Hapimari: Happy Marriage!? Episode 6 Recap


Just when everything’s going fine, the bitchy ex-girlfriend suddenly ruins the perfect date. Talking about first rate desperation. Bleh!

Episode 6


The Turn-Over Ceremony has ended but Chiwa still floats in the clouds. It’s clearly due to the fact that Hokuto publicly claimed her as his destined girl. She thanks Misaki for helping her with the magazine issue but the latter nonchalantly dismisses her gratitude, making it crystal clear that she didn’t do it for Chiwa’s sake but for Hokuto. Misaki’s blunt honesty renders Chiwa speechless. Thankfully, Souma enters the scene, putting a halt to the brewing tension. Chiwa leaves in a huff and her baffled expression never goes unnoticed under Souma’s observant eyes .


Chiwa is preparing for bed and she can’t help but mull over Misaki’s confession. Brushing her inklings aside, she proceeds to surf the net for date spots. Apparently, they still haven’t gone out for a real date since their marriage. When Hokuto joins her to bed, she asks if he’s still busy with work. He replies that he is so she shelves the idea and decides to wait until he’s free. Hokuto smiles and pulls her close; assuring that he’s body is very much available that instant though. Kyaaah!

At work, the Manager surprisingly informs Chiwa that she has been promoted as Legal Officer. The news undeniably puzzles her since she already tendered her resignation and only agreed to stay until they find somebody to replace her. She reaffirms her prior decision to quit but the Manager plays dumb to her bid. The Supervisor then butts in to give her a box of documents along with her brand new business cards.

Meanwhile, Misaki is, once again, at the hospital to visit Hokuto’s Dad. She wishes for him to get well and Dad just smiles, conceding that his reign is already done. He then comments about Hokuto’s marriage, openly admitting that he expected Misaki to end up with his son. His casual remark clearly affects Misaki’s mood but she acts impassive on the matter, saying things are better off that way because she’s more suited as Hokuto’s business partner than his wife.


As expected, Chiwa’s “promotion” comes with a hidden agenda. All day long, she has been dragged to different business meetings, mainly for bearing the Mamiya name. On the way to another meeting, Chiwa incidentally cast an eye over a news article about Hokuto and Misaki.

Hiding inside the stockroom, Chiwa reads the latest scoop and learns that Hokuto and Misaki met and dated 12 years ago. The article also reveals that they remained close friends and insinuates having extramarital affairs. Surely, the outrageous news propels Chiwa to call Hokuto ASAP. But when her several attempts don’t get through, she decides to go to Hokuto’s office and have a one on one talk with him. Unfortunately, talking with her husband is much more difficult than she thought. She can’t even pass through the guard who refuses to believe she’s the President’s wife. Tehehe! Good thing Hokuto’s assistant (don’t know his name) vouches her identity but sadly, she came too late and Hokuto already took off.

The Mamiya family already knew about the news and they are obviously happy to grill Hokuto about it. Just to save the company image, Hokuto’s cousins force him to issue a public apology and simultaneously cancel the project with Michele Hearts. But instead of succumbing to their caprices, Hokuto differs. He maintains that he doesn’t owe anyone an apology and the joint venture with Michele Hearts should commence immediately. Saturo agrees with Hokuto’s decision. He suggests that instead of covering up the issue, they should use the publicity to their advantage. The Chairman sides with Saturo and Hokuto but warns them to avoid scandals like this in the future. He will also instructs his lawyer to handle the matter and sue the magazine if possible.


While the family meeting is under way, Misaki takes it upon herself to go there and “explain”. Before she can even step inside the house, Souma prevents her from doing so.

Misaki spells out that though she doesn’t have any idea who leaked the information, she still feels responsible for the situation. Souma assures she doesn’t need to worry about it and volunteers to tell the President she came by to apologize. She also advises Misaki to conduct herself with dignity and distance herself from Hokuto to avoid media frenzy. Furthermore, she vows to make sure the “Missus” won’t believe the ridiculous rumors created by some jealous-filled freak. Yeah, she’s talking about you, Misaki. I love that Souma stays loyal to Chiwa no matter what.


On the way back, Misaki coincidentally bumps into Chiwa. The two ladies confront the issue head on and without wasting precious time, Chiwa demands to know if the rumors were true. And just so they’re clear, she’s not really concerned if they were lovers in the past. She’s more worried about the alleged affair between them now. Misaki maintains she and Hokuto are just business partners but then again, her unconvincing response doesn’t really settles Chiwa’s misgivings.

The entire day passed and Chiwa still haven’t got a hold of Hokuto. Apparently, he spent another night at his office and sent Souma to check on his wife. Chiwa, however, isn’t too happy to see Souma and frankly confesses that she can’t trust her anymore. Souma explains that the resoan why she kept mum on Hokuto’s past relationships is simply because it’s not her secret to spill. Still, Chiwa is pissed that they made a fool out of her. She even wore Misaki’s clothes and fell prey to the devious woman’s smiles. Though Souma agrees that Misaki, being the more gorgeous and experienced between the two ladies, has the upper hand, Chiwa also has her own redeeming qualities. She tells Chiwa to be more confident and secure her own happiness.

The rumors circulating about Hokuto’s affairs follows Chiwa even at work. Co-workers informs her that Misaki earns 100 million a year and hence, a formidable opponent. Chiwa, however, acts nonchalance and says the article is just being over-dramatic. All the while, Yagami eavesdrop on them.


To cool off, Chiwa decides to have dinner with her Dad. And to her surprise, Yagami is there, enjoying a sumptuous meal.

While eating Yagami’s delicious dishes, Dad shares he’s glad that they finally feel like a family. Chiwa is embarrassed by her Dad’s remarks and tells him to stop blabbering. But Dad insists he’s just being honest. After all, he haven’t had a meal with her son-in-law and his kin. Chiwa justifies Hokuto’s absence, saying he’s always busy with work. However, Dad is being skeptical about it and asks if it’s really just about work or is it because the rumors that Hokuto is cheating her is true. Chiwa argues there’s no truth on the issue. But still, Dad wonders if someone who pays off all of her debts is noble in his intentions. Okay, so basically Dad just spilled everything to Yagami. Gez, thanks Dad! Poor Chiwa tries to pacify the situation by covering Yagami’s ears but she’s way too late for cover ups now.


Yagami worriedly asks Chiwa if she’s really fine with how thing’s are. She confirms that she is. And even though Hokuto is cold, prideful and tough on the surface, he has his own gentle and vulnerable side. Hearing her say those things, Yagami is relieved and offers to help out if she’s having a hard time. Chiwa thanks him for that and bids her goodbye. As she walks away, Yagami’s comforting smile morphs to that of worry and unease.

Chiwa finds Hokuto at home. He knows she’s still worked up about the article so he immediately appeases her worries and guarantees she doesn’t even have an ounce to doubt him. To make it up for her, he plans to take her on a date tomorrow. Yay! Finally.

Misaki calls Hokuto, probing if his wife misunderstood the report. Hokuto relays that he already explained and they’re in good terms now. Misaki feigns indifference and asks about his plans for the fashion reception tomorrow. Hokuto tells her he couldn’t come and has something else to do. Ha! Serves your right evil ex-girlfriend.

Chiwa frantically chooses her perfect outfit. If it’s not too obvious, she’s very excited for the date. Hokuto went out and hasn’t returned yet but unlike before, she chooses to believe him and throws the magazine to the garbage bin.


Back at Mamiya House, the cousins talk about Hokuto’s bold move to cancel the Rene Claire project. Turns out, Takayuki wanted the said project to push through so he can blame Hokuto of its failure. He then warns the other cousin not to let the cat out of the bag. So there are more family secrets out there. Unbeknownst to them, Saturo overhears the conversation.

Hokuto is still not home. Like the usual, Chiwa wakes up finding Souma in their house. Souma knows it’s their first date so she concocts a green milkshake which, according to her, will give Chiwa “energy for the whole night”. Tehehe! She also reveals that for this day, Hokuto worked so hard the previous nights. Aww! She then tells Chiwa to drink the milkshake and hurry up because Hokuto is on his way to pick her up.

Hokuto is already waiting for Chiwa outside the building. He is clearly tired but when Chiwa arrives, all dolled up, he beams.

First stop is the Aquarium. Chiwa is undeniably having the time of her life and while she’s at it, Hokuto just smiles at her, googly-eyed. Aww!

Next is the Planetarium. Hokuto’s lack of sleep finally catches on to him and so he dozes off. Chiwa notices him slumbering and understandingly smiles.


But of course, the evil ex-girlfriend can’t let the date conclude without causing trouble of some sort. Misaki suddenly appears at the restaurant our couple is currently at. She acts surprised seeing them there. The moment she shows up, Chiwa instantly feels ill at ease. I don’t know if Hokuto has any idea of the tension ensuing but if he does, he’s rather playing it low-keyed. Misaki asks if they’re on a date and Chiwa awkwardly answers that they are. She then asks where they went. Silently, Chiwa replies that they’ve been to the Aquarium and Planetarium. Misaki notes that those were indeed nice dating spots, implying that she has been to those places before. With Hokuto, of course. Geez!

Talking about perfect timing, Hokuto excuses himself to take a call, leaving the ladies on their own. Chiwa breaks the brutal silence, commenting that they sure bump into each other a lot. Misaki agrees and relays she’s happy that Hokuto married Chiwa. At first, she was worried that Hokuto will have to marry someone he doesn’t know just to get back at the Mamiya House. Chiwa is automatically saddened by this revelation.

At their hotel room, Chiwa absentmindedly looks outside the window. Hokuto notices her sulky mood and asks if something’s wrong. Chiwa confesses that she finds Misaki’s attitude towards her rather strange. She can’t really pinpoint why then, but now she’s sure it’s because Misaki still loves him. To top it all up, Misaki knows about their arranged marriage.

Hokuto asks if she’s doubting him and Chiwa retorts she feels more than that, she’s feeling insecure. She was so happy when he announced to the world that she’s his destined girl. But thinking about it, she realizes it’s the only bond they share. Unlike her, Misaki is pretty, intelligent and perfect. She can’t even win over the number of years Misaki spent with him.

Hokuto reiterates that she has nothing to worry about. She has her own unique traits. For one, she cooks delicious meals and her cooking reminds him of his Mom. Secondly, she makes him feel safe. And most importantly, she eats a lot. The third trait, ruins everything. Haha! He walks over and leans, giving her sweet light kisses. The moment is perfect…until, his phone rings. Zzzz! Chiwa tells him to answer it while she takes a shower.


The call is from the Joshima, the Chairman’s lawyer. It’s about the article and he wants to assess if they’re qualified to sue or not. Without beating around the bush, the lawyer asks if Hokuto is maintaining an extramarital affair with Misaki. Hokuto denies the rumor and insists he’s not the reckless type. He knows his limitations and nothing or no one can deflect him from moving according to plan. And this is the part where Chiwa overhears the phone conversation. Oh, so does it mean everything he said were just part of his revenge? 

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  1. When are the recaps of ep 7-12 going to be available

  2. hope you can post them these recaps you do are really great thank you for your time in doing them

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