Lovesick Movie Recap

Now, this is my cup of tea. It’s a romantic comedy alright, but it totally makes sense. This is something everyone can relate to. I mean, let’s face it, at some point in our lives we’ve been so deeply brokenhearted that the mere thought of falling in love again make us sick! Phew! Yep, that’s personal experience talking. Haha! Anyways, all I’m saying is this is good stuff! Thumbs up!

Now, let’s find some cure to this so called lovesickness shall we. 🙂

Movie Recap

Liang Ruo Qing (Ariel Lin) met Prince Charming the year she was entering college. Everything felt right and perfect. Until he became a popular singer and she saw him cuddling his manager. So much for Mr. Right, boo! Tss! Needless to say, she was heartbroken.

The first heartbreak left her numb and completely uninterested in anything. Everyone tried to keep her busy. Her parents even suggested that she stay with her aunts who organized Angry Divorced Women (ADW), a support group for those who are divorced and got cheated by men. It was ADW who helped her get through the tough times.

Then one day, after seemingly waking up from a very long sleep, Ruo Qing resolves on moving on and live life. From then on, she vowed not to let anyone hurt her again. She had come to believe that true love only existed in fairy tales.

5 years later, Ruo Qing has become a woman immune to romance and resistant to any man’s charm. However, unlike her, Ruo Qing’s childhood friend Coco is innocent when it comes to love. Thus, Ruo Qing is determined to protect her no matter what. Aside from being a part-owner of a flower shop, Ru Qing is also a volunteer worker for the laughter therapy sessions at her Grandpa’s hospital.

At the hospital, she meets Lu Zhe Han (Wilson Chen) a young, intelligent and insanely handsome doctor in charge of the neurosurgery department. How? Oh well, she was running after this candy ball when accidentally she steps on it and nearly fell. Out of the blue, a stranger came just in time to save her. And the moment she laid eyes on him, her mind went blank. It’s love at first sight actually. She panicked and scooted away ASAP!

Ruo Qing calls her aunts for some advice. Obviously, this stranger has an effect on her. Her hands are sweating and her body is burning. She can’t calm down! And worse, the man is really handsome! Haha! Right on cue, Grandpa introduces her to the very man she wants to avoid, Zhe Han. They had a brief conversation and she finds out that he’s an outstanding doctor who graduated earlier than everyone else. Hmm, not bad for first impressions, ne?

That night, Ruo Qing’s aunts interrogate her. It’s confirmed! Ruo Qing, beyond any doubts, has a crush on him. She even notices the smallest details about him. Oh boy, she’s in trouble. Everything she’d learned for the past 5 years went down the drain.

One of the patients in the laughter therapy is having a tantrum. To keep him calm, Ruo Qing starts to sing he’s favorite song… Can’t take my eyes off you. The nurses help out and sing as well. She convinces them to dance in pairs and the next thing we knew; they are having a production number. Haha! She too pulls a random fellow as a dance partner. Imagine her horror when she learns she’s dancing with Zhe Han. Once again, she goes off without a word. Too bad coz she didn’t hear Zhe Han say she’s awesome. 😦

Ruo Qing is getting restless and restless. In frustration, she vents her anger on the flowers and in result, pricks herself. Zhe Han follows her to the flower shop and she quickly hides. She wants to get rid of him so she tells Coco to seduce him using her cleavage. Haha! He seems not to fall for the usual trick. So, Coco lies that Ruo Qing is infected with Lan Xun Kui virus. Funny coz only monkeys get this disease! Haha! Coco seems to like Zhe Ha though. He looks like a good guy. But Ruo Qing is convinced otherwise. Good men don’t exist anymore. She’s determined to expose his facade and prevent him from hurting other women.

Now, to destroy a man one must make him stink, physically. No matter how good looking he is when he smells horrible, he’ll be automatically crossed out. Ruo Qing sneakily puts awful smelling stuff on his shirt and clothes. And so, during the regular staff meeting, he literally stinks. Ruo Qing’s plan works! But then, to get rid of the stench, he starts to strip. Haha! With only his underwear and socks on, he continues the report which, in fact, earned him the group’s applause. Haha! In other words, Ruo Qing’s plan miserably failed.

And becoz Zhe Han proves to be better than the rest, Aunt Jin suggests that Ruo Qing date him and uncover his weakness. Setting up a date with Mr. Too-Good-To-Be-True ain’t that hard after all. In fact, he wants to ask her out. She plays hard to get. So, Zhe Han proposes that if he makes her laugh, she’ll have to agree. And then Zhe Han relays this corny joke, which miraculously made her laugh. Haha! And it’s a date!

Zhe Han brings Ruo Qing to a Latin themed restaurant. Sexy gals are literally everywhere. Ruo Qing curiously asks Zhe Han why he’s familiar with the place and he gladly tells her that Grandpa recommended it. That worries Ruo Qing. If Grandpa knows about the date then the whole staff might just as well know about it! She excuses herself and calls her aunts. Aunt Jin assures GrandPa isn’t a tattletale and she must keep her head on the game!

Dance Time! Yay!  Ruo Qing isn’t really in the mood but then, Zhen Han forced her to dance with him. Both of them are good dancers I must say. Wilson Chen dancing? That’s gotta be cute! Haha!

They were enjoying the evening when a slutty girl, whom Ruo Qing conspired with earlier, seduces Zhe Han. Amazingly, he doesn’t even spare her a second glance. When Zhe Han opens his wallet to get some cash, Ruo Qing sees a picture of him with a girl. She then concludes, it’s his girlfriend. Hmm.

News spread that Ruo Qing had been on a date with Zhe Han. Rumors has it that she poured water on him, punched him in the face or both. Ruo Qing refutes the rumors and tells everyone that he is a two-timing jerk who already has a girlfriend.

Xiao Rong, a Sadako-looking patient, suddenly interrupts and angrily shouts at her. Ruo Qing has no right to badmouth others behind their backs. Later on, Ruo Qing learns that Xiao Rong is Zhe Han’s sister and she is the girl in the picture.

Guilt-stricken, Ruo Qing finds comfort in eating spaghetti. She’s busy pigging out when Zhen Han joins in. He apologizes for his sister’s behavior. Ruo Qing says it’s fine. She’s actually in the wrong too. They talk about their personal lives. She finds out he’s into medical missions. He loves workouts, cooking and Latin dance.  He also supports 2 African children to school. Most of the time, he takes care of Xiao Rong. He badly wants to participate in the G2 International Conference. It’s all about clinical tests and scientific evidence for him and he isn’t that much convinced in using laughter therapy to cure patients.

Now, that’s where they differ in opinion. Ruo Qing disproves. Laughter therapy may seem ridiculous to him but to some people it gives hope. It’s a competition then. They’ll have to observe each other’s work and the loser must buy the winner a gift. Game on! This bet actually provides some quality bonding to them.

Ruo Qing says sorry to Xiao Rong. Her brother is indeed a very good man. Duh, took her years to say that?! Anyways,  apology accepted. Xiao Rong agrees, though sometimes she’s mad at him for blaming himself for what happened to her.  Turns out, Zhe Han works hard becoz he wants Xiao Rong to walk again.

Zhe Han finds Ruo Qing sleeping. My, she’s even drooling. She wakes up and they stare at each other for a minute or two. It’s not really the perfect moment for a kiss but then this is a romantic comedy, right? He slowly leans for a kiss… but BAM! She gives him one solid blow, sending him flying to oblivion. Okay, that was just an exaggeration but common this is soooo freakin’ funny! Haha!

Ruo Qing is pretty annoyed with herself. How could she punch him when all he did was be good to her. Coco kindly comforts her. She’s not a bad person only that she’s afraid Zhen Han will know how she feels. If he’s really a good guy, then he’ll be able to forgive her. He’s not God, of course he’ll get angry. But if he loves her, he’ll learn to accept who she is. As long as she’ll apologize, everything will be fine.

Just when Ruo Qing is ready to apologize, Lisa Li suddenly appears to ruin the picture. Talking about perfect timing! Lisa is also a doctor who apparently likes Zhe Han too. She frankly tells Ruo Qing to back off. Zhe Han has a sister to take care of and he doesn’t need another baggage. If Ruo Qing really wants to help, she mustn’t bother him anymore.  Freakin’ she-devil!!!

Ruo Qing is pissed. She should have hit him harder when she had the chance. He was just leading her on. She wasn’t even his type. Besides, she’s nothing compared to Dr. Li. Again, Coco sheds some light. Ruo Qing doesn’t need to be someone she’s not. Someday, a special guy will cherish her the way she should be cherished. All she gotta do is wait for someone who will cure her love-sickness.

Bad news seems to rain down on Ruo Qing. Zhe Han and Lisa, will go to Beijing for the G2 International Conference. And if everything goes well, they’ll have to conduct seminars for 4 years.

Zhe Han happily looks all over for Ruo Qing. She, however, is feeling downhearted. Zhe Han notices the coldness and begs that she tell him what he did wrong. He tries to get closer to her but it seems she’s drifting away. Ruo Qing has seemingly given up the idea of them being together. Beijing is indeed too far and 4 years is too long. Anyways, he should celebrate. This is what he wanted from the start and Lisa is the only one who could help him. He wins. And as part of the bet, she hands in her gift, a cute paper clip.

The day has come for Zhen Han and Lisa to got to Beijing. Ruo Qing is trying her best to act normal. She finds Xiao An, a young nurse, in a room reading a letter. Xiao An has decided to confess her love for someone. She wants to completely disregard Ruo Qing’s advice from now on. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t like her. At least she can stop thinking about things that are unclear or unsure. Besides, Ruo Qing’s rules sucks!

Ruo Qing reflects upon Xiao An’s words and thinks she’s right! The problem is, she’s running out of time. Zhe Han’s flight is just minutes away! Phew!

After one heck of a taxi ride and some intense persuasion at the counter, Ruo Qing arrives just before Zhe Han boards the plane. They share a spur of the moment hug. When Zhe Han asks her why she’s there, Ruo Qing shrugs and honestly tells him she doesn’t know. She’s so messed up, but then a young girl told her to find the courage to tell him what she feels. And her she is wanting to know why he’s so good to her.

Zhe Han: Because I love you. I don’t know why. You have a bad attitude and you hit people hard. Maybe I’m sick. I don’t know. But one thing I’m sure of is I love you.

Alas! The moment of truth! Zhe Han is even willing to give up the G2 Conference for her. If only, she’ll tell him to stay, he would. She wants to. She’s already tired of pretending to be strong all the time. But Ruo Qing can’t be selfish. Not when he’s so close to fulfilling his dreams for Xiao Rong. She tells him to go and never return. Zhe Han is hurt. He  boards the plane without looking back.

At the hospital, the staff, Ruo Qing’s aunts and Xiao Rong are waiting expectantly. Basing upon her down and dejected look, they sense the confession didn’t go well. She’s acting tough and cool, even, bragging that she finally succeeded in chasing him away, but then, her tears tell a different story.

This movie is all about perfect timing you know. While Ruo Qing cries her heart out, Ai Ren (Li Yi Feng), her ex-boyfriend, comes in along with a group of media people. Just great! The man responsible for everything!

Ruo Qing: How does it feel to lie and hurt someone who loves you so deeply?  Do you have any idea how I’ve been living my life for the past years? One, distance yourself from men forever. Two, Be your own hero. And three, true love doesn’t exist. I made all this profound realizations because of you. But when I met him, I broke all those darn rules! But in the end I still let him go with my eyes wide open. Happy now? Seeing me miserable like this? But this I must say, even if I don’t see him again. I love Lu Zhe Han! I love him!

She shouts at him. She screams at the cameras. Her emotion is pretty much flaring up, in an instant, she hits Ai Ren. Haha! Nice!  And then, someone knocks her down.

Now, for some unknown reasons Ruo Qing’s unconventional confession is broadcasted even in Beijing. Zhe Han watches the whole thing and decides to come back. Lisa is appalled. Why is he being foolish throwing all the years of hardwork for nothing. She doesn’t understand him at all. He’s choosing Ruo Qing over her when it’s clear she’s a far better choice.

Zhe Han: My heart… She has my heart.

Back to the hospital, Ruo Qing wakes up. GrandPa checks if she’s okay. Well, she is. Only that she feels she had been fighting a battle and has lost the chance of winning. GrandPa smiles. Nope, she didn’t lost it. Yay!

Ruo Qing finds Zhen Han sleeping in the waiting area. Obviously, he’s tired. She tries to wake up him up, even threatening to hit him, but still he’s sound asleep. My, the moment seems perfect, so she steals a kiss. That sure woke him up. Haha!

It’s Ruo Qing and Zhe Han’s wedding. Undoubtedly, Ruo Qing is beyond happy. And when it’s time to exchange vows, she boldly kisses him in front of everyone. She thanks him for making her believe that everything is possible.

I guess this goes to show that there really is a cure for lovesickness, eh? 🙂

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  1. Looks interesting to watch, based from your review. I will give it a try. Nice review.

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