Mom and told her he wanted to take him and make him heir of Mamiya family. His Mom refused. Seeing her terrified reaction, even as a child, he knew something bad will happen. Like he predicted, he saw his Mom died before his very eyes. She got hit by a car.

The reason why he gave her a GPS phone and he instructed Souma to follow her is because he’s scared she’ll suffer the same fate as his Mom. Chiwa assures that she’s safe and no one is after her but still, Hokuto refuses to let his guard down. His Dad is a despicable man and knowing him, he’ll do everything to get what he wants. That’s why he will make the people responsible for his Mom’s death pay. He will will have Mamiya Holding’s to himself and destroy it.


Chiwa understands and feels his sentiments. She promises to be his ally. She walks toward him and initiates a deep, passionate kiss. Yaaay!

Meanwhile, Hokuto’s Grandmother informs the Chairman that his adored grandson went public and exposed Mamiya Holding’s malpractices.

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