High School Debut Movie Recap

Surprise? So am I. Tehehe! It’s been so long since my last movie recap. 😦

I just adore Koukou Debut (High School)! I love the manga! It’s basically the reason I became addicted to shojo mangas for a while. It’s one of the best and I can’t possibly NOT watch the movie adaptation.

The story line is quite predictable and straightforward. Well, that’s normal for ALL adaptations. Everything happened too fast, and it may have resulted to poor character development. But then, I think the actors did well. It’s not the best, but still, it’s a fun watch. 🙂

Movie Recap

Meet the pure-hearted, innocent and overly determined Haruna.

Haruna Nagashima (Ito Ono) devoted all her time and effort to playing softball in middle school. Now that she’s already in high school, she decides to get a boyfriend and fall in love. However, she has a bit of a problem. She was too focused in softball that she never paid attention to fashion trends and dating “techniques”. And thus, she has no idea whatsoever how to attract guys!

Despite, or more likely, because of her relentless effort and “exaggerated” determination, she seems to scare potential boyfriends. In the end, they either don’t notice or, literally, run away from her.

But a chance encounter with the popular, cool and snobbish Yoh Komiyama (Junpei Mizobata)  changes everything!

While running after a guy, whom she thought was hitting on her, she accidentally trips and her shoe flies to who knows where. Up until now I can’t seem to understand how that happened. Thankfully, a guy dressed in black finds the shoe and returns it to her. Out of embarrassment, she runs off without saying a word.

Haruna can’t figure out what she’s doing wrong. She has been following magazine guides and mimicking heroines in her shojo mangas. And so, her bestfriend Mami (Sae Miyazawa) suggests that Haruna must have a “real-life” coach who will point out her weak spots and give her advises just like in softball. Haruna excitedly agrees and thinks about the “cool” guy she met the other day.

Fate seems to favor Haruna. Right then, she sees cool guy passing by “in slow-mo”. She can’t miss this chance! She’s desperate and she needs a freakin’ coach! She chases him down the crowded corridor and somersaults her way down the stairs. Whoala!

She wastes no time and  straightforwardly asks him to be her coach. And he straightforwardly answers a resounding “NO”. Haha! Everything about her is a mess, from hairstyle to make-up to ribbon to uniform! Besides, girls are troublesome in general.

After being rejected, Haruna meets Yoh’s younger sister Asami (Rina Aizawa). Just like Yoh, Asami is popular. She’s selfish, conceited and mischievously harsh. She develops a certain bizarre fondness for Haruna and helps her convince bro be the coach.

Asami takes Haruna to their home and lends her “fashionable” dresses. Hoping to get into Yoh’s good side, Haruna bought him his favorite takuyaki balls. In return, he shares some quick tips. First, Asami’s dress doesn’t fit her at all! Second, being in love isn’t as amazing and as perfect as she thinks it is.

But Haruna won’t give up. She knows that and she’s expecting heartbreak along the way. She’ll just have to give her best so that in the end she won’t regret a single moment of it. She just wanted to experience love!

Haruna: That’s why I want to give it a try with all I’ve got!

That night, as Yoh watches Haruna’s interview during the softball championships, he felt her passion for the sport and changed his mind. He’ll be the coach alright!

Haruna is, of course, more than happy. But before she gets all excited, Yoh sets some rules. One, she must never fall in love with  him and second, she must never come crying to him all the time. She gladly and confidently promises not to break any of the rules. Are you sure about that little missy?

And the lesson starts. Lesson No. 1: Popular Clothes.

Yoh and Haruna visit some shops and immediately girls gathers around Yoh like flies. Boy, he really is popular!

The funny thing is…nothing seems to fit Haruna. How I love these people’s expression every time she tries on fashionable clothes. Ahaha!

Now, Yoh realizes he takes on a very frustrating job. Tehe!

They return to Yoh’s house and he let’s her try on some of HIS clothes. Ha!

When he turns around (in slow-mo) to have a look, he is dumbfounded. Haruna looks good in men’s outfit!

Yoh’s friends, Fumi (Masaki Furukawa) and Asaoka (Yuki Furukawa) drop by to make sure that Yoh is actually serious about the “coaching” stuff. And they are amazed that indeed, he is.

While Yoh is sketching Haruna’s wardrobe, Fumi, Asaoka and Asami shares Yoh’s tragic love story. Turns out, Yoh ain’t born allergic to “romance”. When he was in junior high, he fell in love. He was a member of the basketball team and his girlfriend was one of the managers. They agreed to keep their relationship a secret to avoid rumors and all. Everything was doing great… until the other manager (who had a crush on Yoh)  knew about their secret. The jealous-driven gal, told the girlfriend that Yoh’s two-timing her and the wimpy girlfriend actually believed the blatant lie. The girlfriend broke up with Yoh and worse spread ill-rumors about him. The other basketball players sympathized with the girlfriend, making Yoh the all-time bad guy. Yoh felt broken and disappointed. He lost faith in women and in love.  😥

Haruna feels sad for Yoh. In fact, she’s so sad that she cries… and believe me, it’s not a good sight.  Ahaha!

Now, that she learns how to dress fashionably. It’s time for Lesson No. 2: Practical Dating.

Yoh sets up a date for Haruna and Fumi. And becoz it’s Haruna’s first date, she asks Yoh to help her out and he reluctantly agrees. Using e-mails, Yoh gives Haruna some pointers along the way. Aw, that’s actually sweet.

Haruna is pretty hyped up for the date. She’s doing her thing, actually she’s being herself too much that she’s getting on the weird side again. Despite Yoh’s reminders, she insists on doing things her way, which ain’t that bad if I would say.

Fumi and Haruna take a stroll at the beach. Haruna can’t help but ask if Fumi likes her. And she’s ecstatic that he does. She e-mails Yoh about Fumi’s revelation. Yoh immediately warns her to slow down. She might get the wrong idea. But Haruna is quickly falling down the hill.

Feeling guilty for not obeying her coach’s orders, Haruna goes to Yoh’s house to apologize. But then, she witnesses a rather shocking scene, Asami and Fumi making out. Turns out Asami likes Fumi from the start.

Now, there goes Haruna’s first ever attempt to love. She’s hurt and runs off. She runs into Yoh, but barely notices him. When Yoh gets inside the house, he straightway connects the dot and rushes to find Haruna.

He finds her sad and depressed. He’s actually sorry for her and promises to find her a boyfriend before Christmas. Yep! That’s how you comfort a brokenhearted gal. Haha!

Yoh:  At times like this, it’s okay to cry. I’ll definitely find you a good guy.

Goodbye Rule No. 2. After shedding tears, it’s as if Haruna has magically renewed her vigor. She’s ready to start again. Whoah! That’s what I call moving on.

It’s time to level up. Lesson No. 3: Double Date!

And bring on the cute. Tehehe!

Together with Fumi and Asami, Yoh agrees to pair with Haruna for a double date. Now, that’s only to improve Haruna’s dating “skills” and no romantic implications whatsoever. Funny how the couples act differently. Fumi and Asumi being the more normal pair, while Haruna and Yoh being the odd balls.

The two pairs decide to separate. The odd balls happen to pass by the baseball field where Haruna’s juniors (and fan club) are practicing, and you know what they say… you can take the girl out of baseball fields but you can never take baseball away from the girl (Yep, I made it up just now. HAHA!). So yeah, when her juniors called her out, Yoh agreed to let her pitch.

She’s having a good time playing her game and totally forgot about Yoh. Haha! So much for dating. She says sorry but Yoh is fine with it.

Actually, he’s glad to see her in a different light (which is a good sign). Being herself, isn’t bad. Yoh: There will be guys who won’t hate going out with you. All the while he’s smiling! Yay! Haruna is pretty overwhelmed. Who wouldn’t be? Duh!

At school, Haruna receives a note that says Yoh will be waiting for her at the Sports Equipment (or whatever they call it) Room. Thinking they’ll have another dating lesson, I guess, she didn’t hesitate.

Yoh is there alright but the moment they step inside the room, the door gets locked. It’s a set-up. There’s no signal,  the room is secluded and it’s freakin’ cold! Just perfect! You see, it’s getting really, really cold and since there’s only one blanket randomly lying just around the corner, they must really share it. I mean, they’re at risk of hypothermia folks! There’s no choice but share that body heat. Hahaha! Yep, that’s just what happened, though it took a lot of funny awkward, indecisive moves from Haruna. You go girl! Haha!

Yoh is getting sick. What’s with this unbearable coldness anyways! Haruna must put an end to this torture. Summoning her superhuman strength, she plans to bang the door. Haha! Just when she’s about to take the hit, the door suddenly opens. She trips right to the floor. Oh well, at least, they’re free! Thanks to their friends who noticed their absence after several, painstaking hours! The trip down the floor does Haruna good as she gets some idea on who is behind this evil scheme. Hmmm.

Turns out Haruna is right. It’s Reona Matsuzaka (Yuka Masuda) who masterminded the plot. Matsuzaka, like Haruna, displays an unimaginable passion for softball. It has always been her dream to have a duel with Haruna, but then, by the time she’s ready to beat Haruna, the latter is retired and is already busy finding a love life. Haha! All those trouble just for this! Geez!

Haruna decides to give Matsuzaka her long-awaited match and of course, she proves once and for all that she’s the best pitcher in town. Matsuzaka got served!

Haruna and Yoh goes home together. Before they part ways, Yoh thanks Haruna for saving the day. And with that, Haruna gets a minor heart attack or rather got love struck. Is that the SIGN? You know, the sign she’s in love? Heh?!

Now, that’s where the problem begins. Remember Rule No. 1? Never fall in love with the coach thingy?  My, she’s starting to fall hard for him, and fast! She frets in his presence. She’s becoming more and more uneasy. She can’t even look at him straight in the eye.Yeah, like she’s not weird enough under normal circumstances.

The change is quite clear and Yoh must be dumb enough not to notice at all. He demands that Haruna explain the add-on creepiness.  He knows she’s keeping secrets from him. However, she can’t possibly tell the truth, neh? And this is when  Asaoka enters the scene. He guesses that Haruna is extra weird these days becoz she has a crush on someone. Of course, she denies it with all her might. Asaoka smiles. Okay, if she really meant that, it’s fine that she goes out with him then. Haruna is beyond shock! What?! Asaoka laughs and says it was just a joke. Whew! That got Yoh thinking though.

With all these confusions and unnecessary misunderstandings, Haruna can’t take it anymore and bravely confessed. Of course, that didn’t settle quite well with Yoh.

Haruna decides to  go to Yoh’s house and set things straight. But then, she bumps into some girl…not just any girl though. Why, it’s Yoh’s ex-girlfriend, Makoto Kurihara (Rei Okamoto).

That sure was unexpected! As fate would have it, ex-girlfriend wants to reconcile with Yoh and worse she’s begging Haruna to help her. If only Haruna could give Yoh her love letter, then things might change and they’ll be together again. Yey! You wish ex-girlfriend!

Haruna thinks hard about this supposedly menial task day-in and day-out. She reads the letter and finds out that Mokoto wants to meet with Yoh on Christmas Eve. Now, how can she hand in the freakin’ letter when she also likes him?  As if it ain’t complicated already.

Haruna and Yoh has become distant with each other. Fumi and Asaoka notices the obvious coldness. And this is when Asaoka comes up with a brilliant idea of going out with Haruna. Huh?! That got me mixed-up. What just happened there?

And so, Asaoka and Haruna goes on a date. All the while, Haruna keeps on talking and talking about Yoh. Asaoka can’t help but ask what does Haruna thinks about him. And she says, he’s a nice guy. That puts Asaoka on the nice guy category then. But, Asaoka proves otherwise and leans for a kiss. Just in time, Yoh comes in, mumbling a random excuse that he still got to teach Haruna something. Someone’s jealous. ^_^ And off they go.

In the end, Haruna’s caring attitude prevails. She gives the letter to Yoh. Clearly, he’s still upset and tells her that she should have thrown it away. But the thing is, she can’t. If she did, it’s as if she threw Makoto’s feelings. They must meet. It’s inevitable. Even if he refuses, a day will come when they’ll have to. She doesn’t want him to continually run away from the past, because in fact, the past can’t be erased.

Haruna can’t get her mind off the ex’s meeting. She starts to run. Huh? Why run? So back to the running. Well, she stumbles and her shoe, for the second time around, flies off. Again, it’s Yoh who gets to return the shoe.

The talk with Makoto actually clarified some things. He finally understood the good things about Haruna. She’s stupidly honest and eats like a pig. Her  determination… her strong throw…everything is clear.

Yoh: I love you. It has nothing to do with your make-up, clothes or you being popular with men. Just the way you are, I love you. I’ll only say it once so listen carefully. Haruna, please go out with me.

Haruna: Say it again!

HAHA! He just knew she’ll say that. With a smile, he pulls her for a hug. Awww!

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