U Prince Series: The Handsome Cowboy Episode 1 Recap


I just recently watched my first lakorn, I Wanna be a Sup’Tar and surprisingly, it left a very nice impression. Though I’m already fond of watching and recapping Thai Movies, lakorn is quite new to me.

Anyhow, the said lakorn introduced me to Push Puttichai, who is (aesthetically speaking) the love child of Park Hae Jin and Yoo Seung-Ho. Haha! Truth be told, since I Wanne be a Sup’Tar, I can’t get enough of his handsomeness. And so, imagine my excitement when he starred in the first installment of the U-Prince Series. And hence, because of my great fondness for Push and because I’m liking how the series is going, I will be writing recaps for U-Prince: The Handsome Cowboy. However, I don’t know if I’ll recap the rest of the series.

In a nutshell, U-Prince is a 12-part series, each dealing with the love and friendships of 12 heartthrob ambassadors from different faculties of International University of Central Asia (IUCA). Obviously, each prince will have their respective princesses. So expect that this is a very long series. Tehehe!

Episode 1

The first prince is Sibtis (Push Puttichai), a playboy, bad boy and cow boy from the Faculty of Agriculture. He meets his princess, Prikkang (Esther Supreeleela), one night in a club.

Turns out, Prikkang is Sibtis’ childhood playmate and they were crushing on each other back then. When Sibtis went abroad to study, they eventually lost contact. Years after, Sibtis returns to Thailand and Prikkang becomes a part-time DJ. Nevertheless, Prikkang didn’t forget about Sibtis, unfortunately, it’s not the same for him.

One fateful night, Prikkang is djing in a club for her best friend’s birthday. She’s having fun and doing her thing when Sibtis notices her. Their eyes meet and poof, sparks fly. Sibtis, being the playboy that he is, makes a pass on her. At first she’s happy when he approaches her, but when she discovers he doesn’t recognize her at all, she gets upset and acts hostile at him. She refuses to give him her name, telling him to back off because she doesn’t talk to strangers. Sibtis, however, thinks she’s just playing hard to get.  Without permission, he writes his phone number on her palm. He pulls her close and whispers to call him when she’s ready.

His little stunt earns him a pat on the back from his friends. He then confidently tells them that the reluctant DJ will eventually be his in just a day. He even bet his money on it.

Prikkang is pissed at Sibtis’ arrogance. She vents her anger to her best friends, Chonly and Sylvia. She’s undeniably disappointed that she has been wasting time waiting for a narcissistic, self-absorbed jerk who thinks girls are easy. There, she vows never to concede to his charms.

It has been days since that night and Sibtis is still waiting for Prikkang’s call. Though it’s obvious she’s not going to call, Sibtis refuses to admit defeat, convinced that she’s just stalling.  In the end, he receives the long awaited text from the girl. He’s all giddy until he reads what it says: ‘F*ck you!’ Haha! In anger, he calls back, scolding her for the rude text message. But to his shame, the one who answered is Prikkang’s Dad. Haha! Yeah, Prikkang used her Dad’s phone. In the end, Sibtis gets an earful. Haha!

Chonly and Sylvia feels sorry for Sibtis though. Sylvia tells Prikkang to just introduce herself properly since he’s her first love after all. But Prikkang remains undeterred, declaring that she’s not attracted to him anymore. They then go to the auditorium for the program Chonly and Sylvia will be hosting.

Prikkang is annoyed when she realize that Sibtis is the guest for her friends’ show. Sibtis, on the other hand, enjoys all the attention and her unexpected presence. When asked if he’s single, Sibtis smiles and answers that he is. His revelation gets all the girls excited, except for Prikkang who is clearly unimpressed. Seeing Prikkang’s indifferent reaction, he purposely announces that he doesn’t like girls who wear braids, disobedient, talks back, foulmouthed, rolls her eyes and huffs. Basically, everything that Prikkang is. He’s not so subtle hints hits a chord, so she leaves and gets some air.


Prikkang waits for her friends at the dressing room. She hears someone coming so she hides behind the curtains. That someone happens to be Sibtis. As he takes off his shirt and looks at the mirror, he notices her presence. He wrestles with the peeping Tom and is quite surprised to learn it’s her. He calls her psycho girl and hugs her tighter as retaliation for making a prank on him.  He then uses the situation to demand for her name. Prikkang tries to escape from his grasps, unconsciously calling him P’Sibtis in her struggle to get free. He’s surprise hearing that and loosens his grip. Just in time, her locket falls and Sibtis picks it up but she grabs it without saying a word. In Thailand, Phee or P’ is placed before a male or female name which means older sibling.

Sibtis runs after Prikkang and seriously demands who she is. In the middle of the bickering session, Pitta, Sibtis’ supposed girlfriend enters the scene. She asks what they’re arguing about and Sibtis answers the girl (Prikkang) is just a psycho who peeps on him. Pitta doesn’t mind though as long as Prikkang didn’t see Sibtis’ body but advises Prikkang to tone down her fantasies a bit.  With that, Prikkang scoffs and Sibtis warns her not to make mocking facial expressions again.

Pitta then invites Sibtis to eat the dishes she cooked just for him. Prikkang makes a face and grumbles on her own. Pitta sees this and asks if Prikkang is making fun of her. Prikkang denies and tells her she’s making a face at the dog. Pitta tells her that she doesn’t see a dog anywhere. Prikkang laughs at her folly and tells them to enjoy the dishes until they puke. Haha!


Prikkang shares the incident to her friends. She calls Sibtis a liar for saying he’s single when in fact, he’s not. Sylvia defends Sibtis, reasoning out that he may be really single and the girl only claims to be his girlfriend on her own accord. While they were talking, Sibtis happens to pass by and sits right next to Prikkang. He animatedly relays to them that Prikkang peeped on him at the dressing room. Embarrassed by his actions, Prikkang pulls Sibtis to talk with him in private.


When alone, Prikkang directly asks what he wants. Sibtis doesn’t waste time and tells her that he simply wants one thing, her name. Prikkang irritably replies that he should be asking why she’s not giving it in the first place and declares she won’t give in, ever. Sibtis resorts to blackmail and tells her that he’ll call her Dad and reveal that his daughter is sneaking out in the night to DJ, luring men with provocative outfits. Trapped, Prikkang dejectedly agrees to do what he wants but withholds her name. She maintains that her name is not for her to give but for him to remember. So, Sibtis settles on taking her on a date for the U-Report (a University Program).


Next, we see Sibtis and Prikkang on a date. All the while, Prikkang is obviously loathes spending time with him. Before the date ends, Sibtis must put a flower crown on the Prikkang’s head. They say it symbolizes that she’s the princess the U-Prince chose. Sibtis pulls her close and tells her to smile a bit. In return, Prikkang gives a discreet, uninterested smile. But when when they look into each other’s eyes, everything goes slow-mo and a childhood memory of the same exact scene flashes back. Sibtis takes her locket and inside is a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Then and there, Sibtis remembers her.

That night, Sibtis lovingly looks at the framed jigsaw with a noticeably missing piece. Turns out, the piece is with Prikkang all along.

The next day Sibtis is sneaking around Prikkang’s rose garden. She dismally tells him to leave but he refuses to do so because he has this urging need to fix her waterline first. Just as Prikkang aims the hose at him to prove that it’s fine, it didn’t work. Suddenly, when her guards are down, the hose sprays water. Sibtis tries to help her and in the end, the both get soaking wet. Sibtis then tells Prikkang to get change first because he may not be able to control himself. Adding that the black bra she’s wearing is too sexy for words. Haha! Prikkang runs off in a hurry.

Prikkang’s Dad says sorry to Sibtis in Prikkang’s behalf. Sibtis assures it’s okay since he has seen worse. Dad then excitedly reminds Prikkang that Sibtis is the son of Patis and Natalie, the owners of Wimarndin Farm where they frequently stay during her summer breaks. Prikkang maintains that she doesn’t remember at all. Dad wonders why she forgot about Sibtis when she cried her heart out upon learning he will study abroad. However, Prikkang denies doing such things and tells them that all she could remember is him being cute. Sibtis smile is short-lived when she adds that he should have not grown up. Dad is horrified and forces Prikkang to apologize and bow. Of course Sibtis can’t help tease her a bit with a mocking laugh.


While Prikkang sends Sibtis to his car, she can’t resist not asking why he keeps on bugging her all of a sudden. He answers the she pretty much did a lot, like spiking up his interest in her. It’s rather simple. He asks for her name because he wants to know her. He wants to get her number to talk with her more. He asks for a date because he wants to hang out with her. He visited her home because he wants to get closer to her. Prikkang reminds him that she already rejected him already and begs him to leave her alone. He bluntly calls her a liar and walks closer to her, pinning her to the side of his car. He boldly tells her that looking in her eyes, he sees that she likes him and he won’t give up until he wins her over. He then leans for a kiss but she escapes just in time.

Final exams are done and Prikkang plans to celebrate with her friends. But unfortunately, Dad calls and instructs her to invite Sibtis over for dinner. Prikkang refuses but Dad insists and dismisses all her excuses. Since Prikkang doesn’t have Sibtis’ number, she’s forced to ask him personally.

Prikkang looks for Sibtis at the botany garden. She finds another Agri student, who is busily spraying water on a cactus, instead. Their eyes meet and the male student, subconsciously sprayed water on her. Prikkang panics and pricks her finger so the student volunteers to clean and dress her wound in a clearly amateurish way. Right then, Sibtis comes in the garden and asks why she’s there. She then lies that she’s visiting a friend and points to the male student, fibbing that she’s there to invite the guy to a party at the club. Thankfully, the guy named Key catches on and agrees.

Sibtis and Pitta arrive at the bar together. Prikkang, her friends and Key are also there to enjoy. Prikkang is having fun, spinning round and round until she loses her footing. Good thing Key is there to catch her. Suddenly, Sibtis comes to pull her away from Key and warns not to touch his ‘little sister’. Prikkang angrily declares that she’s not a kid anymore. Sibtis retorts that she’s a spoiled brat who wears provocative clothes and can’t even drink alcohol. To prove him wrong, Prikkang drinks alcohol to her heart’s content.


As a result, Prikkang is severely drunk. She’s babbling nonsense so Key offers to send her home but Sibtis takes on the job, despite Pitta’s obvious disapproval.


Sibtis gives Prikkang a piggyback ride as she continues her drunken gibberish talks. She calls him lame for forgetting about her and for becoming an egocentric playboy. Sibtis defends that the important thing now is he remembers and won’t ever forget her in the future. She smiles and makes him do a pinky promise. He’s feeling the magical moment and leans for a kiss but quickly puts her down when she seems to throw up.

Prikkang wakes up late the next day. Of course, Dad is not happy about her little escapade. Prikkang explains that she just went out to celebrate with friends before the summer break. But Dad refuses to listen. Sibtis then arrives, garbed in cowboy clothes. Dad introduces him as the person in charge of Wimarndin Farm and also, the person in charge of disciplining her.

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