Hana Kimi Season 2 confirmed!

This may not be NEWS for some, but IT IS for me. Dang, I’ve been out of the circle again! I’m always late when it comes to news like this. Enough with the mindless complaining and on with the real deal.

Where was I? Oh yeah, so we already knew that there’s a Korean remake (Beautiful You), right? But a Japanese remake? Now, that’s a shock. It has only been what? 4 years since the first Jdrama adaptation? Isn’t it too early? But anyways, it’s still good news! And to top it all, it’s our very own “Kyuuto”, Maeda Atsuko, who’ll play the lead. Yay!

Well, the plot is basically similar (since it’s understandably a remake) but with a totally different cast, episode themes, scenes, teenage humour and story.

I loved the first season, and I sincerely hope it’ll be the same for this one. I’ll be cheering for Maeda. Well, Horikita Maki sets the standards hight, but I’ll give Maeda a chance. Though I find her performance in Q10 a so-so, I’m confident she’ll pull this through.

Surely, a cluster of young and good-looking actors will once again grace our TV screens (or monitors). No announcements were made for the male casts. I’m eagerly waiting, but then I’m sure it’ll be pretty difficult for the producers, as the actors from the first drama were awesome-beyond-awesome! Personally, I’m content with the remake itself, so whoever they choose will be a-okay for me. 🙂

HanaKimi Season 2 will be airing on Sundays at 9pm this July. Oh shoot! There’s a lot of Jdramas to keep eye on this Summer: Ouran High School Host Club, Hallelujah, Keisatsu Gakkou Monogatari, Hanazakari Kimitachi e ~ Ikemen Paradise Season 2. Ah! There’s HanaKimi Korean version too! Busy-busy season for me.

Ahh! So what will I recap then? So many to choose from. 😦

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  1. I am iffy on the remake and hope it will be as good as the original. I can’t wait to see what happens with the Korean version as I liked both the Japanese and Taiwanese (though it took a while for the Taiwan version to grow on me). I am totally psyched about Ouran finally being made into a live action, though I am not sold on the lead role of Tamaki being played by Yamamoto Yusuke (even if I do love him).

    I am also curious to see the jdrama remake of the hit kdrama You’re Beautiful. I totally agree there are a lot of jdramas to look forward to this summer 🙂 So much drama, so little time to watch it all.

    • Oh yeah! How could I forget Ikemen desu ne. Thanks.

      I’m just wondering what dramas are you planning to recap this summer? 🙂 There’s so many to choose from, right? Well, I intend to recap the dramas you’ll count out. Kekeke. That, if it’s okay. 🙂

  2. I know there are so many to choose from and I am itching to recap some new ones and not just the *cough* 8 *cough* that I haven’t completed and no one else has recapped either.

    I really want to recap Ouran since I love the manga so much. I did Love Buffet to which I also read the manga as well. It’s always interesting to put them side by side and see the differences.

    So, I’ll claim Ouran so far and see how well I do on catching up on the ones I am so far behind on. Oh, and I finally finished recapping episodes 1-10 of Down With Love and am sending people your way for 11-16. 🙂

    • I’ll have HanaKimi 2 then. 🙂 I’m considering Ikemen desune. MAYBE, I could recap it alongside HanaKimi 2.Big emphasis on the maybe. 🙂

      Oh thanks! Many are looking for DWL 1-10 recaps. Am glad you took time to finish it. Arigatou. 🙂

  3. I was thinking of maybe doing Ikemen desune, too. We’ll see how that goes between the both of us finding time 🙂

    I feel so bad getting so far behind on drama recapping. So I am trying to take on just a slim few new projects until I can get my old projects completed.

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