Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu (Today, we begin our love) Movie Recap


And so here it is, the Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu Movie Recap. Tada!

This is a so-so movie. Other than the traditional cute OTP scenes, there’s nothing really exciting about it. It’s just another cool guy meets weird girl love story. Nothing new. And don’t get me started with the pacing…it’s unbearably fast. I’ll give it a 4 out of 10. This is just an opinion. 😉

PS: This is a baby recap.

Movie Recap


It’s the first day of school and our lead, Tsubaki Hibino (Emi Takei) excitedly preps herself for senior high. Yey! Nope, not really. Hibino is a goal-oriented, hardworking student but she lacks confidence and has old-fashion taste. She has no plans whatsoever for the future other than excel in high school and get into college. She loves doing other people’s hairstyles but chooses to wear a simple braid for herself. Her family owns a photo studio and she has a younger, prettier and more stylish sister, Sakura (Yua Shinkawa). Well, that’s just about it for Tsubaki Hibino.

On the way to school, she literally bumps into some guy with the same name as her,  Tsubaki Kyouta (Tori Matsuzaka). He is the top student, popular cool guy and resident playboy. With he’s uncaring, seemingly arrogant and overconfident attitude, Hibino swears not to cross paths with him.


But fate decides otherwise…

The very guy he swears to avoid is, in fact, her new seatmate who is very fond of teasing her. Unable to stand Kyuota’s relentless attempt to annoy her, she threatens to cut his hair if he doesn’t stop. However, Kyuota find her action amusing and teases her even more. The extra dose of attention from lover boy, earned a jealous streak from other girls. Led by Queen Bee Arisa (Rin Takanashi), the girls begin their bullying exploits. Thankfully, Kyouta won’t let other people bully our heroin but himself. In front of everyone, he announces that she’s his girlfriend and to prove his point, he kisses her.

The next day, Hibino became the official laughing stock of the entire class and is voted class representative for the upcoming cultural festival, a position no one is interested by the way. Just to goad her, Kyouta volunteers to be her assistant. And with the cultural festival just around the corner, Hibino tries to convince her classmates to join in the festivities. But nobody seems to care. In desperation, she asks Kyouta for help. He agrees on one condition. That’s if she date him. With a heavy heart, she concedes. And without wasting time, Kyuota takes charge.


Fast-forward to Cultural Festival. The class is quite busy. Unexpectedly, the preparations for the event helped Hibino solve her social dilemma. Slowly, everybody are becoming her friends.

And at the end of the day, only Hibino and Kyouta are left to tidy things up. Kyouta initiates a conversation and asks why she’s always so gloomy. She tells him it’s because she doesn’t want to stand out. She’d rather make people beautiful and take pictures for them. Hearing them say ‘thank you’ is far more rewarding. Kyouta seems mesmerized for what she said. Unconsciously he leans in for a kiss. Hibino is surprised and asks if he’s serious. Yes he is. Serious about teasing her that is. Hibino then convinces him to let her cut his hair and he agrees. Before they part, Kyouta reminds her of their date and warns her it’ll be more than just holding hands. I wonder what he meant.

Hibino wanted to borrow clothes from her sister but changed her mind when she learned that her sister likes Kyouta. Imagine Kyouta’s reaction when he sees her wearing her “usual” clothes for their date!

As for their date, Kyouta wants to go to the movies but Hibino disagrees. Instead, she wants to go to the zoo. A few arguments later, we find them in the zoo, watching polar bears. Hibino chirpily shares that polar bears are actually the most romantic animals on earth. It’s said that male polar bears walk on ice for days just to look for his mate. Kyuota begs to differ, it has nothing to do with romance but procreation only.


Kyouta can’t bear the sight of of her unfashionable clothes anymore so he takes the liberty of changing her get up. After several tries, he’s finally satisfied with the outcome. Even he’s amazed on how pretty she looks.


Last stop for the day is Karaoke. The room is designed with stars and Kyouta points some of the constellations he knew. He obviously loves constellations! Since they’re alone, Kyouta uses the opportunity to  make a move on her. Yes, he’s aiming for sex. Hibino is angry to realize that this is the only thing Kyouta wants. She’s too naive to believe that he’s being sincere. Kyouta grows some conscience and stops. If she doesn’t want to, then he won’t force her.


At school, Hibino finds a book under Kyouta’s desk and starts to read it. Yes, it’s about stars. He does love astronomy. Kyouta sees her reading the book and jokes that she really does like him after all. Hibino refutes. On the contrary, she hates him. He tries to kiss her but she pushes him away.  He then says sorry for making fun of her and promises not to tease her anymore in the future. With that, they’re back to being friends.

Before summer vacation ends, Hibino, Kyouta, Sakura and Nishiki (Kento Yamazaki), Kyouta’s bestfriend, agrees to have a ‘study camp’. What study camp? It’s more of playing around.

While everybody is busy having fun, Hibino on the other hand, is studying…on the beach. So, Kyouta forces her to join them. As she stands, her towel falls off, revealing her bikini and ‘sexy’ figure underneath. Kyouta stares at her. So is Nishiki who praises her body. Kyouta scolds him and tells him to stop ogling at Hibino’s body. He hasn’t even look at her body himself!

Sakura gets invited to go to Kyouta’s room…alone. Hibino won’t allow her sister to go there but her protests were to no avail. But to Sakura’s dismay, instead of Kyouta, it’s Nishiki who’s in the room. When Hibino knew about it, she runs to prevent ‘something’ from happening. She arrives just in time. Hibino reminds Sakura not to play with other people’s feelings. If she doesn’t like Nishiki, then she better stop leading him on. Sakura admits that though she likes Kyouta more, Nishiki isn’t that bad. Kyouta maybe handsome but Nishiki is gentle. Besides, she knows Kyouta doesn’t like her. Hibino finally confesses that she also likes Kyouta. Sakura then tells her to confess her feelings.


Kyouta brings Hibino to the old observatory. The two talks about the moon and Apollo 17. Kyouta’s surprised that Hibino knows about those things. Well, it’s because she’s been studying. She can’t lose to him. Touched, he gives her a back hug and tells her to watch the Urbid Meteor Shower together there. It’s a shame he promised not to make a move on her anymore and walks away. Hibino touches his arm and tells him he can. He can make a move on her because she likes him. Kyouta turns cold. Somehow, he’s angry and leaves in a huff.

After summer break, Kyuota turns into a snob and acts like he doesn’t know her. Thankfully, Nishiki explains how he came to be that way. It all boils down to mommy issues. On his 8th birthday, his Mom left them for another man. So, his birthday is actually the saddest day of his life. He’s allergic to words like “I love you” or “I like you”, because it reminds him of his Mom.


It’s Kyouta’s birthday but he’s not feeling the celebration at all. With the help of Sakura, Nishiki and Arisa, Hibino prepares a special birthday present for him. Although she knows he’ll be mad at her, she wants to face him properly and be rejected properly.

And the moment of truth arrives. Wearing a polar bear mascot, Hibino greets him a happy birthday. He tries to walk off but the door is locked. He knows it’s Hibino, of course. Who else wears her hair in braids and loved polar bears. So much for animosity. She gives him her gift. It’s a projector and she plans to give him planetarium films every year during his birthday. It’s a long term goal which goes to show that her feelings for him won’t change. Kyouta remains unconvinced. Mainly because women’s words can’t be trusted.

Hibino: Tsubaki-kun just focuses on his pains. That’s why it’s easy for you to hurt others. You play with other people’s feelings when you want and dump them when you want. You behave completely like a child! Listen, you’re birthday may be the worse day of the year but you can’t hold on to those feelings anymore.

After saying her piece, Hibino turns away. Kyouta reaches out, turns her around and takes off her  polar bear head. He will accept her gift today and the next year and the next. It’s safe to say that on Kyouta’s 16th birthday, they got officially hitched.


As seasons passed, their relationship got deeper. They hold hands, celebrate special occasions together and go on dates. Hibino even gave up on her braided hair for him.

Things seems to be fine. Until Nana (Fumino Kimura) comes in to join the fun. Nana is Kyouta’s former classmate who went abroad. She’s Kyouta’s first love and the only woman who dared dumped Kyouta in junior high. She has returned to fulfill her promise to study at Todai University with him. Nana’s unfortunate return shakes Hibino’s confidence. Bottomline is she’s scared of Nana and all other Nana’s who may come their way.

Kyouta is having trouble himself. Mom is trying to communicate with him and Dad again. He still hates her for leaving them. He gets angry when he learned that Dad has been talking with her for awhile now. Dad tells him that Mom broke up with the man she run away with and she had cancer. She’s in a medical facility nearby. Thankfully, her operation was a success and that he should visit her some time.

Kyouta’s hatred towards Mom is slowly affecting their relationship. Hibino’s insecurities doesn’t help either. With the hopes of resolving things, Hibino invites Kyouta to go on a date. Before she could tell him she already bought tickets to a Planetarium Show, he tells her has somewhere else to go. That somewhere is the medical where Mom is, but then again he can’t bring himself to go in. Right on time, he receives a text from Nana, inviting him to watch a Planetarium Show. Yes, it’s the same Planetarium Show.

Hibino goes to the Show alone. She bumps into Kyouta’s Dad there. He then tells her that he plans to go to the hospital to see his wife but found himself wasting time in the Planetarium. Hibino asks if Kyouta knows about this. Dad answers that he does but he won’t see her.

And eventually, Hibino sees Kyouta with Nana. It’s inevitable since they are just in the same vicinity. Duh! Hibino is upset that he doesn’t tell her important things anymore, like his relationship with Nana or about his Mom. Kyouta is pissed with her nagging. And with that Hibino resolves that they better break off.

Days passed both couple are living their separate lives. Hibino busies herself with modelling and working part-time as a hairstylist. On the other hand, Kyouta is busy sulking. When he sees Hibino in a magazine, he acts stiff and uncaring but came to visit her in the salon she working part-time with. There Hananoi-san (the owner, I think), tells him that while he’s so busy thinking about himself, Hibino finds the one thing she loves…hair-styling. And to be the person suitable for Kyouta, she works her hardest.

Everything is falling into place. Kyouta finally forgave his mom and Hibino gains the courage to tell Mom she won’t go to college and be a hairdresser instead.


After visiting Mom, he gets a call from Nana. It’s all or nothing now. Nana confesses that she loves him. During junior high, when she dumped, she actually want to tell him she likes him. She wonders what could have happened if she did. Kyouta smiles. He was a brat back then. He doesn’t understand her feelings. Nothing she says could change things. Besides it’s Hibino who changed him.

Kyouta: She might not be perfect but she’s always honest. Whatever she does she looks ahead, besides she saved me a lot of times. If she hadn’t appeared I would still be the worse.


It’s the night for Urbid Meteor Shower. Hibino goes to the old observatory and waits for Kyouta. It’s an ultimatum. If he doesnt come, she’ll let him go. When the meteors starts to fall, she losses hope. She drops the necklace he gave her. But Kyouta comes in time. He picks up the necklace. It’s stupid for her to think that he won’t come and they kiss.

And they spend the night together. 😉


Hibino: First kiss. First love. First boyfriend. First time you know someone. All my first were with Kyouta’s. I’m really happy. Sometimes I feel it’s unfair yet I’m also Kyouta’s first girlfriend. In second year senior high school, under the rosy dawn, we created a life long memory.

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