Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai Episode 1


Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai (I’m Not Just Going to Do What Kurosaki-kun Says) is by far the longest title ever!!! Kidding! On a more serious note, I find the mini-series too predictable. It’s as if all textbook cliches known to man has been forcefully shoved in this drama. It would have been awesome-er if they added extra dose of humor or conflict or anything to make it more appealing. Anyways, I’m giving this mini-series a chance since it’s just the first episode. Hopefully, it can offer something more, or if not, it’ll just fall to the dreaded bland, lusterless category.

Drama Recap

Yuu Akahane (Nana Komatsu) used to be bullied in her former school. When her dad transferred to Shanghai because of work, she’s forced to change schools and live in Harumi dormitory. There, she vows never to be subjected to the same ugly circumstances again. She even armed herself with a “10 point checklist” to guarantee the realization of this promise.  But day one at her new dorm, she meets Kurosaki Haruto (Kento Nakajima) also goes by the name of “Black Devil” in the worst scenario possible and her journey towards self-confidence and social acceptance is indefinitely mired.

Yuu comes in time to witness Kurosaki reprimanding a fellow dorm mate. Remembering her personal goal, she courageously stops the ongoing scolding. She’s scared but somehow finds the guts to talk back. Of course, her bravery doesn’t go well with Kurosaki and he channels his irritation at her instead. He tries good old fashioned intimidation. By that I mean, to the point that his face is only inches apart from hers. Tehehe! To make matters worse, his hair gets tangled with her button. Haha!

This further flares his temper and he impatiently counts to five to get it undone. She panics and out of the blue pulls a pair of scissors from her bag. And in mere seconds, he sees his beloved hair fall to the ground. This earns another outrage from him again and as punishment he kisses her without permission. Okay, so in my rule book, the first guy to kiss the female lead, whether forced or not, wins the girl. Just saying. He then demands that she obeys his every command for three months.

Just when she thought things won’t go any uglier, the next day she learns that she’s classmates with the Black Devil himself. She knows too well that it ain’t going to be easier in school either.

And she’s right! When she’s alone and reading her “checklist”, Kurosaki meanly grabs, crumples and throws her precious checklist off the window. And while she’s desperately looking for it, Shirakawa Takumi (Yudai Chiba) aka “White Prince” comes to help her. He finds it alright but unintentionally reads number 9 and 10 of the list which is “to date” and “make friends”. He then flirtatiously wonders why she doesn’t have dating experiences when in fact she’s cute and further teases if he can be candidate for both positions.You little flirt you.:D. He’s been a silent observer all these while, but I guess he won’t be keeping his silence anymore.

And since this is the first time someone actually showed interest in her, Yuu can’t help but feel all thrilled and ecstatic. Kurosaki notices her skipping like a little kid and his cruel self won’t have that. She daringly tells him she won’t just do whatever he says anymore. Again, he reminds her that she’s just his personal slave. She chuckles at the thought which only pissed him more. And to show his authority, he orders her to clean all basketballs after school hours. Though unwilling, she grudgingly obeys.

A handful of wasted energy and time later, Yuu finishes the given wearing task. Kurosaki comes by to check the “quality” of her work and sadly, it didn’t pass his high standards. He demands that she repeat the task but this time, he won’t just leave her alone and locks the door. She gets suspicious, and/or malicious, and slowly walks away from him. But he follows suit until she stumbles upon a mattress. Ahh, yes the mattress, the ever reliable, always present mattress. He leans too close for comfort and she can only close her eyes in anticipation. But he just stares at her and arrogantly ask what she’s expecting to happen. Of course she’s expecting something naughty, you dufus!


After cleaning basketballs, Kurosaki then orders her to find a Christmas tree, take it outside and decorate it with… well, decorations. Plus, she must do all these before curfew. Again, she complies and thankfully finishes the chores on time. However, Kurosaki isn’t satisfied just yet since the traditional, tacky, old tree topper is missing. He demands she finds it first, so Yuu, in sheer desperation, ask her schoolmates about the star’s whereabouts, but they too don’t know where it is. Good thing she meets Meiko (Sara Takatsuki). With Meiko’s help, Yuu finds the awfully important star. And she’s exceedingly glad that she’s starting to make friends. Awww,number 10 in her To-Do List. 🙂

Yuu goes home two minutes late. Kurosaki isn’t going to let her tardiness go by but since she was late looking for the star, he relents. He really, really, really  wanted to make her kneel but settles on calling her sloppy and making her clean the dining hall and baths instead. Poor Yuu can only murmur and call him stingy as revenge, but Kurosaki overhears even that, causing her to run for safety. Tehehe! Yes, he hears everything. All the while, Shirakawa watches the little banter from afar.

Despite Yuu’s obvious resistance, we find her obeying his every command. In fact, she’s already done with cleaning. Tehehe! She’s tired and lays down on the floor. The moment she opens her eyes, Shirakawa is smilingly looking down at her. To make the long story short, he invites her for a date, like a real date tomorrow.


Tomorrow finally arrives. Yuu anxiously waits for Shirakawa and when he came, they walk awkwardly along side each other. And this is the time for the most awaited near-death rescue. A motorist passes by but since Yuu isn’t paying any attention to her surroundings and is so busy walking like a zombie, Shirakawa grabs her, they stare at each other and then a moment of silence. Another drama cliche!

Unknown to Shirakawa and Yuu, Meiko and the others (don’t know who they are) are following them around. Kurosaki happens to notice the bunch prying and he too joins in. Someone’s jealous.

Back to the date…Shirakawa and Yuu are happily eating when he notices a smudge of cream on her cheeks. Of course, he uses his finger to wipe the cream off and nips it! Okay, why is it that when I eat messily, my hubby doesn’t do that! Demmit! On cue, a kid accidentally pours drink on Yuu, breaking the romantic moment. And because she’s wet and dirty, no double meaning intended, he takes her to buy new clothes. Along with the new pair of blouse and skirt he bought, is a golden hair pin. She’s reluctant to accept because it cost a fortune but Shirakawa assures it’s okay since he came from a filthy rich family.

Kurosaki had enough and talks with Yuu in private. He pinches her cheeks, telling her not to get carried away. Still peeved, he throws her hairpin and angrily walks off. Yep, definitely jealous.

In the end, Yuu bumps into Meiko and her gang, minus Kurosaki who went off first. So much for being subtle guys. Yuu is rather happy to know that they followed them because Meiko is worried on how her date would turn out. It’s nearly curfew time and one of snoopers realizes that, unconsciously relaying that Kurosaki left early because of the curfew. Shirakawa takes note of that information and smiles knowingly.

At their dorm room, Shirakawa and Kurosaki are busy NOT talking to each other. Shirakawa breaks the silence with a proposal to play a game. He knows Kurosaki went snooping around during his date with Yuu. And he knows that he is harboring feelings for the girl. Thus, the game and whoever makes Yuu his girlfriend first wins. Kurosaki remains quiet and ponders on that thought.

Meanwhile, Yuu is having a great time knowing that little by little she is realizing her 10 point checklist. The only thing that needs to be done is to have a boyfriend. But nevertheless she’s content. Thanks to Shirakawa. Or is it really Shirakawa she needs to thank?

Next scene we see Shirakawa sitting alone. Yuu happens to pass by and without wasting time, Shirakawa makes his move. Since she doesn’t have a boyfriend and having one is number 9 in her list, he volunteers for the position. Yuu doesn’t know what to do and shyly keeps her silence. Shirakawa then moves closer until she’s cornered. Right on cue, Kurosaki appears and insists that Yuu belongs to him because she’s his slave. Shirakawa isn’t going to accept just that. As both men blocks her way, Yuu is caught in happy dilemma.

And that’s the end for Episode 1.

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