Hapimari: Happy Marriage!? Episode 3 Recap


I still love where the show is taking us. New characters are slowly being introduced. If there’s one thing I want to highlight is how the live action Hokuto easily gives out compliments compared to his drawn counterpart. He sure knows when to appreciate Chiwa’s hard work which is seldom in the manga.

Episode 3

Hokuto leans closer to kiss Chiwa, but she pushes him away, prattling about taking a shower first. Confused, Hokuto tells her where the shower is.

Wearing nothing but a towel, Chiwa comes out only to find Hokuto sleeping on the couch. She looks around and sees a picture of him and his Mom inside his vest’s inner pocket. She accidentally swipes the books under it, making a loud thud and waking Hokuto. He turns to her just in time to witness her towel falling to the floor. She immediately tucks the towel back but I believe it’s already too late since Hokuto already saw her in her naked glory.

As continuation of the deed he’s about to do earlier, he comes closer but she holds him back and keeps on stalling, telling him to clean up the filthy place first. Hokuto sneers at her weird logic and scoffs “Even though you’re going to be mine all the way, why would I waste it by cleaning?” Hearing that, Chiwa feels insulted and retorts that he should never say that kind of things to a woman. Basing upon her reaction, Hokuto concludes that it’s her first time. He hits the nail on the head and in embarrassment, Chiwa angrily throws a pile of clothes at him. She walks off and locks herself in the bathroom. When Hokuto knocks on the door, she declares that she’s going home and asks for some taxi fare.

Chiwa’s co-workers invite her and Yagami to a drink after work. Yagami agrees to go if Chiwa goes too. Though reluctant, Chiwa tags along. While walking to the bar, Chiwa sees a display of different cleaning materials. She remembers how dirty Hokuto’s place is and excitedly buys the much needed supplies. She tells the group that she changed her mind and will go somewhere else.

Chiwa barges into Hokuto’s condo, supposedly to clean up but finds the place neat and tidy. Turns out, she came too late because Souma Taeko, Hokuto’s secretary, already tidied up the place. Souma chides on Hokuto’s messy lifestyle at home but he remains unconcerned and tells her to just mind her own business. But Souma doesn’t back off and responds with “It’s not the right way to talk to someone who cleans your house”. Hokuto snaps back that she’s being paid highly to do the job so she has no right to complain. Chiwa, who has been listening to their bickering, interrupts. Souma then notices her and calls her “Missus”. When Souma asks if she’s going to stay for the night, Chiwa doesn’t seem to know what to say and Souma assumes that she is and volunteers to go shopping with her.


Souma is so excited and buys heaps of bottled water, saying that Hokuto only drinks from there. It’s apparent that Souma and Hokuto are close that Chiwa can’t help but get jealous. Souma reasons that it’s a given since she has been Hokuto’s secretary for 7 years. She further advises that there will be times when Hokuto’s mood will be gloomy so she better prepare herself. She then buys Chiwa a night gown.


Chiwa wears the night gown and crawls in bed alone after seeing Hokuto doing some overtime work. Smelling Hokuto’s distinct manly scent, Chiwa wonders why she actually like it.

Hokuto is so tired that he goes to bed in his  work clothes. Chiwa pokes his cheeks to wake him up but he just turn the other way. Looking at him, Chiwa thinks to herself, mulling that she doesn’t even know a thing about Hokuto.

Chiwa and Hokuto eats breakfast together. He gives her a flattering remark for her cooking and Chiwa can’t help but proudly smiles. Chiwa wants to know about her soon-to-be husband so she probes if the woman in the picture is his Mom. Hokuto confirms. But when she proceeds to ask how she died, Hokuto snappily tells her to just mind her own business.

The doorbell rings and it’s Souma. She reminds Hokuto of the business conference he’ll be attending. Hokuto prepares to go and Chiwa announces she will be going out for work too. Hokuto is surprised to learn that she still hasn’t quit her job. Chiwa explains that she just can’t quit because of her circumstances. But he seems to oppose the idea and tells her to stop working once they’re married. He also forbids her to withdraw from her bank account and reminds her not to disclose their marriage until the Chairman’s Turn Over Party.


Chiwa is busy with work when Yagami asks if the rumor that she’s getting married is true. She panics and in result, unintentionally loosens her hold on the box she’s carrying. She denies the rumors and explains that she was just admiring a wedding dress so she took a picture. Her co-workers happened to pass by and made the wrong assumptions. Yagami sighs a breath of relief and voices out his delight. He then questions if she’s going to quit working there someday. Chiwa replies that she hasn’t really thought about it. Her answer makes him happy and confesses that he wants to learn from her more.

Chiwa then asks if he likes his job. Yagami fondly replies that it doesn’t matter if he likes his job or not because working there provides a good experience nonetheless. Chiwa teases that he sounds like a deep person. Yagami laughs and tells her that he may look gentle in the outside, but in truth, he’s fierce. Chiwa playfully makes fun of his reply and says she was startled by his admission. Yagami pretends to be offended and justifies that she wouldn’t say it out loud if she really meant it.

Their supervisor then butts in to tell them that they tasked to make a delivery.

Turns out, they will be delivering at Roponggi Hills Building where Hokuto’s business conference is being held so Chiwa uses the chance to look for Hokuto there.

She spots him talking with a pretty girl, Shirata Misaki. Souma who finds her hiding behind the door  satisfies her curiosity and relays that Misaki is a well-known business woman and President of Michel Hearts. Souma then shares that she wants Chiwa to succeed with her marriage and hopes she gets along with Hokuto, both body and soul.

From afar, Misaki notices Chiwa. Hokuto then unreservedly informs her that Chiwa is his wife. Misaki is shocked to know that he chose someone very unlikely and guesses that the Chairman arranged his marriage. Hokuto defends that the Chairman has an eye for people and though Chiwa looks like that, she has in it to her too. He then begs Misaki to keep it a secret.

Hokuto goes home and reprimands Chiwa for doing things on her own, like following him around. Chiwa, however, changes the topic and asks if Souma is really just a secretary. She proceeds with her tirades, telling him that Souma makes her feel like she’s an idiot who doesn’t know her own husband. She’s even starting to wonder if Souma is his ex-girlfriend or something. Annoyed, Hokuto tells her that Souma is already 55 years old. However, Chiwa misunderstands and thinks maybe he has a thing for 55 year old women. Hokuto finds her speculations absurd. Chiwa reasons that she can’t help it because she doesn’t know him at all. Hokuto assumes she meant knowing on a physical level so he leans for a kiss. But Chiwa shoves him away and runs off.

Chiwa returns to her home and finds the place in a complete mess. She starts to clean up, all the while complaining that men in her life are total sleazeballs. Dad explains that he purposely didn’t clean up because he thought she’ll be lovey-dovey with her husband. Chiwa sadly conveys that things aren’t as easy as that. After finding instant ramen on the counter, Chiwa tells Dad to take care of his health because she has no savings for hospital bills. Dad assures he won’t get sick because he’s a strong man.

Dad then asks when will Hokuto invite him over to his house. Chiwa tells him not to be selfish. He won’t be living with them because it’s Hokuto’s property and they can’t just claim it as theirs. Just to remind him, she’s just a poor girl who has bought nothing to the marriage. Dad tries to make her feel better by telling her she’s cute and it’s expected that her husband fell for her charms. He probes about Hokuto’s parents. Chiwa answers that Hokuto’s Mom is gone and he’s dad is in the hospital. Dad tells her that if that’s the case, they need to visit Hokuto’s dad as a sign of respect since, eventually, they will have to meet and greet each other formally. Chiwa realizes that Dad is right. Dad replies that he naturally wants his future son-in-law to be happy so he’ll let him live with them. Chiwa gets disappointed, figuring out that Dad only thinks of himself in the end.

Chiwa calls in sick and visits Seiji (Hokuto’s Dad) at the hospital. She introduces herself as Hokuto’s wife. Seiji gladly welcomes her. He seems to understand her worries, saying that it must be hard for her to deal with Hokuto. He knows that his son is a difficult and complicated man and he even blames himself for that. He might have been too strict and subjected Hokuto to hard situations, forcing him to be the kind of man he is now. But nevertheless Seiji is glad that his son met person like her.

Meanwhile, Hokuto faces the Board of Directors of Mamiya Holdings. He’s brutally frank and straightforward with them, announcing that he doesn’t tolerate futile talents and it’s his job to recreate the company from scratch. He is fully aware that they doubt his capabilities and authority. Though it is true that he isn’t knowledgeable enough when he took the post, but he plans to analyze and study all the information to utilize possible potentials. He will be merciless in this cause and will not allow people driven by disillusion to work in the company. That is why he throws this as a challenge to each and everyone of them.

Chiwa and Souma bumps into each other at Hokuto’s Mom’s grave. Souma lauds Chiwa’s attempt to personally visit Hokuto’s Mom. Chiwa shares that it’s the least she can do as his wife since Souma already does everything down to the laundry. However, Souma advises her not to tell Hokuto that she also went to see Seiji. Chiwa is surprised that Souma knows that too and angrily counters that she has every right to visit her own father-in-law. Souma explains that knowing Hokuto, he sure won’t like it. Stricken with jealousy, Chiwa rants that Souma makes her feel like she doesn’t know her own husband. Souma calmly responds that it’s true. It’s something she can’t change because she spent longer time with Hokuto.

Chiwa then returns the phone Hokuto gave her, reasoning out that it makes her feel she’s being watched. Souma refuses to accept the phone and says she’ll be sending her an e-mail of Hokuto’s favorite food so she better keep it.

Yagami goes to Chiwa’s house with some foods, thinking that Chiwa is really sick. But Chiwa isn’t around and only finds her Dad.

Chiwa cooks Hokuto’s favorite meal thanks to Souma’s tips. While eating dinner, Chiwa informs Hokuto that she visited his Mom’s grave. She knows that he doesn’t want her to dwell on his business but she wants to do it as his wife. Hokuto seems to be in good mood and tells her that he’s fine with it. She then asks what kind of a person his Mom was. Hokuto readily answers that she’s considerate, something that resembles her. Chiwa smiles and tells him she’s sure his Mom was such a great person. She knows that he has been brought up quite strictly but it looks like he is actually being spoiled by the people around him. Hokuto chuckles and wonders if it’s true.

Chiwa proceeds to share that she also went to his Dad. This time, Hokuto gets angry and ends the hearty meal and conversation in an instant. With words full of anger and hate, he tells her not to mention his father in front of him ever again. He then walks off and locks himself in the room. Chiwa knocks on his door. She begs him to tell her what’s wrong and why he’s so mad all of a sudden. Hokuto opens the door and sadly tells her that his Dad killed his Mom.

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